Windows Phone 7 Series ROM For HD2 Leaked?!?

UPDATE: Video demo of WP7 Series running on the HTC HD2 added above.

UPDATE 2: Another video of the HD2 running Windows Phone 7 Series added after the jump!

For those of you that didn’t purchase a T-Mobile HD2 because of the upgrade possibilities or lack of them to Windows Phone 7 Series, it looks like you might be changing your mind. We all knew this was going to happen at some point, but I don’t think any of us expected it this soon. It looks like a some Russian guys have  managed to port a “real” functional ROM of Windows Phone 7 on the hugely popular HTC HD2. One user over at HTCPedia has posted screenshots which show the HTC HD2 running an early build of Windows Phone 7 Series OS. Even with Microsoft crushing our hopes of a WP7 upgrade for the HD2, there’s nothing stopping these hackers. Almost everything is said to be working, including Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth etc. But there are some problems with the graphic driver which is said to be choppy/laggy in this build. A Beta release of this ROM is expected to be released soon. Hit the jump for a couple of more screenshots of the HD2 running a WP7 Series ROM. Sound off in the comments!

HTCPEDIA Via Redmond Pie





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  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Leave it to the Russians. Who says the cold war is dead. Reagan is rolling over in his grave and considering a comeback.

    What’s important for us HD2 owners is to realize two things:

    1. This is a demo ONLY. It’s not the final product. So there’s no need to criticize performance issues. The developers… ahem… crackers/hackers are simply showing what can be done. And in the realm of cracks, video has never been a problem that could not be surmounted.

    2. There’s two versions of the HD2 now, so any time these kinds of things pop up remember that’s there are hardware differences between the two devices. So an OS (ROM) for the original HD2 and TMOUS version may not work the same.

    We need to wait for the experts to tell us what the hardware differences are between the two handsets, there may not be any.

    Also, do you have a favorite app or program on your TMOUS HD2? If so, keep in mind it may disappear on a “foreign” ROM install.

    • SLOW


  • Carson

    I think one thing that people forget to think about is that(and forgive me if I’m wrong) Microsoft has the ability to pull software from any device they want. Is it possible that the apps from the app store will not work on the HD2? That’s one thing that kind of bugs me when I heard that you can’t install programs without going to their marketplace with WP7S. I’m sure there will be an Apple like Cydia store though, so I’m not that worried, but just some thing to think about.

  • RayLebron

    Having the option to install MS latest (and greatest?) is a very welcome surprise. Who said Sundays are boring?

  • andrew

    sould of made android

    • you hdwindows

      no one gives a flying fuck about android on a “WINDOWS” phone omg…i cant wait to experience the new OS, well kinda already have on my zune hd, but i want the phone experience. Im loving the metro ui. they should have just called it “METRO” instead of that other long dreaded name. MEtro is Fresh, New, Clean, and Original! im loving it

      • justsomedude

        Your right like HTC would ever put Android on the HD2 and give the phone a hardware upgrade something is wrong with this guy. I say dumb people should be slapped.

      • ha!

        @justsomedude—im pretty sure i was talking about the users of the phone, not the actual manufacture, because HTC can do what they dam well please on the phones they make, if you want android then you can wait until the unconfirmed date of your evo then go purchase it, and hopefully by then there will be a even better winmo device that people will drool over, and i will have it.. sorry about my last message my n1 force closed on me so i couldnt finish it..

      • zone 3

        Fuck all of u fanboys, both android and winmo. But let me state the obvious. Android is hitting its stride while winmo is dying a slow death. Ask palm how completely revamping their os turned out for them. Webos kicks ass and yet it hasn’t taken off. The HD2 is a monster as far as the hardware goes, but the os cripples it. Whoever responds I say fuck your response in advance.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Zone 3… despite your tone you make an excellent point. So let’s look at WebOS and compare that with where WinMo and WP7 will go.

        The reason Palm is failing is because in March 2000 I bought $50,000 in the Company’s stock (actually 3Com before it spun off Palm in July 2000). This was when tech stocks could do no wrong and all one had to do is press “buy” on his brokerage page to make a bucket of cash.

        Alas God has always said he won’t make it easy for me in terms of making money, I have to work for it. Literally the next day after I bought Palm stock the tech market commenced with its implosion. So it’s because of my actions that Palm never recovered from that sad, sad day in March 2000. (And it’s also the reason for the dot com bust.)

        OK, my personal actions are not why tech imploded, but it sure seemed a strange coincidence back then. I go to wet my beak a little on an IPO and BAM, BOOM, POW, I’m taking a blood bath (back then I also sold my Apple stock at about $17. Yes, look at Apple now, but that was 10 years ago and there was talk of Apple being no more).

        Palm is a fine company and makes solid products, but WebOS will not be the reason Palm goes belly up. Despite Palm’s quality products the Company will go bankrupt because it simply can’t compete with the big boys. In other words it’s not the “fineness” of one’s tech that determines success in a highly competitive field, it’s the deepness of the pockets.

        Deep pockets has helped Google tremendously with development and launching of products. It has so much money that in an ailing economy it still provides perks for Silicon Valley employees while other companies have ended annual parties (or had picnics in public parks instead), no more health club facilities or paid-for gym memberships and not the big paydays of yesteryear.

        And money is exactly why Microsoft’s WP7 will be a success and WinMo will continue on (to be updated, improved and supported). How much money does Microsoft have? Well… just take note that Gate’s is always on the Forbes’ richest men in the world list. :) That says it all. But you can also check here:

        WinMo and WP7 additionally will be successful because Microsoft has a huge talent base to devote to R & D of those platforms. An important function of the Devices Division is that they constantly work to improve its mobile products and address/remedy problems.

        Moreover, Microsoft has a history of implicitly acknowledging or indirectly admitting its blunders and remedies the situation — take Vista: MS sold 300 million Vista licenses but it was a horrible OS, if not in reality, at least as far as the public was concerned. So MS came out with Windows 7 (and lamely said Vista was an interim OS.

        Last, but certainly not least, Microsoft is entrenched into everyone’s home and office. Daily billions of computers fire up Microsoft products and/or hardware (X-Box). In fact, X-Box is a good example of Microsoft abilities, capabilities and power. I remember when Bill Gates was interviewed about Microsoft getting involved in console gaming. Microsoft had no experience in the console game industry but Gates said there was a lot of money to be made in that arena, so they went for it. And look at how successful Microsoft gaming is, because of the above reasons.

        Besides money, Microsoft’s entrenchment in the community (both in the consumer and business/professional segments) is the reason why WinMo and WP7 will be a success. So too will these be reasons for Android to be a huge success.

        And it’s the lack of money and entrenchment why Palm will fail.

      • craig

        Love to read what others have to say, but please can you hold off on you nasty words.

    • cockpitinferno

      “Oooh, look at me! I iz gunna post a comment about this fone running Android cuz I iz so smart and witty!” Apparently you don’t like Windows Mobile, we get it.

      • jdog

        @cockpitinferno Get this hater. LOL

      • Davidohio

        Wow..zone3 is a real dick. I bet he is either 11 years old or has a really small penis. Posting comments like that just makes him feel better about himself.

  • poopman

    what are the reasons other than the stupid 3 button hardware BS microsoft is talking about that the HD2 wont get windows phone 7?

    • you hdwindows

      Because they want a consistent line of phones as well with the os, something like that. but who ever that guy is that wants android? then he needs to wait for the freakin evo, they talk about winmo lag well lets talk about adroid force closes! that are sure to drive you crazy, sorry buddy no lag on the hd2! haters are always gonna hate..

      • Bobert

        Sure Android has force close issues from tine to time HOWEVER they don’t cause you to have to restart your phone to fix. I would rather deal with FC. then all the rebooting I had to do with both my Dash and Shadow.

      • ha!

        @bobert well in the case of the several android phones i had there was freezing and lots of force closes, android 2.1 ran a lil better on my touch pro2, i havent had these problems on my hd2. im equal with winmo and both android, they are my 2 fav, but it doest matter too me, because im happy with my hd2 so its all good in my neighborhood, i mean every os is gonna have its problems. i feel sorry for the current android users cause they dont have a beautiful 4inch screen to have people drooling over lols but anyways they will “soon” but not now

      • Bobert

        Are you saying you had problems with Android on your touch pro 2. Is that even an Android based phone?
        I guess people will “drool” when you aren’t resetting it that is.

      • Gizmalien


        I had the same problems with my Shadow, until I threw a rom of Winmo 6.1 on it without the added bloatware that came on the stock rom, ran like a dream until I replaced it with the G1.

        I think that’s one of the reasons Microsoft is being so strict with WP7S and the hardware requirements for it, they want to avoid the mistakes of the past with hardware being so underpowered that Winmo can barely run on it without having to tweak the hell out of it.

  • B

    If the list of rumored features for WM7 are true, I would rather stick with 6.5 anyway. I’ll wait for more detailed previews or confirmations before I go “upgrading.”

  • jdog

    Woooooo lets do this time to upgrade my phone. I would like to see if the people who were getting mad at me the other day for talking about Windows 6.5 are going to install this rom, like David and others. Also why is it that some of those people were saying how they loved this phone then later they were talking about how they will sell it in 7 months, why even leave angry comments if your to going to keep the phone? Also to all the people who said I was hating on Windows 6.5, I talk mess about every OS, I love Android but I will be the first person to point out its flaws so no I don’t hate Windows or Android only iPhone LOL. Remember all the iPhone owners who loved their phone but argued about copy and paste till they were blue in the face, its not hating its just fighting for what we deserve.

    • ha!

      i love my HD2 but it would prob be sold within the next 5 months. nothing personal towards the phone its just i dont like having the same phone for a long time…touch pro2 was my dream phone, i had it for 4months then i sold just happens that way..for me that is..

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      From fooling with it all day yesterday and having WinMo 6.5/HTC Sense on my Touch Pro2 the issue is with some of the apps, not WinMo, not HTC Sense and not the HD2.

      So dissing WinMo and the HD2 with generalities is misplaced IMHO.

      My HD2 works great, it’s just that some of the apps suck. When I installed or updated some apps (e.g. MobiTV) there were problems. I also am having trouble setting up Outlook mail, but I have had issues with that on my Touch Pro2 and even my PDA phones in 2002.

      All other aspects of my HD2 worked fine. E.g. of things that worked:

      I converted a DVD into a 2GB MP4 file with max specs. Put it on the HD2 and it looks fantastic.

      Played the FM radio – great.

      Went on the Net – great.

      Connected my Bluetooth stereo headset – works in all applications, even the movie player.

      Facebook, Twitter, etc. all work fine.

      Touchscreen – responsive and fast.

      Swype – fun, but there’s a learning curve to it.

      Camera and camcorder – fantastic.

      Setting up HTC Sense and customizing – easy and fun.

      Getting 3G – a problem, but that’s my condo not the HD2. Phone has been plenty fast when I get 3G in parts of my house where I have to be to get it.

      Hint to others: Until the kinks are worked out of the various apps I suggest a daily battery pull in the morning to reset the device. Also, if something hangs instead of trying to fix it, do a battery pull reset.

      • Bobert

        LOL gotta love WINMO!! Battery pulls and resets. ..been there done that with BOTH my shadow and Dash. They screw me once shame on you but screw me twice shame on me.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Just a sidenote after using my HD2 all day yesterday.

    Some apps on it are not ready for prime time. Buggy, buggy, buggy. E.g., Some program updates would hang so I had to do a battery pull reset.

    So I am chomping at the bit to install a ROM sans crapware.

    The HD2 is fantastic and so is WinMo 6.5 with HTC Sense. (It was a great combo on my Touch Pro2). Too bad some of those crappy demo programs are tainting an otherwise successful phone launch.

    Does that mean the HD2 is a crappy phone? No. Does that mean WinMo 6.5 is a lousy OS? No. Should I return the phone? No. Should this be happening on a spanking new phone. No. Is the problem some of those demo programs? Yes. (Albeit I have never like Blockbuster so it gave me pleasure to uninstall that program from my HD2. The gall of those people to say “Here, try it out, then to ask for a credit card to do so.” Morons. That’s just more of the same Blockbuster because you just know they will make it difficult to cancel the “free” trial. I digress, forgive me.)

    • Bobert

      Its EXTREMELY EASY to cancel the free trial but Blockbuster knows that many people wont.

    • scc

      Michael, can you see your sent messages when you send an e-mail?

      • CMK

        I absolutely love my HD2 but I’ve got the same issue regarding not seeing sent emails. I Did a Google search and couldn’t find anything.

      • scc

        This phone can do so much, but lacks the simple ability to display sent messages. I’ve called CC, asked other HD2 owners, searched for answers on forums — but no one can tell me how to fix this, or even if its possible.

    • Gizmalien

      Instead of signing up for an actual membership with Blockbuster, I went the cheap route, created a free account on their site, then linked my phone to it, no monthly fee, only get charged if I order a movie. Going to try the free ones they gave me to test the quality, then decide if I want to keep it around. As for the Mobitv app, it’s dead and gone, quality was too poor to really be of any use to me.

  • Joe

    Ladies, Ladies… Simmer down now… No need for all the fighting on a Beautiful Sunday Morning… Like Sundays are meant to do, Our Prayers may have been answered. So lets all just play nice and enjoy the miracle that the phone gods have blessed us with this Fine Sunday Morning.. Can I get an Amen????

    • ha!

      AMEN! All hell phone gods! i bow to you!

  • bbtech


  • DopeBoy

    i finally was able to buy an hd2 it was 2nd to last at this unknown store by were i live wow this thing is amzazing. it lives to its words thats all i have to say about that

  • john

    Honestly…I don’t see the big hype about 7. Its not even that impressive to me, sense UI to me is a lot better…I would not buy a device with 7 on it…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You hit the nail on the head. Many people are not aware that one of the conditions of putting WP7 on a phone is that MS will NOT allow placement of shells or user interfaces on top of the WP7 OS.

      In other words, a future incarnation of the HD2 (HD3?) cannot have the HTC Sense user interface.

      For me too that would be a deal breaker, at least currently because the HTC Sense UI is one of the main reasons I so quickly decided to buy the HD2. HTC Sense is so enjoyable and functional that the HD2 is the first handset I have bought that does not have a keyboard. (The HD2 having Swype helped in the decision to go keyboardless.)

      Near as I can tell, WP7 will emphasize social functionality. While HTC Sense provides the same thing, albeit in a different manner, so far I don’t like what I see in the way WP7 interacts with the user.

      Of course, this is all a matter of opinion. But for me I really enjoy using HTC Sense. And in the fun department it competes well with other platforms.

      For example, the Nexus One animated wallpaper is uber cool. However, not only is the HTC Sense animated weather more fun and functional, but I am confident that someone will come up with an HD2 animated wallpaper. In fact, there’s already a free app (CAB file) that turns the clouds on the animated weather any color that you choose.

      I ran that on my Touch Pro2’s HTC Sense. When waiting in line at the grocery store all the geeks behind me were stunned in amazement as my display had blue clouds scrolling past. I just stood there pretending to not notice them, holding the phone in an angle so they could get a good look. Some then looked at their phones while thinking “this POS” or “time to upgrade” or “I really want to ask that guy what phone that is.”

      From what I have heard Microsoft is not going to allow WP7 to be modified as easily as one did with that animated weather cloud program, for example. If that is true, such will be another reason I won’t be in that big a hurry to WP7 and to stick with WinMo and maybe only handsets with HTC Sense; I enjoy HTC Sense that much and appreciate the level of customization in WinMo/HTC Sense.

  • joe

    honestly i bought the hd2 opening day, and even with winmo 6.5 and a couple of buggy apps, i stil love this thing…nicest phone i’ve ever owned so i’m happy. when winmo 7 comes then i’ll worry about upgrading now i’m just lovin life…

  • Amen! I don’t see all the fuss about winmo 7? who cares right now? all of us phone dorks get new phones every 5 sec anyways and the hd2 just came out 4 days ago on t-mo so enjoy it! cross the winmo 7 bridge when it gets here!

    • ha!

      couldnt have said it better! but im still trying to figure out how winmo cripples this phone? im still lost lols..

  • Oce

    IDK. I mean, this could easily be a skin couldn’t it? Is there any accompanying video of this port anywhere. Just don’t want to get excited for nothing ya know.

  • Jshin

    I had no doubt that someone was going to be able to port this over. Still waiting on my HD2 to come Tuesday =)

  • Jshin

    LOL that is true, Just got my TP2 5 months ago and ordered the HD2 on release day. Don’t see a phone that is going to compete with the HD2 coming in the near future at least not to T-Mo

    • Bobert

      TMO rarely gets the good phones.

  • Alex

    UPDATE: Video demo of WP7 Series running on the HTC HD2 added above.

  • Oce

    It’s on now!!!! Can’t wait!

  • ag

    When did this site become a Windows OS vs Android fight every time something is mentioned regarding the HD2? I would really want an HD2 as much as the next person but should we really bitch and moan over something that’s not going to happen? This is about as high end as you can go for a T-Mobile phone at the moment and that probably change for a while.

    • Davidohio

      Right on. Its like a bunch of 5th graders bickering over a toy!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Come on Davidohio… you have been in here talking up these “toys” too. In fact you are what they call in nightclubs a “regular.” ;)

  • ryan

    phone gods? RETARD!

  • Mr. Multimedia


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  • Alessandra

    Windows Phone 7 OS sucks, I don’t like how it looks, yes it’s simplified but look how much better the screen looks when it’s under Windows Mobile 6.5 it looks cooler than Windows Phone 7, I rather stick with Windows Mobile 6.5 OS on this phone when I get it some day than upgrading to Windows Phone 7 OS which looks boring to me.

  • Mockerfab4

    That looks niiiiice. Please, oh please HTC, bring on the HD3 for Tmo running WM7 for Christmas!!!!!!

  • Which Way is Up?

    It was only a matter of time… In fact, I remember a while back (before the explosion of the HD2 being upgradeable to Windows 7), engadget posting an article showing the HD2 running Windows 7…

    Just remember one thing, per Microsoft, Windows 7 Series does not support custom user interface such as Sense, SPB Mobile Shell, Touch Wiz, etc.

    I am very happy with Sense over 6.5… I only want to play the games demoed off the Windows 7 series hardware…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    An important point to remember is to never be a first adopter on an operating system. We all know that WP7 will have its bugs and faults for the first six months or so.

    Truth is, that first adopters are really beta testers. MS, just like other big companies, launches the OS then waits for the beta units (that’s you) to report and complain.

    So for me, that means I will be using my HD2 at least through to January-March 2011.

    Just sayin.

    • analog spirit

      That was why I didn’t get a Nexus One. I didn’t feel like becoming a de facto beta tester for it, and then “rolling the dice” on Google’s customer support (or lack thereof). The N1 is really nice (in fact, I came really close to ordering one), but it still seems too buggy and prototype-ish for me (plus I don’t like that trackball; I’ve already gone thru 3 trackballs on my BB 8320!). Maybe when a future Nexus-series model without a trackball and/or Android 2.2 comes out, it’ll remedy those issues…
      So anyway, Michael, I’ve decided to take your advice: After playing with the HD2 demo unit three times over the past week at one of my local T-Mo shops, I have to say the HD2 has grown on me; I finally decided to have T-Mo put me on their wait list for it. And so far, I’ve found the T-Mo staff to be really helpful and knowledgeable about the HD2, having received specialized training on it (you were right about that, too). I probably would have gotten one right then and there had they not been sold out (they told me that in their store on Wednesday, they had completely sold out of them within 4 hours!).
      So I figure I have nothing to lose; if worst comes to worst, and the HD2 ends up not working out for me, I can always return it within the allotted 2 weeks.
      Thanks a lot for all your help thus far; I’ve been learning a lot from you…

    • Camusa

      Without a doubt I have to agree re: Michael.
      You have been an invaluable source of information for me and touched on many of the issues that I have had in choosing a phone especially those pertaining to the mobile professional versus one that does not need a productivity suite.
      I do not understand the perpetual war of words that takes place re: the various OSs. They all provide different experiences and cater to different crowds.
      While many of the devices are seemingly in competition with one another those nuances that set them apart are subjective to the user experience and the user need and therefore what makes one happy may not please another.
      As I have noted before, for me-I need MS and its professional tools none of which can be found much less supported by any other OS.
      I will no longer need to carry my Axim, I can get rid of some other superfluous peripherals I lug around, I will be able to tether to my laptop, and I can enjoy the fruits of a rich multimedia experience.
      The one thing I wait for that has yet to be touched upon is the ROM upgrade that will allow for more memory so that I can port over my 70 GB of music as well…then I will only have one device to carry.
      And one will rule them all…for me anyway (<—please see this statement…"FOR ME.)

  • Johnny c

    Bought the hd2 Friday will be returning it tomorrow love the hardware htc sense but windows mobile just made it laggy which sux ….. Next stop nexus one

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Johnny… it’s not WinMo, it’s the apps that come with it. In fact, the TMOUS HD2 reminds me of computer purchases of yesteryear. Remember? They would come with all kinds of free trial programs INSTALLED to where the PC would be laggy or buggy.

      That was so common a problem a term became part of the lexicon, “bloatware” and “crapware.” Computer sellers eventually got the message (when sales suffered) and stopped putting all that crap on PCs.

      I think what’s obvious is that T-Mobile wanted to come up with a “gimmick” to sell the HD2, especially needed on a phone that’s been on the market for four months and that would contain WinMo. So T-Mobile went with the “multi-media powerhouse” concept. (To be sure, how else to explain inclusion of two blockbuster movies, FOR FREE, a 16GB card, games (both full version and trial), MobiTV, Blockbuster and Barns & Noble.)

      On my Touch Pro2 I was running WinMo 6.5.1 and HTC Sense. I can tell you the phone worked fast and it was bug free. (And that was even with a resistive screen that slowed down touchscreen functionality.)

      Where T-Mobile has gone wrong with the HD2 is that some apps: 1) are not ready for use on mobile platforms; 2) require an immediate update, so when clicking to use the program one gets a message that an update is required; that sends the wrong message to people who just spent a lot of money for a NEW and latest/greatest superphone; 3) misrepresent what they are. People assume they are full version programs, but in fact many are extremely limited trials. Again, a conflicting message between advertising and what one actually gets; 4) are hanging on install or updating. That can be for any number of reasons not the fault of HTC, WinMo, Sense, or T-Mobile. This is really bad in the image department; or 5) are just slow on initial use as the program sets up for use. People don’t realize that all programs do this, they simply comment that the phone is laggy.

      People are also not familiar with how Sense works. So this causes additional complaints. For example, few people know that whenever you make a change in the HTC Sense Settings, Sense has to “reboot” itself so to make the changes in its configuration. What this means, for example, when you reorder your tabs on the tab bar and click “OK” Sense goes to a boot screen wallpaper and the phone becomes inoperable for about 15 to 20 seconds. HTC needs to put a “please wait while we make your changes” message on that wallpaper because people who don’t know what’s going on start to press all kinds of buttons and panic/complain saying the phone is laggy. The HD2 is not laggy, it’s just the UI has to reconfigure itself.

      So for all these reasons I say be patient. It’s not WinMo, HTC, Sense or T-Mobile in most respects. It’s the above.

  • lee

    while i know the windows mobile interface is just nasty…am i the only person who thinks a finely tuned htc sense is a better looking (cosmetic) interface than wp7??? i think the sense ui masks winmo plenty to make it something different altogether…i dunno, maybe i’m crazy

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You are not crazy. If you were you would have an iPhone and hang over on those sites. HTC Sense is HOT and to me too it looks better than the WP7 UI (albeit I don’t think we have seen the WP7 UI in its final form).

      Anyway, if you did hang around iPhone sites you would find out that many iPhone users really like the HTC Sense UI, so much so that they have hacked it on to the iPhone.

      And HTC Sense has really pissed off Apple, so much so that Apple is suing HTC (they even wanted to stop the sale of the TMOUS HD2!)

      Sidenote: That’s another reason to cherish your HD2. Jobs tried to halt it from going on sale. I love that my HD2 now has a contraband cachet to it.

  • Kuttyjoe

    Yeah, I like the SenseUI, particularly how it looks on this phone. Windows 7 Phone Series UI is plain looking. I wouldn’t really want it without the SenseUI the way it looks on the HD2. I’m not crazy about SenseUI on the Android devices either. The HD2 SenseUI looks the best.

  • tato22

    looks so dam ugly

  • Jshin

    I’ll keep sense, and hope that parts ( the good parts ) get cabbed out.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    As I stated before, WP7 looks terrible. Why anyone would want it (Besides it being the latest WM OS) is beyond me. But everyone has different opinions and that, they are entitled to.

  • zack

    I love the look of the Zune HD, so I love the look of the WP7S. But I do like sense on my HD2, but WM 6.5 is just shitty compared to android in my opinion (And I am a Microsoft lover!!!! Proud owner of a Xbox 360, Zune, Windows PC, and now HD2. But WM is by far the worst cell phone OS I have ever used and I even had an n-gage.) My main reason for wanting WP7S is because of the Zune player. I hate having to travel with a cell phone and an mp3 player. Also the Xbox Live gaming is a plus for me as well.

  • Alessandra

    Doesn’t the HTC HD2 have Windows Media Player preinstalled? If so how do you get Windows Media Player (or whatever player it has in there) to read your memory card for music? Do you just hit the sync button (or link) in the player to let it index the entire card for songs?

  • raholco

    I returned my HD2 after fighting for days to get media playback working reasonably well. Coreplayer, Pocket Player, Windows Media, HTC’s AudioManager-all failed in one form or another.

    You’d think with a 1 GHz Snapdragon that the phone could handle such a mundane task-but sadly, no. The same size library indexed and played faster on my lame-ass G1 better than the HD2 did. Also, I noted the bug reports were coming around that said Voice Command announcements wern’t being routed to Bluetooth headsets-whoops!

    Don’t gte me wronf, the phone is impressive, and HTC did a yeoman’s job with the Sense UI. But I want a phone to WORK without having to pay constant visits to to make things work RIGHT.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Not sure what your issue was, but I made a DVD into a MP4 movie for the HD2, was 2GB in size and full screen.

      It plays quite well.

      Also played music, other videos shot with the Hd2, MobiTV and YouTube, all worked perfect.

      Must have been a glitch in your unit.

      I shot some videos of the Presidio pet cemetery here in San Francisco. Will be putting those up on YouTube as a sample of what the Hd2 can do.

      • raholco

        I have a 2000+ music library-works fine in my G1, but unusable in the HD2. Hell, I that same size library working fine in my old Shadow-go figure.

  • Hoppysport

    I’ve had the HD2 since Wednesday. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware, yet the most frustrating piece of equipment to use. It won’t sync with my Vista computer, and is basically impossible to text with.

    I love its capabilities, yet want to throw it against the wall every time I go to text. Yes, I was spoiled by the Berry, but I now type at 5 words a minute. Will be returning it to buy a Blackberry 9700.

    I had also considered returning it, getting a new one in the box, and selling that on Ebay for $500…then adding $30 to buy the Nexus One.

    BTW, battery life is just awful on the HD2.

  • Ricardo

    Let’s See
    The phone lags alot when a message is coming in. Does the same if i’m listening to music and texting.. The phone basically lags alot when i’m doing more then one thing. Google maps tends to not work. It’s a 50/50 gamble anytime i open blockbuster, windows marketplace or mobitv as to whether they will work. The 3g connection seems to come in and out even if the bars are full. Swype lags alot. I basically find myself opening and closing it multiple time before i can get it to work. I’ll get to my programs screen and wont be able to open anything except access the start menu.
    I want so badly for the phone to work but these things are starting to piss me the f**k off. I can’t even show the phone off for fear that any of these multiple things will happen.

    • poopman

      makes me not want to get one now.

    • Tig

      I must be very lucky or you are unlucky – I don’t have any of these problems. The worst issue I have now is slacker likes to stops songs 1/2 way into them and I have to skip to the next one to keep listening. But that only happens every now and then.

      My phone is fast, multitasks great and most of the apps I have tried are at least “OK”. I have not tried blockbuster yet and don’t plan too – so I don’t know if that’s saving me some pain.

      I have not had a single lock up, I stay on 3g if available, call quality is great and after an hour or so with the phone I am very familiar with it’s features and find myself wasting too much time playing with it.

      • CMK

        Just to throw my 2 cents in…I’ve been using my new HD2 extensively for the past 5 days and have had absolutely no problems.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Ricardo, that’s just some issue with YOUR HD2. For example, Swype works fine for me, from the first time I used it.

      Marketplace, works perfect.

      It sounds to me like you have some program or application running in the background that is hogging your resources. Either that or there’s a software glitch somewhere.

      Once I made a few changes and updated the programs that called for an update (e.g. MobiTV) my HD2 runs perfect.

      I would first do a battery pull reset (there’s a program one can install to do a reset, but that’s another post). You can also simply hold down the end key until the menu opens where “power off” is one of the selections. But I do a battery pull to make sure absolutely nothing is lingering in the HD2’s memory.

      After a reboot, open one by one the programs that are giving you problems. Try to detect which one is the culprit.

      Remember, these smartphones are like PCs from 15 years ago. We are asking these devices to do a lot for such a compact system. It’s really easy for them to get gummed up. That’s why I say that the big mistake T-Mobile made with its debut was to include all these programs and features. There’s too many ways for things to get gummed up.

      Add to that that many of these programs ONLY work well in 3G, well… that’s a recipe for disaster if one is in an area with spotty 3G coverage. For example, my condo is like a bunker and is surrounded by tall buildings. Two buildings away there’s a 16 story residential complex that has radio and cell towers on the roof. Those towers and the tall buildings have caused me lots
      of signal problems over the years. For example, if on a call and I walk into certain parts of the kitchen the call with disconnect (dropped signal).

      What I have discovered is that MobiTV does NOT like switching from 3G to Edge to back to 3G. If there’s a signal switch my MobiTV will crash and I will get an error message. Does that mean that MobiTV, HTC, T-Mobile or the HD2 is crap? No, it means that my “bunker” issue has reared its ugly head, this time on my HD2. It’s just the way it goes. The workaround for me is to place my HD2 in a spot on the desk where I know 3G comes through loud and clear, so to speak and to not move the phone while I am watching TV.

      So don’t lose faith. I suggest you call 611 and talk to tech support. I know they will have a solution for you.

      And remember, no matter the product there’s always someone somewhere who will have problems. It’s just the way it goes. Your HD2 is a fantastic device, WinMo 6.5.3 is a very stable platform and HTC Sense is perfect.

      Update: As an example what I am talking about. I am watching MSNBC on MobiTV (one of the many reasons I got the HD2). Sidenote: MSNBC and Fox News Channel are the only two channels on MobiTV that are live TV. All the rest are downloaded clips. In other words, if you put MSNBC on your cable TV and also on the HD2, the shows, commercials, etc. will be the same because MobiTV is playing actual TV with MSNBC.

      Anyway, I’m watching the show and after 10 minutes the broadcast stops and a message pops up on the screen saying “Your Session Has Timed Out.” WTF… a flaw in MobiTV or the HD2? No, I suspect that MobiTV does that so one does not accidentally leave the HD2 on TV mode. To be sure, this helps because we all know unlimited data plans are not truly unlimited. (I think T-Mobile limits us to 10GB a month in downloads.)

      Sidenote: I did a test once on my Touch Pro2 playing MSNBC with Manila TV. I left the TV on for three hours and it showed 240MB usage on my data plan.

      The time out illustrates an issue that people could mistakenly comment that something is wrong with the HD2 or MobiTV when in fact either WinMo or Sense caused a time out, or MobiTV did as I described above.

      Bonus update: while typing this MobiTV did the time out thing again, exactly ten minutes to the time of the previous time out message. When I press “continue” it goes back to playing TV perfectly.

      Sidenote: I canceled my cable TV to where I would no longer get MSNBC. I am so psyched that I am now watching it on my frigging cell phone, of all things.

      • Ricardo

        You sir are a gentlemen and a scholar. I think the spotty 3g is the culprit behind most of my problems. I’ll check the forum to see if there is an answer to the lag in my music that happens when i use swype.

  • I haven’t tried using this software, if what Ricardo said is true, “The phone lags a lot…”, well it’s not worth investing to that kind of software, it may just destroy your phone. Better wait for the copyright version of the Windows phone 7.

  • Syklone

    I hear that all you guys are having so many problems; my phone works very well, it really awesome.
    I hope the rest of you guy’s issues get resolved so that you can really enjoy the phone.
    Myself, I’m enjoying the days of being an exclusive HD2 owner, because this phone has become extremely popular.
    I hate Magenta for using me as a walking commercial!!!!

    • analog spirit

      LOL! Since Magenta is using you as a walking commercial, they should be paying you for it, then!

  • Johnny c

    Ricardo I agree with you I had the same iusses with my hd2 I had to remove the battery many times. Hd2 was huge disappointment which sucks bc I wanted the phone so bad but tomorrow is going back to the store nexus one is the next stop for me

    • Ricardo

      I knew i wasn’t the only one. This thing is killing me. I left my cliq which was due for an update to 2.1 in 2 to 3 months. If these things persist, i know an update is probably not around the corner. I guess a new Rom is what i will depend on. Makes me wonder what R&D considers to be “phone use” because listening to music while texting is not drastic. Please winmo, fix these problems cause they clearly do exist.


    Windows mobile + T MOBILE = GaRbAge


    WHAT A JOKE, who still even uses window mobile?

  • phone lags a lot i give 5*/10 stars to it.

  • Todd

    anyone having trouble with YouTubeapp? i keep getting errors?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      No problem with the YouTube app, mine plays perfect. See my post above about maintaining a consistent 3G signal.

      Near as I can tell none of the programs that rely on a 3G signal to work like it when your HD2 switches from 3G to Edge and back. For example, MobiTV crashes when I move from one part of my place to another (because the phone goes from 3G to Edge and back).

      If I sit the HD2 in one spot where I know there’s a solid 3G signal MobiTV plays fine.

      What will also cause MobiTV to crash is if the network is clogged with users. That causes the phone to revert to Edge and crashes occur.

      Recall that this was one of the complaints about AT&T iPhone users. And it was also one of the concerns with the TMOUS HD2, would the phone be able to run smoothly on T-Mobile’s 3G service which at times is just as spotty as other carriers’ service.

      I don’t think there’s a short term solution. As more and more people move to data use on smartphones the systems are going to get even worse than they are now.

      • Ricardo

        I found the second culprit. Touch x task manager was killing my resources. It6 feels like the phone i bought Wednesday now.

  • Hacked ROMs won’t change views for the most part on the HD2 running WP7 – its a no brainer that it would happen either way – but by the time WP7 hits, the HD2 hardware will be mundane compared to what the new OS will be shipping on.

  • analog spirit

    This just goes to show you; never underestimate the Russians! I knew it was just a matter of time before someone would figure out how to put WP7 on it, but I didn’t think it’d be this quick! And I know, it’s on a non-US version of the HD2, so it might not work on the US version (yet). Still, it’s pretty impressive that they pulled it off so quickly…

  • rushmore

    Still have two huge issues to get past:

    1. Storage and app memory is locked down to address level of the device and not external card access. Who will write drivers for this to work- that level access is also locked down.

    2. Drivers for acclerated video and discrete GPU functions. Need drivers for that too, since WM7 has no similarity to WM6 series.

    There will be roms, but will they be worth it if the two issues above are not addressed?

  • Sirmac

    Ive been using windows os the past 2 years and I would know when the phone is acting up. . . Im sorry that some of you aren’t pleased with your device, however, mines runs like a charm. Edited some registry keys and that’s all she wrote. Every phone is going too have its ups and downs. Substituting this for the N1 may or may not solve your problems our could possibly increase them. With my work I couldn’t use an android, even by choice I prefer not to use it still. Tmobile is very slick, they may have something in store for the fellow hd2 users, be patient.. .

    (btw, swype allowed me to write that soo easily.)

    • Ricardo

      What registry keys did you change cause i’m willing to do anything that helps. As of now i have just tcpmp and skyfre installed.

  • WXman

    A) Show of hands… who gives a furry rat’s ass about Windows 7? Thought so.

    B) I held a HD2 and I think you’d need a Targus laptop case to carry it in. It’s ridiculous.

    C) On the TMo forums…it’s thread after thread after thread of problems with this phone. More bugs than a jungle. Why pay $500 for a headache when you can bang your head against a wall and get one for free?

    • scc


  • DK Brothers

    For those of you witn HD2’s that lag… Take it back and get another one. I haven’t noticed any lag – except in Google maps. Everything else is smooth as silk.

  • Ricardo

    Just tried to send a text message with swype. It took five second after i started before words appeared on the screen. The swype blue keyboard logo didn’t appear on the bottom of the screen and then suddenly the whole screen froze.Pressed the end key and pressed it again to get to the slide to unlock screen. when i slide to unlock, the screen was still frozen. Start menu worked but when i tried to get back to sense it stayed on the frozen screen. I’m sorry, but i find it hard to believe that this is snappy. This is the fifth time that this has happened to me since yesterday morning. The phone absolutely refuses to bring me back to my home screen. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • scc

      you should be somewhat happy because for some odd reason i don’t even have swype on my hd2.

  • Ricardo

    One thing i’ve observed is that the icon for the person i’m texting keeps on changing between an image of a sim card and their facebook image. Maybe this turns on a light bulb in your heads as to what my problem might be.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Ricardo… did you read my comment about your unhappiness/frustration with the HD2? Have faith.

      Also, this is not the best place for tech support answers. Go to this Site:

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      For example on your avatar issue, the SIM graphic versus an avatar from FB:

      In the contact list move the slider to the Updates tab and you will be prompted to link your contacts. Do that and for the contacts that MATCH the picture will be updated.

      HTC Sense gives you an option to link multiple profiles (from various sources) if the names on your phone is an exact match to the one of your Facebook friends.

      If they don’t match you have to go in every contact and link them manually (sometimes it gives suggestions if the last name is first, because it becomes a possible match).

  • Flgirll

    I don’t know….I’m not really feeling the new “look” of Windows Phone 7 for some reason. I think it’s just okay and a bit boring. Plus, the words being cut off at the edge until you scroll left or right bugs the crap out of me. I understand it’s a design element and indictates to the user that the page continues but I don’t like it. Eh, but I’ll see what I think when it’s finally released.

    Oh and I’m in Tampa, FL and went to two local Tmo stores this weekend. Both stores are sold out of the HD2 and are asking if people want to be added to a waiting list. The weirdest thing was one didn’t have a working model to show and the other one had a working model but it didn’t have the HTC Sense on it!! All you could do with the phone was click on “Start” and check out the applications listed. That’s it. So weird.

  • I like the front user experience, it’s simplified for day to day usage.

    But what I would really like to see is the System View.

    “What does the OS look like when I want to adjust the microphone’s volume?”

    To me this is where “ALL” the mobile Operating Systems crash and burn miserably.

    – Windows Mobile 6.5 was an improvement but was really planed for non multi touch.
    – iPhone lacks nitty gritty settings, if there isn’t a hard codded button for what your trying to do your screwed, theres no way to navigate to a system folder.
    – Symbian phones System setting are none existent you get what you get.

    Ultimately this is what will make or break Windows Mobile 7 Series.

  • Joe Pa

    My YouTube app isn’t working, any help??

    • WXman


  • shawn1224

    The HD2 is shaping out to be a blockbuster device but I think I’ll wait for the Samsung Galaxy S to hit the stores. This phone is going to rape the competition.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Your comment amused me because you used the word “blockbuster.” Since the HD2 comes with Blockbuster I was initially wondering why someone would say the HD2 is becoming one.

      I thought you were going to say you really liked the Blockbuster app. LOL.

      • shawn1224

        I guess blockbuster because it’s definitely turning out to be a flagship device. I played with one @ the tmobile store and it feels so good in your hand. Wish I could have bought one but because of the poor timing on my part I’ll have to wait for the next best device to hit the stage. Hopefully the Galaxy S will be a Tmobile exclusive, since it is a quad band GSM device.

  • Bill Berry

    It’s taking finger friendly push button to the extreme; how big most each on-screen “push button” be. Did anybody who has hacked and flashed their devices really believe the folks over at XDA and other websites couldn’t work their magic?

  • sonnie

    this is fake guys, its just someone running WP7 through remote desktop on hd2,

  • Why is anyone suprised. Obviously HD2 was more than capable of running WP7, microsofts “3 button rule” was the only thing stopping it. There should have been no doubt since MS announced the HD2 wouldn’t get WP7, that it would be incredibly, and let me emphasize that, *INCREDIBLY* easy to put WP7 on the HD2.

    This isn’t news, it’s just more proof of what the smarter people already knew was going to happen.

  • sfji

    first, let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy S. The device has a 4 inch WVGA capacitive Super AMOLED display (which is said to be the most vivid phone display ever), 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 5 mp camera with 720p HD recording, front facing VGA camera, 1500 mAh battery, Wi-Fi b/g/n, 16GB or 8Gb internal memory plus mircoSD expansion, HSPA 7.2, Bluetooth 3.0, Android 2.1 with Samsung’s customized UI on top, and the everything else you’d expect in a cell phone. yeah their is a reason why the nexus one suxs on tmobile.
    Do me a favor tmobile get this phone or something like the EVo you know the one on sprint not it’s ugly undatable sister(HD2).

    • shawn1224

      Correction … it has an ARM Cortex A8 chip w/turbo GUI that’s said to process 90 million triangles per second compared to it’s little brother the 1ghz snapdragon that can process 22/23 million .. it has 3 times the capability power of the Nexus and HD2 :)

      This is going to be a SUPER BEAST of a phone

      • shawn1224

        EDIT – GPU not GUI

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Yes, the Galaxy S will be our second phone purchase. The HD2 is in the stable, it needs the GS to keep up quiet until November-January.

  • justsomedude

    Guys check this out here is proof that Windows 6.5 is starting to beat Android!!!

    • abe

      i may be wrong but isn’t that the android possibly beating the iphone. with that graph look at where winmobile is

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        It appears Just Some Dud was yanking your chain. I suspect that he posted that to see who would click the link.

        Jokes on you. Thanks for confirming that clicking the link would be a waste of time and that Dud is still that, a mental slob dud. I am sure he had a good laugh at your expense.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Oh… you must be new on here. Everyone ignore Dud now (and any comments he posts on the various user names he has). You can tell who he is because of his writing style that confirms he is a low IQ moron and/or gets his kicks out of intentionally dumbing down his posts to see if he can fool people.

        All in all, the poster boy definition of a troll. Google him, he has a rep on the Net, not good.

  • Guerrilla

    I don’t care what anyone says the HTC HD2 is the best phone on the market…i love my HD2

  • zoth

    I don’s like UI it’s ugly. Go give that UI to Apple…

  • Johnny C

    just saw the htc legend over at by noah awesome phone thats how the hd2 should have been


    The HD2 is a great phone. All the people saying negative things about it are people who don’t have one because they couldn’t get one. Anyone who has used the phone have nothing but good things to say about it.

  • you said it, and once wm 7 is out I have no doubt it will be available to those in the know who really wnat it on the HD2