3G! 3G! 3G!


T-Mobile, yet again, continues with adding more and more cities to its ever-growing 3G network. T-Mobile has finally turned on the 3G switch for the lucky residents of Clarksville Tennessee, Topeka Kansas, & last but certainly not least, Montgomery Alabama. Congratulations! Enjoy the ultra-fast 3G speeds and maybe it’s time for a new phone? I hear T-Mobile is having some pretty sweet holiday deals! Click here to check them out! Sound off in the comments!


  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    Many congrats to Montgomery, AL; Clarksville, TN; and Topeka, KS!!! (-:

    Now, the 17 largest US cities with no TMO 3G are:

    Louisville, KY
    Tulsa, OK
    Cincinnati, OH
    Lexington, KY
    Anchorage, AK
    Lincoln, NE
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Madison, WI
    Boise, ID
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Mobile, AL
    Little Rock, AR
    Fayetteville, NC
    Jackson, MS
    Tallahassee, FL
    Springfield, MO
    Sioux Falls, SD

    • Dalton

      Well, it would be reaaally close to where I live.
      Then if I ever go to Fort Wayne…

      C’mon T-Mobile..
      Let’s get the “train” moving faster. (Not that I’m complaining, lately they’ve been covering a lot of places with 3G)

    • sorandkairi

      that parr

    • mmaxsooner

      Parr u are all over it, will u keep it up when broncho land get theirs?

      • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

        Sounds like mmaxsooner may be part of Bronco Nation! (-: I have a feeling I’ll be keeping a watch on this site, even after my town gets 3G, so I can hear about new phones, Android updates, etc. (-:

    • phoneking13

      you know Cincinnati should be the very first on that list… ;)

    • mmaxsooner

      Whoa whoa whoa parr! Love ur posts and all but broncho lover never! Still stinging from 05! Or 06? Check the last part of name. Respect your bronchos tho. Don’t hate the 918 bring on the 3g tmob hell 7.2mbs would be fine with me

      • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

        I didn’t catch the “Sooner” part before, but now I understand. Lots of respect for your team too — and for your coach. I thought the Broncos were done for several times during that game. That game was a huge classic.

        I agree, bring on the 7.2 Mbps as fast as possible, then the 21 Mbps as soon afterwards as you can! :-)

  • fuzzmanmatt

    I’m not usually one to whine, but after using 3G in Ann Arbor while on a trip, I’m super jealous, and becoming impatient for my 3G here in Grand Rapids. My poor TM506 only got to taste it once, and might be replaced before it tastes it again!

  • Bill48105

    So when they say there is now 3G in a city does that mean 1 tower as a token to say they are there or do they actually cover most of the city?

    • Grr

      Usually it means at least the core of the downtown area is covered. That is considered a launch, but it is not considered “complete” by any means. At this point, we are launching areas as soon as we can while continuing to expand after launch. Most core areas may be anything from 15 to 100+ towers depending on the size of the area. One tower covers about a 3 mile radius.

      • Bill48105

        Cool thanks, great explanation or at least clarification. I had hoped that’s what it meant but hey you never know unless you ask.

        While you’re adding coverage why not throw some equipment on the tall tower around Seymore Rd @ Lahring Rd 48436 to help close that huge dead zone in that area? It is pretty new & right now looks like it only has 1 level of antennas. Doesn’t need to be 3G, use some of the old crap you’re pulling out of towers getting upgraded if you need to. Hey anything is better than nothing! That area has been dead on TMo ever since the roaming agreement with ATT got dropped this year. And before anyone goes on about how rural the area is & cows don’t use cell phones consider that 1000’s of cars drive down those 2 roads daily and it is only about 3 miles from US23 which is a pretty major N/S expressway in the area.

      • Bill48105

        Ps. Should I call TMo customer service & report a tower outage there because I entered in Seymore Rd and Lahring Rd 48436 on the TMo coverage thing on the web site & it shows coverage! I drive down that road often & there is definitely NOT coverage. Our Tmo phones show “Searching” in that stretch even when right next to that tower. Actually there is about 8 miles there where we have no signal on our TMo phone but our ATT phones had full or nearly full bars. Btw if a tower covers about 3 miles I’m trying to figure out what all those phantom blotches of false coverage are in that area because none are big enough to be their own tower (and towers are easy to spot around there) so I guess signals jump around.. :D

      • Grr

        There are ways to boost a towers coverage, but usually in an area that has 3G you wouldn’t do that. The reason is because the boosting is usually only done in rural areas. Some of the “towers” you might not see. Antennas can also be place on top of rooftops of tall buildings or disguised as flag poles. They also have the pine tree towers that really fools no one.

        You should always, always report a coverage problem. There are certain groups within T-Mobile who find this as an annoyance, but we love it in the engineering and operations group. If we had our way, we would put coverage everywhere. Unfortunately, there are monetary restrictions placed on us that prevents that. However, anytime a customer complains about having no coverage in an area or does a personal coverage check, that area gets a counter on it. The more people complain and check for coverage in an area, the more counters it receives. If we get enough, then the corporate group will give us the nod to build the site. This is a huge benefit for the markets which are not a top 20 market.

      • Bill48105

        Grr you’re my hero & a wealth of information! TMo support has put in tickets for me before about lack of coverage where the maps showed there was supposed to be some & they said engineers might be able to tweak the towers or such but I assumed they were BS’ing me & putting my complaint in trash lol. Definitely good to know. So you’re suggesting those smaller circles could be towers that I don’t see such as on top of a barn or something? Definitely hard to believe they’d put a bunch of small ones like that when they have bigger ones in the same area that supposedly cover a 3 mile radius or more.. Some of those shown on the map are literally like yards let alone miles so I assumed they were a mistake especially since I’ve been in those places & get no signal at all even in the center of where coverage is shown. I think I’ll contact TMo support with that intersection & maybe something will come of it. Even if coverage isn’t added at least have them removed from the map so people aren’t led to believe their TMo phone will work. I still wonder if they are on there from before the roaming contract ended because there used to be great coverage there using ATT’s towers.

        Oh that counter thing is GOLD! Are we talking millions of lookups or what? For one is it’s tough to lookup in that area because it’s not like there are many addresses to use (I mean I did road intersections for my example). It’s not like there are businesses or such to lookup the address for and houses are few & far between so not like many people lookup for their own address to see. Places like that need coverage for people DRIVING through and tough to lookup for areas you drive in vs live. ;) But thanks for the info!

  • rinklighter

    Hey, another 3G launch post. How many blind-with-rage comments about how there’s no 3G in my town and “I f’n hate T-Mobile” and “I iz goin to Verizon cuz they got better stuff” comments will there be in this thread?

    @ Mr. Stacy R. Parr: the list is slowly but surely getting a little smaller. Not fast enough for us TMo customers, though.

    • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

      Cool post! :-) Yep, the list is getting smaller and smaller, and more and more large cities are getting the TMO 3G Love! :-)

  • kershon

    Yay! Way to go T-Mo!! Keep it coming!

  • Djkay

    Still no Cincinnati. I was told by the Kenwood Mall T-Mobile manager it would be 2011 or NEVER. Interlopers that might have to be taken to court. He is leaning to forever 2G in the Natti.

    • JJ

      I dont think the manager got the info right as it cannot be 2011 and he is sure got the wrong data conveyed to you. Cincinnati is already 3G as per my understanding and it seems you are living away from the core where the area still needs to be further expanded. If its the case then expect more expansion on rural areas in Q1-2010.

      • phoneking13

        Um no, Cincinnati does NOT have T-Mo 3G. They have Cincinnati Bell 3G which runs of the same bands at T-Mo, but I think they might be on a different channel or frequency band.

  • john

    @ Bill48105

    they actually do a really good job at covering the whole city with 3g, here in salinas where i live my connection never drops back to edge

    • rossi

      They don’t ALWAYS do a really good job at covering the whole city with 3G. In Des Moines, my coverage is still very limited and often drops back to edge. 3G is pretty much restricted to the downtown area, maybe a radius of three miles or so. I live two miles from city center, and I lose 3G about 3/4s of a mile from my house. The ‘burbs are barely covered. I’ve even seen GPRS within the past month in West Des Moines… Then again Des Moines is a fairly small metro area, so I guess if they may not see the benefit of expanding to cover it all… I don’t know.

      Oh well, I’ll suck it up if they launch a device I’m actually interested in…

  • whodatfever


    When the opened it up in New Orleans they covered the entire Greater New Orleans area including suburbs of Metaire/Kenner (large population density) where there are many upper/middle class families living. They did a very good job on that launch. Of course, I ran a speedtest with my MyTouch3G vs a Droid last night and I got 550kbps compared to his 1600kbps. I felt like less of a man after that but, whatever.

    • 30014

      Coverage in Atlanta is great. You can go 40 miles in any direction from downtown and still be covered by 3g.

  • Bill48105

    Ahh thanks john & whodatfever for the replies, was just curious what people were experiencing when these new 3G areas roll out since most cities cover quite a bit of area & it’d be easy for them to throw up 1 tower & say “there!” lol

    @whodatfever LOL hope you don’t seriously measure yer manhood with data speed cuz if that was the case I’d be a woman since most of the time I have no signal at all. :o

  • touchworks

    Outskirts of St. Louis, on the Illinois side, still does not have 3G. Cities like Fairview Heights, Ofallon, Swansea, Belleville, Collinsville, Maryville, Troy, Granite City, Edwardsville, Woodriver, Highland, some part of E St. Louis, Alton etc etc

    • phoneking13

      What about Alton, IL?


    65 miles away in clarksville.

    not being sarcastic here at all but, after 8+ years of getting better all the time, it is getting better all the time.

    this is the kind of stuff that always tips the scale of decision making to another carrier so damn easy and makes me stay here s’more.

    with that all said and done, how about a UMA android or LTE for all the t-mo smart hardware.

  • Mark

    Will there be announcements of the 7.1 Mbp rollout, or will our speeds mysteriously get faster?

    • Grr

      There probably will not be announcements of 7.1Mb/s. The reason is because 7.1 is done on a tower by tower basis whereas 3G is an area-wide change. Only the towers which have enough data traffic to warrant the speeds will get those speeds. There is an extremely large area of the network that is already 7.1 Mb/s capable, but simply has not had the circuits ordered to make it 7.1. For instance, right now, I have 7.2 Mb/s service where I am sitting (because I am working in a T-Mobile building which has its on coverage). If I go outside, the tower I am on is 7.1 capable but I won’t get it because it only has one T1 circuit.

      • Mark

        Tower by tower but, I thought they were gong to throw the switch all at once, by Dec 25th. I would be really cool if we all woke up on XMAS to 7.2 Mb/s! Now that would be a nice XMAS present from T-Mobile to all of us!

      • JJ

        Simple fact is 7.1Mbps is already SW enabled on most cities. It is a simple SW enabling feature and has nothing to do on site by site. But the real issue is T1 that runs to the site as max capacity on a T1 is roughly say 1.2Mb. It mean more T1 need to be run to a site to enjoy the true 7.1Mbps speed. This is very expensive considering the amount of T1 per site and across the market. This the reason I believe that marketing and announcement are not done.

        But dont worry from what I read on papers, Senior VP of TMO Neville Ray committed for HSPA+ by end of next year. If this is true then TMO will be the first carrier in US to do that as even Verizon have no plans at this time but looking at LTE in 2011. But once HSPA+ is there then it is again few upgrades to move to LTE platform. TMO is placing themself in a strategically in better position for future.

  • TomCruise

    chicago area’s been on 3G for a while but i only get it when i am out in the open. in my house and my office i always get dropped to edge.

    the max speed on my speed tests has been 684 kbps and almost all other occasions its been about 500 kbps.

    am not really thrilled about it, but what the heck. 20 months to go….

    • watbetch

      Yeah, it’s no surprise that if you had poor coverage before, that these upgrades won’t do jack and that you won’t even get 3G if your coverage is already poor.

      Phase II needs to be – Faster speeds, and more in-city 3G coverage. This needs to happen very soon. Like yesterday. The placement for towers here absolutely leave any housing developments out in the cold for reception. Stupid, as that’s where we LIVE!

  • ali

    @Djkaay, I heard that Cincinnati bell uses the same 3g band as tmo. Just get an unlocked 3g globule phone and use it with cbw

    • timmyjoe42

      But I don’t want to be a Cincy Bell customer. I want to be a T-Mobile customer. (Cincy Bell does not have agreements with the international provider that my wife’s family (all of Sweden) uses to do texting. Only on T-Mobile and AT+T are we able to successfully text with them. (Not on Verizon, or Sprint, or Cincy Bell) I mean, this is almost 2010 and we can’t text everyone? How lame.

      • ali

        I know what you mean. My mom sends tons of international sms’s and her overages for sms alone were about $80/month. So I forced her to join the dark side [At&t] gophone so she can get unlimited international sms.

  • ali

    Sorry, I meant 3g tmo phone not globue phone (my mt3g is doing whatever )

  • kershon

    Coverage. I live in the Peoria, Illinois area about 6 miles south of Peoria. I drove all around Peoria and my 3g coverage was good. No going to edge, even after I crossed the river into East Peoria. I was about 2 miles south of town when I lost 3g altogether. I was off T-Mobile’s coverage map and I still had 3g. All they have to do is expand 3g coverage a little more and I will have it at my home.

  • Aaron

    I noticed 3G coverage has expanded in the Central Ohio area also. I’m getting 3G at work and I’ve not seen it here before. Well outside of what the 3G map currently shows on tmobile.com

    • phoneking13

      hopefully that’ll expand to at LEAST Middletown if that’s the case then.

  • sorandkairi

    my hometown of jackson ms is bigger than montgomery and it still doesnt have tmobile 3g, not even in the whole state of MS! whats up with that tmobile! Well i cool now cause i live in montgomery lol! Sorry Mom!!!!

    • smarty culottes

      The state of MS leads the league in GPRS, though!! Kinda surprising that there’s no 3G in Jacktown, but they have some zippy edge down there!

      • sorandkairi

        That’s true aboutvthe edge but still what’s up with the jacktown love

  • cmon t-mobile bring 3G to puerto rico!!! have u forgotten bout us?? we are still part of da usa!

    • phoneking13

      LOL yeah, a US territory lmao

  • Jim

    rinklighter, Put your hands over your ears.

    As a faithful T-Mobile family, aching to get 3G in Cincinnati, I am afraid we must go. Especially if there are no plans until 2011. If T-Mobile had any sense they would provide approximate, ballpark roll-out dates to allow those of us in the non-covered areas to make better decisions. See ya!!!

    • watbetch

      Even if it does look that way, do you believe everything you see on the internet?

      The world is ending in 2012 so sell everything you own.

      • sorandkairi

        Don’t sell just give them to me

  • bstreak83

    Tmobile 3G’s coverage maps are a joke. I live in an area on the north side of Wichita, KS, that is supposed to be well-covered by 3G. My Bold 9700 is going back because there is no 3G within miles of my house.

    • watbetch

      If you’re near your house, do you really “need” 3G? No WiFi?

      • Rossi

        While I totally agree with your statement… Tmobile still finds it necessary to charge you for non existent 3g… I wish they had a cheaper smartphone plan that allowed wifi and edge only… If I’m depending on my wifi anyway… Why pay for 3g?

      • Bill48105

        Agreed Rossi, cheaper data plan options! They might not be able to tell if you’re on 3G or not (unless they detect if your phone is 3G capable by IMEI) so cheaper plans that are not unlimited would be the way to go. Seriously, if you do the math EDGE or GPRS can’t transmit as much data over a given month at 3G so by limiting based on usage they are in essence giving you non 3G plan, either if you are on EDGE/GPRS or on 3G & do EDGE/GPRS equivalent. If they really want to get more people on data plans for that extra revenue they need lower priced data plans so people can ‘wet their toes’ and test the waters without fear of paying so much every month for something they might not use very much. Or if they really like it & end up using it a lot they can upgrade to a higher data package or even unlimited. As I’ve said before, unfortunately most companies are greedy & do what they think will make them more $ but they aren’t smart enough to realize rule #1 is to make the customer happy & in doing so they’ll make more $ in the end because they stay loyal & usually end up using more than they planned once they test the waters. Just my 2 cents, take it how you will.

      • watbetch

        That’s just it. He said he gets 3G but around his home. Same for me which is why it’s not really a problem. I have highspeed access at home. I get 3G everywhere else but my home.

    • watbetch

      Even if I had a good 3G signal at my house, I certainly wouldn’t use it. None of the carriers have 3G faster than what I get through my WiFi.

      • Bill48105

        I think his point was that if you have a crackberry you are paying Tmo at least $25/month and although they don’t guarantee 3G everywhere it sure would be nice to have coverage most everywhere and better yet 3G so you feel you’re getting your money’s worth. It brings us back to complaining there is only an unlimited data option because I have a feeling if rossi had an option to pay less for his data with a limited package he wouldn’t feel so ripped off paying for 100% & getting say 75%. What ya think rossi, if Tmo had a $15/m 3GB package, $10/m 2GB package & $5/month 1GB package would you be all over that or what? :D (Not saying that makes up for lack of 3G but it surely would help the sting a little)

        Btw, I agree that perhaps wifi is quite likely a lot faster than 3G in many cases maybe wifi isn’t available or maybe the person chooses to keep wifi off to conserve on battery life. Or even if wifi is available & the charger is plugged in maybe, just maybe, it’d be nice to get full use of our data package at least. ;)

      • Rossi

        Of course i’d want to use wifi when available. Let’s put it this way. In my situation I’m in a wifi area at work, school, home, most restuarants, and even my supermarket (basically 95% of my time is spent in these places). When I leave those places I only need to drive 3 minutes to leave my 3g area and there’s not another for 200 miles. When I’m away from wifi my data usage would be minimal. Bill, give me a hard cap of 1 gb for $10 and tmo has me for life in conjunction with my myfaves plan. I’m not what you would call a power user when I’m away from work or home, and I would only use email away from wifi networks anyway. They realize not everyone needs unlimited minutes but they still make you pay full unlimited for data and text? Shoot train your reps to push the unlimited aspect and they would probably sell mostly unlimited data plans, but for those of us who know our usage characteristics we can see that we’re getting screwed by paying for unlimited. In the past I would believe we were paying so much for data to help subsidize the phones… Now there’s even more plus plans, yet data prices stayed the same…

      • timmyjoe42

        Are you suggesting we pay for wifi? I don’t see why we should since we aren’t using their network at all. With UMA, I can see we use their technology to switch a wifi call to a land line or other cell phone.

      • Bill48105

        Yeah timmyjoe42 maybe we should all pay TMo $25/month for using our own WiFi because for many that’s what we’re doing. ;)

        Btw UMA is very cool, I wish all the TMo phones had it. Then again if TMo had true nationwide coverage then guess we probably wouldn’t need it. OH SNAP! lol

      • watbetch

        Who said you should pay T-Mobile for WiFi? Just because you pay for internet through T-Mobile you feel obligated not to use your own WiFi?

  • Bama

    I wouldn’t call it “ultra-fast”. Honestly, I can barely tell a difference.

  • venom77

    I compared mytouch with my cousins android his maxed out at 1.2mbps mine maxed out at 2.5mbps and thats with 3 bars in 3G and his with full bars 3G… I live in California and everywhere from san diego to Los Angeles to Victorville is consistent Reception too bad for the rest of you. All I can say is Faith can be big reward…

  • Carl

    @Jim Do some research… T-Mobile has more 3G equipment deployed in more places than available 3G right now, but FCC is holding the frequencies from being used. So, that is why they can’t give you guaranteed launch dates.

    • kershon

      Carl could you eleborate on why the FCC is holding the frequencies? I am in the dark about that.

      • mmaxsooner

        The spectrum tmobie paid 5 billion dollars for in 06 was then and still used by state local and fed police agencies they were to clear the spectrum for tmob by jan of 08. well we all know how slow government can be so they have screwed tmob and not cleared they spectrum in most cases now local guvment agencies are still not off hence why okc has 3g and tulsa does not. I here tulsa pd is dragging feet could be worse cuz small suberb pd still dragging feet as well hence no coverage around big cities

    • Bill48105

      FCC or local governments or whoever was previously/currently using them?

  • Freddy2Fred


  • mytouch/cliq/TPro2/8900

    3G is also in Manhattan, Kansas. This is only important because Manhattan is the home of Kansas State University.

    • boss

      3G in manhattan kansas, seriously? how come it doesn’t show up in the maps?
      That would be great though!
      Go Wildcats!

      • I know people

        I have talked to peeps who live there. They confirm the 3G marker on their phones.

        BTW…Hawks all the way!

  • RuleNumber1

    Oh Carl. Now the FCC is holding the frequencies? You need to take the red pill and stop living by the lies. There is no frequency conflict, tmobile has the ability to turn on towers once they get the hardware installed. The are simply (and obviously) embarrasingly behind on getting the work down, most likely, because they are slowly going broke (my personal speculation based on their atrocious earnings reports).

    I got a part-time job as a t-mobile 3G installer, and found out the real reason t-mobile hasn’t blanketed the US with 3g coverage is because they want to make Cincy (and eventually the rest of Ohio), secede from the Union. At that point, they are going to use their own army to defeat the Cinninians (the name of the new country (i didn’t like it either) ) and take over the land as it’s own sovereign state. The name of the new country you ask? SprintSaveUsPlease-ville-ington

    • kershon

      I heard ducks fart under water before. What a crock. Roflmao

    • ali

      @RuleNumber1 : ” the real reason t-mobile hasn’t blanketed the US with 3g coverage is because they want to make Cincy (and eventually the rest of Ohio), secede from the Union … ”

      That was Great LOL,

      As far as FCC holding the frequencies, I totally agree with you. They have been misinforming/lying to people about that for so long its not even funny. Do you guys really think the FCC would let Tmo or any other telecom turn on one switch that may potentially interfere with something important ?! Tmob would not deploy 3G anywhere in the USA without first getting the green light. And once the green light is given, then they are free to turn on 3g anywhere they want.

      As far as T-mobile going Broke, I kind of agree because of all the Rumors of them seeking partners. All the current big players are a direct result of big mergers : Verizon= verizon and Alltel + (satan), Sprint=sprint + nextel + virgin. I think they Basically want to sell and get out of usa because they have realized that they probably are too far behind to have a chance of catching up. The incompatibilities of gsm vs cdma have prevented them from merging earlier and they also allowed all the small gsm players to get swallowed up by at&t . And At&t currently is profitable so they are definately not going sell out. So this takes us back to the beginning, and T-mobile will probably sell out to a foreign telecom [perhaps NTTDOCOMO which has long expressed and interest in the US market.] . But first they must make their company look better on paper so their propping up 3g towers here and there just so they can say they have a “nationwide 3g’ when they could not be farther from the truth ( I like tmo, but the truth is the truth).

    • mmaxsooner

      Yea right NOT. Tmob offered the guvment 50 million dollars to clear the spectrum in fall of 07 and guess what they said NO. free money just to do what u collected 5 billion dollars to do but then neither u me or tmob can sue the govment just hold our noses

  • It’s similar in the UK, down the south coast and all around central london, 3G is absolutely fine however as soon as you head north and away from any major city my signal dies pretty quickly, when will the networks blanket our airwaves with an umbrella of perfect 3G cover?!

  • TxDot

    “ultra-fast 3G” Really? Here in Austin it’s anything but ultra-fast.

  • Mike

    actually I’m getting 4Mbps here.

    So it is ultrafast

    • watbetch

      What test? Please don’t say mobilespeedtest.com. It’s not accurate.

  • Jordan (Cincinnati)

    Cant wait to to drive up I-75 to dayton for thanksgiving so i can get some of that 3g stuff everyone is talking about

  • Carl

    @mmaxsooner Thank You for elaborating my statement. I really hope T-Mobile does not go out of business, but I’m thinking DT has invested a lot in the U.S. brand of T-Mobile, so I’m not sure about them giving up on it so fast. SunCom merger seems to be the last small company that is GSM. Rest of the smaller carriers are CDMA, so that kind of sucks..

    • watbetch

      How are they going to go out of business? REALLY people..

  • beautifulmartyr

    I’m in Tulsa and it really “grinds my gears” that 3G is in OKC but not here. I know there are bigger cities that will get it before Tulsa, probably, but my 2 year upgrade goes into effect tomorrow and I really want something 3G and Android-like. If we don’t have 3G here, I don’t see the point of getting a 3G phone yet. It saddens me. Deeply. I hate my 1st gen Shadow. I need therapy, and 3G is the cure.

    Damn you, T-Mobile. Daaaaaaaaaamn yoooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!!!


  • sborders

    I just woke up to 3G coverage on Mytouch 3G today.!!! That was faster than I expected.

  • Dominek

    I live in belleville,IL which is outside of St Louis mo and I picked up 3g. Anyone else?

  • ajdom80

    I’m on Mayaguez, PR I have a Bold 9700 and its working on 3G technology right now

  • phoner

    dosen’t work in manhattan ks