The HD2 Needs Your Help!


As a part of March Madness, the folks over at Laptop Magazine are currently running a “March Madness Smartphone Play-Off”.  They’re down to the final four and, in this round, it’s the T-Mobile HTC HD2 versus Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus. Surprisingly, the Pre is currently in the lead (around 2,000 votes ahead).  With your help, we don’t think that will last much longer.  Votes are open till 9 A.M EST tomorrow, April 1st, so hurry and vote for the T-Mobile HD2!  Although the Pre winning would be a pretty good April Fool’s day joke. Click here to vote!

UPDATE: Looks like the Palm Pre Plus won by 270 votes. This is a great April Fool’s joke!

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  • jawash22

    Why vote for a phone I can’t even buy? Screw tmobile….they should have pre sold it or something. I ordered on the 24th and heard nothing from them,then I call on 29th and they say its out of stock and could be 2-3 weeks to get it. I cancel my order,can’t find it locally in 8 stores and now they say I can’t place an order because its out of stock. Way to meet supply and demand ….:(

    • T

      Well why did you cancel your order BEFORE checking your local stores!

      • jawash22

        I was told it would take a few hours for my cancellation to show I was upgrade eligible again, so I would’ve been screwed even if I did find one.

      • miggedy

        I had to go to a local store and put my name on the list and hang around the area until the UPS guy came. Ended up with 2 HD2’s on BOGO

    • texan

      So your mad because you cant get a hot item? Are you also mad at Microsoft, Nintendo , Sony for their release and not being able to produce enough for everyone?

      • jawash22

        @texan….uuhhh Microsoft,Nintendo, and Sony don’t have me under contract and they supply worldwide and in some cases (Nintendo) purposefully held back stock to increase demand. TMO is not holding back, they mismanaged inventory and are lying to customers. The companies you mentioned didn’t tell me in the store I can’t buy one because i’m an upgrade customer and turn around and sell to new customers. You should check the and other forums because it’s blatant lying.

      • Jweb

        I have to support jawash22 on this… I went to a T-mobile store to check this out for it’s size because i want the Evo 4G. When I walked in I heard them telling a customer they didn’t have any, but when they thought I might leave Verizon they had 2 in back that I could buy on the spot BOGO on launch day.

        In T-mobile’s defense, How could they truly anticipate demand knowing that the handset will not be upgradable to win7 making it “old tech” in a matter of months when windows new OS comes out this year.

        Still, I think it’s bad business to turn away current customers that want to buy your products.

        With that said, the phone is so so very nice, I almost bought 2 of them instead of waiting on the EVO 4G. I did however choose to wait because I want Android and sprint plans can not be beat.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Tmo HTC HD2 BEATS Palm Pre+ !!

  • Oce

    Wow. Only Verizon phones making it to final four. How interesting.

  • T

    I voted for the HD2 like 5 times!!!!! ITS AMAZING!

  • Corey

    +1 vote for the Pre…

    • Tig

      Poster fail…

    • beej

      Do you have either phone?

    • mrkhan

      go back to engadget.

  • jawash22

    Not even the iphone or Droid were short like this…major fail for tmo! Also, the few they have they are holding for new customers , so longtime tmo customers are getting a raw deal imho.

    • TehAndroid

      Do you have proof that T-mobile is holding HD2s for new customers? I know my store and every store in my market, 80 to 90% of the phones went to upgrades. Just because you couldn’t get up early enough to get a phone don’t blame T-mobile.

      • Davidohio

        He is mad because he did not get what he wanted, so of course he has to blame someone. This shit happens, product sells out and you have to wait for more to come in. Get over it already.

      • patty

        Tmobile is holding phones for new customers. A Tmo representative told me on chat. A copy of a convo is below.

  • Jshin

    HD2 is awesome nuff said, HD2 has my votes, Especially over a stupid Pre

  • WXman

    When I saw the title of this post “The HD2 needs your help!” I thought that the opening paragraph was going to continue.. “Looking for developers to successfully install Android..”


  • Mista

    Any other place i can found app for my htchd2

  • BenWah

    Why is there so little information on the Gravity 3?

  • abe


  • GreenRobot

    Voted for Palm. Their webOS vs WM6.5 is just no contest. Besides I have a tendency to go for the underdog. On a side note, can’t believe BBerry Storm beat iPhone – wonder if it was BBerry devotion or Apple hatred that made that happen?

  • WTFisupwithPALM

    i must of voted 10 times for hd2 hopefully it goes through but wtf would anyone want a palm i dont understand

    • dan

      Because palm web os is intuitive. And it works good, unlike the HD2.

  • lvcrazy

    i went to tmobile, they were offering it for $275 for upgrade.. is that legit or should i wait.. i had 2 yr contact, 13 months are already over, shouldnt they give it to me for $218 upgrade price? been with tmobile for 10 yrs… where is the loyalty?

    • Davidohio

      T-mobile just changed their upgrade policy. The new smartphone upgrade every 12 months is gone. The upgrade is now tiered depending on how far along you are in your contract.

  • Jay

    If you have been with tmobile for a long time and have a family plan you may qualify for additional discount at 12 months.

  • s

    hd2 for the win!

  • VDubb

    It’s pointless, ever since the iPhone lost to the Tour and Bold lost to the Pre, it became obvious that this was no longer a device battle, but a carrier battle. Hell, I don’t know how the HD2 beat the Storm.

  • jason

    This poll is stupid. The results are skewed by the customer base of each carrier. More people will be voting for VZW phones than TMO phones because there are millions more VZW customers in the voting pool with experience using VZW phones who can actually make a decision based on experience with the device.

  • Oreos4HD2

    Ppl don’t argue or whine just vote even still if its just Verizon vs. T-mobile Vote T-mobile and the Hd2 is not a bad device I’ve fallen in love with the damn thing even if it does have winmo 6.5 shit its the best phone on T-mobile’s line up

  • HD2 FAN

    I agree with Alex’s statement about .. “Although the Pre winning would be a pretty good April fools day joke.”

    Let the Palm Pre win. Really, because IT WOULD be a “pretty good April fools day joke.” (Yes, I am a HD2 fan; hence the my name ..)

    While saying that, I also see one of the main reasons why Palm Pre IS ahead. I guess you can basically say it’s the “OS” .. Windows Mobile 6.5 may not be bad, but I’m guessing it’s NOT even comparable to webOS. It’s all about the operating system with this, ladies and germs — I mean, gents.

  • Ernie

    T Mobile dropped a lot of upgrade orders like mine just so they could keep inventory for New Activation only.

    T Mobile what a great company, they are very loyal to there NEW costumers but fuck the old ones.

    Big let down.

    • ps

      @ Ernie
      Maybe in your crap city. I was in line with 10 other people on the launch day and only one was a new subscriber. A few of us existing got 2 other bogo deal too. The store didn’t even blink an eye about us not being new customers like you said

  • Ernie

    T Mobile is just like every other company… MONEY MONEY MONEY.

  • hdeezy

    it’s a business, of course it’s all about the money! duuuuh.

  • Alex

    Voting ends in less than 45 mins! Another 355 votes needed for HD2! VOTE HD2!!

  • trickystyle

    i have been a loyal customer with tmobile since it was known as voicestream (anyone remember that?). i recieved my hd2 on tuesday and i hated it at first because i am a g1 user. but it is slowly growing on me. what is all this fuss about win mo 6.5? it does everything i want it to. and come on, those who are so critical about the hd2 obviously have not played with it long enough to know how awesome it really is. my co workers can’t stop playing with it.

    it is one awesome piece of glass and metal.

    • Davidohio

      Windows 6.5 is fine, they just want the latest greatest otherwise it’s just not good enough for them. Winows 7 is ugly anyway, not to mention completely locked down like apple.

      • mmaxxsooner

        Oh! Hell NO he did not say THAT. Dude NOTHING is “locked down” like an apple fruit pie product period.

      • mmaxxsooner

        Oh! Hell NO he did not say THAT. Dude NOTHING is “locked down” like an apple fruit pie product period. Apple would prefer to tell you when to wipe your ass, after you pay 2.99 for the app.

  • Eddy

    Only 320 more votes until the HD2 takes the lead!

  • enveed05

    HD2 owns the pre… i can’t even believe it’s close…. c’mon T-Mo readers… shout out for T-Mobile’s flagship phone!

  • chicago081

    I have never seen this much comotion about a cell phone, is it that serious??

  • J

    Because polls really matter.

  • Doug

    I find it funny that they enlarged the Pre in that photo too. I for one know the Pre is no where near that big.

  • VICK


  • chicago081

    I really wowed ’em at work with this phone!!

  • Lily

    The problem is that the phone is NOT out of stock. T-Mobile employees are lying to their customers. If it were just out of stock that would be different and there would not be the outrage. But on two different occasions I watched as the store employees told customers that the phone was out of stock, then when my friend who has Verizon and a Droid expressed interest they magically had “just one left” in the back that he could have today! The second time this happened, when I as a customer was wanting to buy the phone myself (incidentally I had called four stores a couple days prior and they told me they were getting shipments of the phone on Tuesday, it was Tuesday and the employees apparently had no idea what I was talking about and had gotten no shipments) I stood right there and watched them offer the phone to my friend, saw the box and everything. I asked if I could buy it and was told they are not allowed to sell it to customers, only to new accounts. If I had not seen the box they would have told me the same thing the other stores did, that they didn’t have any. They are LYING to us and screwing us in favor of new accounts. Greediness and disloyalty will backfire because if customers are treated this way they will change carriers. So great job T-Mobile, enjoy your new accounts who are often not even buying contracts and so will probably also leave when they realize how you treat people. This company used to have great customer service but I am now disgusted.

    • pcjnyc

      T-Mobile had to do something to improve their Q1 2010 numbers. Mind you, they haven’t had positive contract customer adds for several quarters now. HD2 is the prefect bait for new customers. Even if they only signed up EM+, one add is better no add.

      • Lily

        I understand business and all, but sorry, it’s bad business to screw over your existing customers who have patiently waited and waited for their carrier to get a decent phone that rivals the ones their friends already have. They should have just gotten enough of the phones to begin with and then there wouldn’t be an issue, but they have simply mismanaged everything to do with this. There is no legitimate excuse for shadiness, lying, and disloyalty to customers. The even more plus plans were a great move, I think those will attract a lot of new customers. The screwing over their customers on the HD2…not so brilliant.

    • patty

      I feel the same way. I never had a complaint about them until today!

  • Lily

    P.S. I was not even trying to get upgrade pricing. I was willing to pay full price for the phone and switch to the even more plus plan which costs more than my current plan which I’ve been on for four years now. Also, my friend genuinely was also interested in the phone and T-Mobile but after witnessing this decided to stick with Verizon who may cost a bit more but always treats him well. I am debating switching to Verizon or some other carrier myself when my contract runs out rather than give T-Mobile any more of my money which apparently isn’t good enough for them. I used to always defend T-Mobile and recommend them to everyone despite their coverage not being as good as Verizon’s and the fact that they often didn’t get the best phones like other carriers did, I still liked them because they had good plan rates and customer service was always friendly and helpful, no more.

  • Jimmy

    You Know What…Tmobile is really screwing up. Anybody that cant admit that must either A: Already have the Phone or B: Works for TMobile. I dont have this phone but I have been trying to get it. Like many of you I am willing to pay full price. I went into the TMOBILE store in Lakewood and I saw them receive the shipment for their phones. And the same story repeats that many of you have been saying. Its Sad. Tmobile can give a shit less about thir existing Customers. The sad part is they are fucking us over. But in the end well get nothing in exchange for this. Before anybody says they owe the Customers nothing. Then seriously slap yourself. I pay my bill on time. For Years Now. And this is the Thx I get. Fuck Tmobile

    • Lily

      Amen. Any business owes their customers EVERYTHING. Without customers they would have no business. Apparently T-Mobile never got that memo. I am planning to write to customer service about this. If they still refuse to do anything for me it will further cement my determination to take my business elsewhere as it has no value to them. On the bright side, while looking around to see if this has been happening to others I’ve seen many people who did get the phone complaining that it freezes up all the time among other things. So maybe it’s just as well to have saved the $500…who knows. Still, it’s the principle of the thing.

  • Bugmenot1

    I know what you mean WM should just go away.

  • GreenRobot

    Wow, T-Mobile is really screwing up on this by the sound of it. If I was looking to buy this phone I would be upset as well. Maybe it is time to move to Sprint for the greener 4G pastures. Especially now that I’m covered for international travel without having to worry about my own carrier here at home. Way to get your loyal customer base angry at you T-Mobile, that’s got to be good for business. Bunch of fools.

  • molten83

    Who really cares,I cant even get to buy the phone so why bother to vote for it?How do you vote for something you have not even used?T-mobile is lying about this phone being out of stock and it really pisses me.Why dont you just be truthful and say you are not selling it to upgrades but new customers instead of all kinds of lies?I called to upgrade and they told me they dont have any left,called again as a new customer and THEY HAVE IT!WTF?I just deceided to stick to my Touch Pro 2 which I hardspled and downloaded the official HTC rom upgrade which is actually the same sense et al.I would have loved to have the 4.3 screen and the 1ghz snapdragon but after thinking for a while,why even pay $449 for this phone when I have the Touch Pro 2.I guess by denying me the sale,t-mobile actually helped me come to my senses!No pun intended.




  • DopeBoy

    now thats what you call a satified customer see how he does not have to go and post on andriod threads or apple. he just simply expressed himself in an excited and rude to others (BUT WHO CARES) about his satisfaction of his phone. so for all you wm haters please take note and do the same FUCK OFF

  • Cb

    HD2 is sold out again

  • ps

    What you guys need to do is ask for a manager because t-mobile does not allow the holding of phones for “new customers”. Now maybe that store is doing that because the reps are making more $$$ on new customers but it def not t-mobiles policy and those stores should be called out and reprimanded.

    • Lily

      At first I thought it was the reps just wanting to make more commission. But after seeing how widespread this seems to be I have to wonder. Also, (at the times it was showing as in stock online) on the T-Mobile web site it was the same story. If I went on as a new customer it would let me purchase the phone, if I signed into my account the option disappeared. So I have to think it’s the whole company.

      • ps

        well Lily, you might be right. I was on t-mobile’s site the other night and noticed that they had Blackberry 8520 for free (new customer) but when I logged into my account and checked upgrade status on one of my lines (fully qualified) it showed the same phone for $79.99 + $18.00 upgrade fee. It didn’t make much sense so I called up and was told that it was a web promotion. I told them that I was on the website trying to order but was getting the $79.99 price. Hmmmm….

  • JohnnyAppleseed

    This is exactly why I’m going to Sprint in the summer for the EVO! T-Mobile wants new customers so bad, I will leave so they can have their “new” customers.

    • patty

      Im thinking about this too!

  • Ex-T-Mo-Rep

    Some of you should chill out. New customers ALWAYS get a better deal. All of the telco’s are like that. Some of you should have read the article that says that T-mobile changed their policy on smart-phone upgrades. Which is why some of you who think you are eligble aren’t. …. Wait a minute, you guys/gals are probably the same people who used to phone the call center, wanting bonus minutes because you went over…Fine, leave T-mobile. You’ll be doing this site, and the call center reps a favor.

    • Elias

      Ex T Mo Rep, this isn’t just about typical new customer promos/phone discounts, it’s about T-Mobile purposefully not selling the phone to existing customers, who are even willing to pay full price, switch to an appropriate rate plan, etc, claiming it’s out of stock, then selling it to a new customer. Seems it’s happened to quite a few people here.

      • Lily

        Yep, I understand all companies give special incentive deals to new signups. That’s slightly different than lying about it being out of stock and not even allowing their loyal customers to buy the phone at any price! The two scenarios really aren’t even comparable. The more I hear though I think they did us a favor, the phone doesn’t sound all that great…hahaha. Still underhanded and disappointing. And no, I never have expected bonus minutes for going over, I never even use all my minutes, somebody sounds a bit bitter. Understandable as customer service can be a horrible job, but this complaint is actually quite reasonable.

  • Jerry

    I know i got both my hds’2 as upgrades…13 months into both my lines…got other free. Was a great day! Loving the HD2!

  • thechemist

    Someone can have my HD2 and my wifes. I have until wednesday to decide if it’s going back or not. Leaning towards taking it back.

  • patty

    FUCK Tmobile!!!
    I’m so pissed! I really want their phone But they are not upgrading loyal customer’s phone. They only want new customers!
    T-Mobile Representative:

    _Kira M: Regrettably, the HD2 as been temporarily removed from upgrade due to the high demand. We do regret any inconvenience this may cause for you.

  • ARIEL F.

    T-MOBILE is playing with all the customers, they want to sell 5 “uggly” phones that they get stock selling them…samsung t559/sony ericsson tm717/samsung t459/t-mobile tap and the new ” nokia nuron”….all of it should be metro pcs handsets not t-mobile…all of it sucks…also they’re holding the HD2 ORDERS from the small dealers because they’re selling online and wholesale too…. each coast supouse to receive 700 pcs the past monday ( thats for dealers ) and they’re receiving between 2.500/3.200 per day…where is the rest??? …. they’re selling in corporate and to some exclusive companies ( friends )…
    Im working in TMO and it’s sucks….

    • Lily

      Yup, well my friend from Verizon decided to try it and the phone wasn’t even usable most of the time because it kept freezing. And yes, he has a Droid so he knows not to have a gazillion apps open, it just couldn’t handle anything anyway. It was horrible, I was trying to write some texts for him on it and the texting was all messed up too, when the phone was unfrozen and you could actually get to text to begin with that is. He took it back the other day and the rep said he couldn’t believe he was returning “the best phone in the world.” Hahaha yeah right.

      So thanks T-Mobile for saving me the hassle of trying to use this piece of junk. Try getting a good hardware phone like this with Android instead of crappy Windows next time and if you have any customers left you might want to allow them to buy it so as to not piss them off next time. I’m leaning towards checking out the Evo when it comes out at Sprint but I’ve heard they’re not a very good company either…hmm what to do?

  • ramo

    tmobile is only selling the new htc hd2 right now to new customers, my girlfriend bought the phone no questions asked simply because she was new to tmobile. Minutes after, I called to try to upgrade and strangely its out of stock!! Hmmmmmm… I then decided to call back and act like a new customer, and yes the hd2 was available for purchase!!! wtf Ive been with tmobile for years, why would they treat they’re loyal customers like this?

  • monica

    i got the HD2 friday. I LOVE IT. holy crap talk about an amazing phone. and i bought it upgraded. sooo obviously your stores are effing you over. but the stores in my area are only getting 1 or 2 in a day. there is a 60+ person waiting list. if you can GET THIS PHONE. you will poop your pants with how amazing it is. yes, windows market sucks. but don’t fret there are 3rd party apps that are just great. (and free)