Family Talk $5 Add-a-Line Available In Retail Stores


If you may recall, yesterday we told you about a new T-Mobile $5 add-a-line Family Talk Promotion.  At that time we could not confirm if this promotion was indeed valid in T-Mobile Corporate Stores.  However, thanks to a trusty tipster, we’ve confirmed availability in retail locations.  To briefly summarize, starting April 4th, Magenta will be offering a new $5 add-a-line promotion to Even More Family plans.  The promotion will reduce the add-a-line price on Even More 750 and on Even More 1500 Family plans from  $10 to $5.  Customers will be required to sign 2-year contracts on ALL LINES on the account.  If you’re an existing customer and want to take advantage of the $5 add-a-line promotion, you must migrate all additional lines to the promotion price ($5) and agree to 2-year contract extensions on all lines.  The promotion will not have any effect on upgrade eligibility because upgrades are based on tenure and not promotion contracts.  You cannot have both promotional and non-promotional add-a-line pricing. Current Even More plans with $10 add-a-lines will remain active for existing customers who want to add lines and would rather not extend their contract on all lines.

This is a hell of a deal!  Will the rest of the wireless world take notice? Sound off in the comments!

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  • JD

    “If you’re an existing customer and want to take advantage of the $5 add-a-line promotion, you must migrate all additional lines to the promotion price ($5) and agree to 2 year contract extensions on all lines. ”

    So does this mean current customers can just call T-Mobile or go to a store and current lines that pay $10/month can be changed to $5/month as long as they renew? If this is the case, how does it affect upgrade eligibility for additional lines?

    • Jonstonson

      renewing the contract due to promotional plans, only requires contract extension, but your upgrade dates will remain the same. They don’t care if you get new phones, as long as you continue to sign contracts.

    • Alex

      @JD It will not have any effect on upgrade elibility because upgrades are based on tenure and not promotion contracts

    • Jonstonson

      @Alex. Like i previously stated in different words.

  • dennis p

    Wait I have to extend all my lines for 2 years just to save 10 bucks a month? No thanks

  • cat

    lame, money cant do it alone tmobile. there is a reason why your so cheap. read..
    T-Mobile USA Where You Going? NOWHERE!
    by Rob Jackson on March 28th, 2010

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    tmobileusaT-Mobile USA helped pioneer Android in the arms of mobile fans the world over – starting with the United States of course. But despite Android’s overwhelming success and T-Mobile USA’s headstart on adoption, the carrier still hasn’t thrived the way some had thought/hoped. As a result, rumors of a sale or spinoff have persisted.

    Rene Obermann, Chief Executive of parent company Deutsche Telekom AG, put those rumors to rest several days ago by saying his company was committed to the continued success of T-Mobile USA. He also deflected the idea that a merger with another carrier such as Sprint was a possibility.

    If you ask me, this is great news. Competition is healthy and right now we’ve only got 4 “major” options in the United States. A merger with Sprint would be awkward since the technology bases seem to clash (GSM/CDMA). A purchase by Verizon or AT&T would create an entity that overwhelmingly dominates the rest in carriers and again, Verizon has that technology clash issue.

    Would another 3rd party NOT currently in the USA accept T-Mobile USA’s current position and take it off Deutsche Telecom’s hands? How about a cable operator? Doubtful.

    I don’t see T-Mobile USA going anywhere in the near future and I think the statements made to the WSJ were more than just PR yammering. Just in case you didn’t get the reference… T-Mobile USA where you going? NOWHERE (nsfw)!

  • Marmomeh

    Keep in mind the following:
    a) BOGO smartphone has been extended to mid April, thus adding lines for 5 bucks to existing family lines would be sweet right about now. Think of tossing your old Samsung slider to your kid and getting yourself and a ‘loved one’ a pair of HD2s/Blackberries/Androids/Nurons. Just sayin’.

    b) Migrations still have $35 fee UNLESS you are either 1) out of contract or 2) have a Personal Discount (i.e. – AAA, Student ID, Corporate Employee ID) [Most discounts are either ~14% off monthly and waived activations for Corporate Discounts. Student ~6% and waived activations. % off total monthly only applies to contract Even More Plans. Even More Plus only has % off FEATURE services ONLY]

  • jlatnyc

    No tipster needed. There was a commercial on NBC last night on the “Biggest Loser”, and yeah as a tmo faithful it’s frustrating that other carriers have better android phones than the pioneer. Hopefully we’re first w/ the Galaxy S.

    • manus

      hopefully the galaxy s pro

    • Dalton

      I actually like that T-Mo commercial cause they directly attack AT&T. :P

  • steven

    So to clarify:

    I have a grandfathered family plan that’s 500 minute for $50. I had added 3 additional lines at a cost of $10/line for a total of 50+20=70. From this article, I can just call Tmo and extend my contract by 2 years, reducing my cost to to 50+10=60? Am I reading this right?

    • JD

      That’s how I read it.

      My question is about the 2 yr extension for existing customers. If I just added a new line last week with a 2 yr term, I can call and drop it to $5 a month for a 2 yr. committment. So does that mean my line is locked in for 2 yrs from today or 2 yrs after the first 2 yr contract (so 4 yrs)?

      And this migration fee, we’ll be charged $35/line to change $10 lines to $5 lines for existing plans?

      • john

        First off, have to have an even more plan, so no grandfathered plans, and secondly T-Mo doesn’t stack contracts…so 2 years is 2 years from date of signing. 3rdly, @ marmomeh, $35 migration fees only count if you are migrating to even more plus, not even more.

    • jenn

      no its grandfathered you have to be on one of the new even more rate plans which start out for 750 59.99 and if you have 3 lines you’re definately going to need more mins so you might as well make the switch

  • alan

    $5 add a line freakin killer deal! if people currently have an even more 750 or 1500 min plan w/ fam text they can add a line for $5 and that line would have unl text… $60/year for a line w/ unlimited text, i dunno what u guys think but thats a killer deal IMO…. this is only for new lines so for people that have additional lines can not drop their rates from $10 to $5… its only for new lines so if their out of contract cancel and get a new number and take advantage of this deal… if you have a granfathered plan w/ myfaves than keep you plan and dont switch…. but i know this is gonna be a big success for TMO!

  • gargoyle999

    So if you currently have a $10 add a line, you will be able to switch it to be $5 if you sign up for 2 years. What if I add a line today. Can I switch it to be $5 under this plan on Sunday?

    • gargoyle999

      sorry..saw the post about it only be good for new lines…

  • lvcrazy

    i went to tmobile, they were offering it for $275 for upgrade.. is that legit or should i wait.. i had 2 yr contact, 13 months are already over, shouldnt they give it to me for $218 upgrade price? been with tmobile for 10 yrs… where is the loyalty?

    • jenn

      even though you have been w/ for 10 years its based off a set price, you are only half way in your contract so the price is going to be more for you now than if you wait untill 22months the standard upgrade discount

  • alan

    few weeks ago on data phones customers would get the full discount on data phones… i.e. HD2 12 months or more since last upg = 199.99…. BUUUTTT the just changed it saying now it has to do the MRC of you plan… family plans with MRC over 89.99 can upgrade every year so the average joe on a single plan looks like they have to wait the 22 months AGAIN to get the full discount…. I dont like this move by TMO cuz it confuses the hell out of people and got peoples hopes up bout the HD2 cuz last week they were able to get it for the $199.99 after 12 months but not anymore…

  • gargoyle999

    Any rumors on when stores are supposed to get more in stock?

    • gargoyle999

      I called two stores that are near me to get my name on the list as I had to return my HD2 since it wouldn’t charge. The 2nd store told me they were getting a “small” shipment in today and 2 “large” shipments in next week.

      Said they will call people and give them 24 hours to come and get it. So maybe I’ll get lucky and get another one by next Thursday. Going on vacation next Friday and was really wanting to take this phone along.

  • alan

    we got 15 on monday, but we are a busy store that started with 27 @ launch which was like unheard of for other stores… not sure, ill let u know as soon as i found out cuz we out again…. we still have a waiting list too but were holding off on exchanges or people that want BOGO’s on upgrades….

  • gargoyle999

    Question for T-Mo store employees. Do you get some sort of credit or commission when you sign up someone for extra lines of service? One of the employees at my local store really helped me out with an HD2 exchange after the one I bought on release day wouldn’t didn’t charge.

    I’m going to add one or two lines of service next week and I’ll make sure to use him to add the lines if he would get some credit or commission. But if not then I won’t go out of my way to make sure he is there.

  • Though i am a little hesitant about the 2 year contract thing, i find this a very interesting deal.

    Is there a way however of lowering this to let say 18 months or 1 year perhaps?

  • Randy

    the $5 add a line is good on all new and old customers. the only 2 requirements are that u either switch to an even more plan or if u already have an even more plan, u can migrate all extra lines to the $5 add a line price and just extend contract from date. no migration fee applys and U CAN BE an exisiting TMO customer.
    this deal is sweet, and so is the bogo buy one get one and the 5 for 5 deal as well!!

  • Rose

    I have a question. My current contract with AT&T is about to expire. If I sign a new 2 year contract with T-mobile and use this $5/line deal, will my family and I still be able to keep the same numbers?

    • Morozovvasya

      yes you will be able.

  • Jason

    Can I do this $5 add-a-line with my loyalty plan?

    • Davidohio

      Um…no. you have to have a family plan (2 lines min.) To add the $5 line. You can’t add a line to a single $50 unlimited plan for $5. That would be crazy.

  • Madoohadoo

    If anybody knows, is it possible to get 5$ deal on 3 lines on the family plan?