Latest Survey Shows T-Mobile Customers Most Likely To Use Mobile Bill Pay, Find ATMs

Compete Shares Smartphone Usage findings

Quick piece of news, but, first, how do you use your T-Mobile smart-phone?  Think about it.  Do you game?  Text?  Watch movies?  I know I do all of those.  Well, according to a recent survey by Compete, 47% of all T-Mobile smartphone users use their phones to find local branches and ATMs, while 45% of AT&T users and 36% of Sprint users reported doing this.  According to the survey, 34% of T-Mobile users use their phones to pay bills, followed by AT&T users (31%), Sprint users (23%) and Verizon users (21%).  The findings present an interesting look at how people are using their devices to interact with the mobile web and make decisions.  Let us know how you use your T-Mobile smart-phone in the comments below.


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  • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

    It really doesn’t seem to be a very scientific survey from what I can tell. It’s not really asking what people do with their smartphones, but how often do they do these specific tasks on their smartphones.

    It would be like having a 2-question survey that read,
    ‘Would you rather punch a baby, or would you rather punch a dog?’
    Then stating later, “98% of people like punching dogs!”.

    Also… pay your bill on your cell? Really? I don’t care how much protection and security you want to claim you have, it’s ID-theft in the making. Like all those idiots who download bank-site apps that aren’t official. In what reality do you live in that something like that would seem secure to you?

    • john

      Good points, but at the same time it is the trend.

    • J

      I would argue that at this time it is more likely for your information to be stolen via virus from using a computer to pay bills rather than from a cellphone. Many times, the information is stolen on the payee side rather than the payer’s side.

    • sikkboy

      I’ll take option “C”, I’d rather club seals.

  • Matthew

    I don’t use my smartphone for any of the above 3 questions in the survey. I do however use it to watch videos, surf the web in a general sense, and social networking, etc, in no particular order.

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      That was kind of my point I guess… its seems like questions that a retired soccer mom working part time for a survey company would come up with, versus, say, the kind of questiosn WE would come up with….

      “Question 4: do you call yah mutha with yeh fancy car phone? Do you? You should always call yah mutha! My good for nuthin’ son nevuh calls!”

      BTW… I’m not really thinking about this survey too much, it was just a thought at the time I posted my comment. Please don’t think I’m being picky over a survey…

  • spencer

    I use my phone for EVERYTHING! My nexus one is amazing!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Everything, seriously? Even Washing your clothes? O.o

  • analog spirit

    I use my BB 8320 for web browsing more than everything else put together. I know, it’s hardly the best tool for that job; that’s why I’m looking for a new phone. I also use it for e-mailing and phone calls (tied for a close 2nd place), and everything else I do pretty rarely.
    I might do a search for the nearest ATM, as I can see how that would be pretty useful at times. But I would never pay my bills online, as the risk of identity theft is just too great for me to ever be comfortable doing that, especially nowadays. I’ve gotten burned like that once before, and that was enough. So, I’ve learned that lesson already. That’s why I won’t get too deeply entrenched into Google, as I don’t trust ISPs or Google enough to respect my privacy or safeguard my personal information as well as I’d like them to.
    I can’t stress enough how important it is to not get complacent, and to be proactive in protecting your own personal information.

  • NiiDiddy

    I use my phone for EVERYTHING…EVERYTHING one can use a Smartphone for…ie, browsing wesbites, uploading/downloading all kids of media, watching movies/youTube, paying my bills, finding interesting places to go/eat out, booking flights and hotel, ebay, banking…etc. Whatever I do on my regular computer, I pretty much do on my Smarphone!!!

  • Camusa

    Mostly to support my insatiable appetite for pornography.

  • Ricardo

    Interesting Article

    And we thought Iphone users were passionate. Android users are coming up in the world.