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T-Mobile HD2 Sold Out Online (Again)

Looks like the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 isn’t all that’s sold out on T-Mobile.com. The HTC HD2 is once again sold out. The Windows Mobile monster has received quite a few attention, and even with the lack of advertising, this bad boy sells like hotcakes! According to our sources, T-Mobile stores received an additional shipment of HD2’s today but quickly sold out within a few hours. The HD2 definitely is a winner for T-Mobile, … [read full article]

Trade In Your iPhone For An HD2

Looking to score a hell of a deal for the HTC HD2, provided you know when you can get it? Well, trade in your iPhone through participating T-Mobile dealers, through 1-800-TMOBILE and if you know how to find them, your Business Direct Sales Representative. Now let us be clear, this offer IS NOT good at corporate locations, only PARTICIPATING T-Mobile dealers. Start with a minimum $100 credit and you can get as much as $350 toward … [read full article]

T-Mobile Advertising The HTC HD2?

Now I should say I was not looking for this as I perused through the T-Mobile YouTube channel.  I was actually looking for a separate unrelated commercial for posting and came across this.  We’ve seen the HTC ads for the HTC HD2 but we wondered when and where T-Mobile would begin its own marketing campaign for what seems to be nothing less than the device of the moment.  On that note, I have yet to  … [read full article]

The HD2 Needs Your Help!

As a part of March Madness, the folks over at Laptop Magazine are currently running a “March Madness Smartphone Play-Off”.  They’re down to the final four and, in this round, it’s the T-Mobile HTC HD2 versus Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus. Surprisingly, the Pre is currently in the lead (around 2,000 votes ahead).  With your help, we don’t think that will last much longer.  Votes are open till 9 A.M EST tomorrow, April 1st, so hurry and vote … [read full article]

T-Mobile Is Giving Away 5 HD2’s, Yours If The Tweet Is Right

Since buying an HTC HD2 these days tends to be difficult due to the whole sold out aspect, T-Mobile has decided to up and give some away.  The hook?  You have to follow @T-Mobile_USA on Twitter, and then you have to retweet the following message: I have a chance to win an HTC HD2! Just follow @TMobile_USA and retweet. Official rules at http://ow.ly/1sH9A #TMOHD2 No purchase necessary and the promotion runs March 30, … [read full article]

She’s baaaaaack, HTC HD2 In Stock Online

After selling out within hours of her debut, the HTC HD2 has made its way back to T-Mobile.com and, presumably,  to your pockets.  The HTC HD2 needs no introduction on TmoNews so we’ll make this short and sweet.  If you’ve been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to pick up this Windows Phone beast, T-Mobile.com is ready and willing to part you from your money.  She’s selling like hotcakes though so if you’re looking to grab … [read full article]

T-Mobile HD2 Vs Motorola DROID

Wondering how T-Mobile’s new flagship handset holds up against the Motorola DROID from Verizon Wireless? Courtesy of our friends over at Wirefly, they’ve done another one of their “Smartphone Schmackdowns” pitting the DROID against the one and only HTC HD2, exclusively from T-Mobile in the U.S.  If you missed Wirefly’s “Smartphone Schmackdown” between the T-Mobile HD2 and HTC Nexus One, click here.  Enjoy the video above and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in … [read full article]

The HTC HD2 Marketing Campaign Courtesy Of HTC

Looking for more HTC HD2 news?  Good, because we’ve got it but THIS time it’s actually something we’ve been awaiting for quite some time.  That’s right.  It’s a marketing campaign for the HTC HD2, the newest, most exciting, best multimedia and possibly the best phone in the T-Mobile lineup.  Check out the video above and the video after the break and fall in love with the HD2 or shrug it off and wait for the next … [read full article]

New HTC HD2 Buyers Can Receive Six Months Free In-Flight WiFi

There is little question as to which phone has been dominating the TmoNews headlines lately, and while we can’t wait for the next “big thing”, the HTC HD2 is the phone of the moment.  New owners of the HTC HD2 or at least those of you who have been able to get their mitts on one will receive six months of Gogo in-flight WiFi, free of charge.  Register with the company any time before June … [read full article]