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T-Mobileclue.com Officially Revealed

Look, at this point if you didn’t believe that the Samsung Vibrant was indeed the device behind the T-Mobileclue.com mystery, we can’t do much to help that. Or maybe we can? T-Mobile has revealed, likely ahead of schedule the entire puzzle to reveal, surprise surprise, the Samsung Vibrant! Well maybe not the actual unveiling of the device, but the name itself that we know correlates to the Samsung Galaxy S. Mystery … [read full article]

Samsung Galaxy S, Possibly The T-Mobile Twitter Mystery Device?

As many of you have already guessed, it is our belief that this mysterious T-Mobile Twitter game will ultimately reveal the Samsung Galaxy S. Are we 100% positive? No. Are we positive enough to write this story? I think that answers itself. So why do we think it’s the Galaxy S? Just like the HTC HD2 T-Mobile is using this device as a way to shore up content deals with partners in … [read full article]

Leaked T-Mobile Calender Contains Four Upcoming Devices?

Thanks to my friends over at Phonedog who received a juicy training calendar that contains secrets regarding upcoming products and services.  We can take guesses at some of the information, but for some we are just going to have to inquire a little further.  For instance, both July 21st and July 28th are scheduled for handset launches.  Considering we have been calling for a July 21st launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S, … [read full article]

Samsung Galaxy S Passes Through FCC

Well, what do we have here?  Courtesy of the FCC, word comes that the Samsung Galaxy S is on its way to the good ole US of A.  The quirky thing is that the FCC report (and maybe I am just reading this wrong as I don’t pretend to have any idea what these reports say) shows AWS 1900.  However, its ONLY AWS 1900 which means, in any case, a second band is missing … [read full article]

Samsung Galaxy S Site Live With Lots To See

Are you begging to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S superphone?  Well wonder no more as Samsung just lifted the veils on its Galaxy S informational website. In store for you is a bevy of images, music and a man making far too many outfit changes. You’ll also find a complete user guide, a bountiful gallery, specs (which conveniently leaves out a T-Mobile AWS version?) and did I mention plenty of pictures? By … [read full article]

Samsung Galaxy S Release Date Leaked?

Stop the presses for this one but a trusted source has pinged us and told us to expect a Samsung Galaxy S launch for Magenta on July 21st. We’re chalking this up firmly in the rumor category (as we haven’t had anything officially say this phone is actually releasing on T-mobile) right now until we get further confirmation, however it definitely coincides with the previous rumor that T-Mobile and Samsung are gearing up … [read full article]

“Major” Samsung Launch Coming In July?

While Samsung may be in the dog house right now with T-Mobile Behold 2 customers, that isn’t stopping them from bringing more goodness to magenta. BoyGenius is reporting that Samsung and T-Mobile are working on a “major” product launch for the month of July. While they aren’t taking guesses as to what it might be, it falls conspicuously within the time frame of a one, Samsung Galaxy S launch in the US. Is … [read full article]

Samsung Galaxy S Confirmed For T-Mobile?

Well, what do we have here? Howard Chui of Howardforums.com fame was lucky enough to get his hands on a Samsung Galaxy S and out of his video, rumors are flying that it’s a T-Mobile variant. The most obvious cause for rumor is the “Media Server Name” with the designation T-959. Phones produced by Samsung for T-Mobile are always designated T-XX9. The last digit is usually a pretty clear indicator that the device is heading … [read full article]