Windows Mobile App Store Advertisement Equals Fail

What do you get when you cross two guys in lab coats, lame jokes and the Windows Mobile app store? You get this advertisement and the ability to watch once, laugh hysterically and then do it all over again. Seriously, this is bad. I know I am not a Windows Mobile fan so it’s not as if I’m rooting for anyone here, but if they were hoping for a turn around, this is not the way to do it. Either way, watching this half a dozen times or so might make you completely forget all the problems in the world and give you a few moments of reflection on how awesome ads like these are. In any case, we hope that devices like the HTC HD2 bring a much need change in how people view Windows Mobile these days. Until then however, Microsoft needs to fire this marketing company.


  • NiiDiddy

    Stupid, stupid, stupid…! That’s all I got for Microsoft, this ad, and their app store…STUPID!

  • Jeff

    It is pretty bad but it might be bad enough to appeal to the male 16 to 30 crowd that watches clips on You Tube. I’m not sure what Microsoft is selling but if they are getting into video content for You Tube, i guess that’s a new direction that wont make money. I think it’s time for a management change at Microsoft. Overall, I thought this clip was a little entertaining.

  • IceCold06

    Wow…this was horrible! The Windows 7 commercials weren’t that bad…must be a totally different marketing branch.

  • Jeff

    I thought it was okay, it is definatly making fun of the apple app store…
    Obviously this will not run on TV.

  • T

    This ad is great! It shows that other app stores welcomes useless applications just to get the number of apps up. All to say “we have the greatest number of apps”.

    Who cares how many apps you have if the majority are useless?

  • Rob

    I think you guys are missing the subtle, yet very real, slam on apple in this video, regarding apple rejecting apps from their store.

  • andrew

    Wow, I couldn’t even make it to the end of that. If there was sarcasm in there, it sure wasn’t funnny.

  • Cybersedan

    While it wasn’t a greatest ad (goofy and clumsy), I got the point…, the iDon’t may have 75000 aps, but 90% of them are of the “pull my finger” where intellectual capacity and usefulness are concerned.

    Overall, I liked it.

  • Vit

    So, Microsoft is saying that crapware will be gone from App. store. What is so bad or stupid about that? Actually, makes App. store more pleasant to use than, oh, let’s say Android Market with tones of flash lights, bikini girls, and other “vital” aplications

  • Ed

    I thought it was a great commercial and use of satire humor against the rest of the app stores out there. I’ve been using it for the past week, and already enjoy it more than the billion crap apps on the iPhone that I had for awhile.

    To the author though, I don’t see how you think the HD2 is the only phone that may turn WinMo around, the TP2 has been excellent. I understand though if you have a bias to OS’s that aren’t mature and screen technology that is very limited (capacative)

  • dan

    “and then there was the enabler.. ‘what’s one more mojito?'” that’s awesome! i liked it.

  • sd

    “and then there was the enabler.. ‘what’s one more mojito?'” that’s awesome! i liked it.

  • Sour

    “Who cares how many apps you have if the majority are useless?”
    “I think you guys are missing the subtle, yet very real, slam on apple in this video, regarding apple rejecting apps from their store.”

    No, I think they understand just fine and that’s the real reason they say the commerical sucks because fanboys hate to hear it.

    No fanboy can ever let go of their bias. EVER. That’s why talking to a fanboy is the equivalent of teaching a cat to speak Klingon.

  • sleebus.jones

    Personally, I thought it was funny, and a welcome departure from their usually stodgy marketing.

  • Lessy

    Very funny. I don’t care much for winmo, but that was great.

  • Ritchie

    Funny as hell, but why give Mac artillery? Once they see this im pretty sure there going to come out with another Mac commercial explaining how stupid Microsoft is.

  • hi!

    The ONLY reason you would use the word “fail” when referring to this add is because you want to divert attention from the absolute DISASTER that is project flop.

    Pllleeeeeease, just post this and then maaaybe make a comment that you think it’s lame. Look at the comments, it’s quite split between those that did and didn’t like it.

    NOW, go check out the comments for project flop. Well over 300 that are very upset. THAT’S INSANE! Don’t try to “change the subject” so to speak by talking bad about a web based ad that won’t even make it to TV

  • just some dude

    Poor Microsoft, that was just lame and sad. Ever since Vista it was all downhill from there. And now that Windows 7 is getting not the best of reviews all over the net I feel for them. They used to be on top. Just goes to show nothing is forever.

  • Ed

    @ Just Some Dude

    You are hard pressed to find a negative review on W7, and when you do the site shows a general bias towards being anti-MS anyway with their other articles. W7 is being very well recieved.

  • Sanjay

    I thought the ad was okay. I am a WM user and don’t have plans to change. I am a bit slow but now get the idea that there are so many apps that are of no use. Just like we buy so much stuff we don’t really need or use. I do wish everyone would stop with the personal attacks. David, has a right to express his opinion as does everyone else.

  • just some dude

    @ ED

    Ed who are we kidding Win 7 is Vista with a new menu bar which is a copy of OS X by the way. Lets not kid our selves its gonna flop like Vista did.

  • John

    TMONEWS Bias Coverage Equals Fail!

    Why you even post things about Windows Mobile? Everybody by now knows you are a big Google Android and Apple Fanboy.

    Tought this website is about T-Mobile cellphones and news not some…

  • Alex

    i thought the ad was hahalarious it really did make me laugh!

  • helloo

    if there would to be regular WINDOWS 7 on a phone maby that would be a bit better?

  • MadProfessor

    Made me want to shoot myself, right in the pinkie toes.

  • Ed

    @ just some dude

    Obviously you are:

    A: A troll
    B: Ignorant
    C: An Apple fanboi
    D: All of the above

  • kershon

    HaHaHaHa. Very funny. Love the little digs. At face value though, sure seems dumb. But funny none the less. Love it.

  • helloo

    @ ed just shut up

  • js-1

    good god threes a lot apple fanboys here with huge stick up there butt!

    seriously! who wants a close source hardware. that you can’t even update the components when they fail. that you can only bring to genius bar when you get there you get 3 to 5 people trying to help resolve your problem BUT only end up giving you a new product. that you end up resetting up. LAME!

    every fuckin person Ive ran cross that switched to apple uses it like Windows. dumps all their files onto the desktop. when you ask them to search for it by using the search function they don’t even know how to. I ran into 3 people that runs bootcamp 24/7.

    new apple users=brainless hipster

  • just some dude


    A: im average height so no not a troll.
    B: beta tester for MS since XP days so not really
    C: I hate that iphone with a passion, but i do love my MBP, and my Linux box, and XP was good too
    D: explained above.

    So yeah its gonna flop my friend big time. just trying to save you like $300. But you go ahead you follow the sheep.

  • just some dude

    Dont know about closed system, ive upgraded my HD, DVD, and ram. and i did it all be my lonesome too. And on components failing you must be thinking of those cheap windows machines that are everywhere. You know the ones that say they have all the great specs and its like $599. and a year later your buying a new one cuz its crap hardware or windows is just so bloated with crap ware and viruses and malware and trojans and on and on and on. then the average user says ill just get a new one because you there tired of rebuilding. Ask an apple dude when is the last time they had to reformat there system, not very often if ever. I switched two years ago and never looked back after being a hardcore PC guy. It still amazes me that to this day i run no anti anything software on my machine and the firewall is off too, and what do you know my machine just works. And i don’t spend like 20% of my time keeping all that protection updated either, then dont forget the system resources that have to keep all that stuff running. Oh god i can go on and on.

  • helloo

    whatever this is old news hahaha

  • js-1

    so tell me why do i see a ticket line at the genius bar the apple store every time I walk into that place…FYI this is SF, CA one too. you should see the ones that has parking.just stay there for an hour. go see demo that they host sometimes and keep an eye on the genius bar. guarantee you’ll have 2 to 3 people walking in with there desktop for some sort failure every hour.

    FYI.if want to point out cheap ass desktop computers name names and NOT just because it has Microsoft OS its hardware is crap. MS is only an OS. thats like buying a cheap Dell and having it fail after a year. calling MS for your hard drive failure. every dumb.

    trust me MS OS/(insert your brand name here) is better and cheaper than Apples over priced hipster look at me im stylin with my MAC….how do you find this find file, again spec for spec.

  • just some dude

    lines at the bar, Well two things. first some people are clueless about computers and they need help, second if there was a MS/dell / any manufacturer store to bring in machines, PC lines would be 100 more than that of mac. And you know what its that you can bring in your machine somewhere.

    Ok ill name names, any and all. the truth is most if not all pc vendors make crappy looking machines, yes macs are more pricey, But you get what you pay for rock solid machine, The best OS, no need to worry about viruses, and design and looks. Im sorry i cant help it if my machine looks like time and effort was taken to designit. Yes your right on one thing “MS OS/(insert your brand name here) is cheaper than Apple. If you consider cheap plastic extruded boxes with little LEDs blinking everywhere and bulky machines better then you deserve one. I on the other hand want something nice for my money, i want good design, Rock solid OS And a virus free environment to work in.

    “look at me im stylin with my MAC” sounds like your jelous, its ok to admit you reallu want one. Whats the problem with having a nice machine you can be prod of. when is the last time you saw some dude saying look at my cool slick “insert name” PC in all its plastic cheap glory.

    and the whole find thing whats up with that. Its called keeping your files organized. OS X’s search feature runs rings around windows. but again its all about keeping your files in folders in a organized way.

  • rossi

    @ Just some dude

    Go ahead and pay your premium for macs… The only Mac computer I would buy is one of their laptops, and mostly because of their nice aluminum chassis. I build my own desktops, and I can spend considerably less to gain better hardware than your macs… my computer is getting to be 1.5 years old now, and it wasn’t until they released the latest versions of their mac pros that the hardware was better than mine. Oh and I have a custom chassis that is IMO much better than the ones on the Macs… I also spent less than 1k on the whole build.

    Btw, if you know how to download and install a program (antivirus) you won’t have any issues with viruses on windows machines as long as you are careful (ie be suspicious of attachments and strange links and pop ups)

    Buy into the image of Macs dude, but I hate to break it to you. If I were to build a new desktop today it would cost half of a mac pro and have superior internals. No joke.

  • WazzuKirk

    I actually thought that was pretty freakin funny. lol

  • Sebastiaan

    Lol thats amazing! Because on ALL of the amazing marketplaces you find USELESS apps just like that!! Big up to Microsoft for that one~

  • Alex

    This is a website from T-Mobile news people.
    What the hell are you doing arguing about this stuff?

    I am glad I switched over to a Mac since my last CPU failed.
    I have had absolutely 0 problems with it.
    It runs so much more smoothly, and it operates so much simpler.

    The only downside about a Mac, is that the majority of the stuff you download cannot be run on it, because devs create it for Windows.
    I play a lot of Video Games on it, so I run into this a lot.

    HOWEVER, this is not Apple’s fault, the devs are too lazy or unconcerned to reach out to the Mac fanbase.
    I’d say if Apple wanted to, it would benefit them to create some sort of program with guidelines or whatnot, to get devs in the right direction for programming their works onto a Mac.
    Although, I’m sure Microsoft would instantly target them for some sort of bullcrap for their interference with the Windows OS.

  • helloo

    Windows™ is more simple

  • PoohGQ

    Ok the author of this article claims to be a WinMo fan…i can smell your b*llsh*tfrom a mile away! I seem to find that tmonews has very biased writers against Windows Mobile (even t-mobile it’s self seems biased). for those of us who have used OS for the last 8 or so years appreciate that all the copy cats (and that includes icrap) have not been successful at making a robust OS but meerly iCandy. This ad was very funny and made sense to those frustrated at the crapware being pushed out from iCrap & droidtoy. WM Marketplace is just an additional store & you’re not locked into it as the only option. there are thousands of freeware products offered for WinMo devices that’s why I love this OS. Freedom! Let Freedom ring true!

  • PoohGQ

    To “just some dude”…I think you seem to forget that ‘A big tree attracts more wind.’ MAC computers having no viruses has nothing to do with the stability of the OS but meerly a fact that 90% of PC users have Windows running on them. MAC has like, what, 3% worldwide adopt! I think the virus writers are only interested in the bigger pie not the 3%…

  • Adam


    They might be trying to make a point, but the reality of the ad is SO STUPID that you have to really think about it to get to that point, and by that time its just plain old!
    I think you would have to be a computer geek in a labcoat with a pocket protector to actually laugh WITH ANY of the jokes (those were trying to be jokes, right?) in that ad, otherwise it is a good way to kill time…