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Hot off the heels of the recent BlackBerry Bold 9700 announcement, here is some more viewing pleasure. If you’re still unsure about whether or not you want this beast of a BlackBerry, maybe some pics will help you decide? All you T-Mobile BlackBerry addicts should get ready for the first 3G-enabled BlackBerry–I know you’ve all been waiting a long time for this. Currently expected for a November 11th release, the Bold 9700 will definitely become a great addition to T-Mobile’s handset lineup. Hit the jump for some snapshots of the new Bold 9700, specs, and a full features list.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Specifications

Size (LxWxD) Approximately 109 mm x 60 mm x14.1
Weight (battery included)
122 g / 4.28 oz
256 MB internal flash memory
Expandable Memory
Supports up to 32GB microSD card
1500 mAhr removable/rechargeable cryptographic lithium cell
Battery Life
GSM Talk Time: 6 hours; GSM Standby Time: 19 days
UMTS Talk Time: 6 hours; UMTS Standby Time: 15 days
35 key backlit QWERTY
High-resolution 480 X 360 pixel color display
Transmissive TFT LCD supports over 65,000 colors
2.44″ (diagonally measured)
3.2 MP camera with auto focus, image stabilization, flash and 2X digital zoom
Video Camera
Normal Mode: 480 x 352 pixels
MMS Mode: 176 x 144 pixels
Voice Input/Output
Integrated speaker and microphone, hands-free headset
capable, Bluetooth headset capable, integrated hands-free speakerphone
32 polyphonic – MIDI, SP-MDI, MP3, WAV
Integrated GPS with A-GPS (assisted GPS) ready
Media Player
Video format support: DivX 4, DivX 5/6 partially supported, XviD partially supported, H.263, H.264, WMV3, MPEG4, Sorenson Spark and On2 VP6 (Flash support)
Audio format support: 3GP, MP3, WMA9 (.wma/.asf), WMA9 Pro/WMA 10, MIDI, AMR-NB, Professional AAC/AAC+/eAAC+
Bluetooth v2.1; Mono/Stereo Headset, Hands-free, Serial Port Profile, Bluetooth Stereo Audio (A2DP/AVCRP) and Bluetooth SIM Access Profile supported
3.5mm stereo headset capable
Power Adapter
+5V DC/500 mA AC power adapter, with interchangeable location-specific plugs
2100/1900/850/800 MHz (Bands 1, 2, 5/6),
2100/1700/900 MHz (Bands 1, 4, 8 )
1900/1800/900/850 MHz

Stay in Touch

Based on optical technology, the track pad helps you easily scroll through the information you need, with an experience similar to the track pad on a laptop computer.
Wi-Fi Support (UMA/GAN)
Added Wi-Fi connectivity makes accessing to your BlackBerry® data services in Wi-Fi hotspots or other areas with Wi-Fi connectivity
convenient and easy.
Full-featured phone Have the features of a desktop phone with you when you’re between appointments or running late.
Bluetooth-enabled (v2.1) The BlackBerry® Bold 9700 smartphone is Bluetooth-enabled,7 so you can keep your hands free to focus on other tasks at hand.
3G (HSDPA) Compatible Designed to take advantage of the speeds available on 3G networks.
Send and receive text and picture messages (SMS & MMS) Keep in better touch with contacts who prefer text2 and picture messaging.
Enhanced Web Mail Chat from just about anywhere using Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger or ICQ apps built specifically for BlackBerry smartphones.
Edit Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint Files Whether you use Gmail®, AOL® Mail, Windows Live Hotmail or Yahoo!® Mail, you can enjoy on-the-go access to your favorite
supported web mail
Instant Messaging Chat from just about anywhere using Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo!® Messenger, AOL® Instant Messenger or ICQ® apps built specifically for BlackBerry smartphones.
Social networking for BlackBerry
Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones, Flickr Photo Uploader for BlackBerry® smartphones and MySpace® for BlackBerry® smartphones.

Entertainment on the Go

Media Player
Watch your videos and listen to your music with all the excellent visual and sound quality you expect from a BlackBerry smartphone.
Take photos wherever the inspiration hits you with a 3.2 MP camera with image stabilization, auto flash, auto focus and zoom.
Video Recording
When you need sound and action to help you tell the story, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone comes through with
built-in video recording.
BlackBerry Media Sync
BlackBerry® Media Sync lets you sync your desktop iTunes or Windows Media® Player music files with your BlackBerry smartphone. In just a few easy steps, you can take your tunes on the go, wherever you go.
Mobile Streaming
Access videos, music or even sports and news clips from web sites built for mobile streaming.

Browse, Shop and Buy

Pre-installed BlackBerry App World storefront Personalize your BlackBerry smartphone with apps from the BlackBerry App World storefront and discover how to put more of your life on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Instant Information

GPS Capabilities and BlackBerry Maps Designed to work with BlackBerry Maps and other location based software, use it to help determine where you are and how to get where you need to be.
HTML browsing A dynamic browsing experience, to help you get the information you need, when you need it. With the BlackBerry® Browser, you have easy access to the Internet with web pages that are easy to navigate and read.
Business Ready For small to medium-sized businesses, Hosted BlackBerry® services and BlackBerry® Professional Software are designed to offer affordable solution options. For large organizations, BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution is designed to provide advanced security features and enterprise-grade functionality..

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  • 30014

    I’m glad that tmo is finally getting a 3g blackberry and I would consider going back to blackberry but android has spoiled me. The browser is still garbage and until rim releases their webkit browser I’ll stay with android.

  • ss

    This phone is NOT THE FIRST 3G BlackBerry on T-Mobile

    The BlackBerry Flip is the first. This is the second!

  • JDean86

    Since the first pearl and brief miserable experience with the curve I must admit I am considering this phone.

    Are social applications free?(twitter, facebook etc) or do

    Can you ‘right click’ and save images as. Like with skyfire browser?

  • atarbra

    **The Pearl Flip is NOT 3g**

  • BronxBebe

    To quote the birds from Finding Nemo, “MINE”!

  • Jeff

    i know it’s small but i’m glad RIM is not using the red numbers. the all white text is very clean and classy. If the other rumor is true and the Behlod 2 will be out Nov 18, it’s going to be a very tough choice between the two units.

  • Salvador

    Anyone currently with the Curve 8320 planning on upgrading to the 9700? I’ve been holding off on going with either the 8900 and 8520 models for this one.

  • MTC44

    @Salvador –

    I am. The difference should be night and day. But I’m also considering the N900. Can’t decide if I’ll ever use the extra features (and subsequent $$$) that the N900 offers though.

  • BIGS12

    the behold 2 will be coming in nov, i forgot the date but it will be in nov from what ive seen…

  • Nerdlust

    I can’t wait! Sorry tp2 it’s nothing personal but I still got the hots for Ms berry!!!

  • 30014

    @ss….whoever told u the pearl flip was 3g lied to u because its not. So this will be tmo’s first 3g blackberry.

  • Dave

    @SS hahahaha you make me laugh!! who told you pearl flip is 3G? whoever it was must have very good sense of humor!!

  • eli_the_great89

    @ SS.
    sorry kiddo but the Blackberry Pearl-Flip 8220 is NOT a 3G enabled Blackberry.

    here’s a good way to justify whether or not a GSM Blackeberry is 3G enabled.
    all you have to do is look at the Model Number. If the Particular GSM Blackberry phone’s
    Model number is anywhere UNDER 9000 it’s NOT a 3G enabled device.
    Also everything in the 20’s in the 8,000 since the Blackberry Pearl series have been WiFi enabled
    anything in the 10’s are GPS enabled.

  • TravMobile

    Why does this “new” phone have a worse camera than my current blackberry 8900?

    I want the 8900 + 3G, or the 9700 + 5mp camera, not this stupid thing. Also, when are we getting a blackberry storm?

  • Salvador

    @MTC44 – I’ve had my eyes on the N900 also. The price would probably keep me from making the switch from a Blackberry to that one monster of a phone.

  • bmb


    the 8900 definitely has a 3.2 megapixel camera, which is the same as the new bold 2….not sure how that’s worse.

  • Nerdlust

    I have had my 8100 since 2006 i cannt wait for this update! Thanks tmob for finally get a 3g blackberry! BTW typing this on my soon to be retired 8100!!!

  • Nerdlust

    Same great camera as 8900

  • Wreximus

    Not very important or anything… but did anyone else notice that the “z” and “y” keys are switched? lol.. weird.

  • Slowsteadi

    I was considering getting the Touch pro 2, But now i definitely changed my mind.

  • B.Mitch

    How come the Y and Z keys aren’t where they normally are on a keyboard..hmm..that’s kind of odd..

  • tony

    Regarding the y and z being changed, that picture is probably one of a European sold phone. The QWERTZ keyboard layout is used frequently there.

  • dn


    It looks like it’s the German version of the phone, where they traditionally have their Z/Y keys switched.

  • JM

    The Y and Z keys are different on the German keyboard. For the US it will have the expected QWERTY setup while German versions of the phone should have the QWERTZ keyboard.

  • Broke

    Though it won’t stop me from my purchase, I’m kinda disappointed that it doesn’t have the Media Player controls on the top like that cheap BB that just came out. That’s so much more convenient and its not like this one makes good use of the top area of the phone or anything. Also as stated, the current BB browser bites. I hope that some major changes to it come soon. Otherwise, this phone is pretty dreamy.

  • Mike

    I love it when people post shit they know nothng about for example the dumbass that posted the Blackberry Flip was the first 3g Blackberry on T-Mobile, do not post if you do not have the knowledge or the sense god gave a piece of shit. Get your facts straight idiot!!!!!!!!

  • Juan

    LOL tell ’em why you mad, Mike.

  • Lyfe

    Tony is right.

  • czar

    I really wanted to like the Cliq but its lag and slow widget updates turned me off. I’m curious to try android but I know this blackberry won’t let me down. I will def be getting this on release date.

  • is about f**king time i can’t wait for it. this new bold rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Broke
  • Kickstar13

    TO ALL: This is the European version of the BlackBerry 9700. Pics from (Engadget Germany)

    The US version will have the QWERTY style keyboard.

  • onwaitinglist

    The significant of this release is that it is THE first 3G/UMA phone!

  • Kickstar13

    Also it has a faster processor compared to the 8900.

  • mikemeat

    the bb bold was the first 3g
    flip was the first 3g tmobile
    I have a prerelease model and it has 3g

  • Nerdlust

    I have spent a good portion telling other BB users on different networks about it! Great phone great service and low price!!!

  • Nerdlust

    Is it on a different network? Flip’s for tmob are edge!

  • atarbra

    hey czar just a heads up, the cliq just got a two part update yesterday and it seemed to fix both of those issues, they mainly seemed to occur in the first day of owning the phone (ive had it for almost 2 weeks). Once the phone got to know me, the happenings updated quicker and i havent seen lag since day one.

  • Nerdlust

    BB browser question?
    Is Bolt and Opera mini web kit based?

  • Kickstar13
  • sidekickuser

    its dumb they just add one little innovation.
    its like the sidekick, all cosmetic.
    they still have that dumb os, and small keyboard.
    change is good!

  • Kickstar13

    BlackBerry Bold 9700 simulator now available!

  • helloo

    is this a BOLD™ 9000 inside a CURVE™ 8900

  • Chris

    Ya, so I have an iPhone, so I need not put up with Trash-Mobiles god-awful coverage in Denver, nor the sucky Blackberry. You are taking up half the entire device for you keyboard! I tried to put my contact info into my friends Blackberry, and by the time I finished typing in my email, I was about ready to douse myself in gas and use the Blackberry battery as an igniter! On the other hand, the same friend put his contact info into my iPhone and said “wow. that was really easy. I wish I had gotten one of those”…