T-Mobile HD2 Vs Motorola DROID

Wondering how T-Mobile’s new flagship handset holds up against the Motorola DROID from Verizon Wireless? Courtesy of our friends over at Wirefly, they’ve done another one of their “Smartphone Schmackdowns” pitting the DROID against the one and only HTC HD2, exclusively from T-Mobile in the U.S.  If you missed Wirefly’s “Smartphone Schmackdown” between the T-Mobile HD2 and HTC Nexus One, click here.  Enjoy the video above and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Wirefly – YouTube

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  • huh

    i honestly dont see anything interesting in the droid. its like any andriod with the same boring ass 3 screens you can customize and thats it the rest of the attention comes from the apps they have.

  • Dalton

    And the “Android vs WinMo” war begins…great.

    • justsomedude

      And its over in 3..2..1

  • tmohelp

    Has anyone else been having text lags when your convo reaches to about 70+ texts to and from with one person?

    Is there a fix for this already, or a way to counter the lag without deleting texts every some odd days?

    • TMoEmployee

      On what!?

    • NewGuy

      I’m getting that problem too…I deleted all messages and it’s running much more smoothly. I had two days worth of messages and everything slowed down.

    • lebron1189

      yea my phone keeps lagging.every time I go to my albums the phone freezes.ive literally took the battery out my phone like 6 times since I had it since wednesday. anyone think it has anything to do with me downloading the skyfire app???

    • Ride351

      Download sms backup from the market. Automatically backs up all sms to Google (in gmail) in a nice neat folder so you can reference them is you need to. Then you can delete them from your phone.

  • rushmore

    How is it a smackdown without anyone getting smacked down? More like a comparison and key things such as apps2sd , tons more video codecs and a hardware based EQ for audio are omitted. More like a wimpdown ;)

    • rushmore

      HD2 has the apps2sd, tons of video codecs and access to hardware EQ.

    • TheDude

      It’s NOT a smackdown though. It’s a SCHMACKDOWN. Big difference there ;)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I thought this comparison was fine. Wirefly was not saying the phones were similar, it’s only that some people may be considering which phone to buy, so talking about what is what on each and factors to consider, via a side by side comparison, makes sense.

      To be sure, to the buying public they don’t know anything except what they see in ads or what friends tell them, so a side by side of the various models is helpful.

      Besides, this is what goes on inside a store. A salesperson attempts to tell a walk-in customer the differences between the various models. I say “attempt” because it’s hard to tell someone within a limited time frame which each phone is all about.

      Wirefly is simply acting as an online CSR for its online customers who look on YouTube for answers.

  • JBLmobileG1

    How can you even compare the two? Its like apples to oranges. We all know the hardware is better in the HD2 and while the Droid does have an actual keyboard… its not the greatest of the bunch. While I myself am an Android fan… this is a no brainer as to who will win… the HD2 of course. To me this is like comparing the Nexus One to a G1. The Nexus One vs. the HD2 was a good match because they both have a nice processor with plenty of ram etc. But these two IMO are like night and day.

  • craig

    I think this guy love the Htc hd2. I know what the Htc hd2 can do, because little was done on the Droid so this don’t help me any at all. :-(

  • Johnny C

    i notice that you cant be on the phone and get a text mms etc at the same time isit just me? im still on “test” mode phone is awesome thus far also…does anyone know any know where to download a better gtalk and windows msger etc the one it comes is ok just wish i see the icons and stuff ………….also any cool tricks i would like to know tx

  • shmengie

    i actually got to play with an hd2 in the tmo store today. throw some android on there (or winmo 7 upgrade path), and i’d be in for sure. huge screen, and faster than any phone i ever done seen. i was impressed. even winmo didn’t get in the way. seriously, it’s freakin’ sweet.

  • huh

    does anyone know where i can order an hd2 its sold out in every store except for radioshack but there asking for 550 and thats with out tax

  • WXman

    Holy crap, $550 buys a SWEET notebook computer these days. Phones are getting insane.

  • hdeezy

    I was lucky enough to buy the hd2 first thing in the morning. They are sold out everywhere and tmo stires here in Miam,Fl won’t get more until April. Glad I took the day off. This phone is GREAT! No complaints. I love having something everybody else wants.

  • poopman

    finally got to get my hands on a HD2 and now im seriously thinking about picking one up. decisions decisions

  • Mr. Multimedia

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    • rushmore

      Technology1 with another nickname?

  • Johnny C

    tried it myself n it works …………..

    The T-Mobile HD2 comes with six preloaded games/demos: Teeter, Guitar Hero 5 Mobile, and demos of Millionaire 2010, Ferrari GT Evolution, Prince of Persia HD, and Tetris. This is already a nice selection, but did you know that Solitaire and Bubble Breaker are on your new phone too? They’re just hidden.

    To reclaim them, go to File Explorer -> My Device -> Windows and find Bubble Breaker. Press and hold the item until the pop-up window appears, select Copy from the menu, then scroll up and tap the Start Menu folder -> Programs -> Games. Press and hold an empty space on the screen until the pop-up window appears, and select Paste Shortcut from the menu. If you want to rename the file (by default, it will be called “Shortcut to Bubble Breaker”), hold the item until the pop-up windows appears, select Rename from the menu, type in whatever name you want, and hit the Enter/Return key on the keyboard.

    Repeat the process with Solitaire.

    • harvey

      i tried this and it worked… using this method i was also able to remove the demos and also removed the transformers movies along with the icons.

  • Jshin

    Just go to mytmobile.comm and order one from there, Or you can call 611 and order one through CC.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      On Friday I was talking to a CSR on the phone. I asked how the HD2 did in terms of sales. She said that it sold out in 10 hours on Wednesday. So there’s no phones via 611.

      And online they are showing out of stock.


  • Jshin

    Just go to mytmobile.com and order one from there, Or you can call 611 and order one through CC.

  • justsomedude

    Why the hell is the HD2 being so DAMN laggy it has a damn snapdragon well it looks like windows managed to mess up the fast processor you can bye. HD2=Fail

    • Abet

      Laggy????…I don’t think so. I have one on my hand and it is certainly the fastest phone i ever had. My cousin had a droid and that was slow!!!

      Don’t hate HD2! It is the best phone in the market right now!

    • Tig

      It has nothing to do with winmo.. stop being an idiot and actually know what you are talking about before you spout trash.

  • joe rhoades

    pause at 5:12 and look at the middle of the HD2.

    • BGK

      Ha! Funny. Nice spot.

  • rushmore

    These are comparisons and not smackdowns.

  • justsomedude

    Guys check this out here is proof that Windows 6.5 is starting to beat Android!!!


  • Lisa

    This video is biased towards the Droid. They didn’t even show SWIPE which is one of the best texting features on the HD2. They said that the Droid had better video quality, when ironically the pre loaded Transformers movie in HD was not even shown. And for those of you who have seen this, you know that the video at best, can be matched, but not beat. Please don’t waste our time with biased videos.

  • tom

    You can TOTALLY use this phone as a HOTSPOT! I have it, and have used it as one, you just have to add the app. it’s call WIFI ROUTER

  • ALL YOU ALL ARE INSANE…when will the public WAKE UP and demand Apple Release the iPhone to VZ and T-MO. If it is not an iPhone…you are just wanna-be’s!!!! Get a clue people!!!!

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