Latest Survey Shows T-Mobile Customers Most Likely To Use Mobile Bill Pay, Find ATMs

Compete Shares Smartphone Usage findings

Quick piece of news, but, first, how do you use your T-Mobile smart-phone?  Think about it.  Do you game?  Text?  Watch movies?  I know I do all of those.  Well, according to a recent survey by Compete, 47% of all T-Mobile smartphone users use their phones to find local branches and ATMs, while 45% of AT&T users and 36% of Sprint users reported doing this.  According to the survey, 34% of T-Mobile users use their phones to pay bills, followed by AT&T users (31%), Sprint users (23%) and Verizon users (21%).  The findings present an interesting look at how people are using their devices to interact with the mobile web and make decisions.  Let us know how you use your T-Mobile smart-phone in the comments below.


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