Springfield, OH & Waco, TX Get 3G Love


Magenta has been a little slow with 3G launches lately but, nonetheless, they are picking up the pace.  Today, residents of Springfield, Ohio and Waco, Texas have been officially blessed with 3G goodness.  Welcome to the 3G club and enjoy the super fast 3G speeds and improved call quality!  If you’re still looking for a nice 3G enabled device, why not the entertainment-packed T-Mobile HTC HD2 which is now back in stock online!


  • texan

    so if you get shot in Waco you can call 911 with 3g speed or Tweet with 3g speed.

  • ando

    I’ve got 3G here in Broken Arrow, OK

    • texan

      ando can you post some speed tests from your phone?

  • Raymatthew

    Does Houston, TX have 3g?

    • texan

      Houston has had 3g since launch or right after i think.

  • Trill

    Seems like they’re getting ready to jump on HSPA+

  • JJ

    Warren, OH is 3G but Youngstown, OH is not why?

    • Sunnyb

      Those cities are on the smaller side. The following 100K+ population cities are still not upgraded to 3G:

      Lincoln, NE ( 72 )
      Mobile, AL ( 116 )
      Jackson, MS ( 132 )
      Tallahassee, FL ( 133 )
      Springfield, MO ( 148 )
      Evansville, IN ( 214 )*
      Midland, TX ( 240 )
      Erie, PA ( 249 )*
      Murfreesboro, TN ( 259 )

      * On TMO’s leaked 2009 3G roll-out list

      • Innuendo

        DoD in Springfiled MO wont give up the rights. I’ve talked to the engineers out here and they have the towers up but don’t have the spectrum rights yet…

      • Jake

        Midland/Odessa, TX have had 3G for a couple of weeks.

    • Mike

      I’m in McDonald just outside Youngstown and I have a pretty stable 3G connection. WOOOOOHOOOOO

      • JJ

        Youngstown is partially 3G now but not to the south of the city. Hope that comes soon as well.

  • Manuel

    FINALLY! Thought we would have got 3G a lot sooner because of all the Baylor students here!

    • sicembears

      i’ve been waiting for 3g for ages. and sic em lady bears! :)

  • jason

    This is why I’m going to switch from t-mobile to another carrier. In a week where there are talks of Vorizon getting the iphone, and sprint is getting an awesome 4g phone, here we are, talking about a podunk place getting 3g coverage. T-mobile always gets the crappy phones and I’m tired of it. And don’t tell me that the HD2 is not a crappy phone, because in reality it is. Come the end of the year when windows 7 is out and there are faster phones running it, no one will talk about the HD2. OK, my rant is over. I just wanna hear about a fast subsidized phone that will be relevant for a while. Maybe the HTC desire? T-mobile UK is getting it.

    • sventon

      Jason you must be extremly misinformed. You do know that.Hspa+ speeds are surpassing the initial speeds of wimax and lte. The great thing about 3g enabled devices is that new phones are not required to consume new speeds. Look at australia and they are achieving 40+ mbps on hspa+. lte is in the distant future and you can believe all the hype but tmobile currently supports the best phones; iphone, hd2 and nexus1.

      currently using hd2 and nexus one is taking a break

    • Jason Sux

      How about a Waa-burger and some french cries? I’ve never heard of the company “Vorizon” must belong to a company ran in one of them podank cities… Jason, you fail.

    • Davidohio

      lmao! he said “Vorizon” hahaha! and it is a RUMOUR that Verizon is getting the iphone you idiot. it has to be configured for CDMA first. If you remember, not so long ago, T-mobile was also rumoured to get the iphone also, which makes much more sense as they are GSM. T-mobile has alot of really awsome devices coming this year, i cant wait. I am saving my upgrade for something coming in September that will blow the HD2 away. Anyway Jason, have fun giving your money to Verizon. Best of luck to you.

  • Carl

    Actually T-Mobile UK already has it :) Anywho, so oh wow the HTC Evo, it’s the same thing as the HD2 except Android. HSPA+ phones will be out when the Evo comes out, not to mention WiMAX and HSPA+ are similar speeds(If not HSPA+ being faster). T-Mobile currently has the most powerful phones, with the Nexus One and HD2(1 GHz) processors, so please. My rant on your rant is over.

    • racster

      i just loved your response. but give the give the guy a little break. i would be upset if i did not have 3g. but you did bring him up to speed. the problem here is that t-mobile does not tell(or educate) it peeps about t-mobile goodness. all the while all the other carriers(even cricket and alltell, metro pcs) let you know how great they are doing and how much better they will be. t-mobile is here to blame. while we have it really good and t-mobile has introduced many of the features(here in the us)that we take for granted(text messages etc.)the latest one was android. no one else wanted it they all said it was junk, now look at them they cant get enough of it. these are the things that t-mobile needs to let their customers no, so they don’t feel that they have a lesser service.

  • watbetch

    How is the coverage? Speeds are likely to be no higher than 1 meg down for every new T-Mobile 3G launch

  • tehseen

    finally driving through waco wont be edge no more.. :D

    • TheDude

      about time

    • Mark

      Edge? I swore it was all GPRS while I still had T-Mo…

      • Acsteffy87

        It’s true. Still now EDGE. T-mobile skipped EDGE and went straight to 3G. So if i want to use my iPhone i will be stuck on GPRS. But using my Nexus One is on 3G

  • Mark

    Was just looking at the sensorly maps and I see that Waco is all GPRS, no mapped 3G yet.
    Springfield has some EDGE mapped along I-70 but nothing mapped there.
    T-Mo has not updated their maps – don’t find that odd either because there are areas in my neck of the woods that are 3G and have been for a few months.
    Yet their maps don’t reflect it – I am at a loss there.

    Some of these places are the damned sticks so I bet those are new towers out there.
    I just wish they would start filling in some areas, I have 3G coverage at work but it’s very spotty and here at home I can get 3G if I go outside since I am at the end of the coverage area.

    • watbetch

      You’re confused, the maps include GPRS/EDGE together. Only 3G is a different color, and two different shades depending on speed.

    • Davidohio

      they J launched 3G in the new markets, it always takes a couple weeks to update the maps, so you wont see it the day it launches updated on the maps.

  • Lindsay Vonn

    Drove through Springfield on the way from Dayton to Columbus this afternoon and noticed I had 3G. pretty sweet…except for the 35 miles of EDGE in between Springfield and Columbus on I-70…..

  • Jai

    Waco didn’t even have EDGE service. I can’t tell if there is 3g service because I got the Blackberry 8900 that doesn’t have a 3g radio. That sucks. Looks like I gotto find me a phone that will support 3g.

  • WXman

    Let’s face it, TMo’s data speed is horrible. Their 3G coverage is embarrassing too. They might be a great little company with a nice selection of phones (finally!)….but the network they have sucks. Period.

    • Davidohio

      @WXman….um, have you seen at&t and sprint’s actual 3G coverage maps? just about the same as t-mobile’s. you sound like a good candidate for Verizon.

  • Jacktown

    I find it absolutely amazing that T-mobile has not turned on 3G here in Jackson. I keep waiting and hoping that they will catch up to AT&T, Verizon, and even Cellular South has 3G for petes sake. I just don’t understand why smaller, podunk towns get upgraded before bigger cities, especially when several T-mo customers are jumping ship to their competition (myself included next month – Verizon, here I come). I’ve been using a T-mo 3G enabled device for 2 years, and ran on EDGE the entire time. No way I will waste money on an HD2 just to have to settle for T-mobiles substandard and severely spotty network. Sorry T-mobile, just can’t keep waiting forever.

    • J

      You are part of the DoD spectrum issue. There are lots of cities surrounding the Gulf of Mexico that have this issue.

      • Jacktown

        Well, does anyone know exactly what this “issue” is, and if/when it will be resolved? T-Mobile must not care about sales on the Gulf Coast, because everyone I know is either already on another carrier, or soon will be since T-Mobile touts their 3G devices, but cannot deliver the goods on service. Huge dead spots everywhere I go, and no idea why they refuse to cover this area better. I’d be more than willing to part with my money for an HD2, but around here it would be like buying a Ferrari with a 4 cyl Yugo engine under the hood.

      • adien

        it doesn’t have a thing to do with wanting to sell phones in the south… they have the equipment ready to go, but there is a big fat govt squatter in the spectrum that won’t go… how about you get out of the bitter barn yo

    • Acsteffy87

      Waco isn’t a small podunk town thank you very much

      • T-mo Staff

        Not this guy; Acsteffy87, again. I though we had banned you from our post. Goofy picture and all. Waco is poop compared to Houston, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio. Heck even Corpus is better. First you wanted 3g, now you bitch about no edge…? Go asphyxiate somewhere else.

      • sam

        bahahahah that just made me laugh so hard.

  • matb

    I’m in springfield and I still have edge as of now.wtf?

  • jeff

    “DoD spectrum issue” about this issue. It is clear there was no forsight or planning that was used in determining what to use. at&t, sprint and verizon had no problems with supplying 3g coverage here on the ms and al coast. just idiot planning due to t-mobile. they could have used a spectrum simliar to at&t but they had to go different. that is also a bad desicion for business to because they can’t share antennas with 3g coverage with at&t. stupid imo.

    • J

      You don’t know what you are talking about. It was a choice T-Mobile was forced to take because there is limited spectrum available for use. You think T-mobile decided it a better idea to spend billions of dollars on this spectrum only to spend billions more to have to clear it? Seriously? The other 3 carriers had spectrum. They were well established before T-Mobile even started in the US. You really have no clue how difficult it is to get enough nationwide bandwidth in a specific frequency range to build a network. You have to either spend billions in auctions (which they did) or take over a nationwide carrier. There was no nationwide carrier smaller than T-Mobile that would have done the job.

      • jeff

        “The other 3 carriers had spectrum. They were well established before T-Mobile even started in the US. ” NOW WHO’S FAULT IS THAT? T-MOBILE. thats what happens when the train leaves you because your late.
        I know and understand enough. I stand by what i said because its right. poor planning. you don’t know or understand enough to realize that very obvious conclusion.

      • JJ

        J is right in what he says….it is not TMO fault or planning issue as TMO has no control of DoD as it is upto them when they want to clear. I have read before that DoD has the spectrum until 2010 but TMO worked hard enough to get them cleared so 3G can be launched ASAP. There seems to be few markets where they still have issue and is being delayed due to DoD.

    • Davidohio

      Jeff…T-mobile had NO CHOICE what 3G spectrum they were going to use. Google it and do your homework before posting something that makes you look dumb. You thinl someone within T-mobile can just say “cover this area”, or “put a tower here”..and you have NO IDEA what is all involved in it whatsoever. Idiot. It is not as easy as you think it is.

      • jeff

        Yes they had no choice but they waited to start too late. The train left them. Look at verizons coverage they got that for 2.8 bill and t-mobile paid 4.3 for crappy coverage. My main message is still correct bad planning and bad forsight to get on the 3g bandwagon. Seriously you can’t see that then you are either stupid or working for t-mobile. Get a clue IDIOT!

    • D

      Just to let you know only two carries have 3G coverage on the gulf coast cause sprint or t-mobile do not have 3G coverage on the gulf coast.

  • david

    I’m showing 3g today in Santa Fe, NM. Must have been rolled out here or maybe they’re testing…

  • Jacktown

    Well does anyone know what this “issue” is, and if/when it will be resolved? T-Mobile obviously doesn’t care about revenue in the Gulf Coast region. Everyone I know is either on Verizon or AT&T since T-Mobile touts their 3G devices, but cannot deliver the goods on service. Huge dead spots everywhere I go, and no answer from customer service as to why they refuse to provide better coverage in this area. Very frustrating since I’ve been with T-Mobile for years waiting for it to improve. I’d be happy to part with my money for a new HD2, but around here it would be like buying a Ferrari with a 4 cyl Yugo engine under the hood.

    • J

      The issue is the Gulf of Mexico is a huge military area…. war games, missle testing, etc etc. The government has all the leverage until 2014. T-Mobile can beg, pleed, and throw money at them, but they have to be willing to abandon the spectrum.

      • Dan

        Whatever, they got Edge if your lucky, most of it it’s GPRS on the Gulf Coast. Destin/Panama City Beach are populated areas with millions of tourists every year but with lots of dead zones. (no service at all) Verizon and ATT are both 3g. When you see a data coverage map from tmobile showing Edge/Gprs is fair to asume most of it is GPRS. And if you see a week coverage zone, asume that is if you sit on top of your car holding your cell up in the air to get a bar.

  • Jacktown

    Whoops, double post.

  • Fred

    Last time I was in Waco they didn’t even have EDGE. This is good news for them.

  • I live in Ada, Ok and ALL we have is GPRS. It is torture. I absolutely love my tmo service, but I hate having to pull over to let google maps load and wait unitil i’m on wifi to download anything of decent size. Tmo PLEASE give us EDGE atleast. . . I implore you.

  • lvcrazy

    i went to tmobile, they were offering it for $275 for upgrade.. is that legit or should i wait.. i had 2 yr contact, 13 months are already over, shouldnt they give it to me for $218 upgrade price? been with tmobile for 10 yrs… where is the loyalty?

  • Sniper5

    3G just showed up on my phone in Las Cruces,NM…WOOOHOOO…finally!!

  • Tservo

    It seems T-Mo has also pushed 3g further into the counties around STL. Just got 3G at my house in O’Fallon, Missouri yesterday. Bout damn time I can start using the internet like a real person on my Nexus One.

  • mike75

    YAY,finally 3g in niles,ohio. I think Tmo is getting everything in order for the launch of HSPA+. I was going to get the hd2 but held off when I heard they will introduce a android phone with it =) I have a G1 and its already lagging happy to step up

  • Dan

    Yey!!! The Mobile, AL got 3g today from t-mobile.
    This is a not joke:))