Welcome to 3G Bloomington & Lafayette Indiana


T-Mobile is on fire with 3G launches this week. Today two more cities have been added to T-Mobile’s 3G network. T-Mobile is still on the verge of rolling out 3G to as many cities as possible! That’s right, the lucky residents of Bloomington & Lafayette Indiana, 3G is officially here! Congratulations guys! I know you’ve been waiting a long time for this moment! Think of this as Magenta’s gift to you for the holidays!  And what’s better than to try out the new 3G speeds with a 3G enabled handset at a discounted price? Sound off in the comments with your excitement!

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  • kershon

    Congratulatiions to Bloomington and Lafayette!! Welcome to the 3g club!

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    My congrats to Bloomington & Lafayette too!!! (-:

    • maxxsooner

      What no list, damn parr ur slipping, (i’m sure it was copy paste since those big markets don’t change much),or was it the comment about not being part of the bronco nation? again, DON’T HATE THE 918, local or fed guvment, let TMOB roll out some 3g in t-town and Boise.

      • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

        Well, since the list didn’t change, I thought I’d leave it out this time. But, maybe I should include it anyway. Here goes:

        Still, the 17 largest US cities with no TMO 3G are:

        Louisville, KY
        Tulsa, OK
        Cincinnati, OH
        Lexington, KY
        Anchorage, AK
        Lincoln, NE
        Fort Wayne, IN
        Madison, WI
        Boise, ID
        Grand Rapids, MI
        Mobile, AL
        Little Rock, AR
        Fayetteville, NC
        Jackson, MS
        Tallahassee, FL
        Springfield, MO
        Sioux Falls, SD

        Please, TMO, bring 3G sooooooon to T-Town Oklahoma and Bronco Nation HQ Idaho. :-)

  • D

    Just a little farther south… come on… (I’m near Evansville, IN)

  • It sucks that I moved from Chicago to East Lansing, Michigan for graduate school because coverage in Michigan SUCKS for T-Mobile (unless you’re in Ann Arbor or Detroit).

    Come on T-Mobile…open up your coverage and 3G for East Lansing so I can finally buy a 3G device and USE it!

  • Unk

    Wait seriously? Bloomington and Lafayette, Indiana??

    Louisville, KY hasn’t gotten 3G yet and we almost have 10 times as many people here as in Bloomington!

    COME ON T-MO!!!!!!!

  • justinhub2003

    And still no cincy… im hearing bad rumors that it wont ever come hear. If its true, im gone.. i love tmobile and defend them all the time but customer service cant make for old school data speeds… its depressing.. i said back in august that if we had no 3g by end of oct i was leavin and that came past… i have 3 lines but if i have too i will leave.

  • watbetch

    Jesus christ can you all stfu about Cincinnati. It’ll happen when it happens.. damn.

    • Bill48105

      LOL the only thing we can count on more in these comments than people whining & bitching (myself included) is for watbetch to whine & bitch about the people doing the whinging & bitching. :D

      • rossi

        Poor Watbetch.

  • Billy Johnson

    I get it in Cincinatti…

    Just not 3G ! HA!

  • Kirbdaddy

    Where the F*** are Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati??? This is getting ridiculous!!!!

    • ctk


      bloomington, but not louisville or cincinnati (lessington can rot in hell with less-than-edge speeds for all i care)? what, is there some sort of big 11 bias for getting 3g speeds?

      uncool t-mo. very uncool.

  • Dalton

    that’s so close to where I live!

  • Brian

    I looked at the T-mobile website and noticed you could no longer sort phones by UMA capability. I called T-mobile who said they dropped that service to new customers and they weren’t sure how many new phones would be UMA compatible…


    I need UMA at my home to even use my cell. If I upgrade my phone, I can’t get T-mo service because there new phones don’t have UMA built-in?

    Is t-mobile having financial problems? This is weird? They have the weakest network and the drop a service that extends their weaker network???

    • timmyjoe42

      I agree. It’s baffling.
      UMA was simple and awesome.

    • Bill48105

      Yeah Brian I’ve been complaining about that since the new plans came out which happens to be the day they stopped allowing you to filter on UMA using the site and they stopped showing WiFi calling capable on the phone list but they still show it on some of the phones’ details page. I agree it is a very stupid move for a carrier with such weak coverage to can a great feature that worked so well. I read somewhere the issue is they can’t get UMA to work with 3G so perhaps that is it but still stinks to lose it especially since TMo has no femtocell and other femotocell’s (like ATT’s microcell) are not compatible with TMo’s phones! Anyway, odds are there will be UMA-capable phones available for awhile still and on ebay for a long time after that so we’ll be OK, we just will have to settle for today’s crackberries or Shadow for a smartphone otherwise a few of the Samsung’s & a nokia have UMA for plain jane phones. Btw, TMo reps have assured me they have no plans to stop allowing UMA calls, just there is no unlimited option unless you are in a grandfathered plan which means if you go with an Even More plan it’ll work it’ll just use up minutes. (Another idiotic thing about it is that not only are you expanding TMo’s coverage for your use but you are also offloading a lot of traffic from TMo’s cells so definitely a questionable move on their part.)

      • beastly

        Can’t get UMA to work with 3G? That’s preposterous. Doesn’t the 9700 have both? There are a number of things I don’t like about some of the newer handsets, and lack of UMA is one of them. But then none of the smartphones ever had it anyway, apart from Blackberries. UMA is actually one of the reasons I settled on the 9700 as my next phone, even though the Android phones are so much fun. UMA, a 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth ObEx profiles, and tethering capabilities all make Blackberries better than any of the other smartphone offerings.

    • maxxsooner

      Well there is uma capable devices, they just happen to all be blackberries, and by the way the uma connection with my 9700 is rock solid. It makes me wonder if the device people couldn’t fit it in to their bottom line. I’ll go with device guys say no as they look at the bottom line. With all blackberries since 8320 curve having uma i think they know the importance of having connection all the time. The other device companies just say meeeehh we can make 5 dollars more per device, screw the customer and tmob if they don’t like that fact. And for not the last time, IN MOST CASES IT’S NOT TMOBS FAULT ITS YOUR GUVMENT AGENCIES THAT WON’T GET THE HELL OFF OF TMOB’S SPECTRUM THEY PAID 5 BILLION YES BILLION FOR THE RIGHT TO USE.

      • Bill48105

        Right, if you do “see all on one page” then text search for “Wi-Fi and Mobile Calling” you’ll find the 2 Shadow’s and a bunch of blackberry models as well as the Nokia 6301 which says is out of stock but a very basic phone. Seems they dumped all the rest. Btw I noticed the BB 9700 says 3G and wifi calling so there goes the 3G conflicts with UMA thing unless they found a workaround.. Definitely not likely to see any new Windows Mobile or Android phones with UMA unfortunately.

        Besides those search ebay or online for 6301, 6086, T339, T739, Katalyst, 7510, t409 for older phones that support UMA.

      • timmyjoe42

        I would like to see the rumors of the governments hogging the bands and Cincinnati Bell blocking them substantiated somewhere other than this site. Second hand rumors from a store rep is not anything that I would hang my hat on. No offense to the store reps out there, but I have been to plenty of stores where the workers don’t know crap about what they are selling. I hate it when I know more than the people who work there about their merchandise.

        We don’t have 3G and we have a right to be unhappy.

      • Actually timmyjoe, it’s easy to know more than store reps since they are trained to SELL you the phones and addons. Not to know what the company is doing with tech rollouts. They hear stuff from supervisors who ALSO have nothing to do with it. The only folks who have to do with it are the installers, lawyers and system end tech folks and management. There are so many layers and departments between the retail arm of the organization and the business end. In effect, it’s two (or more) different companies. Cute the retail folks a break will ya?

        Yes, I’m totally pissed that Cincy seems to be screwed for now. But I don’t blame the retail OR CSR folks. CSRs have nothing to do with it either. And before you say it, the “tech line” guys are NOT techs. They are glorified CSRs with a script and slightly extra training, but the majority are handset only kinda folks. Because they are CSRs, they too are in a different department than the guys who do the rollouts.

        So it’s just kinda a hurry up and wait. If they are talking 7.2 by Christmas, they may skip the 3G mid point and save themselves trouble and a fight.

      • beastly

        Tulsa has half the population density of Cincinnati, but now has 3G while Cincinnati is still left with Edge speeds. There are three possibilities here:

        #1: T-Mobile is full of jerks who have a personal gripe against Cincinnati.
        #2: T-Mobile is full of idiots who have decided that 3G in Topeka is a better investment than 3G in Cincinnati, even though 3G in Cincinnati would cover twice as many people per tower.
        #3: People are actually telling you the truth about local agencies holding up the 3G rollout in certain places.

    • Grr

      Its pretty simple actually, phone makers do not want to put the time in to add it to phones. The only company that will continue to add UMA is RIM. Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Samsung….they all do not want to put it into their phones. UMA is officially dead.

  • anfrey

    still waiting here in south bend, in lol

    • Dalton

      …and goshen, IN. :P

      • Travis

        And Elkhart, Osceola, Mishawaka, Notre Dame, etc… I was told by two people from T-Mobile corporate and the supervisor of the 3g project in South Bend that it would be done almost 5 weeks ago. The reason we missed out Q3 rollout date in South Bend is because of “financial” issues the first time according to the supervisor I talked to. He told me that he stopped getting paid so his crew stopped working. Hope that didn’t happen again.

  • Fernando

    We need T-Mobile 3G here in Muncie, Indiana!

  • Blaine

    This is completely unrelated to the topic of this post, but whenever I read about this device on gsmarena’s website it intrigued my interest. The device looks sleek, and the interface appears to be very interesting. I decided to post this here seeing as how I’m sure that the majority of the people who read this blog are tech junkies like me :)


    • beastly


      • Blaine

        I know right. That is the product of Emblaze Mobile’s Project Monolith.

      • maxxsooner

        Tulsa has 3G and no one told me! No Tulsa does not have 3G, we are playing the waiting game just like Cincy. The 9700 you spoke of is indeed both 3G and uma, in theory. I say in theory because there is no 3g in Tulsa and I won’t know for sure until i visit family in OKC. I will say this about the 9700, unlike the curve you actually see a difference in web speed when on wifi, I am sure it has to do with the much improved processor and memory and and and so far a great device.

      • beastly

        D’oh! I wrote Tulsa but meant Topeka. Forgive me?

  • Sanjay

    I remember someone saying they were told 3G in Louisville, KY by Thanksgiving. Well, Turkey’s are flying everywhere here but not 3G? I suspect T-Mobile is just trying to keep head above water.

  • mmaxsooner

    Beastly. All is forgiven, although I did get excited for a min tho. Rush outside reboot 9700 wait for it wait for it doh. EDGE. OUCH

  • Bryan

    I live in Lafayette, Indiana and I just noticed that wednesday I woke up to a 3G signal on my G1. I thought I was dreaming or maybe my phone needed a reboot. But sure enough, it was a 3G signal. I checked it with a quick Youtube test and it was the real deal. T-mobile rocks!

  • jtomm

    how does louisville and cincy not have 3g yet? and even worse, why cant t-mobile tell me a projected date? i want a new smart phone but am not going to buy until i can use it the way it was designed to be used. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (the sound of my frustration)i want to give them my money but they are saying no thanks. wth?

  • ziggenzag

    The west side has had 3g for about 3 months or so which is great for when I’m at work…and can get a stable connection. I was baffled that Tmobile would blanket Purdue’s campus (which has widespread wifi anyway) and even the airport FFS with 3g and yet the flagship tmo store in Lafayette still did not have 3g until thanksgiving!!! I bet the store was stoked to be able to slang 3g phones without all the caveats like not actually having 3g available in the area. The coverage is still spotty for me especially on the levee and in my neighborhood by St. Elizabeth. Coverage is way better in Chicago and Indy but I’m glad the love is spreading. Now if only they could flip the switch on 21Mbps speed, that would really rock my ass and I might cough up the dough for a 2nd or 3rd gen android device for fear that my chunky little g1 would melt with that kind of speed on its ancient hardware if its even possible.

  • Sigh

    Still patiently waiting for 3G in Jack-town, MS. Sure would be a nice Christmas present!

  • Lafayette, LA just woke up to 3G goodness! I only have 2 bars, but the initial speed test resulted in 570 down and 180 up, which is a substantial improvement over the E.

    • Typo – that should be 380 up. :)