T-Mobile Job Opening Leads to Speculation

False Alarm, as the job description points out:

The overall market for mobile handsets is expected to experience rapid growth over the next several years as consumers continue to use mobile devices for an increasing portion of their communication needs. Much of this growth will be driven by the ongoing introduction of outstanding devices that allow for a deeper, richer mobile experience on an ever-broadening set of platforms and services. These devices expand customers’ imaginations through outstanding experiences, and receive the highest levels of organizational support, including product development resources, marketing campaigns, sales priority and partner focus. At T-Mobile, we call these devices our Hero Handsets.

Just fair warning, the following contains massive amounts of speculation, and possibly hope (not to be confused with desperation).  Either way, there is a new job opening up for grabs at our very own T-Mobile, and its title is very interesting.  If you were to get this job, your title would be “Product Manager, Hero Handsets.”  I don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to my mind is the eye catching HTC Hero, with that fabulous Sense UI.  Now, the Hero has been making its rounds lately (see Sprint’s hero and Verizon’s Eris) but HTC is no stranger to producing lines of phones (just like the myTouch line).  I would jump for joy (literally) if T-Mobile did bring a Hero handset to the table.  I really hope, though, that this line isn’t meant to be a savior line, leaving the fate of the carrier in the hands of a single phone, or phones.  Tell us what you think in the comments and if you want to see the posting yourself, go to the jobs page and refine the search for product managers (who knows, maybe you will fit the bill for the job).

Product Manager, Hero Handsets

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  • Would have rather seen the job title be “Product Manager, Snapdragon Master”

    • justme

      Good point. Though I’d settle for a Hero in my life at this point.

    • Viper

      lmao. If tmonews would add a voting feature, I’d vote your post up.

  • traicer

    Well i hope its a beefed up hero, snapdragon processor and at least android 2.0

    • asd

      you’re new here, aren’t you?

  • NobleT-Mobile

    Sorry to possibly disappoint but T-Mobile often refers to their upper tier as “hero” devi thisces internally. It would be my assumption that that is what this involves. Hope I’m wrong, but fyi.

    • -ray

      I have not seen upper tier from T-mobile.. I have only seen middle of the road phones.

  • I would have rather seen Product and Coverage Manager, Specialty in Kick Ass Phones and Coverage All Over the Place.

    Can’t wait for a solid and internal memory packed Android device WITH a keyboard comes out…

  • Remy Lee

    Hate to burst your bubble on the meaning of “Hero” handsets. When tmo refers to Hero they are referring to “upper/top shelf” – highly appealing handsets. At least that’s how its been referred to as in the past as they have used that terminology long before even android.
    Sorry, but its still a kick ass position!!

    • 30014

      What top shelf devices? The blackberry bold is the best phone tmo has right now, and it’s not exclusive. As far as android phones go, tmo is now pulling up the rear.

  • anon

    Yep, NobleT-Mobile is right, if you look back at the leaked roadmap with all the handset pictures, you can see there was a category for Hero Android Device or whatever. “Hero” for T-Mo just means “The phone we’re going to market till it saves us.”

  • Kiladubz

    Read the actual job description, “hero” handsets are upper tier, why on earth would t-mo hire a position for a phone made by HTC, and already released by another company? makes no sense. Just upsets me when you read one line and all of a sudden jump to conclusions.

    • David

      False Alarm as many of you have pointed out, in my haste to send this to Andrew I didn’t bother to read the job description. Oh well, a guy can dream.

    • dboy


  • Dustin

    It was ‘eh’ anyway. 528Mhz is nothing to get excited over. Not when there’s better spec’d phones a month or 2 away, and big V is toting around that scary Droid device.

  • Why Mr. Brodman..you lied to us.

  • Galen20K

    Yeah I’m seriously unimpressed by the Hero handset anyways I”m glad its a false alarm. They just mean their upcoming Higher tier handsets in 2010. Not any “one” handset.


    i could give a crap less who gets the job as long is the person gives the green light to high end functional hardware that does the job.

    • Galen20K


  • Joe

    I hate to disappoint but having worked with T-Mobile selling phones for a few years they called all their upper tier phones “hero” phones. I wouldn’t count on this being a position for a specific phone program.

  • beastly

    A company that thought “MyTouch” was a good, wholesome name for their flagship phone, and that “Even More” and “Even More Plus” were nice, unconfusing names for their rate plans cannot be expected to give their jobs titles that make sense to the rest of us.

    Incidentally, I got a chance to play with the Droid the other day, and I had two thoughts:

    One, the phone flies. It is fast. Even compared with the Cliq (which was, when I played with it, not at all laggy or slow or buggy) this thing is a speed demon.

    Two, the phone is uuuuugly. Poor design, ugly d-pad, and one of the worst physical keyboards I’ve ever used. I respect the Droid’s capabilities, but every single Android phone on T-Mobile has better external hardware design.

  • Titty!

    Agreed, Droid is ugly, no different, & looks like an LG more like. Pitiful.
    T-Mobile, I’d be happy a Hero coming to line-up
    As long: as its not your flagship phone for next year,
    It is released at least minimum greater specs, thus leaving. SE X10, as your Snapdragon unmodded 1Ghz flagship phone:)
    There you have it T-Mobile: N900, SE X10, Hero, plus other great 2010 devices! :)

    • David

      Lol your user name is “titty” ? Lmao!!

  • kershon

    I hope they get a person to fill the position that does just what the job description says: head honcho of the group that will bring us the handsets we crave. If he/she has the vision and the insight, and the highter-ups let him do his job we will see those high end top of the line handsets we so desire. Ya all think maybe, just maybe, the big-wigs are getting the drift that what is offered now is not what consumers really want? Looks that way to me anyway. (fingers crossed)

  • JakeMG

    Hopefully, they bring the Hero pictured, not the crappy Sprint version. The euro Hero is better, IMO.

  • just some dude

    whats the point of hoping, by the time tmo gets the hero there will be much better handsets out that we will be lusting after. it seems tmo is just a tad behind in getting good looking handsets to the customers.

  • Joe

    Here’s another insight folks. Project Manager’s aren’t usually marketing experts. Therefore it’ll still be up to tmo marketing to actually figure out what we really want and then sell it hard.

  • FILA

    eh screw Sense, not a big deal, I like stock android actually better. Also wait for that G1v2, you might just be surprised. Hopefully it has a Snapdragon, I think it will!

  • Ejay Droid

    I swear t mobile like mediocracy …….My contract is up in 6th months and if theirs not an good phone im bailing to get a hero on sprint.

  • David

    Look, I don’t think T-mobile is in as much trouble as everyone is making them out to be. The economy is still recovering globally and yes T-mobile did take a hit along with many other companies but the best thing about a recession is RECOVERY. T-mobile WILL recover and with all the new amazing handsets planned to launch over the next 12 months, the incredible high speed data that will soon be available, and the new unlimited plans, I truly believe T-mobile will gain a leading position in the United States. As for the Hero, to me it is a no brainer. T-mobile should have carried this in the beginning, when they made it available for T-mobile in europe. I am sure they have their “reasons” for not carrying it here but I can’t imagine what the hell those “reasons” would be! The Hero sure would have givin the iphone a run for it’s money!!! That’s all I have to say about that.

  • David

    I hope if T-mobile does start to carry very high end, fast and incredible devices, people won’t expect to get them for $100….it won’t happen. If you all want high end, top of the line devices, I hope you know you have to pay a bit for them. I have just read soooo many blogs where people just go on and on about how t-mobile should only charge $50 for the 9700 3G Blackberry or $50 for the my touch. Look, if you want high end expensive devices, be prepared to pay for them.

    • kershon

      Agreed. But you know, there are always those cheap screws that want something for nothing. If the phones were free they would find something else to bitch about. I may be wrong, but I can’t remember these people bitching about the phone prices on the other carriers. And their phones are not inexpensive by any means.

  • coolMANDINGO

    I’ve been hoping that they fired the person for the longest. I’ve been with tmobile for 7 years and I have the g1. I’m going to cancel my service and goto to verizon with my girl. Tmobile doesn’t know how to compete with nice phones. When tmobile grows up and stop getting these kid phones like the mytouch and cliq i,I will be back. Maybe I was told by tmobile that I would have to pay full price for a shitty phone like the behold 2($409.00) . Forget that id rather get a verizon phone. The droid at that. Tmobile needs to do better and get more competive grown phones.

    • Noel

      Agreed…Mt3g, the Cliq and Behold2 are good phones but they are not the kind of phones that will have customers come running to sign up w/ Tmobile. They need to do better…bring phones like…HTC DRAGON, HTC HD2, Motorola Milestone(Droid) and the Nokia N900 to Tmobile…that will be a step in the right direction.

  • tmogeek

    The job postings that would impress me are ENGINEERING jobs. It takes switch techs, field techs, and RF engineers to support a nationwide rollout of 3G. More than 10,000 new 3G rbs cabinets and not ONE new field tech position? 1,000’s of new switch related gear and not one new switch tech, or NOC tech? A massive project to re-visit all those cell sites to upgrade them to HSPA+ and no new support staff in field or switch operations?

    1-10 of 10 Jobs

    Job Title Requisition # Location

    Senior Engineer, RF Deployment 239790 Parsippany, NJ
    Engineer, RF Deployment 239793 Ontario, CA
    Senior Engineer, Technical Support 236982 Frisco, TX
    Senior Engineer, Technical Support 222163 Snoqualmie, WA
    Associate Engineer, RF Deployment 239789 Beltsville, MD
    Principal Engineer, RAN Systems Design 236963 Bellevue, WA
    Sr. IP Network Engineer 223282 Bellevue, WA
    Senior Engineer, Technical Support 239653 Snoqualmie, WA
    Senior Engineer, RF Deployment 228060 Norton, MA
    Principal Engineer, SystDesign/Strategy 236954 Bellevue, WA

  • Noel

    It will nice if Tmobile can also get the Htc Hero…but they should have a different designed from the original Hero…one without the chin and maybe a 3.5inch screen, more Ram and a faster processor of 600 plus, a 5meg cam etc

  • SEFan

    I’m with Kershon – I hope they get some new thinking on the high-end handsets. The list so far has been little by missteps and too-little-too-late. Bringing Android was a bold step, but rolling the G1 as the first phone was a giant mistake when all the buzz was about the iPhone. The MyTouch is a nice enough device; had IT come first we would have had a better start. By the time it rolled for TMo it was overshadowed by the Hero; suddenly the MyTouch seemed a bit old and simple. The Cliq seems nice enough, especially if the social media thing is for you (I doubt I’d find use for any of that), but a decent phone has been completely oublinged by Verizon’s launch of the Droid. Yes it’s a slab, a big slab at that. Yes, the keyboard is a bit iffy. But that screen! The fast processor!! Android 2.0!! And I’m still waiting for the next drop from AT&T. Sooner or later they’ll have fixed their network probs and move back into getting some leading edge handsets launched.

    TMo needs someone that can actually look at where the market is heading and plant a flag out there. All they’ve done so far has been just shy of the leading edge, and that’s not going to win them converts in the high-end business.

  • Ejay-Droid

    Verizon Is gettting the dragon……. They say t mo is getting the hd2 but really not a big choice for me dont use windows mobile…….. I dont know is t mo has a dissconnect from what people want or they just want to go down the drain with sprint.. I mean even they have the hero why cant t mo get any good android phone and we had a 1 year head start.