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Oklahoma City Gets 3G

I have long heard from the readers in Oklahoma City asking, “tell us when, please, tell us when.” Thankfully, I can say that day is today, the day you have all been asking for, the day of 3G. Welcome faster speeds, clearer calls and the ability to run around in circles screaming for joy. Reports of 3G are widespread yet unconfirmed so as always its possible this is just a really awful tease, hopefully it’s not and … [read full article]

Fresno Goes 3G, Albuquerque As Well?

Well, it’s been a little while since we’ve heard about any 3G launches and while T-mobile was on a roll for a while back there, there are still quite a few of you clamoring for 3G goodness. With all the attention on “Project Black” and the Sidekick debacle, it is easy to forget T-mobile is still intently focused on rolling out 3G. Therefore, citizens of Fresno, unite, as this morning is your morning … [read full article]

The Big Easy Wakes Up To 3G

This morning, New Orleans became the next city in the magenta world to begin enjoying all that is 3G goodness. With yesterday’s press release of the Motorola Cliq, T-Mobile stated that they plan to cover 200-million pops by the end of the year and this week bevy of launches shows just that. New Orleans is a town unlike any other and I’m happy to deliver the news to its fine residents/T-Mobile customers of their newly … [read full article]

Pittsburgh Waking Up To 3G

Pittsburgh, your morning has finally come to embrace the goodness that belongs to T-mobile 3G. We at TmoNews know you have waited patiently for some time now. However, this is your morning to enjoy the glory that has become the announcement of another 3G City, so revel in it, it is magnificent! Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Columbia SC Goes 3G

Good afternoon TmoNews readers! Today is a very special day for T-Mobile subscribers in Columbia, South Carolina. Yup you guessed it! 3G is officially here! Congratulations guys! Feel free to sound off in the comments with your excitement! And once again for those of you still waiting patiently for 3G to be announced, we will keep you guys updated!

A Few More California 3G Launches

The 3G march continues this week with more launches. This time, a little loving for the good folks in California as residents of Corona, Fontana, Moreno Valley, Riverside and San Bernardino, CA are all now enjoying 3G goodness. As much as we all love hearing about 3G launches,when  reading the PCMag article about HSPA+ and promised speeds, 3G just sounds paltry by comparison. I want me some HSPA+!

PCMAG Goes Hands On With HSPA+

Sascha Segan, PCMag columnist extraordinaire, was fortunate enough this week to be given a behind the scenes look at the recently announced HSPA+ T-Mobile service in Philadelphia. Even a cursory glance at the article will show his favorable impressions of the T-mobile HSPA+ network, stating, “T-Mobile’s new HSPA+ network sends other 3G networks running away in tears.” While the obvious counter-argument is that the other carriers are still fielding the basic run of the mill 3G … [read full article]

Dayton, Ohio Waking Up To 3G

T-mobile is rolling out 3G this week like it’s going out of style with Dayton, Ohio becoming the latest recipient of all things 3G. While an unconfirmed launch as of this writing, the volume of emails shows that there is little reason to doubt it’s a city-spread activity. I guess the only real question is… Cincinnati, where are you?? Update: According to T-mobile USA twitter, Rochester, MN also launches today!

Waking Up To 3G In North Carolina

T-mobile continues its 3G march this morning with emails coming en masse for Raleigh, Durham and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  With today’s launch coming on the heels of Monday’s, T-mobile is certainly working furiously toward its 3G goal of 200+ million pops covered. Happy 3G North Carolina! On a smaller 3G note, reports are coming in concerning areas north of San Diego launching 3G services but these are unconfirmed at this point! We’ll update as information comes … [read full article]

Monday 3G Madness

Another Monday, another set of 3G launches to grace the lucky residents of…Peoria and Bloomington, Illinois. Not to be forgotten are the residents of Lancaster, PA who also find themselves waking up to the 3G icon and all the goodness it brings. For Salt Lake City residents who find themselves on the cusp of 3G, all signs continue to point to a September 20th launch so we can’t figure any reason for a delay. We hope … [read full article]