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Salt Lake City, The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For

Not to be outdone by Honolulu or Philadelphia, Salt Lake City Utah will officially find itself among the ranks of 3G cities tomorrow, September 20th. That’s right, SLC residents, you have asked, asked and asked again when magenta would bestow its 3G goodness upon you and your prayers have been answered. Dramatic? A little, but you haven’t seen the emails I have begging for a release date! Happy 3G hunting Salt Lake City fans! Thanks to everyone … [read full article]

Honolulu Goes 3G

Well T-mobile DID promise 250 million pops by the end of the year and the ball keeps rolling with another launch, this in Honolulu, Hawaii. On the heels of their first HSPA+ upgrade in Philly today, T-mobile still isn’t resting in bringing 3G to their customers. Honolulu customers, enjoy the 3G love! Thanks to everyone who sent this in this morning! Salt Lake City residents, not too much longer now, details should be forthcoming!

T-mobile Turns Up The Heat In Philly

T-mobile is definitely not resting on its heels when it comes to cementing itself as a major 3G player in the wireless landscape. Hot on the heels of a promise to launch HSPA+ services in the US this year in select cities, T-mobile has begun just that with Philadelphia getting first billing. “T-Mobile USA is fully embracing HSPA+, to the extent that it turned on about 20 cell sites in the Philadelphia market yesterday – a … [read full article]

Indianapolis Goes 3G (Hopefully)

One of the larger and more disappointing 3G holdouts has been none other than that of Indianapolis, Indiana. The 14th largest city in the country and third in the Midwest has been one of the most asked about cities in my email and now, we (hopefully) can put the argument to rest. While unconfirmed by T-mobile directly, emails are flooding in reporting that 3G is indeed showing up across the city limits. … [read full article]

9700 Press Shot Revealed

What is that I hear?  You want more new phone news, well here you go.  While today has been packed full of Android news, the Blackberry 9700 (Onyx/Driftwood) has gone and made itself unofficially official.  What you see above is the first official shot of the 9700 and with it comes a few interesting tidbits.  T-Mobile has gone and said that: “The BlackBerry ‘Onyx’ sports a premium experience and design … [read full article]

More 3G Launches


Magenta countinues expanding their 3G network rapidly. I’m proud to inform the lucky folks in Oxnard, Ventura, Malibu and Santa Barbara California that you are officially blessed with T-Mobile 3G! Congratulations guys! Feel free to sound off in the comments with your excitement. If you still are the few waiting patiently for 3G to be announced in your city every morning, we will keep you updated!

Palm Springs Goes 3G

Well it didn’t take very long to get another 3G city on the map for T-mobile with the announcement that Palm Springs, California has gone live. Once called home by Frank Sinatra Palm Springs is a city that one might envision lifestyles of the rich and famous and now with 3G services, even the most pampered celebrity can enjoy voice and data at the same time! This year is blowing by and while I know a … [read full article]

Recapping 3G Launches To Date For 2009

There is little debate as to whether or not T-mobile is behind its larger competitors in the rollout of3G goodness. The sooner we accept that truth, the better. With that knowledge behind us, T-mobile is making great strides often firing up new cities weekly in order to provide their customer base with the type of speeds they have begun to envy from the competition. Thankfully, T-mobile is doing everything right as proven by yesterdays JD power … [read full article]

Charlotte North Carolina Gets T-Mobile 3G Love

T-Mobile’s been on a role lately adding more and more cities to their 3G network. We’ve been getting a lot of emails regarding 3G in Charlotte from residents. Even though this hasn’t been confirmed by T-Mobile, due to the volume of emails we have received today we’re posting this as a hopeful launch! At this rate it looks like everyone will have 3G in there city by December maybe even on … [read full article]

Recapping This Weeks 3G Goodness

T-mobile has certainly made strides in its 3G networks in recent weeks with a large swath of launches enveloping the Tmonews homepage.  That’s a good thing though, I know there are still many many readers looking for that magically appearing 3G symbol. This week the following cities launched and while we attempted to report on them all, server troubles have occupyied too much of my time. Here’s the full list recap … [read full article]