Victoria, Texas Gets 3G Goodness!!


Residents of Victoria, Texas are rejoicing!   Thanks to T-Mobile, they are now experiencing 3G goodness! Anyone in Victoria experiencing it now?  How are your download speeds?  Victoria, if you have 3G, let us know!

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  • ajacdc

    nice good for them welcome to the club .

  • nastynate07

    Yay im from Victoria and follows this blog. I will soon be getting my hd2.

  • Acsteffy87

    Ugh im getting so effing tired of this, Where the hell is 3G for Waco, Tx. Where there is a major university.

    Atleast give us some Edge, we only have GPRS here

    • Expressive Boy

      Giggle, I like when people express their feelings in words that don’t exist in any dictionary. Shrug, guess you aren’t one of the students at said University. Smiley-face, I get tons of 3G in Houston! Sigh.

      • Mojo

        At least he isn’t a douche like you are.

    • racster

      that really sucks GPRS???? still? its 2010. I would call t-mobile. They should complete edge even before they upgrade 3g. It’s not cool to leave other customers behind the times.

      • jordannn

        you kidding? gprs is everywhere i go from getting gprs straight into 3g when i go to austin. its ridiculous.


    • targa9932001

      Yeah, they gotta get 3G out there, my brother is going to Baylor U. next year and his mytouch isnt really gonna work out for him. :(

    • Me

      And what do you suppose UHV is???

  • lewminous

    I’m hoping for Texarkana, TX soon….

  • mike

    Still waiting here in Springfield, MO

  • MrGolfRider

    Though I do not live in this town, I can say that my local town of Middletown Ohio is showing some 3G goodness!!!!! YaY for me!!

    • Davidohio

      I love Yoders restaurant in Middlefield! And the nice furniture the cool Amish people make there. I grew up in South Russell/Chagrin Falls but live in Cleveland now…with lots of 3G goodness.

    • Bill

      That is great to hear about Middletown! That’s where my parents live and when I visited them over Christmas, I could barely even get EDGE on my 9700. I was in GPRS most of the time. So frustrating. Can’t believe next time I go back I’ll have 3G.

  • craig

    dont ask which phone i need just give me the 3G speed… Blue Island IL. :-(

  • cking

    live 10 miles from victoria and no 3g, just g, not even edge. gotta have fun w “1g” on my hd2.*sigh*….3 miles out of victoria lost i lost 3g signal
    . damn

    • cking

      correction,3g signal good for 9 miles from victoria, i live 10 miles from victoria,1 mile too damn short for some 3g.have to live with “1g” at home.c’mon tmo put out 1 more mile…*sigh*

      • mmaxxsooner

        Good luck with that, I live IN tulsa and no 3g. The whole southwest side of the city has been skipped. Wouldn’t seem so bad if there wasn’t a tmobile yes tmobile tower across the street and their map shows that tower as 3g NOT.

  • migy

    Corpus Christi-Denton-Dallas

    Congrats Victoria! @ Waco, it does suck even when driving through there cuz they don’t have cell signal or radio signal.

  • rushmore

    Is it like Lexington KY that only has a third of the metro area actually with 3G? Not like Lexington is a megalopolois or anything- sheesh ;)

  • Galen20K

    Billie Jean you hear that?! You have 3G now!!! FAIR IS FAIR!

  • sic em bears

    T-mobile! Please! show Waco, TX some love. All the Baylor univ. students here are suffering lack of 3G…. No reason for me to purchase a HD2 without 3G in waco…

    • watbetch

      No WiFi?

  • Regular Joe

    Mike, I feel you. I live in joplin and only half the city even has edge…the rest gprs.

  • TxDude

    Waco is in the process of going 3g, from what I have heard Baylor has a 3g site on campus. My N1 is smoking now here in victoria. I am kinda shocked we actually got 3G here. Went to T-Mobile store and they are sold out of HD2.

  • adam

    People vote for motorola cliq on battle of smartphone march madness

  • Eddie Puerto Rico

    I live in Puerto Rico a few months ago I change to Tmobile form ATT, with the hope that Tmo is going to have 3G soon. Yesterday I visit an store, ask the mananger about 3G service, he told “I dont have information about when we are going to offer 3G signal”. Tomorrow I going back to ATT. Great customer service, bad signal

    Tmobile see you in about ten years

  • Shannon

    Still no 3g in NM’s second largest city, Las Cruces. Had a couple tastes a month or two ago but nothing since. Oh well…

    Enjoyed it in Vegas this week, though!

    • m

      me too… I stayed at the Luxor on the strip from Wednesday to today, and 3G was noticeably faster (nearly 2.5 megs) compared to whats in Boise (right around 1)…

  • hammeedo

    Still waiting in Las Cruces, NM (I read rumors about it coming in March), very interested in getting an android phone to replace my Nokia N82, however without 3G its a waste of my money!

  • Bryan

    Whats considered a decent 3g but non hspa+ tmo speedtest?

  • Davidohio

    I average 850-950mbps in Cleveland Ohio on my G1

    • carts

      you DO mean kbps right? 950mbps on G1, That is FAAAST. lol.

  • Justin

    Yes, I went to the T-Mobile store in Waco, and they said the infrastructure is all set. In fact they turned on the 3G for a few minutes a few days ago but turned it off. The guy at the store told me it wont be turned back on for a few months. The reason he said was because it cost too much money to keep it on. This did not make any sense though, because what would be the point in building the towers if you were not going to turn it on. Anyways, it is really frustrating having a data plan and only being able to check e-mail…

    • watbetch

      He’s clearly talking out of his ass.. what does that even mean really? Too much money have 3G turned on? I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw it within the next few weeks but I’m certain that isn’t the reason it’s not on now.

    • cking

      most all of tmobile reps dont know what the hell they are talking about…blowing smoke….

  • Usafguard

    It’s most likely a spectrum clearing issue in Waco.

  • gear.h34d.2012

    Still waiting here in Eastern NC. T_T

  • frostycakes

    Still not as bad as having to move from a great 3G area (Denver) to one that doesn’t have native T-Mobile service AT ALL (Bozeman, Montana). I’d kill for anything better than Alltel’s GSM roamer network around here, but we’ll probably never get it. :/


    WOW finally getting 3G out their, Sprint has 4G and T MO is just getting 3G. T mo shouild just sellout or merge with a larger company!!!! Enough “sticking together”

  • galaxy

    I live webb city and I don’t even have edge yet but I’m thinking about unlocking my blackberry and going to another network becuzz tmobile says no 3g until next year