3G Live In Norwalk, Connecticut


Norwalk residents prepare for what might be one of the best days of your lives, free McDonald’s Happy Meal yes you guessed it, 3G is LIVE! T-Mobile is still on the verge of rolling out 3G to as many cities as possible and you’re next on their list! T-Mobile has officially announced 3G in Norwalk, Connecticut. Enjoy the blazing fast 3G speeds and download/upload whatever your heart may desire. And if you need a 3G-enabled device check out the BlackBerry Bold 9700, expected to release November 11th!  Feel free to sound off in the comments with your excitement!


  • Michael Houghton

    It’s not Saginaw :(

  • David

    Awesome 3g is here! Just need the BB!! I have 3g in Westport near FireStation Post Road. Gotta throw a plug for MyTouch3g and the LUKLUK free movie app that my T-Mobile Rep in Westport personally called me to tell me about. Wow! Patiently waiting for some 3gBB 9700 Greatness and HSPA as stated previously here with test market in Philly.

  • Cliq’er

    Its been live in downtown SoNo on a site or two, and there are a couple other sticks in the area, but certainly not the whole city (as I upload this via edge, 1/4 mile from downtown

  • Cliq’er

    Meant to say its been live on a couple of the sticks downtown for about 2 months

  • Dia

    Ummm. . . . Is that a picture of NYC, taken from Norwalk? Because that’s NYC, and 3G has been up in this beeeyotch for some time now. Just thought you’d like to know.

  • Kickstar13

    Yes I know it is a pic of NYC.

  • Kickstar13

    Changed the pic for you guys.

  • brad

    norwalk, connecticut huh? Nice guess St. Louis is still not big enough. Tmobile is really dropping the ball here in this area. N900, nice 9700 nice too, but pointless on the edge network IMO. Been with tmobile for 6 years but not for too much longer…

  • mlo

    Wooohooo I can’t wait to get my hands on my 9700,,,

  • RC

    Awesome, though Norwalk allegedly had 3G for the past 3 months according to the coverage map.

    I guess it doesn’t matter to me, since I don’t have a 3G device…

  • phoneking13

    how is it that small cities are getting 3G, but bigger cities like St. Louis, let alone Cincinnati, have it yet? :mad:

  • jaymax

    St. Louis has had 3G for two months now…stop spreading FUD.

  • helloo

    where is this? haha!

  • papito007

    when will 3G hit the city of Waterbury i cant wait to get this service..