T-Mobile Job Opening Leads to Speculation

False Alarm, as the job description points out:

The overall market for mobile handsets is expected to experience rapid growth over the next several years as consumers continue to use mobile devices for an increasing portion of their communication needs. Much of this growth will be driven by the ongoing introduction of outstanding devices that allow for a deeper, richer mobile experience on an ever-broadening set of platforms and services. These devices expand customers’ imaginations through outstanding experiences, and receive the highest levels of organizational support, including product development resources, marketing campaigns, sales priority and partner focus. At T-Mobile, we call these devices our Hero Handsets.

Just fair warning, the following contains massive amounts of speculation, and possibly hope (not to be confused with desperation).  Either way, there is a new job opening up for grabs at our very own T-Mobile, and its title is very interesting.  If you were to get this job, your title would be “Product Manager, Hero Handsets.”  I don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to my mind is the eye catching HTC Hero, with that fabulous Sense UI.  Now, the Hero has been making its rounds lately (see Sprint’s hero and Verizon’s Eris) but HTC is no stranger to producing lines of phones (just like the myTouch line).  I would jump for joy (literally) if T-Mobile did bring a Hero handset to the table.  I really hope, though, that this line isn’t meant to be a savior line, leaving the fate of the carrier in the hands of a single phone, or phones.  Tell us what you think in the comments and if you want to see the posting yourself, go to the jobs page and refine the search for product managers (who knows, maybe you will fit the bill for the job).

Product Manager, Hero Handsets

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