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Family Talk $5 Add-a-Line Available In Retail Stores


If you may recall, yesterday we told you about a new T-Mobile $5 add-a-line Family Talk Promotion.  At that time we could not confirm if this promotion was indeed valid in T-Mobile Corporate Stores.  However, thanks to a trusty tipster, we’ve confirmed availability in retail locations.  To briefly summarize, starting April 4th, Magenta will be offering a new $5 add-a-line promotion to Even More Family plans.  The promotion will reduce the add-a-line price on Even More 750 and on Even More 1500 Family plans from  $10 to $5.  Customers will be required to sign 2-year contracts on ALL LINES on the account.  If you’re an existing customer and want to take advantage of the $5 add-a-line promotion, you must migrate all additional lines to the promotion price ($5) and agree to 2-year contract extensions on all lines.  The promotion will not have any effect on upgrade eligibility because upgrades are based on tenure and not promotion contracts.  You cannot have both promotional and non-promotional add-a-line pricing. Current Even More plans with $10 add-a-lines will remain active for existing customers who want to add lines and would rather not extend their contract on all lines.

This is a hell of a deal!  Will the rest of the wireless world take notice? Sound off in the comments!

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