Rumored Project Dark Pricing

Project Dark, we have high hopes for you and we sure hope this is enough to catapult you into the good graces of the wireless deities.

I know what you all want and we are prepared to deliver. We’re putting this in the rumor column at this point but we’re pretty confident on this pricing. You’re going to skip right past anything else I write so here is what we know:



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  • laxama

    If these rumored price points are accurate, I’ll be jumping ship when my contract expires in December. This certainly isn’t the game changer we were all hoping for.

  • Hmmm 500 minutes with text and web works for me. Especially if it is less than $70.

  • Carlos


    BULL…That’s what I pay now…

  • Matt

    I never made the mistake of having such high hopes. But, that said, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings and Oct. 25th still isn’t there. Whoever gave out this information could have done it with misdirection in mind. If these prices turn out to true, I WILL not be going to T-Mobile any time soon. Straight Talk will still remain king for the Unlimited Talk/Text/1XRTT Web browsing. T-Mobile’s network is also decidedly inferior to Verizon Wireless. Straight Talk prominently advertises that it uses Verizon’s network.

  • Anna

    Yeah, I don’t see how this is going to help them with any jump in the market. Furthermore, I don’t really see much reason to stick around.

  • Tortri

    This sounds like the family plan

  • rickysyfee

    why is this disappointing?

    I have been shopping and the next cheapest is sprint with 99 dollars unlimted everything–

    who is better?- if I cant get a good deal on a smart phone i gotta go too

  • Lefton Jackman

    Lame. Looks like the most I will get out of this is a touch of leverage to get a sweeter deal to stay with Sprint.

  • Matt

    Smart phones are really only a “necessity” if you run your own business or your employer provides one for you. In this economy, we should be evaluating NEEDS vs. WANTS. Yeah, it is cool to have the bling of the smartphone but that bill is a kick in the gonads. I do miss my smart phone for the qwerty keypad for messaging but Straight Talk does have that kind of phone.

  • eYe

    ummm, how is this a game changes? I have unlimited talk ($50) and web+text for G1 ($30) AND I got a phone discount vs $80 for the same thing but no phone discount. Pretty lame, and this is the first time I am dissapointed about t-mo pricing, most of the time I wine about their phone selection. Oh well, everybody else is more expensive anyway.

  • deangelo724

    Now, this is just what I expected. T-Mobile has being doing some very impressive research. They came up with a way to make the same amount of money from the same customer either way. Example: Even More +: UnlTTW 79.99 plus 499.99 handset= 54.99/month. Even More: UnlTTW 99.99 plus 149.99 handset=92.49/month over the course of the contract. You pay more with recieving(discounts) as opposed to the Even More+ plans.

    However here is the deal. With Even More Plus+, I am sure that while you have one handset already being financed, you cannot choose that option again to receive another phone, for those of us who are techo-geeks. Whereas with Even More, you pay the discounted price upfront. And if you so choose to purchase another device, you will paying the Full Retail, as your “discount” or upgrade has been redeemed previously, unless you wait the 22 months.

    So this is a stomper i guess. Just wait it out and see guys.

    Where is Cincinnati with the 3g?

  • I hope this pricing is wrong otherwise I’ll be staying grandfathered… or heck maybe i’ll go for the droid. Idk this just doesn’t seem right to me at all, to be honest 100 for unlimited everything doesn’t even beat sprint’s unlmt. plan there’s no way this will get t-mobile out of 4th place… I’m betting the pricing will be better than this.

  • TheViper

    Oh boy! I can save 5 whole dollars if I get the exact same plan I have now on ‘even more plus’ (1k min+unlim txt+web)… and I can pay for my phones in full rather than getting any sort of discount!! AWESOME!!

    *Note: It actually would cost me more to switch to the “cheaper” ‘even more plus’ plan if you factor in the full cost of the phone. I don’t even want to know what’d it be on ‘even more’

  • zapote21

    Its not that its much cheaper, its that its almost the same as now.

    Example now: 1000 myfaves + unl txt+web = $95

    Future: Unl txt+min+web = 80 or 100

    NOT much different and certainly not a game changer.

  • Matt

    How reliable is this source of information?

    • David

      Same source who provided the original graphic for the even plus, even more plans

  • Brett

    Lame, it’s only $5 less than I’m paying now. I had so much hope for Project Dark, I should have know it would be all hype.

  • BBSwany

    I pay less than that now with my Unlimited Loyalty… $ 95/Month with taxes…

  • Matt

    So, the source is fairly reliable then.

  • jenny

    I dont find that a deal at all. 50 bucks at metro pcs, and i dont leave my town that often to need coverage else where. I was going to stay with T-mobile, but i dont know now. Guess i will wait and see what the real deal is going to be.

  • Brian

    his tweet was right…disapointed

  • Jose

    What about family plans?? Anything new??

  • mistermix

    Matching Sprint is a “game changer”?

    What are they smoking at TMo HQ? This is worse than pathetic.

  • deangelo724

    I’m guessing the names of the plans should’ve been “You Pay Even More” aned “You Pay Even More Plus full retail of your handset”

  • Grr

    The pricing doesn’t sound right. On one hand, I know T-Mobile did not create a lot of hype for this, but it has been hyped up due to the amount of the level of secrecy involved. Some of these pricings aren’t even significantly better than offers T-Mobile has had in the past. It smells fishy to me.

  • Hushpook

    Lets hope these rate plan leaks are inaccurate, and that this so called ‘Project Dark’ is more than just new rate plans. I would expect little to no bump in T-Mobile activity if this is the extent of the changes.

    Lets remember…these are the same fools that proclaimed ‘T-Mobile @ Home’ to be a game changer. There is an outstanding chance that some higher ups in Bellevue, WA doesn’t know what the phrase ‘game changer’ means. Brings to mind the old saying, “don’t wiz down my leg, then try to tell me its raining.”

  • Steven

    Wow, this is crap. It’ll be cheaper for me to keep my existing family plan by the sound of that. Way to blow this T-Mobile. Glad I didn’t really get my hopes up.

    This is not game changing. If they wanted to be game changing I think they really needed to be close to the $45 StraightTalk unlimited everything plan.

  • ag

    I hope these are family plans, I’m not sticking around with their lame phones for this. Even though the pricing is still cheap I would much rather have a droid and maybe, hopefully tmobile has some android power coming soon. That Verizon Droid is looking more and more attractive.

  • Hushpook

    Make that ‘some higher ups don’t know’. Sorry

  • These numbers can’t really be correct, can they? It’s really the same pricing as everyone else and the only “bonus” is the financing/payment plan, which you can do now. I am looking for a family plan with unlimited text and web and around 1500 minutes, such as Sprint’s family plan, and I need it to be cheaper than $130 for me to consider T-Mobile. Of course, I don’t see the family plans listed, but considering the individual plans are about the same, I am not holding my breath. T-Mobile, if you can do what I want for $100 a month, I’m in. If not, I’ll try Sprint or wait for Verizon’s Droid costs.

  • Boy Rockin On

    WOW this sucks, I hope when they tell the full details on project blk this info is wrong, cause if not, there is no deal.

  • db

    I already have this pricing structure right now. So, what good does this change do for me. I currently have unlimited everything for $84.95. That’s a $5 difference. Where is my benefit?

  • Patrick

    I would HIGHLY doubt this pricing. Seeing as how current T-Mobile customers can switch to the loyalty plan for FREE and get $50/month unlimited talk…it’d be idiotic to start charging them $35 to switch and NO one will switch. It’d be a HUGE waste of time. Unlimited talk/text/web for $70 doesn’t even ALMOST beat out Sprint’s deal, and T-Mobile isn’t dumb enough to make this huge deal out of something if all they’re gonna do is add unlimited web to a $99 plan, there’s no need for the big secret. Sprint already has that. I don’t know how you could even say you’re CONFIDENT of these prices when common sense and context clues say otherwise

  • Computergeek377

    This is VERY disappointing. I won’t be switching plans anytime soon. Thank God my contract does not expire until 2011. I am not giving up my My Faves 300 plan and unlimited text and web for 59 bucks.

    After 2011 if these plans are still in effect I will switch carriers.

    T-Mobile, what are you guys thinking with this??????? This is not a game changer!!!

  • mistermix

    A poster at HoFo confirms the $60,$70,$100 pricing, and adds the family pricing:

    $100, $120, $180

    Just awful.

  • spicaly

    1000 with text and web 69.99

    im paying less now for the same thing

  • Bigg


  • MobilePaddy

    So all this time, “even more” meant we are going to charge you more that what you can possibly imagine?

    T-Mobile = epic fail (if these prices are true)

  • Kenathon

    What about the N900? I thought that was coming out soon and not the leaked plans don’t even mention it! Does anyone know when the N900 will be landing on the T-mobile lineup?

  • wl

    if this is true Tmobile has just shit itself in the foot

  • Gary

    Also, why should no contract pricing be $20 more off the top, if I am going to have to pay full price for my phone?

    ps. Feel free to edit this and my last together if you can.

  • Elias


    Maybe it’s time to start cause Tmobile’s gonnal lose alot of people with these rates.

  • Steven

    T-Mobile = FAIL!

  • deangelo724

    Pricing look fine to me!! Unlimited TTW for 79.99 on Even More plus. great job!! As Sprint only has Unlimited to any Mobile for 70. Great Job!!

  • allan…

    I think this is the family plan. At least from what I’ve heard I got a frend that works for the tmo call center in ft lauderdale fl and he said it sounds like the family plan though he still can not confirm for fear of being fired or reprimanded

  • Computergeek377

    Cricket and other “regional carriers” that T-Mobile thought customers would flock from must be laughing their a**** off at this. If anything this will make me switch to one of them. Their plans are cheaper then this.

  • rfgenerator

    Don’t want text, don’t use it, don’t need, but yet if you want web you have to pay for text. Ridiculous.

  • I am shocked. The pricing here seems off. This is not a competitive option at all.

    Reading this, people who opt for a contract (Even More) are going to pay $20 a month more than people who go sans contract (Even More Plus)? Where the hell is the value in that? Unless the phones are heavily subsidized (I am talking Samsung Memoir sub $100) there is no way people will contract with Tmobile.

    Throw money and logistics out the window… the wording here is all fouled up anyways, who would give you a 20 month installment plan on a NON CONTRACTED phone purchase? That doesn’t even make sense. I get that TMO wants to get all the new users they can, and bog down my network, but this seems like it would/should scare people away from TMO.

  • Patrick

    those aren’t the rates. i’m telling you. just because ONE person says there was a sign dropped off you believe it. no pictures, NOTHING. as stated before. why in the WORLD would t-mobile make a huge secret out of doing something that SPRINT is already doing with the 100 unlimited plan. People…trust me on this. that’s NOT the pricing. the whole reason they’re doing this is to compete with sprint’s $70 plan!!!!

  • Patrick

    nevermind…see pics now

  • milo

    add a line still ten bucks for family plan

  • rossi

    The ball was heavy and covered with lube. Tmobile has dropped it if this is true. I held out until prices were confirmed, but wtf this is embarrassing.

  • milo

    add a line still ten bucks for family plan?

  • Sean

    Definitely FAIL. All said & done, my bill monthly is $95 – for unlimited everything & I’m getting subsidized phones. So what that I have a contract?

    I do not see anything in these plans that is compelling AT ALL.

  • mistermix

    LOL – deangelo724 – I guess T-Mobile marketing’s astroturf campaign has begun.

  • Patrick


    Does anyone else find it weird that unlimited talk/txt/data is 79.99….but i can get the unlimited tlk/txt plan for 59.99 and add unlimited web for $10 to bring total price to $69.99

  • Steve

    So everyone gets loyalty pricing…fail

  • mistermix

    I went to the T-Mob store the other day to get pricing on a 750 family plan with one smartphone (with data), two dumphones and unlimited texting for all. The rep threw in a discount and he got me to $130 (including taxes)

    Looks to me like we’re pretty close to $130 after taxes with the current plan. $80+30+10 = $120 before taxes.

    This looks like exactly the same game to me.

  • rossi


    I see that… something seems fishy… either that or someone at tmo is a retard.

  • deangelo724

    @ Patrick….just noticed that!

  • mistermix

    @rossi – I pick option 2!

  • ckhoutx

    This is crazy. If it’s true T-Mobile is done for. This is no game changer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone hurry and sell your DT stocks!! Quick!!

  • Matt

    Wow, looks like T-Mobile’s Project Dark is much ado about absolutely nothing. These prices are in no way competitive. Well, I think Oct. 25th will be a disappointment for many expecting something much greater. I fail to see how effectively matching Sprint will magically elevate T-Mobile to the number 3 position. I won’t be leaving Straight Talk Wireless. Rumor has it that Page Plus is going to make a move that should be interesting – Unlimited Talk/Text/Data/Roaming and Smart Phone Data for 50.00-60.00. That will be a game changer.

  • NobleTMobile

    Ummm…..I think you can take the word “Rumored” down now. Unfortunately.

  • My current plan i have the 1000 MyFaves Family for me and my wife. both have $4.99 text and I have the $9.99 Shadow web and my bill comes out to $85ish/month.

    I want a MyTouch, she wants a Cliq. To stay on our current plan, that’s an additional 50 or 60 a month to get the data plan for those phones, which puts us up at 130/140ish.

    750 minutes will do us fine with unlimited text and web @ 109.99/mo + tax. Just have to see how the financing will work for those phones as i am now able to upgrade for 10 months.

  • rossi

    I just don’t get it… how does this compete with sprint? It just doesn’t…

  • R

    Are you kidding? We’ve all been getting pumped all this time about $40/50/60 plans? God, what a ripoff. Guess I have a good reason to get a droid now.

  • Charlie

    So lets see. I am paying 54.99 + tax for myfaves 300 and unlimited texting… I use about 600 myfave minutes a month… and about 60 anytime minutes + random weekend/weeknight minutes… so in order to save $5 i lose my 600+ free myfave minutes just to get 200 more anytime minutes…

    Where are my savings again?

    If they dropped all rate plans by 10$ or kept in myfaves for all plans, then it would be a good deal to me.

    this just isn’t what i was hoping for…

    sidenote: why does it only cost $10 for unlimited web on a normal phone but $30 to get it in the bundle… they should just leave it at the base price and offer web for either 30 or 10 depending on phone.. but either way, web is way overpriced.

  • I’m confused — so the $60 all-you-can-eat deal is just rumor? The deals are worse than that, right? So much for me holding out for T-mobile. I think I’ll start looking around at other carriers.

  • MishkaGreen

    Makes me want to go to Sprint for the Hero if I’m going to be paying the same price for a plan. T-Mobile let me down.

  • californium89

    wow i would be paying more on these plans then i pay now? i thought the unlim talk txt web included smart phones……. very sad day

  • nr552

    The way I am reading this:

    1500 min family plan voice+txt+web = ~$160, then to add 2 lines voice+txt (assumed here as it only says unlimited web) $10 each, or $20- Net cost = $180 That’s a 2 year contract.

    I have 1800 min family plan – $99.99, + txt $9.99 + data plan (2) + $50 + 2 additional lines ($9.99 each) — net cost ~$180.00 before taxes and my 10% corp discount.

    WTF TMobile? ‘Can you hear me now’? is starting to sound better.

    If this intel is correct, I will be very disappointed.

  • Chuong

    @ rfgenerator

    You can add web only for $30/$25 (smartphone Even More/Even More +) and $10 (dumb phone) to your Talk plan(s). However the price is higher than what T-Mobile currently offers ($25 for smartphone).

  • S.D.

    $89.99 myFaves for families 1800
    $69.98 T-Mobile Android Unlimited Web + Unlimited Messages (2 lines)

    1500 minutes + Unlimited Web + Unlimited Messages (2 lines)

    Ummmm Where’s the deal here?
    That’s 300 minutes less and 2 cents more.
    And MyFaves might not even be included…

  • Bigg

    Ok so someone explain to me cuz this is getting confusing, right now I have 9.99 unlimited txt for fam, I have 4 lines on my account, the first 2 have smart phone internet @ $25 each, so now let say if I want to switch to the lowest even plus more which is talk text and web for 109, that will give me unlimted text and web for the first 2 lines, what I want to know is do you guys think I will be able to grandfather my 9.99 fam txt for the other 2 lines? And also when they say talk text and web, does it mean web for smartphones or web for dumb phones?

  • PD4L

    Not impressive. Nothing ground breaking here. For those with the $49.99 unlimited talk that was offered to existing customers, why would they dump that plan?

    I don’t think they will jump over Sprint with these plans. Hope there is more to these or this just a joke.

  • rossi

    Mishka I’ll join ya.

  • rfgenerator

    Anybody want to be that when this “fail train” leaves the station it won’t be long till T-Mobile starts eliminating all grandfathered plans to push people to them.
    This things smells of being concocted in many many many marketing meetings where they just listened to each other and no-one was brave enough to stand up and say this is a load poop that will sink us.

  • LaNsLyDe

    Oh God no! This is just saddening….i’m gonna go cry…this is the first rumor that has made me sad lol..I thought they caused anxiety? Damnit all.

  • mistermix

    I’m sure that hundreds of thousands of users will flock to the T-Mob stores this weekend to pay $15/month more than they pay for a StraightTalk unlimited talk+text plan.

  • David

    I have 2 lines on a family plan. 1800 mins, nights/weekends, mobile to mobile and myfaves for 89.99. I have 400 text (shared) for 9.99 and unlimited android data on my G1 (no data on the other phone) for 24.99. We never go over the 1800 minutes at all. I just don’t see the savings if I switch. Am I missing something? I would like unlimited text though..but I still don’t see the advantage to switching plans.

  • Steven

    T-Mobile was worried about having enough staff for this? Their gonna need to fire people as this is stupid. I remember when T-Mobile had a 1000 minute plan for 39.99 on contract and now the 39.99 plan is 500 minutes with no contract?

    These new plans do NOT beat the family myFaves that basically gives me unlimited minutes now since I only call a few people. If they were to have offered a $99 family plan with unlimited everything that would have been great, but $180 is insane!

  • I think this looks great. This would knock $80 off my current monthly bill and give me more minutes and text. Buy a full priced $500 phone at $20 a month and I am still $60 in the positive. I think it all depends on what your usage is and I don’t think it’s unplanned that this helps out higher paying customers more. There is a limit to how low a carrier can charge for less intensive phone users and still cover their expenses. I would also rather pay a little more and have T-Mobile’s customer service than deal with what Walmart’s customer service would be (I’m betting) and I know from experience what Sprint’s is like (which ultimately cost me a good deal of time and money). Customer service is kinda like your car’s air bags, you may not need them 99.99% of the time, but that .01% when you do, it’s pretty important that they are there.

  • OchoCinco

    This MUST mean T-mobile is getting the IPHONE because these plans aren’t going to change anyone’s mind who was on the fence.

  • Steven

    T-Mobile was worried about having enough staff for this? Their gonna need to fire people as this is stupid. I remember when T-Mobile had a 1000 minute plan for 39.99 on contract and now the 39.99 plan is 500 minutes with no contract?

    These new plans do NOT beat the family myFaves that basically gives me unlimited minutes now since I only call a few people. If they were to have offered a $99 family plan with unlimited everything that would have been great, but $180 is insane!

  • McD

    I don’t think this sounds so bad for $140 unlimited everything for the wife and me, total. If I get my corp discount, that would be excellent!

  • McD

    I don’t think this sounds so bad for $140 unlimited everything for the wife and me, total. If I get my corp discount, that would be excellent!

  • Pritpaul

    Disappointing. Right now I’m on the $50 loyalty unlimited +$25 android data. It looks like the same thing would cost me $80 with the new plans, and without subsidized phones (sure I’d get unlimited text but I don’t use it that much). I hope this doesn’t remove my current ability to add/drop my current android data plan as needed (I’m not on a commitment for it).

  • Pritpaul

    Disappointing. Right now I’m on the $50 loyalty unlimited +$25 android data. It looks like the same thing would cost me $80 with the new plans, and without subsidized phones (sure I’d get unlimited text but I don’t use it that much). I hope this doesn’t remove my current ability to add/drop my current android data plan as needed (I’m not on a commitment for it).

  • Chuong

    @ Patrick

    I think the unlimited talk/txt/web (Even More + @ $80) includes all phones. The $10 web2go add-on is only for dumbphone.

  • bob

    I see no ‘REAL’ improvements here? I am not under contract and I have unlimited voice, Unlimited data and 400 text message for $80 per month NOW…I would pay more under these plans but would get unlimited text…( I never come close to 400 though).

    T-mobile WAY oversold this. It isn’t even better than Sprints deals????? They are offering the $99 sprint deal in the end for everything???? I’m confused? this is better??

  • deangelo724

    guys read this carefully….pics are posted and u stiil have it wrong

  • wozer


    indeed i’d wish they’d just break it in the middle and say 20$ for web.

    but the 10$ is a wap service(mobile sites for basic phones-alot of stuff is blocked) the 30$ is full web access

  • Chris

    Why the hell do you people keep bringing up Page Plus? You do realize that they are NOT a a carrier available everywhere, right? And wtf is Straight Talk? Sounds like a Cricket clone to me…

  • Patrick

    @everyone who replied…yea…that definitely sounds fishy. maybe these are decoy posters? Someone could’ve printed these cause anybody who opens the boxes before Saturday night gets fired

  • Rob

    @ Patrick. You can add the $10 internet, but not for a smartphone.The $10 looks as if it were for a T-zones type-of-thing or AIM and messengers.

    For me at least, it will help.
    I currently have 2,000 mins, unlimited txt, 4 lines (1 SK and 1 G1) and I pay $200.
    According to this I would pay $140 for 2 data lines and hopefully $10 per ea. line x2 = $160. It will bring down my bill by $40.
    A subsidized phone only costs $150 cheaper than retail (based on what I’ve seen). So you are better off paying off the phone without a contract or going to eBay.
    Based on the 2yr agreement you’ll be paying $20 more for ind. and $40 for fam a month. $20×24= $480 more for an individual plan and $40×24= $960 more for a family plan.
    Though I think people who don’t have good credit will get stuck with the 2 yr plan and people with good credit will get the no contract pricing.
    I wonder if they’ll have loyal customer discounts.
    That should be interesting.

  • Brian

    So I guess the question is will the old pricing points still be available as well because leave much to be desired.

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    While I would like to think that this information is incorrect, I trust that David would not have bothered posting this even as a rumor if he did not have solid intel. These plans have no appeal to them whatsoever, nor are they “game changing”.

    T-Mobile had a real opurtunity here to blow the doors off of the wireless industry in the country. They have gotten so much free advertising from the leaks, just look at how many people have followed the rumors on this site. I feel embarassed that I fell for it. While there is still time for this to change, the images look pretty official and final, game changing would have been $40 unlimited voice, $50 unlimited voice and messaging and $60 unlimited everything.

  • Pritpaul

    Disappointing! :( Right now I’m on the $50 loyalty unlimited +$25 android data. It looks like the same thing would cost me $80 with the new plans, and without subsidized phones (sure I’d get unlimited text but I don’t use it that much). I hope this doesn’t remove my current ability to add/drop my current android data plan as needed (I’m not on a commitment for it).

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    This just makes me angry with myself for believing that T-Mobile might actually do something game changing, guess it’s just business as usual. What the funk.

  • What the pictures show… is not a bright move in my eyes still… why stay contracted… give me a 20 month installment plan on the best damn phone out there.

  • Julia

    well if this is true, it’s disappointing for individual users, but for our 5 line family plan IF each add’l line is $9.99 (PLEASE Tmobile don’t disappoint me here) I would be saving about $10/month BUT would have unlimited minutes/texts versus my current MyFaves 1000/unlimited texts shared by 5 of us.

  • Julia

    well if this is true, it’s disappointing for individual users, but for our 5 line family plan IF each add’l line is $9.99 (PLEASE Tmobile don’t disappoint me here) I would be saving about $10/month BUT would have unlimited minutes/texts versus my current MyFaves 1000/unlimited texts shared by 5 of us.

  • StevenG

    I currently pay $49.99 for unlimited voice (Go loyalty) and $34.99 for text+web. That’s a total of $84.98 before taxes. If I switch to the Even More plan, I pay $15.01 more a month, before taxes. The only way I can save money is switching off contract to the Even More Plus plan, but I’d still have to pay $35 to switch over.

    What the hell, T-Mobile? What the hell?

  • Chuong

    I wonder if I switch to one of the family Talk plans, will I be able to keep the free myFaves + $9.99 family messaging bundle.

  • Bigg

    Its official enough for me, this new is so outragous, tmonews servers are getting slam.

  • matt

    Actually, $80/month for unlimited EVERYTHING for smartphones on a national carrier is unrivaled. I, for one, am thrilled about this plan pricing. Sure, it’s not $50/month for everything, but it’s still awesome. It just got way too hyped. The Blackberry Bold 9700 comes out for both at&t and tmobile soon. On at&t it would cost $150/month for unlimited everything. ‘nough said.

  • jeck

    Holding out hope that this is just a sick joke…

  • Pritpaul

    Disappointing! :( Right now I’m on the $50 loyalty unlimited +$25 android data. It looks like the same thing would cost me $80 with the new plans, and without subsidized phones (sure I’d get unlimited text but I don’t use it that much). I hope this doesn’t remove my current ability to add/drop my current android data plan as needed (I’m not on a commitment for it).

    Why does it keep saying duplicate comment without having posted it?

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    I have revised David’s post:

    Project Dark, we had high hopes for you and we now know this is not enough to catapult you into the good graces of the wireless deities.

    I know what you all want and we were prepared to deliver, sadly we will be unable to do so as moderate price fixing exists in the US’s telecommunication world. We’re putting this in the rumor column at this point but we’re pretty confident on this lack luster pricing. You’re going to skip right past anything else I write and decide to see what other carriers will provide to satisfy the empty feeling you have been left with now that we know:

  • Simply Texan

    So let’s see here.
    Currently have subsidized phone (G1) and
    Unlimited Talk/Text/Web = $85 (loyalty plan + data/text)

    New plan with 2/yr contract (subsidized phone):
    Unlimited Talk/Text/Web = $100 ????

    New plan Without contract (NO subsidized phone):
    Unlimited Talk/Text/Web = $80

    So, I only save a measly $5/month and I now longer get a subsidized phone? Or I get a subsidized phone and my monthly bill goes up???

    WTF!!! Project Dark must be named after where the marketing people have their heads…Up in a very dark place!

    This is pure FAIL.

  • Mark

    These pics must have been sent it from an AT&T rep. Tmo can’t possibly be this stupid.

  • Nathan

    Wow…this is awful. If you want a subsidized MyTouch 3G with minimal minutes and unlimited texting, the monthly price is going up from $65 to $80. The no-contract option would be $60 for the plan + $25 for the phone = $85.

    I guess it’s good-bye T-Mo and back to Verizon once my contract is up.

  • fatboyslim

    my current contract is expiring. I seriously considered Tmobile and found an android phone with a plan of $55 (300 mins talk and data, I don’t talk that much) with a subsidized phone ($200 or so)is good for me. However, with this project dark, I would have to pay full price for the phone (at least $400) to get the comparable $55 plan, or to pay $70 to get a subsidized phone…..

    This “game changer” turned me off at least.

  • watbetch

    You’re really getting more with these plans. If you only need talk it’s 49.99 UNLIMITED.

    The 39.99 1000 minutes now includes unlimited Mobile to Mobile, and nights and weekends.

    $69.99 gets you 1000 minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, mobile to mobile with unlimited text/smartphone data. The 500 rate plan is an even better deal

    It is a better deal when you look at all you’re getting now. Previously such a plan would have cost over $85 if you had a smartphone.

    If you DON’T have a smartphone data is only $10 extra ontop of the Talk+Text! (Other phones data).

  • Garrett

    This is WEAK. T-Mobile really needs to step it up. Get rid of the stupid MYTouch3G commercials and do something similar to what Verizon is doing. If you had marketed the Android phones better a year ago you would be rolling in more money than you are now. As far as these plans go I am very disappointed. Why do you want to cram text messaging down our throats? Can’t we get unlimited voice + unlimited data? I could care less about SMS.

  • brian

    oh well, this doesn’t help me at all. I have a fam plan 1000 shared minutes for $70 + $25×2 for unlimited web and 400 text messages on each phone. I never go over my minutes or messages. So i pay $120 for everything i need. i guess i could get the same price per month and get unlimited text and 500 more minutes but i don’t need those. and i could care less about whether or not i have a contract.

  • OchoCinco

    Just wait for Saturday… it’s going to be the IPHONE

  • Anthony

    Ok, let me get this straight.. I’m on the 29.99 plan (300min with UNL weekends) with 6.99 mobile to mobile and 5.99 tzones and all togtheir that comes up to about $53.00 a month with taxes. Now looking at the new 29.99 plan under “project dark”, I’m actually gonna get 200 more minutes, with now free mobile to mobile and free nights with the weekends. That sounds very cool, if that’s the way it is. I’m getting more for the same price i think. Let me see… so 29.99+ 5.99 (tzones)= 35.98+ taxes.. about $45 a month. So im getting more free features out of the new 29.99 plan and saving about $8-$9. Wow! Good looking out T-mobile!


    Give a big round of applause to the class retard we all know and love – T-Mobile. You have this campaign called Project Dark that’s just a rehash of what you currently offer. Where’s the competitive edge? You still have handsets that rank 4th to the competitions’. From the looks of these prices what exactly am I getting ‘MORE’ of? As I expected…..more of the same from the lame brains.

    I can’t wait to see what Deutsche Telecom thinks of your ingenious plans. Heads are going to roll I suspect. @David – Please sir, don’t hold back on any other ‘exclusive’ information about the Dark Blunder. T-Mobile’s lack of direction needs to be made a public spectacle. Business 101 – what NOT to do when you run a company.

  • Guenzo

    Lame, lame, lame!!!! This is a VERY disappointing move by Tmobile and will only lead to loss of customers. Don’t allow rumors to be hyped up if you can’t deliver. It’s better to squash rumors early on than to allow them to build up like this. I have been a loyal Tmobile customer for five years. This just makes me want to take a closer look at Sprint.

  • alex

    The only decent price in this plan is for families w/ 4-5 lines 1500min w/ unlimited text+data if extra lines are $9.99.

    We really need to find out the cost for an extra line. Too bad whoever took these pics cut off the bottom of the sign.

  • John

    well, when it comes to the marketing ideals of tmobile, this is a game changer. They ARE goig to make a looooot of money out of this. However it is not as cool for us as it should’ve been. Still, nice try tmo!….. :(

  • Nerdlust

    Peeps not on the loyalty plan can score unlimited everything on a smartphone for $80?? That’s very nice!!!

  • MrNova

    I personally have 1000 mins and android unlimited plan 34.99, which comes out to 75 bucks a month, which the new plan would only save me a whopping 5 dollars, or I can pay extra 4 dollars and get unlimited everything. Which is not bad at all to me. This is by all means no game changer, but t mobile still seems to be cheaper than sprint, Verizon and att. I never expected t mobile to offer $60 unlimited everything plans, they would have to completely restructure the whole company, to be that cheap! I do like the financing option for buying phones, that is a great idea, for everyone to get the phone, they really want, but cant afford.

  • JB6464

    What BS is this ! I have 3 lines under the Unlimited Loyalty Plan right now.
    I pay $50.00/month each for unlimited Talk/Text and Add $
    5.00/month per line for Unlimited Web. With the prices listed now i would pay more than $75.00/month per line for Unlimited Everything.
    Hope they don’t start voiding the Grandfathered Plans because i will not be signing any new contracts with those prices listed.

  • J-Hop2o6

    so if i switch from my current plan (Unlimited Everything ~$78/mo. w/o taxes), my plan would go up $20-50 for Unlimited Everything??? WTF!!?? this is not game changing at ALL.. oh well.. atleast my current unlimited plan stays =)

  • watbetch

    You won’t get to keep T-Zones (Totally new plans & rate structure means T-Zones grandfathering is out if I’m not mistaken), you need to get other phone data. It’s $39.99 and still a better value since it includes nights now.

  • JB6464

    I meant to say $25.00/month for Adding Unlimited Web service.

  • This blows chunks. The release of this “highly anticipated game changing news” that I have been drooling over for far too long not only disappoints me. It is making me strongly consider breaking my contract with T-mobile. What a freakin bummer!


    GAME CHANGERS? Not T-Mobile….

  • z


    These prices are significantly worse THAN I PAY NOW.

    These are a “game changer”…in that I will be going to another carrier with good phones.

  • Wagonis

    I don’t know why people are hating on T-Mobile so much for this. Did people REALLY expect them to match prices of Metro…as in $50 all-in plan? Common people, be serious. The $80 all-in plan is unmatched in the world of premium carriers, so now you are getting nation wide coverage with unlimited everything for $80 a month…or $70 a line if you have 2 or more lines, this is something that Sprint, Verizon or AT&T cannot match right now. I’m sure the other big 3 will wake up and try at some point to beat it, but for now this IS the best unlimited plan out there from the big 4.

    If this is still too much for you, go get a Metro phone and pay $45 a month.

  • Pedro

    This is so confusing. Grrrr.

  • sprinter

    Epic fail is right….how could the rumors have been so far off. Obviously nobody had a clue. Started with 50 bucks unlimited everything, went to 60 bucks and now we sit at 80 bucks unlimited…really 99 bucks if you want the phone subsidy. What a joke! This won’t move them to number 3 – and won’t make anyone switch. Worst network, lame phones and now great news….we have sort of matched Sprints pricing. No wonder they are the number 4 network, they are run by idiots! I thought this was going to make people switch from the prepaid cheap services – the cricket killer! Why did they even bother keeping this a secret…the worst part is Sprint et al won’t even have to change plans to respond to this lameness. Will be getting a hero and signing with Sprint.

    Will the last one to leave Tmobile please turn out the lights.

  • Ritchie

    Ok, i dont like this at all. So im paying $59.99 for 1000 myFavs, plus $9.99 for the 3rd line then add $24.99 for fam txt, then i have my $24.99 web. Thats a total of $119.92 before taxes. 1500 for $119.99 because 750 would be too little without the myfavs, plus $9.99 for the third line, then add $25 for the smartphone web. Thats $154.98 before taxes, i would be paying over $40 more for the plan. thats bull. And let me guess no free gps or free tv. I believe when im done with my contract and wont be getting the click, ill switch to sprint i can have the 1500 family everything web and txt for $129.99 then add my 3rd line for $19.99 a total of $149.98 before taxes and this inlcudes tv and gps. I would save $8. I hope that this is not true and that the savings are better. But if not i will say bye bye to tmo and say hello again to sprint, and yes they have shitty customer care but the plans are good and they have an android phone now so hope tmo getts a better deal.

  • jno

    We have family unlimited loyalty at $89.99, unlimited family text for $10 more, and I have BES with unlimited data for another $29 – plus corporate discounts.

    I was excited that it might become even cheaper, but that’s just a pipe dream at this point.

    I just hope they fix their damn coverage.

  • Mike

    “The $80 all-in plan is unmatched in the world of premium carriers, so now you are getting nation wide coverage with unlimited everything for $80 a month…”

    Are you kidding? In the “world”, $80/month is hugely expensive, in particular considering that you don’t even get Internet, you only get “web access” from your phone. You can get unlimited plans for half that elsewhere, and they allow tethering or putting the SIM card into your laptop.

    This is still the same overpriced b.s. we have been getting from other carriers. T-Mobile is changing nothing here.

  • Anthony

    @ watbetch

    Wat, I wont get to keep tzones.. Why.. All ill be doing is changing my voice plan. The tzones has notting to do with the voice plan. It’s like if i wanted to upgrade my current plan to the 39.99 plan. Tzones will still be there.. I hope that isnt truth!!!

  • Betito

    These plans look WAY off base. My faves have been T-Mobile’s bread and butter for a long time. They are going to get rid of it for these plans? I highly doubt it. I think this was a pretty good photoshop, then again I do see the cards wrap in plastic. I think we should all wait until the 25th to get a better idea of what really is going on.

  • Josh

    Why would the prices be cheaper for no contract than if you were locked in for two years? I can’t believe it would be cheaper if you could cancel at any point without a cancelation fee. Any answers for that one.

  • frankenstein

    I guess Patrick will see how wrong he is this weekend. Trust me.

  • Elias

    @Anthony I think he’s right; they won’t let you keep tzones and switch to these plans I’m afraid.

  • z

    Let us all hope and pray that this is misinformation. If it is not, this may be the end of T-Mo.

  • Ej

    Wait…what? What’s gonna happen to myFaves? Cause these new plans don’t really do any “game changing” for me…

  • watbetch

    T-Zones relies on the old voice plans and those are out so you need to get other phone data.

  • Drizzle

    First off…”Epic Fail” is a seriously overused and retarded term and I wish I could find the idoit that started it. It irritates me to no end and I could actually rant on that for about 10 pages if you let me. This blog/social networking lingo is stupid.
    Now to redirect my attention to the infamous Project Dark. Seriously disappointing to say the least. I guess the internet hyped it so much that we were all expecting the universe to stop and nearly free phone service. I guess its not realistic, but I was hoping for a little more. I love T-mo but this blows. Needless to say I will keep my unlimited loyalty plans in place for quite a while.

  • doug

    If the new prices were slightly better than the old, no one would call it game changing. I have a family plan with five phones, and as near as I can see I would pay about the same thing but have less minutes ( 1500 instead of the 1800 I have now). So, if these plans are right, maybe it is game changing, just in the other direction.

  • Okay, do you all believe me now what I say that TMOUSA execs have sh*t for brains and got their MBAs out of Cracker Jacks boxes? (Still loving my iPhone, by the way.)

  • newspeak

    I want to believe this is not true but i get a sinking feeling that it is

    this might save some people money i guess….what gets me is if i want to do say 500min talk + smart phone data vs the 500 min talk text web its only a 5 dollar difference between them

    for that privilege i have to wait 7 months to see any savings because of the $35 fee for switching to the new plan

    plus i loose min on the deal because i have a 300 min my favs (even if i wasn’t using google voice to get unlimited min it would still yield me way more then the 200 min diff)

    add to that never being able to get subsidized phones

    i don’t see any reason anyone at all would switch to any of the contract blue plans they are just garbage

  • NiiDiddy

    I wouldnt be so offended/upset/flabbergusterd if this wasn’t hyped up as as much as it has been. So you expect more, and get shot in the foot.

    Wow…I have to agree with majority of you: THIS SUCKS! And the phones are not even better!!!

    Does this put T-Mo in 3rd place over Sprint? Hell no – more like 10th place…we’ll leave the 4th – 9th place slots empty for the heck of it because I bet if there were other premium carriers out there, they’d be putting together better packages/phones for their customers.

    For those who can save something, go for it. Not me!

    After all said and done, do I leave T-Mo? No! …something about them always makes me wanna stay…been here 10 yrs…why not?!?!? I don’t know if I can keep going tho…

  • GooG_Nut

    If they get raid of MyFavs for good. They are going to mess everything up!!!! MASSIVE FAIL!!!!

  • john


  • z

    For those of us who will have to pay significantly more…game changing is right…in a bad way.

    I predict t-mo loses subscribers if this is the true pricing.

  • gators

    Anyone know how much additional family plan lines will be?

  • craig

    This don’t help me at all with five lines on my account. :-(

  • Pedro

    Do we actually have to change it or do it get transfered over or what?

  • watbetch

    We’re also forgetting that with NO contract you get to finance the phone.. added cost but still. You can also just get your own device which requires some effort and some of you are lazy mofos.

  • PissedOffTMoCust

    Epic Fail on T-Mobile’s part. I feel for all the hundred T-Mobile will have to lay off bc of this fail

  • canread

    Why can’t people read simple charts? It’s not $80 for individual unlimited everything, it’s $100. Isn’t that what it is now? And the direct pricing comparison for those who simply want unlimited minutes is: current unlimited talk for $50 will now become $60. When you work out the numbers you see what they really did is reduce the number of plans/options and kept prices nearly the same. Woo hoo!

  • Marc

    So I get less for the same price, I have 600 minutes for 39.99 now, if I switch I would get 500 minutes for 39.99 how nice.

  • cheap

    so why does it cost $30 for smartphone internet per family line when it’s only $25 per line right now?!?! I’m pretty sure these family plans would cost a lot more than the one I currently have…

  • Elias

    Wow great! I can’t wait until I pay my $35 migration fee per line so that I can pay more than I do right now for my Family Plan. YAY Tmobile!

  • frankenstein

    people need to realize this is not a plan just to benifit people that already have the loyalty plan… why complain about the loyalty plan when its already better than anyhing else.

  • nedu

    I had high hopes for this. This is EPIC FAIL. Someone post this on the FAIL BLOG. The only thing that would save this would be if the additional lines on the family plan were $9.99. Even THEN I would still not be gaining much. Only web on all my phones which the rest of my family does not care about. I would still be paying the same. Like I said, EPIC FAIL!

  • Ross12122

    Everyone is disapointed because YOU overhyped it, not T-Mobil. If you compare it to what’s out currebtly it’s cheaper, so if you want to stay with a different carrier, and pay more per month with a contract then go for it!! As far as the current customers that have the unlimited loyalty plan, that is a great rate plan and T-mobile is not asking you to switch off of it. Everyone needs to put this in perpective and stop complaining. As far as “matching sprint” sure go for a company that has the worst customer service and then they put you under contact with no option of paying off the phone over a set peroid of time.

  • TmoSal

    Let’s keep in mind people, this is just rumor… it may not be the actual thing.

  • eli_the_great89

    i hope they offer different variations of minutes … cause what I see is a scarce and sucky amount of options that don’t fit me or my parents needs.

    I really hope they don’t get rid of Myfaves…that would be a pure shame.


    I have talked to some people that know about this…..The 20 month installment plan is for the no contract…..and this is not prepaid or flex pay plans…These are regular post paid plans with no contract…

  • Ritchie

    Sorry mister big shot but im not in the loyalty clus and the plan that i have now, i.e 3 line family is better than what they are offering next week.

  • mikeeeee

    big deal.

    just call me grandfather or bye bye.

    sprint has the hero and it has airave.

    it aint android/UMA.

    it’s android/femtocell.

    i can walk away scot free in may with a cdma portable g-1 to boot.

    why won’t those marketing geniuses give us what we want?

    is there an under the table deal that prevents android/UMA?

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Myself (J-Hop2o6)

    sorry.. i looked at the family plan by accident.. so to correct how much it would be for me to switch from my current unlimited min/msg/web plan (w/ add-ons) to the new unlimited plan (w/ add-ons) would be between $7-27 MORE (depending on Get More or +) than im currently paying with my unlimited loyalty mins. (w/ unlimited msg/web/and add-ons)

    so im gonna stick to my current $78 (~$90 w/taxes) Unlimited EVERYTHING Plan

  • BIGS12

    you dont have to change if you dont want to STOP BITCHING IF YOU DONT LIKE LEAVE!!!!!…… i hate ppl that bitch about every change a company makes YOU CANT CHANGE SO DEAL WITH IT

  • Andy

    For all of the complainers, please leave T-Mobile and go elsewhere if you are so upset by the pricing. This is made to attract new customers. PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING ALL OF THE TIME! This country is turning into a bunch of whiners.


  • gators

    @Ross, who is the YOU that over hyped this thing? It has to be the bloggers who received tips that they incorrectly considered to be correct, not the readers of the blogs.

  • Ira

    This isn’t anything to shake the industry. I can get 1500min family with unlimited family text today at Sprint today for $72 I’ve been with t-mobile for 6 years and they told me it would be a great new world. Frankly this stinks. I’ll wait till Sunday for sure but if they disappoint like this, we are moving to sprint.

  • Anon

    Wow! This pricing better be wrong, for the employees sake!!!

  • C

    If this is the true pricing for PD, they can kiss my business goodbye! It would cost me $15 MORE per month if I switched. I have been patient for years, waiting for 3G, better phones and a more wide spread network. While I like their network now, 3G is still lacking, coverage map says I have 3G but I don’t! I can live with the phones. All this hype for the last few weeks about this being a game changer got me real excited for $50-$60 All You Can Eat plans! What a bunch of crap! DT should come over here and kick whoever came up with this in the butt! Do I really need a cell phone? Maybe I go back to just having a pager, remember those? $9 a month, sign me up! The only game this is going to change is to slip Tmobile into obscurity! On Sunday if these are the real prices, I will demand a lower price, if they can’t beat it, I will be off the cell phone bandwagon! What a joke!

  • Computergeek377

    Game changers…maybe people changing to other carriers because of this awful crap! Bad move T-Mobile!

  • The Observer

    i’ll keep my current plan thank you very much.

    wtf were they thikin smh

  • C

    Sorry for the rant. For the average user it may be a decent deal, but not for me.

  • Pat

    I suppose if the dark project had said it was free–free–free!!! You would still be bitching! These numbers don’t look bad, why not wait till Sunday when you can read for yourself and not have to read what someone else says. I have been with the Big 2 companies and T-Mobile has been the best for me. I’M EXCITED to see what all this will really be. If ya just don’t like what it turns out to be LEAVE!!!!

  • Quasar

    This is very sad. It is stupid of them to charge more per month for being on a contract. A company shouldn’t penalize their customers for committing to that company. So what if I get a subsidized phone? The only way I would commit for two years is if the monthly price was the same as a non-contract customer. That two year commitment should be enough on it’s own to cover the cost of the subsidized phone.

    Sprint still has the best deal around. For $69.99 per month, you get unlimited data/text/mobile TV/navigation. Added to that, you get unlimited minutes to any mobile at any time. That’s all on contract, and to top it off, you will be able to get a subsidized Samsung Moment, which has an 800MHz processor, for $179.99 on November 1st.

  • hi!


    I called that one! EEEEEPIC FAIL!

    Here’s the only thing I can think of to possibly help everyone. Switch over to a new even more plus (no contract plan). It will cost you $35 to make the switch. DO NOT GET A NEW PHONE. As soon as your plan switch is in effect (should be the same exact day), you’re free to cancel your contract (NO EARLY TERMINATION FEE) and head to a real carrier.

    So, instead of it costing you $200 to leave, it now only will cost everyone $35! THAT’S the only good news to come out of this. 35 bucks to leave and then you’re $49 away from a refurshibed iPhone (or $99 for brand new). OR, you can get android (or the awesome ass Pre) on Sprint with essentially unlimited everything for $70. I’m waiting till the 25th so everything’s official but I think I’m outta here personally

  • alex

    @Quasar, I think you are quite representative of the not so sharp general population. This is why this plan is going to be a bad bad (Dark?) thing for T-Mobile. The average person doesn’t understand how phone subsidies work and isn’t going to want to pay more to be locked into a contract.

  • MobilePaddy

    No need to have all employees at work on the 25th, its gona be pretty quiet.

  • watbetch

    ^ Switching from a contract plan to a no contract plan incurs a $200 fee you halfwit Sprint customer.

  • DarkAlkamist

    Well i was expecting more.. But I will save about $15 with the no contract plan. I get 200 extra mins. My current plan I pay about $83 after tax (300 Mins, Unlimited Text & Web). I dont mind paying the 1 time fee to switch over. Then I can get any phone I want, and it will put me over $10 what I’m paying now for a shiny new phone. I can taste that Nokia N900 Right Now!

  • Chase

    Something about all of this cant be right! You give people the right to just say “welp im done with t-mobile” the better prices over those willing to do two years??????? Really????? Thats garbage man….Im so about to become a i-phone user att here I come….

    To T-Mobile….APPRECIATE THOSE WHO HAVE SHOWN YOU LOYALTY and dont worry about those non contract cheap phone I can only use my phone within the city carriers! Those are for people who have bad credit and cant pay theirs bills every month…..WHY bring them over???? geeezzzzzzz

  • Deb

    You can get $79.99 unlimited everything including data plus 50 % off second line (basically $120.00) for 2 lines family with Cellular South and they have the HTC Hero also. I’m very discouraged by the new rumored Tmobile prices.

  • ZebraLamaLama

    The family plans are great. I don’t have web on my phone for one reason: it’d be too much for my parents to pay.

    Right now we Have FT 1000 for $70, 3 additional lines for $30. (So far that’s $100) Plus, we have unlimited messaging for $20. ($120) Plus, my mom has the $25 Web Service for her MyTouch3g. So that’s $145, yes. The 1500 unlimited is only $15 more, but we all get web and 500 more minutes. If you ask me, that’s not saving from what we have now, but a great deal seeing as though web alone is $25.

    You do the math?

  • ultravision

    I think this is leaked on purpose to make us feel dissapointed and then come sunday the real prices will show. just a thought….

  • Achilles

    I don’t get it. Can anyone tell me: is it 79.99 for unlimited everything for a family plan? If that’s true, then why are people complaining?

  • TujuMaster

    Actually, these plans aren’t that bad for someone like me. If you already have a GSM Smartphone, $79.99 for Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web is pretty good, especially without a contract. I’m leaning towards buying a MyTouch without a contract and getting the unlimited plan.

  • nr552

    Well, everyone has 1 day to decide if they want to keep or change anything on their current plan (Sunday) to cover additional minutes (1800 or get 2500 myfavs family plan for instance). After that you either stay locked in with your current plan, or make the jump to the new crap offered by tmobile.

    No more myfaves plans. Once you jump to the new stuff, you are boned– no more myfaves. If you currently have them, then you are good to go (until possibly your contract is up…)

    Me? I think I am finally going to jump ship after dropping $12k on Tmobile over the last 7 years… I am done with them.

  • urbanrio

    FAIL! The 500 minutes single plan w/ data is 10.00 more a month than Sprint, which has the HTC Hero (yes, there are 50 more minutes w/ the t-mobile plan but 50 minutes is not worth 10 bucks = tax).

  • Brent Johonson

    I just realized that by losing MyFaves, you won’t be able to use Google Voice. That’s the way I see it, and if that’s correct, this is a deal breaker for me.

    I am so disappointed in all this.

    I’m sure T-Mobile is laughing at everyone for all the speculation they’ve seen on the internet. In return, with all the speculation on the internet and the way this has been blown up as changing the industry, I feel it’s T-Mobile that’s getting laughed at … not necessarily by us users, but by the other carriers. I’m can see the other carrier’s ad campaigns now (similar to the Mac vs Windows ads). And since other carriers are already putting packages out that rival anything in this Project nonsense, the moment these new “plans” hit, other carriers will be very quick to beat this sh*t. T-Mobile then won’t be able to do a do-over… they will have to stick to this for the forseeable future while the others start whittling away at the T-Mo base. Game changing? Yeah, for the other carriers.

  • Andrew

    I am wondering what so many other people are. Why am I being punished for having a contract with them? This is complete ass! We have three lines that use 900 minutes each month with unlimited texting. now I have to pay an extra $10 for minutes I wont even use?!

  • alex

    @ZebraLamaLama, you’re assuming that it is only going to be $9.99 to add a line, we haven’t seen any info on what extra lines will cost.

  • urbanrio

    oh and people are not reading these charts correctly. Blue is WITH a 2 year contract and Magenta is WITHOUT a 2 year contract. The left side chart is SINGLE calling plan and the right chart is FAMILY calling plan. Basically, all the prices went up not down as compared to a MyFavs plan w/ data.

  • vk

    I would like to know if we will still be able to have myfaves with these plans?

  • Steve

    This really is dissapointing. While I agree that these prices are better than verizon and ATT for the same plan all tmo did was match sprint???? Come on! These prices tell me that TMO isn’t interested in going after Metropcs or Cricket customers, they want verizon and ATTs’….not realistic. Verizon has the “network”, ATT has the Iphone and sprint, even with their reputation of poor service has a great data network AND best pricing with their new everything cell plan.

    This isn’t close to being a game changer!

  • FILA

    so even if you do a talk + text + date plan you still have to get a smartphone data plan? that defeats the purpose. and i guess there gettin rid of myFavs then aint they, that sucks. althou 500 minutes would be more then plenty for me a month i just wonder about this data plan shits

  • Oops maybe I blew up to soon. I just checked out verizon prices for their PDA/Smartphone Nationwide Email & Messaging plans all of these include unlimited texting. T-mobile looks pretty good compared to this.

    with 450 Minutes $99.99
    900 Minutes with unlimited calling to and from
    5 Friends & Family numbers $119.99
    1350 Minutes with unlimited calling to and from
    5 Friends & Family numbers $129.99

    A true Unlimited Minutes/everything plan for a smartphone will cost you $149.99 at verizon and only $99 or $79 at T-mobile.

  • BillyBadA

    These new plans look pretty good to me! I looked on the Sprint, at&t and Verizon websites and they seem to beat those guys. Sprint was the closest to the mark, but they don’t offer unlimited voice only which people like me use.

    Why r u guys crying? My guess is you are all data users and the data looks like it may still be expensive? But when looking at it it is still the best deal out there, even with data.

  • DV

    As someone who is looking to leave att this doesnt do much for me. Not a game changer at all. Sprint is a better deal.

  • I have mixed feelings right now so, I will reserve my opinion till judgement day.My only issue is the eip i thought it was longer. I can’t lie I am bummed out right now But we will see what happens

  • James

    Bwahhh bwahh..all this crying from the majority of comments. If you have a grandfathered plan and it’s cheaper stick to it! If you want to leave for Verizon, AT&T or Sprint go ahead! Be prepared for pay more, dropped calls,bad customer service and etc. Tmo couldnt charge the low prices that were rumored and still make profits..this is a business after all. I think everyone is dissappointed because of all these leaks..there are still aspects of “Project Dark” yet to be released. 21mbps? I’ll take that! More and better coverage? nice! I’ve been with this company for a long time and I’ll stick it out. The only thing I would like to see is better phone selection..Tmo needs to stop catering to younger crowd, while sacrificing the rest of us.

  • Andrea Cristiano

    The 25 dollar data is for talk plans only. It is not on top of the talk/text / web

  • z

    I hope T-Mobile is looking at the negative reactions all over the net. This is a disaster.

  • deangelo724

    What’s funny is, no one is looking at Even More Plus(In pink, and chart on right side.

  • Bigg

    LOL tmonews is having a good day today, look at how many hits they got since we found out tmobile screw up on the price plan.

  • JBLmobileG1

    No offense but these plans aren’t too great. It seems as though the pre-paid phone companies have better deals. Like I have mentioned plenty of times there is Staight Talk which offers Unlimited everything… talk, text, and web along with unlimited 411 calling (although google has their own free 411 as well) and it uses the Verizon network. Unlimited for $45 can’t even be touch when you look at these prices. I at least thought they were going to be close to it. Heck my current plan is a lot better and its less money. I think I will stay with it or if Straight Talk gets better phones I may just leave Tmobile. Nothing is official yet so I will wait until the 25th for official word from Tmobile.

  • Quasar

    @alex, I understand just fine. T-Mobile is going to charge more per month for people on a contract to cover the full cost of the phone they buy with their plan. The customer isn’t getting a good deal on a new phone because they will end up paying the full cost or even more than what the phone is worth over the lifetime of the contract. T-Mo should be willing to cover the subsidized portion of the phone for the guarantee of the two year contract but we can see they obviously aren’t. This means it really isn’t a true subsidy when you do sign a contract with T-Mobile. It’s really just another way to defer the payments over a longer time period. T-Mobile wants to profit from both the phone and the service they offer. That’s totally fine when there is no contract but when there is a contract, T-Mo will have to do more to convince me to sign one. I’m sorry if you enjoy getting ripped off by the companies you deal with but I don’t.

  • willy

    alright so if i bought the blackberry curve 8900 today for 150 on contract my bill for 600 minutes and unlimited text/data would be 74.99 a month

    with the new (evermore) plan for 500(100 minutes less) minutes and unlimited text/data would be 79.99 a month…

    wtf??? 5 dollars more for 100 minutes less? some one correct me if im wrong which i hope i am.

  • Steven

    I get it. They’re TRYING to get people off contracts.

  • 30014

    Do u know who is going to be more disappointed than us subscribers, t-mobile that’s who. 90% of the comments I have read have been negative. If this is all there is to project dark then tmo swung for the fences and struck out.

  • Jessica

    So, yeah… I’m not excited. Mainly because I am ready for a discounted upgrade right now (just in the last two weeks it came up) and it’s looking like I’d be better off getting a new phone before this all unfolds, then I can make the choice to switch plans if I wanted to. Which I probably won’t, it won’t offer any savings at all to me if I go with the no contract plans, and I’m on a plan where the other two family lines are still on contract. I have a $49.99 500 min family plan, $19.95 unlimited texting, and one of the lines has the $24.95 G1 web and the $9.99 add a line. So $104.97 right now. We never go over minutes, but the lowest we could get now is 750, so with only one phone on web, it would be either $109.99 or $94.99 PLUS whatever the add a line is. At a minimum of $10, it would bring it to $119.99 or $104.99. So what… I can pay two cents more for minutes I wouldn’t use and not get discounted phones anymore?

    The part that makes me upset is that if I wait to upgrade, and just renew my current plan, do I have to pay $30 instead of $24.99 if I want a smartphone of any sort?

    My dad is trying to lead me over to the dark side because I’m the only other one of the 5 of us on T-mobile in my family who is off contract. Is that why they’re calling this project dark? I was all excited, telling him to hold off, there’s a lot coming up… and this is what I have to look forward to? I’ve been with this company for 10 years, back when it was VoiceStream. I got all of my family members to join me since then. I had plans to join all 5 of us back into one plan, for more minutes and giving my parents texting finally for the same price we pay separately right now, and it doesn’t look like that will be an option anymore.

    And anyone else notice the mytmobile site won’t let you look over/change your current plan information? It says they’re updating their site. I had to look directly at my bill to double check my numbers. “We’re sorry—your Plan and Services are currently unavailable while we work to improve the site for you. Please try again later.” So I guess I couldn’t change anything right now online if I wanted to.

    There better be more to it than this!!! I really don’t see the point in giving people better deals for not being on contract.

  • hellooo

    NO, The no contract family plan (magenta) is on the left DUUUH! CHECK CORRECTLY BEFORE POSTING!

  • jusblase

    All the talk about the plans what about phone selection.What about the phone u crave?Cause the phones they have now i don’t crave that’s my concern right now.

  • Chaos4all

    Quasar, that is the way it has always been. Rate plans with all carriers have the handset subsidy built into their business plan. If you look at a wireless companies stock report their is a section call COA (Cost of Acquisition) They take in many factors in this number one being the subsidy on the phone. What T-Mobile is doing is giving the customer the same thing if they want the subsidy or something less if they don’t. So you have always paid the full cost of a phone over the life of the contract. The more expensive COA gets the longer contracts will become. That is why the progression from 1yr to 2yr happened and why some Canada carriers have gone to 3 yr contracts. It is built into the rate plans for revenue. Nothing is ever free.

  • hellooo

    this was a response to urbanrio hahahahaha!

  • willy

    the only way ican see it making sense is if they give free phones to those with contracts

  • Iasthai

    Everyone who is complaining just needs to shup up and wait until the 25th. Rate plan changes are one thing, but they could have any number of things in store. They could light up more 3G markets, expand coverage, hell even launch more handsets. For all we now the rateplan changes are just the tip of the iceberg. People just need to be patient and wait and stop bitching and complaining. If the 25th comes and goes and you’re still disappointed then get over it and go away.

  • I don’t think it is that bad, i have the customer loyalty that i will keep, i have unlimited texting too, i get 15% off my bill cause i work for the state so im still making out. I will admit all this hype was shit.

  • Pliablemoose

    This may very well kill TMobile, who in their right mind wants a bunch of cheapskates off contract as a major source of their income?

    Every time one of the other players announces a promotional plan, they’ll lose a bunch of customers.

    Now I know where the guys who designed the Pontiac Aztek went, they’re all working in TMobile’s marketing dept, and they’re still smoking crack on their breaks.

  • Some Dude

    Yep I called it. All these baseless speculations from people that were way unrealistic. Then they don’t come true, because well they were pure fan fiction, and everybody is crying.

  • hellooo

    SHUP UP?

  • Sanjay

    First glance I think this will raise my price or be close to neutral at best unless I am missing something. T-Mobile is so goofy. Focusing on the wrong thing. Their plans are already the best. They should be focusing on service and network to make it a game changer.

  • TK421

    God I hope these aren’t the prices!

  • alex

    @Iasthai, not many people care about 3G launches b/c most of the major cities wlaready have 3G, same w/ expanding coverage – the coverage is already pretty good, and they won’t be launching any surprise handsets b/c none have passed through the FCC(maybe they can announce a new handset but it will be months till it arrives)

  • watbetch

    I guess all of you morons forgot Flexpay Monthly has been in existence for years now.

    Stop being so lazy and get your own devices for probably half of what it retails for and reap the savings on a Month-To-Month play.

  • watbetch

    I guess all of you morons forgot Flexpay Monthly has been in existence for years now.

    Stop being so lazy and get your own devices for probably half of what it retails for and reap the savings on a Month-To-Month plan.

  • hellooo

    these plans come out the same price as the old ones except TALK/TEXT/DATA (family)

  • Sway


  • Sway

    Verizon FTW! now…….I really did like T-mobile. Hope this is all bullshit.

  • guy

    the blue ones are plus. if you accualy read it it says the 30 extra for smartphones is for the unlimited talk only!!!

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Very very disappointing. Are you kidding? Wasn’t this supposed to “shake up” the wireless industry? What I have now is a better deal than this so called better pricing. C’mon T-mobile, please don’t let this be the final pricing. Geez.

  • Tony

    What does the Blue one mean and what does the pink one mean? I don’t get it.. someone please tell me. like whats the different between a 2 year and a no annual contract?

    (it’d help if someone explain the whole thing.)

  • nick

    I agree the plans just went up for me … I am currently having things (voice+text+data) at a cheaper rate than mentioned in the chart above ….

  • Quasar

    @Chaos4all, I see what you mean. What they call subsidies have never really been true subsidies. Now that T-Mo has these new plans, they are just making this more obvious to the customers right?

    I’ll still take Sprint’s $69.99 plan that comes with unlimited minutes to any mobile at any time on contract and get a Samsung Moment for $179.99. It’s still better than T-Mo’s $79.99 plan that only gives 500 minutes on contract and still better than their $69.99 1000 minute plan off contract.

  • Robert

    Why is everyone getting upset over something we don’t know if it’s true or not? Even David put at the top of the page, we file this in the rumor column. Don’t get upset until you here the real pricing from T-Mobile.

  • willy

    I’d consider switching to sprint if i could use there cmda phones in most other countries becuase i will be traveling often. i still might tho

  • Matt

    And Straight Talk is better than anything offered by any of the big guys. No, I don’t work for TracFone. I am just one satisfied customer and Verizon’s network, which Straight Talk uses, cannot be beat. Pre-paid wins out!

  • watbetch

    TracFone/Straightalk/Net10 is garbage and they have a garbage phone selection.

  • WXman

    Like everybody says……….WTF?? These prices are not much improvement at all! Is this some kind of joke? They make their employees sign confidentiality contracts over dropping prices $5 bucks?! This is a joke, isn’t it?

  • z

    @Quasar, I think I’m with you on this one. About to ditch T-Mo after 7 years.

  • dalbana5

    I use about 2,000 minutes with my Fav5 alone. On top of that I barely touch my 300. I have Fav5, unlimited texting, T-mobile to T-mobile and my bill is only $46 with taxes. I’ll be keeping my grandfathered preferred customer plan for sure!! I think people will really miss the FAVs.

  • braveXheart

    this blows… somebody fire T-mobile’s USA president. A everything unlimited plan cheaper without a contract? Sigh… was really looking forward to this… I highly doubt they will change prices within the next 4 days… Like come on T-mobile, really? Fail.

  • MrNova

    Listen, tmobile prices are still the cheapest out of the major carriers. There is a reason why, regional carriers plans are cheaper than the big boys, because they are renting the network, they dont own it, and they usually are only regional anyway, which means its all cool to have a 50 dollar unlimited plan, as long as your not planning on going anywhere far. Also for you people complaining about how the new plans are more than yours or dont have myfaves, then keep them. No one is telling you to drop your old plan. I admit tmobile, really needs to work on its phone selection, and more rollouts of 3g! But thats a whole another issue, and remember this is just a rumor, and if it turns out to be true, than you know what you have to do! LEAVE!

  • Mauricio

    1500 minutes for $120?? Right know I have the unlimited plan for 2 lines, data on my bb and unlimited text on the same phone. I paid around $160, ummm I probably use like 800 minutes so it sounds good to me. Now, if tmobile is planning to become the 3rd carrier in the usa, this must be a joke! Unless, they are going to bring some heavy duty phones and a faster 3G!. I’m ooc since September so let’s see what happens on October 25th

  • heres a point

    After the other plan being leaked they probably threw this out here as a curve ball 2 confuse the other. 3 carriers jus think bcuz me and all the other ppl know that these plans are Jokes !!!! Lmao

  • I thought you weren’t posting about leaks anymore due to your journalistic integrity.

    Man, this site is so confusing.

  • Matt

    @watbetch – Who cares about the phone selection, anyway? If you do because you need some more bling in your life, I suggest therapy. The bottom line always comes down to money. Why do you need a super phone anyway? Talk, Text, and basic Web should be good enough for a lot of people. Keep on burning your hard earned money on smart phones, go ahead. In the end, TMobile, Verizon, AT&T, & Sprint have the last laugh cuz they got YOUR money.

  • BobBruff

    The only thing that could make people want to sign a contract with these plans (especially for those of us who already have comparable plans) is if there is something similar to European pricing with low-priced smart phones. Right?
    If not I might just be headed to Sprint for a Hero to save the day.

  • pecoy

    why is “rumored” still in the title?? could these prices be fake? i hope they are lower but i really dont expect them…who ever stated that tmobile was working on something that was game changing then i dont know what they were talking about because definitely this is not game changing at all

  • Ritchie

    Mr. Nova, respectfuly shove it up your ass, Project Dark is suppose to be a great thing. How can you say for those of you that have a better plan than what is coming to stop complaining. Thats the whole reason for going to 3rd. Who are they going to get? Not Sprint Customers. They get much more for $10-$20 more. And for tmo customers, if we dont jump in the boat then tmo will go down. If you are complaing about the phones then take your own advise stay with the one you have you dipwad. I might go for the new plan but doubt it, i might go to another carrier, and yes tmo has good prices on plans, but they dont compare to the everything plans from sprint even though the customer service sucks. All i wanted from TMo was to add a data family pack, that was all, cant even get that. I dont get it someone let me know, web is unlimited but then you have to pay $25 extra per line, wtf is that?

  • watbetch

    Are you serious? Their phones are BEYOND garbage. And incase you didn’t know Tracfone is collecting your dollars and paying Verizon them. The phones are 1XRTT toys. Hope you enjoy their flagship model, the RAZR. LOL

  • sprinter

    Well it was fun for a while…cool website, and I was getting pumped up about T-mobile. Was thinking N900, and a family plan with 4 phones. I will check to see if this is real on the 25th, and then will not look at Tmobile again for a long only get one chance to make a first impression – and T mobile has blown it. I hope they are seeing how pissed everyone is and decide to modify it before it comes out…but I think there is about zero chance of that. This is the great deal…you can save 20 bucks a month over sprint if you are willing to buy the phone yourself….2 year contract at 20 a month = 240 bucks. You can get a great phone like the Hero on contract for about 200 bucks…out of contract you will pay at least 400….so in the end there is no saving. You have just paid for the phone upfront and waived the subsidy in exchange for almost that exact amount removed from you bill…of course Sprint has better 3G coverage and better phones.

    the thing that got me, and I think so many others, excited about this Project Dark was the idea of finally seeing real price competition in the US cellular market. The guessed prices of 50 and then 60 would have demanded a serious response from all the other carriers. This will require absolutely no response from anyone…does anyone expect the other 3 big carriers to do anything to counter this. I guess we are back to waiting for Google, and perhaps Walmart to finally bring some real competition to this oligopoly.

  • raven183

    Well, I have been using T-mobile now for over 5 years. I think it is great that they are trying to bring prices down to earth. Tracfone just released an all you can eat on talk, text, and 30MB for data; for $45/mo. with Walmart. I am not sure of the prices for the phones or flashing of another phone like a BB or something. But I would be looking hard at that as Tracfone is on the Verizon network.

  • Sean

    I hope this is not IT!!! Because this is not a game changer! I have unlimited loyalty plan for 49.99. WHAT I’M REALLY CONCERN ABOUT IF THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE IT AWAY WHEN I UP GRADE MY PHONE!!! Does anyone know?

  • MrNova

    Ritchie, its a rumor! True its not all what its cracked up to be, and its definitely not a game changer, But for me, the plans work in my favor. I don’t have a family plan, so I cant speak on that, but to me the plans, are not really the problem, its been phone selection, and more coverage area, that has kept t mobile in 4th place. People have the tendency to go where the best phones are, I hate to admit, but its true. Look at ATT with the iPhone. T mobile plans has always been lower than the big 3, but has always been last on innovation. I feel t mobile needs to concentrate on expanding and speeding up the network and choosing phones, that are not so gimmicky and colorful, and becoming more innovative with data plans and selections. Also I think they did i great job with android phones!

  • willy

    @ sean no nobody knows that yet.

    @sprinter. tmotoday or w.e its called said that t-mo is deffinatly not getting the n900 : (

    • David

      Nobody knows anything, don’t listen to anyone about the N900 yet.

  • willy

    Im trolling the fuck out of these comments HAHAH!

  • Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
    You are currently at position number 30 in the queue.
    All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
    You are currently at position number 29 in the queue.
    An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience.
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    The next available Agent will be with you in a moment.
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    You are currently at position number 4 in the queue.
    You have been connected to ^Jenny T: T.
    sean pratt: Hey Hey Jenny
    ^Jenny T: Hi Sean , welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m ^Jenny T and I will be happy to assist you. Please give me a moment to review your question.
    sean pratt: np.
    ^Jenny T: I see you would like to add the 24.99 internet plan, is thatd correct?
    sean pratt: yes please,
    ^Jenny T: Okay let me take care of that for you.
    sean pratt: ty, now after all the changes soon will i still be able to keep my plan? or will i have to change?
    ^Jenny T: If you already have the plan you can keep it but if you decide to try out a new plan after it is expired you would not be able to go back to it.
    ^Jenny T: Also if you plan on getting a new subsidize phone, you will need to change your plan.
    sean pratt: kk ty, That sucks, and if I pay cash?
    ^Jenny T: If you pay the full amount for the phone, you can keep the same plan.
    sean pratt: cause when i get the motoblur i will need the internet option
    sean pratt: ?
    ^Jenny T: Yes, but the Motorola Cliq runs off of a different type of internet then the behold, so it would still have to change.
    sean pratt: but i will still be able to have my same my face plan?
    sean pratt: fav*
    ^Jenny T: Yes, definitely.
    sean pratt: sweet
    sean pratt: well ty for adding the internet for me.
    ^Jenny T: Not a problem, was there any thing else I could assist you with today?
    sean pratt: no thank you so much.

  • NiiDiddy

    Guys, guys, guys…! After doing some comparisons with Sprint, I must say that T-Mo’s new plan pricing is not bad at all. They averaged between $10 to even $20 on certain plan better than Sprint.

    Now what is bad is the fact that US LOYAL T-MOBIANS have continuously enjoyed lower prices and excellent cusomter service so much so that we are almost SPOILED that we even fail to see that regardless, these new plans are still okay. Granted not all of us will save much with it [because we already have great low plans], but I still believe that anyone who isnt a part of T-Mobile will, when shopping for plans come to T-Mobile because …again, the plans are better than the other carriers.

    Bottom line…yes the company is thinking about us..but they are even thinking more about how to expand their customer base and I think these new plans will do it.

    I give them that at least to grow their company systematically the right way. Enough of the bashing…if anything, healthy-bash phone selection since it feels like our strategy is “lightyears” away from our competitors and how they retain these awesome, exclusive smartphones…

  • Mike

    the get more plus isnt for flexpay but is for customers who choose not to sign a contract. t-mobile gives you a discount on your phone if you sign a contract or they give you a lower rate for the fact that they do not have to discount your phone. but not only that…they will let you pay it off in 20 payments!! take a g1 for example on an unlimited everything plan…
    $130 right now and 100 a month on an even more plan…excluding taxes thats $2530 over two years….or you can choose not to sign a contract and pay $400 for the phone (split up into twenty $20 payments) and you are paying $80/month for the unlimited everything plan…still the$100/month that you were paying before but only for 20 months with a grand total of $2320…thats a $210 savings over 2 years and you dont have a contract and you can leave/purchase a new phone at any time.

    sounds like a great deal to me….

  • Ritchie

    MrNova, i agree with you on the phone issue. I like the cliq, liking the plan the thing that gets me is the $25 per line ontop of the min, txt, web on three lines, kills me

  • Why does every one keep saying 25 for every line. It is obvious that it is only for adding web to a none web included plan. Like if me my wife and daughter had a plan. We could get talk text and only put web on my line.

  • This is to much for my budget . I Pay 39.99 for 300 talk and my favs. The stuff above sounds like a rip off to me. 39.99 for 500 min. This is crazy really crazzy

  • peachymomo

    I’m just gonna wait till the 25th to find out what they will have. I called in today to inquire about a bill and asked if any new plans were coming out and the rep said I can neither confirm nor deny. I replied back well I’m hoping that if something new comes out it can help me lower my bill and the rep replied oh I would definately keep an eye out for that cause I’m sure you’ll be able to lower your bill soon. I have 2 G1s on the loyalty unlimited ft for $89.98 and 2 unlimited messaging and data plans and insurance and I pay $200 a month.

  • ZeroMovement

    Bravo T-Moble……I always wondered how the smoke and mirrors worked in a magic trick. Does T-Mobile really think that we are that dense. This has been highly speculated and anticipated for weeks and then “Even More” and “Even More Plus” show up. WTF for real. The first thing that someone may notice is that by going with EM+ that they don’t have to sign a “contract”. You may have also been pitched the algebraic equations of how paying $500 for a $150 phone over the course of 20 months saves you money. What you soon realize shortly after T-Mobile pulls the rabbit out of the hat; is that by agreeing to pay for a phone over 20 months locks you into…….you guessed it……a contract. How Amazing! How do you get out of this contract….lets say 10 months in…. you might ask? Simple… tap on the magic hinges of your wallet/pocket book/purse/financial institution’s front door……wherever you can get the cash for those remaining 10 months on that $500 phone…..(or was it $150?) and then hand the cash over to T-Mobile and then you can walk away (or stay and get another phone) without any damage to your credit. That’s Magenta Magic!

    Call it wishfull thinking or goal oriented suggestion (How to Get to 3rd place for Dummies)…..but the reason so many people that have been following this are so disappointed is that we were promised something BIG…HUGE….GAME CHANGING. I’m sorry but a $20 discount on Sprint’s unlimited everything plan without affording it’s customer the courtesy of including the subsidized price for the phone as well…..was none of the above. Not to mention your al’ightphone line up and laggign 3G coverage.

    Those of us with the loyalty plan ($49/month for unlimited voice) are probably the most dissapointed. Add about $35 for data and text and my monthly bill comes up to around $85 before taxes. Now I get to save a whopping 5 bucks. I feel like my loyalty plan rewarded me greatly for being a loyal customer of T-mobile, but now I don’t feel that same appreciation. Maybe T-mobile will come out with a EM+ Loyalty plan that’s more in line with $50/month for unlimited everything. I think it would suck if everyone who was once rewarded for being among the loyal (on-time paying) customers, went elsewhere because the hype of “Project Dark” failed to deliver.

  • If those are really the prices, then I’m pretty disappointed. I was hoping to save some money, but looks like I’ll just keep my current plan.

  • helloooo

    hope these plans change I still cant find price difference. what will the add a line be? $15?

  • Brandon

    These plans suck ass im switcing to sprints anyone anytime now if i dont have myfaves any more.this aint gon move t-mo up anywhere my faves i the only reason tmo was even in fourth.not everyone has tmobile for mobile to mobile so myfaves was better shoot, me and my fiance are the only ones with it that we its 180 unlimited everything 4 tmo with crap 3g.or 130 unlimited everything plus better 3g/4g coverage nd 1500 lanline minutes that ill never use….thats a easy pick.T-mobile kiss my ass Nd hello srint i cant wait for my Hero

  • Viper

    My sister has the 600 min plan for $39.99. She rather likes the ability to get a new phone at a cheaper price every 2 years. She was waiting until next summer to see if the 1k 39.99 plan would come back but uh, hmm… not so sure about that anymore. Now her plan is LOSING 100 minutes. She’ll never go for “pay $300-500 for a phone over the course of 20 months” bit when she’s used to paying $100 or less.

  • ncvaun

    Erin.. I completely agree with you. IMO, I don’t think these prices are in line with taking over the 3rd position in the cell phone arena….I’m very disappointed. I’ve been with T-Mobile since it was VoiceStream.

  • Galen20K

    I agree that all of this “Project Dark” Information was seeded by T-Mobile itself and I think they did that to Mislead us all and I think we may all REALLY ENd up being Surprised All over again for the BETTER this time tho!

    GO Tmobile!!! Please tell me you’ve Tricked us ALL!

  • whodatfever

    Been with them since 2002. This had me all excited and talking to friends for days about how awesome Tmobile was. I look foolish if these are the plans. $10 MORE a month if I switch to this. Unbelievable. This should have been called “Project Brown”

  • Wicked1

    What’s the difference between between the pink and the blue chart? One is for contract and non-contract? I hope the cheaper 1 is for contract people, because I don’t plan on going non-contract. Are these the only plans they will have or will they have the old plans as well? These aren’t anything that make me excited and won’t seem to save me any money. I don’t need/want unlimited voice, but I do need unlimited text and data. Can you mix and match. All this project dark plans are confusing me anyway. I appreciate that data plans will be knocked down to $30 or $25, but nothing else really intrigues me. I mean I have promotional plan of 1000 whenever minutes + plus free nights and weekends right now for $40 plus the $20 Sidekick plan, my bill is usually &65-$74 per month. These plans look like I’ll be paying more than I am now. How is this something good and worth trying to keep it a secret. I may just keep my sidekick until March and go to another carrier

  • John J

    ZeroMovement, these sites post info that is half baked and never verified so don’t believe it till it is announced. Everyone else, anyone who believes what they read on these sites gets what they deserve. Don’t you thijk it best to wait for the actual info to come down from the carrier instead of believing a post that says RUMOR!!!!!!!

  • cheap

    data is not knocked down…it’s already $25/month. It will be knocked up $10 if you want a 2 year contract.

  • cheap

    data is not knocked down…it’s already $25/month. It will be knocked up $10 if you want a 2 year contract. So instead of $25 for data it will be $30 if you want a cheaper phone with contract.

    also, the 2 year contract is the one with the higher priced plans since you are paying less for your phone…

  • Joey

    The one thing I still don’t understand, and maybe some cn explain this to me, is why a contract costs more than not a contract? Is it just the phone thing? I mean, in my mind, logically, it should cost LESS because they have a contract, aka you HAVE to pay them. You can’t leave’re stuck. So that would SEEM like it should be cheaper. Right? Like I said before, I don’t know if this is worth it for me, simply because there is no comparable plan for me. We’ll see how it goes, I guess..

  • CO_Yeti

    I’m pissed that Tmo didn’t lower my bill to $0 a month for unlimited everything. That would have been a game changer for me…. now I have to switch to Sprint for the Hero because it is exactly the same phone as the mytouch (but looks different). Screw you Tmo for building up my hopes only to crush them with a crappy $15-$30 savings per month!

  • js-1

    im pretty bummed my grandfather plan plus data is cheaper by 10$.


  • tmorep

    I think the plans are priced pretty well. I don’t think the prices alone are quite “game changing” but that’s not the only thing showing here. I like the looks of the Even More + plans. For one $50 for unlim mins is nothing new but I think the idea is if you want talk you get talk. Take the unlimited and don’t worry about your minutes. You want text, take text unlimited, it’s only $10. You want web, take web, that’ll be $20… What’s so wrong with that?

    As for the full priced handsets, (I know they’ve been available) It’s about time everyone realizes how much their phone actually costs and they’re not too cheap. Hate to break it to you but that Blackberry wasn’t actually fifty bucks. There is a reason you got it cheap for a contract. Tmobile doesn’t get them at some magic price and then make up the full retail price off of the top of their head. Maybe people will understand that buying a mytouch for a 11 year old isn’t the smartest idea if they pay the full price for their phone. That being said, I don’t know if I care for the equipment installment plan being stretched out for 20 months. That seems like an awefully long time, great if you’re on a budget like me, great option if you need it, but still an awefully long time. I say save your money for a phone, do your research, talk to friends, hell borrow one if you can and just buy one flat out. Just don’t buy a phone as an impulse buy. Sure, you get a 14 day “test drive” but that’s it.

    I also hear many people complaining about the phone selection. So what feature is missing? Maybe I just don’t understand but I think the phone selection is great, well, could be better with a 3g blackberry but it’s coming next month, but other than that is there some major phone feature I’m missing? Android, blackberry, windows mobile… Htc, BB, nokia, samsung, motorola, sony ericson… Wait, Wait, I know, tmobile doesn’t have an iphone? Is that the “selection” tmobile is missing? No, it’s not. One phone doesn’t qualify as a “selection”.

    All in all I like the new plans, they’re pretty cheap had you not read all of the “rumors” beforehand you would agree. You can call me biased if you want, I’ve been called worse. I’m the nice guy answering the phone when you need help with your phone. For those of us excited about the new plans, let’s keep our fingers crossed for faster 3g rollout. For those of us disappointed, let’s hold our breath……..

  • S. G.

    I don’t see any savings at all. Today I can get a Family Plan 1000 anytime minutes, Plus unlimited msgs and web for $130/month with the current plans.
    $69 for Family Time 1000, $30 each for MyTouch web and msgs.

    The screen shots show $140 for 750 minutes and $160 for 1500 minutes.

    Looks like a price increase!?

  • BronxBebe

    Uh Guess What what?LOL..

  • z

    the question is … sprint for the 69 unlimited plan plus the moment, or just go to verizon and get the droid? what do you think?

  • spence

    so…does this mean there are no more sidekick/blackberry specific web plans???

  • Carl

    Hope you know you will be paying way more with Verizon, and Sprin’t $69 “unlimted” plan =, is not really unlimited, lol, they give you 400 mins for land lines, the whole reason it’s called “any mobile” it’s only to cell phones, hope you don’t call land lines. According to the new T-Mobile plans you get $60 unlimited talk to anything! So just had to clear that up.

  • z

    hey carl, here’s what i can find about the sprint plan (EPRP)

    $60 EPRP plan. you get the following:

    unlimited calls to any mobile (any network)
    unlimited texts
    unlimited data
    unlimited pix messaging
    n&w start at 7pm
    blackberry bis service (in case you use a bb)
    450 anytime minutes to landlines

    seems pretty rad to me, however i don’t really look forward to going to a CDMA network. the droid looks pretty rad. i’ll wait for reviews to see if it’s worth paying the verizon tax.

  • Brandon

    So you have different values for minuets 500, 1000, and unlimited are these values only for minuets or are these your text amounts also? With each level do u get unlimited texts or do you only get unlimited text with the unlimited plan?!

  • Wicked1

    @z: Sprint has a $69 umlimited everything plan?!

    @spence: If you already have a sidekick and already pay $20, I assume you will still be paying $20, they aren’t gonna jack it up, especially after this recent fiasco. If you are a new sidekick customer, I’m sure you’ll be payiing the $30 or whatever price. As of right now the Sidekick plan doesn’t exist, only those users who have had sidekicks for years still get the $20 plan. If someone bought the LX 09 and it was their 1st sidekick, they have been paying $35 for data+web services.

  • Carl

    @spence is would seem those would all fall under “Smartphones”(Hopefully they drop that to $30 to $25 like they have it right now! Unless our 3G network is getting x2)

  • joel

    I must confess, these prices are not “game-changing” and did not even warrant the NDA’s that everyone had to agree to.

    If this hadn’t been hyped at the level it was, this would come as a pleasant surprise for most people. Unfortunately, T-Mobile decided to go and protect it and make it hush-hush and cause a torrent of speculation. Now everyone is let down over something that should have come as good news :/

  • Carl

    Yeah CDMA is really not that great, it’s also sad how HSPA+(3.75G) beats WiiMax(4G really?). It’s $70 not $60, and yeah it’s a decent plan for Sprint nevertheless.

  • Mark

    Looks like I’m sticking with my Unlimited Loyalty Plan + Unlimited Data plan…which is actually cheaper than those new rates.

  • z

    what happens to those without contracts when the switch happens? am i grandfathered too…or forced to upgrade to one of these new plans? if i’m grandfathered, i’ll just stay with what i have.

  • joel

    Also, to anyone saying this “might not be true,” get real. Anyone who’s been with T-Mobile or pays attention to these things can tell that those charts are the genuine article. Makes perfect sense how they leaked, too. You gotta have the literature in-store before Sunday, right? Now is right about the time I’d be expecting to see it.

  • Matt

    This actually makes me pretty angry. Welcome to T-Mobile’s revolutionary new rates.

  • Carl

    You can stick to your plan, also I hope you know these are the standard prices, I’m sure they will have promotions that will drop it at least $10. Many people with the Unlimited Loyalty Plan will stick to it since it was a great promotion price for unlimited calling, which explains why the contract prices are $10 above the Loyalty Plan prices for Unlimited Talk.

  • Anonymous

    I will hold off until the official announcement from T-Mobile on the 25th to decide how I feel about all this. All these leaks are still rumors until then, and unfortunately us and the internet have hyped Project Dark so much that anything less than the rumored $50 Unlimited Everything Plan is not good enough. Who knows, maybe T-Mobile has set up the greatest hype campaign ever with all the leaks and may have even better pricing when the official announcement comes out, or it all could be really wishful thinking (I know it’s a long shot). My gut is telling me this is the real pricing though.

    For me personally though, the prices above would be an improvement for me. At the moment I have the $29.99 300 Minutes + Unlimited Weekend plan with the $24.99 G1 Data plan + 400 Text Messages. It’s been fine since I mainly talk on the weekends, but I have gone over my text allotment many times and my minutes lately have been getting maxed. The new 500 minutes + Night and Weekends + Unlimited Text and Data would be perfect for me and I would not have that much more. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for everyone else.

    The biggest thing T-Mobile could do to help keep me as a customer is improve the 3G network dramatically, and soon (now). The only reason I am considering leaving T-Mobile when my contract is up in a couple of months is because of the complete lack of 3G in my area. Every other major carrier has had a 3G network in place for close to 2 years now in my area. When I bought my G1 back in January I was hoping (and told) 3G would be in my area earlier this year, but it is almost end of the year and there is still no 3G service. To the average user, EDGE may be enough, but I know many out there are like me that want the faster data speeds and would move to another carrier if need be.

    We’ll see though…

  • Carl

    Well, they are launching 3G sites weekly, it has slowed down recently though probably due to all this training and such for this Project, anyway they might just turn up a bunch of cities on official release of Project Dark, I would also call CC since they have some cities that will be getting 3G launches.

  • ctk

    i see all of this conversation about talk plans. here’s the thing- i have an iphone. i don’t talk on it. my unlocked nokia 6555 with a prepaid t-mo plan that i get $.10 a minute on does me fine because i don’t talk a lot. $100 prepaid on at&t at $.25 a minute lasted me 4-5 months, so i don’t need a voice plan. i’m on the t-mo internet plan. out of all these plans they are rolling out, i don’t see any strictly data plans out there. i’m very interested in unlimited data. i surf the net and listen to streaming radio most of the time. if there were an add-in for unlimited text i’d do that too.

    my worry is that when apple releases a new iphone (unlocked, locked or with t-mo) i won’t be able to just do a data plan. t-mo’s data only plan was what drew me here because at&t was way too expensive for what i do. unless the internet only plan will survive this transition, i think that i will be renewing my contract before it ends next year to make sure that my plan will not change.

  • Rob

    What training do the engineers need to take for this promotion?
    From what I’ve read and heard T-Mo next week will turn on the switch on a bunch of 3G networks across the states. Making it part of the Project dark.
    This will also include the HTC HD2+ The Samsung Behold 2 and the BB 9700 all in a matter of a month.
    For people who have the loyalty plan. Well I think it was a plan that T-mo made little money on the minutes, but got money back on the Text and Data for people who went that way.
    I was offed the Loyalty, but have a family plan that would have gone up $50 w/my 4 lines.
    They should offer a family loyalty plan though.

  • control

    umm nothing spectacular here.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, they have been launching 3G sites weekly, but they still haven’t turned on 3G in my area ;). Considering that all the adjacent states that T-Mobile has data services for all have 3G, it really makes me wonder why there is still no 3G service. I really hope that when Project Dark is announced it means a country wide turn on of different area of 3G, as you and Rob mentioned. And ask the CC reps never leads to anything except that they don’t know what cities are going to get 3G until it is turned on.

    Of course I know the instant that T-Mobile gets 3G in my area I will forget everything bad I have said about T-Mobile.

  • Woodrow

    I’m a TMO insider, I can tell you the Blue slide is fake, with the obvious differentiating contrast of the added “Optional Features” on the bottom. It’s so fake…Especially the right side of that same pamphlet, those prices are more expensive than they are now… NO CONTRACT, YOU CAN GET UNLIMITED EVERYTHING FOR $135.99 before taxes…That 179.99 is completely off target. This is a sham… WALK INTO A TMO STORE AND GRAB A CURRENT Pamphlet… Those prices are better then these.

  • hi!

    so I’ve been reading through hundreds of comments…like every one and people are pissed! (rightfully so). The way I see it…our only hope now is that someone with some pull at TMobile sees this and realizes they have f’ed up BAD.

    I LOVE that they signed non-disclosure forms for this, HAHAHAHAHAHAH. There best bet would have been to leak this asap with a title like, new price plans.

    This is the farthest thing from “game changing” I’ve ever seen. This is like releasing the RAZR now and calling it game changing, lol. If, and it’s a monstrous “if” they gain any new customers with this I’d be willing to bet they lose at least 1 person for every person gained.

    Remember when we were the value leader? (that’s Sprint now). At least we could have cool phones…that’s everyone else. Apple=iPhone, Verison=Droid, Sprint=Pre/Hero, TMobile=g1? (didn’t that come out in like 98? lol)….and before some idiot says, “we have the mysucks3g!!!!” Well, that’s a g1 without a keyboard.

    Oh, and one last thing before I call it a day. My favorite are the, “maybe this isn’t real!” people, HAHAHHA. Riiiiiiight, like the prices are going to drop or some new phone (that didn’t pass FCC) is gonna appear. Project Flop…end of story

  • spence

    Thanks, was considering a smartphone but when checking prices they had multiple internet packages, makes better sense just to have two, one for smart phones and one for regular ones…

  • Jim

    I wonder if BES service will be included with this unlimited data? That’s the only thing that would differentiate these plans from Sprint’s for me…Besides, I do the unlimited loyalty minutes, plus unlimited BES data, and unlimited texting now for $109 after taxes…don’t see too much in the way of an improvement here…

  • Chaos4all

    @ woodrow The plan above you are speaking of (179.99) is a family plan. 2 lines unlimited everything. Currently for unlimited everything for a 2 line family plan is $150 for talk and text plus 25×2=50 for data totaling $200 for unlimited everything for 2 lines. So the above is $20 less. Now what the pic above does not show is how much the 3rd 4th and 5th line will cost on the new plan????? Old plan would have been $75 per line for unlimited everything.

  • timmyjoe42

    @Chaos4all. I am assuming the $30 more per line for unlimited web includes talk and text.

  • NiiDiddy

    @Chaos4all – I think you are right on your math/analysis.

    As for the additional $30, I am assuming its for those who have any of the talk plans, but want to throw in web (without text). I doesnt make any send however. Then again the $30 might only mean if you had additional lines added and need to throw in unlimited web, then that might be what it will cost. But I am a little confused on that part too…so I’ll wait and talk to my T-Mo peoples that I know…

  • NiiDiddy

    TO ALL WHO HAVE BEEN THROWING THE WORD “GAME CHANGER” AROUND: Where the hell did you get the fact that anything was going to become a “game changer” in the industry? I can guarantee that T-Mobile did not open their mouths or issue a statement saying that. One thing you guys have to know is that, though any news may be exciting to you, until it comes out officially it remains a RUMOR. And if within the RUMOR the words “game changer” are thrown around, it’s meant to give us something to look forward to – keeping in mind that it’s still a RUMOR.

    So my fellow dudes and dudettes who are flabbergusterd about the phrase “game changer”…take a chill pill, step back, re-organize your thoughts and come back and stop feeling sorry for yourself or for T-Mobile as I can guarantee that regardless, T-Mo will be fine.

  • Steve

    Word around the internets is the information leaked was misformation leaked on purpose. Apparently, the pricing being talked about behind closed doors is NOT reflected in the pics showing up online. SOme of the pics showing up contradict each other. If this is misinformation – jolly good show, Tmo….jolly good show.

  • Grr

    Perhaps T-Mobile is going to fund lower pricing by firing employees leaking this type of information.

  • alex

    @NiiDiddy, I don’t think the people are so much mad at TMobile, they are more upset with the blog writers and people who run phone news sites. Last week they kept saying how their “sources” were saying this would be huge. The problem is that the writers can’t filter out their “sources” or embellished what they heard or both.

  • alex

    @Steve, There are not any pictures online that have contradicting information. In fact there are multiple pictures of the same signs(taken at different angles) but they have the same prices – confirming that the prices are correct. It is clear that you read the article on which was total BS.

  • Carl

    None, I did not say that, but the training to CS, and others due to this project is probably taking most of their time and resources.
    1998 good one, those phones could barely even do 50 mhz lol, anyway you do know that we are getting N900, HD2, and most likely the iPhone once the contract with AT&T expires. As of right now I know we have underpowered Android devices.

  • Grr

    Guys. CS training does nothing to slow down 3G. These people have absolutely nothing to do with a 3G launch. 3G launches are done by the engineering and operations departments with assistance from regional employees. A CS person won’t even know the slightest thing about when the 3G launch will occur unless and engineering and operations employee tells them. I can guarantee you there is nothing about Project Dark that is slowing down 3G launches. The only thing that would be slowing down 3G launches right now is spectrum clearing, equipment, tower modifications, competitors (yeah you, Verizon), and manpower in general.

  • alex

    @Carl, you’re not making any sense. The people who are training CSRs and the CSRs getting trained have nothing to do with the engineers and technicians who are responsible for 3G rollouts.

  • Wait a minute…so in the top right corner image it says Family Plan Unlimited Talk, Text and Web for $179.99. But then on the bottom, under additional costs, it says Unlimited Web for Smart Phones $30 and Unlimited Web for Other Phones $10.

    I’m confused…so do you have to pay 179.99 for unlimited everything then an additional $30 per line for unlimited web if you have a smartphone? And, if that’s the case, what is the “unlimited web” that’s included in the 179.99 plan?

  • Grr

    I believe that the 179.99 is unlimited everything including data. I think the $30 extra is if you go with the unlimited voice only and want data but not text. I’m not a retail person, and I’ve never paid full price for a plan. So, my observation could be way off.

  • Aardvark

    I too am on the $29.99/month for 300 minutes plan but I have no text or data options. The 500 minutes MIGHT for $29.99 might be worth jumping to since it now includes nights which the 300 minute plan does not. However, the devil is in the details and none of that is known yet.

  • alex

    I beleive what Grr said is correct

  • Bob

    Yeah, I hope that this is all misinformation, because the pricing would be *worse* than what I have now. :| Between Google Voice and Myfaves, our 1800 minute plan (used to be 1000 but they added the extra 800) has been MORE than enough.
    It’s not just about minutes anymore. Tmo already has the FamilyTime Unlimited for $149.98, and family messaging is (or was) $19.99. That’s still cheaper than the alleged new plans. The only difference is data, but I have the specific Mytouch data plan and the wife has the old BB plan. The kid barely uses any minutes, and has a phone that has no data capability.

    Yeah. Hopefully this is all purposeful misinformation, because if not, it’s pretty weak. :|

  • Elias

    @alex but the bloggers were right:

    1. it is huge (a huge price increase in many cases)

    2. it is game changing (watch Tmobile go out of business when many people leave to sprint)

  • john

    Why are no contract rate plans cheaper than contracted?
    The reason why people sign 2 yr contract is to have benefits over noncontract rate plans.. Where is the benefit in this?
    hmm.. is this an effort to stay in competition with Cricket, Metro, Boost, Simple and etc?
    Are they finally feeling the impact on their bottom line from these prepay carriers when for many years TMO arrogantly only considered Verizon and AT&T as their sole competitor? NOT!!
    How sad.. DT should sell TMO USA

  • queensnewbie

    the family unlimited everything for @179.99 is everything for 2 lines. A third or fourth line needing unlimited data would be an additional $30 or $10 depending on the phone on that line.

  • brad

    why can’t a carrier just make it simple. $60 unlimited everything per phone, period. Instead we get tears for tiers

  • Chaos4all

    Wow some of you people are not smart.

    First pay attention to what you are reading. Some of you guys are reading the family plan brochure which includes 2 lines with the price, but you are thinking it’s a single line price.
    The NO contract prices are less because T-Mobile does not lose money on the phone. Example Phone A cost T-Mobile $250 you sign a 2 year contract and get it for free and pay the normal plans per month. They of course loose $250 on the phone but gain it back over 2 years. On the no contract you supply your own phone or buy one at cost. T-Mobile does not loose the $250 up front so they give you a break from normal plan prices.

    Man….. and people wonder why sales associates and care reps get stressed out and tired of dealing with people. You can’t read or don’t comprehend what you read. LOL

  • john

    Hey Chaos4all,

    LOL my ass..
    Tell me any other national carriers that offers 2 exact same rate plan 1 being contract and 1 being not with MC being cheaper with non contract? Absolutely Stupid!! Either make it the same or create a diffence rate plan all together.

  • Jesse

    its funny that if you compare these plans- They are by far way better than what Verizon could offer. Plus these data plans work with any phone not just a regular device like with verizon.
    So take into consideration the deals that are avail. Yes, the ULO plan might be a better deal for right now for certain people. Yes, you get to keep ur grandfathered price plans, not forced to go with the new plans.

  • rossi


    Sigh, it’s not that hard to figure out. It makes sense, do the math…

  • BobBruff

    Did T-Mo leak these plans–which aren’t that great–in order to really shake things up when their $50 all-you-can-eat plans hit on Sunday? Or am I just kidding myself?

  • NotSmart


    I love the irony of your “you people are not smart” post – loose != lose.

  • rossi


    The problem here is that without myfaves, there is really no middle ground for the people who do not want to pay the additional money to go to unlimited. This is especially true with the family plans. However, the family plans may remain reasonable if the additional lines are not ridiculously prices (which I fear they may be).

  • Chaos4all

    First John you only are thinking U.S. carriers. ALOT of other countries do this that is why it is “different” than the other U.S. carriers. I can tell you that you will not get the “no contract” prices with phone discounts from any carrier in the USA. (At least that has good coverage) So to make John happy the carrier should give him unlimited everything for $50, give you a $400 phone for free and have no contract??? WOW sounds like a great business plan for making money!!! Were you a CEO of GM or AIG? Maybe you work for the government??? Because it sounds like you have as much business sense as they do. :)

  • OCT25

    Is today October 25th? LOL!

  • PD4L

    If these are the plans, whats stopping Sprint from making the price plans on EPRP public for everyone. Or Adding more minutes to the $70 & $90 plans. This is something that does not appeal to customers on Sprint. AT&T has the A-List and millions of iPhone subs who are staying put no matter how much some complain about the network.

    T-Mobile dropped the ball on this one. I am still hoping these are not the plans and when October 25th comes around in a few days, we will see SOMETHING that CAN give them an edge.

  • josh

    All should keep in mind that T-Mobile can’t be compared to Verizon look at the 3G maps or lack there of with Tmo rite now. At best you could compare to Sprint who’s family plan is 129.00 with two year contract 1500 anytime minutes unlimited text and data also they include mobile to any mobile, NAV, TV, NFL and NASCAR. T-Mobile would be 30.00 more a month with a contract and for a lot less features. This has to be someones joke I say wait for Sunday.

  • john

    YES… Give me everything Unlimted for $50 or $60 or $70 + $400 handset at $199.99 for a 2yr contract + set the MC for NONcontracted unlimted = to contracted with $400 handset at $400
    So as a consumer, if I want to save $200 instantly, i go with a contract.. If not, pay for the full equipment and go Month to Month.

  • rossi


    For some reason I doubt the bad joke part, but I agree with the rest of your analysis…

  • agreed

    @ josh….. “I say wait for Sunday” that’s the best comment i’ve read today…

  • josh

    One thing extra I have a grandfathered plan from 5years ago that they will not give me the android data feature on. So if you keep a grandfathered plan and want or need a new smartphone in the future you may have to get one of those any way. If the plans are not better than this I tell you I am going to sprint and getting the Hero with the 129.00 plan after 5 years with T-mobile.

  • God, the folks in Bellvue really don’t know what they’re doing, uh? I bet parent DT is pretty worried right now….

  • BobBruff

    Just another random thought…you can tell that the plastic is still on. Is it possible that T-Mo put a dummy sheet on top & that the rest of them will have different plans? Sorry, I’d make a great conspiracy theorist, huh?

  • BobBruff

    And for those who say these aren’t more expensive–yes they are! For a ton of us that are already T-Mo customers these are more expensive. T-Mo would be really stupid to release these plans. Please tell me it’s not true!!!

  • Annonymous

    I work for Tmobile and those price plans are the real deal, I just received the new brochures in the store and just locked them up until they launch on the 25th…

  • I don’t think it’s fair that people without contracts plans are WAYY less than people with contracts. I really love the Unlimited Loyalty plan from T-Mobile (Which I have, on Family Plan), but what about people who have a contract, and didn’t have T-Mobile for 4+ years, that couldn’t quality for the unlimited loyalty plan. That’s BS. People paying good money for contract phones, and their giving cheapers plans out for non-contract plans. I know they have to pay full price/more for the phone, but so what, they get monthly financing for that. NOT FAIR T-MOBILE, NOT FAIR @ ALL!

    What they should do is go down on the date plans. $25 for unlimited data & text add on, and like $20 for unlimited data w/ 400 text or something. I mean come on! and taxes are out the ass, let’s be reasonable.

  • Annonymous

    It is cheaper… Individual right now is 30,40,50,60,100 only the 100 includes messaging plus 25 or 35 for internet in most cases, so that comes out to be 125-135 plus tax… 25-35 more per month than these new ones…

    Family is alot cheaper with these than before… for instance unlimited family now is 150 plus 50 per line after the 2nd plus separate internet per line… The new plan is 179 and only 10 per line after the 2nd and the plan includes internet for all line on the account… so 5 lines for 179 + 30 = 209 plus tax… with current plan its 150(plan 1st 2 lines) + 150(for other 3 lines) + atleast 25 per line for internet so 125 =425 for a family of five with unlimited everything including internet… So im not sure what u mean more expensive than the original plan because your saving over $200

  • Chaos4all

    I actually think these will be the “published” plans but when Sunday comes they will throw in a twist like any customer signing a 2yr contract can still get the Even more plus (no contract) plans as a promotional offer and run that threw the Holiday’s. Now of course this would take some marketing savvy to come up with and we all know T-Mobile lacks in that department. But if you could get unlimited everything for 79.99 and a discounted phone, that would be pretty good. Only if T-Mobile actually runs an ad that tells people that, instead of a bunch of old Saturday night live characters handing around a phone and telling people nothing. lol

  • Garbage

    I’ve got a family plan with 1000 shared minutes, MyFaves, mobile to mobile, and family texting plan for $59.99 a month. If the rates posted above are correct I’d lose 250 minutes, lose the MyFaves, gain nights and weekends and have to pay an extra $10.00 a month. That doesn’t sound like a winner to me. Maybe TMobile just doesn’t know how to provide value any more.

  • Dave

    wow……….. it sucks…

  • Dave

    i wonder how these plans are going to boost them up to #3 spot….. i just don’t see it…

  • watbetch

    If you just get the 79.99 unlimited talk you don’t need MyFaves. Duh

  • rossi

    @ Annonymous

    Can you confirm that each additional line is only $10 more on the new unlimited family plans? If so I will be happy. For some reason I am willing to guess that it will still be $50 per additional line. In which case, I will not be overjoyed. I would have to ask again… where is the middle ground? 1500 minutes isn’t going to cut it for us without myfaves, and $50 per additional line will result in us paying twice our current bill. Sure, we could stay on our current plan, but what about the new customers?

    btw, I just got off the phone with a Customer service rep who denied that myfaves plans would be gone next week. Before some of you get in a huff, I called to add minutes to my current myfaves plan (not to bother her about all of this), and she actually advised me against that because our current usage does not warrant the move. (She really pushed the family allowances which seems like that should be a free service anyway… but whatever)

  • BobBruff

    @ Annonymous
    I’m looking at getting on contract so I can get a subsidized price on a phone…I need a new one really badly. Right now I pay $80/mo for 750 minutes plus MyFaves on 2 lines plus $20/line/mo for the Blackberry addon. This equals $120/mo before taxes. We don’t do texting, but we use a lot of data. Without the MyFaves we would need at least 1000 minutes. What am I looking at with the new plans if I get on contract? $80/mo for 1500 minutes plus $30/line/mo for web for smartphones totaling $140/mo. That’s $20 more a month than I pay now and $10/mo more than I’d pay if I switch to Sprint, but I’d also get messaging included by switching even though that’s not a factor for me.
    If I go for the no contract plans I could save $10/month, but how much am I going to have to pay for new phones? I bet 2 phones will cost me more than the $10/mo I’ll be saving.

  • watbetch

    or 99.99 if you’re contracted – Or 79 for more of everything.

  • Annonymous


    You were correct it would be 140 for unlimited everything on the even more plan… Now you said you dnt txt so you should be able to do the 750 minutes for 60 plus 60 for 2 smrtphone web packages so it would come out to be 120,but if the phones arent smartphones then web is only $10 so your looking at what I imagine would be 80 for 750 minutes plus web for both phones or if you paid 80 for talk/txt add the 20 to total 100 if you have phones that dnt require a data plan… Phone wise, I am not sure what you be paying because I am not sure what phones you would be purchasing and Tmobile is releasing all sorts of new phones in November… Im not sure how the Even More Plus works yet so I do not want to speak on that right until I get further clarification on those plans, but I agree it seems to be slightly unfair at the moment until I find out more I am not going to complain…

  • Dan

    Ok – this may force me to go to Sprint.
    Under the old (current) rules, I can get my 700 shared minutes for $60, 300 min/ line for another $10, and unlimited data for both lines for $50.
    That’s $120/mo, and it’s still more than I need.

    Under the new rules, the best I can do is $140?!?! That’s $10 MORE than Sprint’s unlimited EVRYTHING plan!

    Oh sure, I can just drop the contract, and pay only $110/mo, but then I have to get a new phone number, right? Or at the very least, I need to pony up like $500/phone.
    I dunno guys, but Pre and Hero are starting to look pretty intriguing over at Sprint…

  • Dan

    ^meant to say 300 msgs/line for $10

  • watbetch

    Hopefully you all know you can keep your current plans if you want.

  • alex

    @anonymous, Can you confirm that the extra family lines are really $10? Is that price the same for lines that are on unlimited minutes and lines that are on 750/1500 minute plans

  • Annonymous

    You can keep your number too as far as I have been told, it’s still only thursday so we still have until sunday until everything is straightened out, so wait until sunday when there is definite explanations of everything…

  • bob

    this blows…

  • z

    What about plans that are not on contract? Will I be able to keep exactly what i have now that is not a contract plan? What if I want to buy a new phone from T-Mo?

  • Matthew

    What I want to know is how much is it going to be to add a line if I have the new family unlimited plan.
    I currently have the loyalty unlimited plan with 5 lines, sothat is $50 plus $40×4 = $210, then I add family messaging for $20. That’s $230 and then a couple lines have data plans… $40 per additional line is a bit steap, plus it doesnt include internet.

  • M3M0R13S

    I am so disappointed with T-Mobile, AGAIN! If they don’t bring better phone selections(N900 & HD2)I will be jumping to a another carrier. Think I’m bluffing watch me…

  • akil

    i’ve looked at this post several times and upon looking at these prices i cant help feeling they have been doctored a bit. looking at the top sheet in certain areas of the prices you can see they are darker as if they were either traced over or changed in photoshop.

    maybe im wrong but you can add that to BoBruff’s conspiracy theory LOL

  • Matthew

    I’m with you man… These plans are rather lackluster. They shouldn’t be trying to barely beat the competition, but rather totally destroy them!

  • Annonymous

    You would want to switch to the new unl fam for 179 plus 30 for the 3 additional lines so would be paying 209 a month which includes talt/txt/web… Your a perfect example of someone who would be saving alot of money… These plans are correct I have the brochures in my store right now…

  • RWWackoStu

    I was sure hopiong that the new plans would give be the flexability in my finances to finally add data to our BB’s. I have a two line family plan, 700/59.99 plus 2 4.99 texting plans. I cant yet justify the price for data (another 50.00 to 60.00) when I have wifi at hoome and use that for my data. Sucks when I am away from home, however. I was really hoping that this would amount to being able to have an all in family plan for about $100.00. I really hope TMO proves us all wrong on Oct 25th, but my gut tells me no.

  • RWWackoStu

    Anon, any magic you could work with my numbers from above?

  • alex

    Anonymous, this is great news. The only thing is everyone is kind of cautious to believe some things because of how big this thing was blown up to be before. Is there any chance you can get some pics of the brochures uploaded?

  • rossi

    @ annonymous

    Are you sure it’s $10 for additional unlimited lines?

  • Jackie

    akil says: I’ve looked at this post several times and upon looking at these prices i cant help feeling they have been doctored

    agreed..when no contract text and talk costs 69.99 adding unlimited smartphone web would be 25 more for a total of 94.99..not 40.00 more and a total of 109.99 as shown on the no contract. it does not make sense. Bet those are doctored pictures for sure.

  • Stupido

    There is nothing cheaper about this, not for me anyway. I have 600 minutes of talk, unlimited text and data. To get something similar, it will cost me the exact same amount (actually, I’d be losing 100 minutes!).

    I really don’t get it.

  • Stupido

    Or does “Unlimited data for smartphones” inlude unlimimted texts? That might make a difference, but not much.

  • Bob

    All the people that are going! WOW! $80 a month plus tax for everything (without a contract) fail to add that you have to pay full price for your phone…RETAIL which is usually about $400 by T-mobile pricing and over two years that is roughly $18 a month…so you are really paying $98 for everything PLUS tax (Sprint is giving it all for $99 a month and they subsidize their phones!). This is T-mo’s BEST posted plan for EVERYTHING! Please don’t post that’s only $80! That is if you don’t ever plan to buy a phone from tmobile. Everyone has to buy a new phone if they want 3g (all the old blackberries are not 3g) which will break their old contracts and force the new price structure.

  • juanes

    @bob if youre calculating it that way then tmobile would be charging 98 a month which is still cheaper than sprints plan and youre not paying for the phone. (since you included it in the monthly price) tmobile still comes out on top

  • Matthew

    Yeah, but you still have to pay at least $100 to $200 or more dollars for a phone at Sprint. Even if you include $18 dollars a month with T-Mobile, it is still cheaper!

    Thanks! This would indeed be perfect for me, If I can add an line for only $10 on the family unlimited plan!

  • Tony

    Wow, not only is this true but it’s going to cripple any plans for rapidly increasing new customer growth. It’s obvious the Tmo decision makers have officially run out of ideas. DT will be cleaning house in January Im calling it right now. The only game changing these rate plans are going to do is scare potential new customer away to other carriers.

    1.Your increasing minutes but getting rid of my faves? So the rate plans are actually worse.
    2.Your rewarding people who sign up for month to month service with better rate plans and charging people who want to sign contracts more money every month? Oh and they can pay the hanset price broken up over a few bills. Yeah that wont cost you guys any money or screw the dealers who bring in most of your new customers anyway because you guys dont like to open up corp store locations.
    3.It would actually cost current customers more money to switch to these rate plans.

    By launching these new rate plans with some new handset’s this is how your going to propel you guys past sprint? So much potential wasted with this company.

    Here let me give you guys a clue.

    1. Increase your voice coverage in rural areas! It’s 2009 you have 30 plus million customers and people still get crappy reception outside any major city or town. You make billions of dollars in profit each quarter and you cant build some more cell towers? The loyal customers put up with the crappy reception before when rate plans were affordable now what are you goin to do?

    2. Learn how to market your own products and service. When you have bloggers with better marketing ideas then what your paying your big guns to do then you have a problem.

    Something isn’t adding up with these new changes….time will tell..but I’ve been in this business a long time and the future does not look good in my opinion..but what do i know.

  • juanes

    @anon please read the brochures more carefully before leaking false info. additional lines for unlim are NOT $10. its 5$ to add a line to pooled fam plans on even more plus and remains $10 on the even more plans. im not 100% sure about what the add a line cost for unl family plans but i can tell you 100% its not $10

  • craig

    @annonymous, please one more time and help me, I have 5 lines on my account and only one of them I would have internet (G1) so what would my total be? You can also email me at

  • hi!

    man, so many of you people are KILLING me…how stupid are you?

    Everyone that is whining about the non-contract prices being lower…stop and think about it for a second. The prices aren’t really lower. Keep in mind these non-contract people will be paying for phones ($500 phones) broken down into 20 months (so essentially a 20 month contract). 500 dollars divided by the 20 months they’ll be paying it off is $25.

    Therefore! When you read any of the non-contract prices you need to add $25 dollars to them. Make sense? So when you’re like, “oh man! people OFF contract can get unlimited everything for $79.99 like Sprint, this sucks!” you need to take into account that NO…they will be paying the 79.99 PLUS the 25 A MONTH FOR THE PHONE. So they’ll be getting unlimited everything for $105.

    Now can you stop complaining? Doesn’t look like they’re getting such a sweet/cheap price for being out of contract now does it? Yes another way of looking at this exact scenario is that they’ll be getting that plan for $105 a month..OR $25 MORE THAN SPRINT CURRENTLY OFFERS!!!! (not to mention they have the Hero AND the pre….revolutionary phones)

  • juanes

    also to clarify you do NOT have to change your numbers if you want to switch to even more plus… david needs to create a thread in the forums called “ask someone who actually knows whats going on.”

  • babaganush

    screw this im switching to sprint

  • hi!

    correct….you WILL NOT have to change your number.

    BUT, when you go to get a new phone in the coming days, weeks, months, years. you WILL have to “upgrade” to one of these new craptastic plans.

    You know what the absolute best part is? Remember when the tmonews dude didn’t wanna leak this stuff and got all emo about it. It’s the biggest (flop) in TMbobile history and I don’t wanna ruin it, whaaaa whaaaa! HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    For those who commented that Tmo is still less than Sprint for me with the new structure. NO..the new structure is more expensive for me. I have a blackberry 8900 (NO 3G!!phone) and Pay $90 a month NOW for everything and I get subsidized phones!(at least for 1 more week until this plan Rolls out). I wanted to buy the new Blackberry 9700 (odd they never mention price..this is why). But if I buy a subsidized phone! this would force me to except the new price structure AND so as an old customer who has been loyal to Tmo…my monthly price go UP $20. I’ve dealt with less than perfect reception and no 3g for a long time….NOW what do I get? a price hike…

    Thanks T-mobile! Kisses and Hugs;)!

    PS. At least Sprint is working on 4G network and you would be surprised who will pay $10 more a month just because they get pissed at a company! AND I’m one of them…Sprint DOES have better 3g coverage by far! Yes, customer service I hear sucks but Tmo just missed the boat on this….

  • juanes

    last time i checked sprints simply everything plan was 99.99 (which is required for those “revolutionary” phones) so 100×24 + 200 = 2600 the cost of it over 2 years. under tmobile youd pay 80×24+500= 2420. am i missing something?

  • willy

    @rossi yea its a few bucks cheaper than sprints but sprint has way better coverage

  • juanes

    when you upgrade your phone youre not required to change your rate plan so i dont know where youre hearing that from.

  • BobBruff

    So, when I signed up w/ TMO almost 2 years ago their plans were really cheap, but since then Sprints plans have gotten a lot better. It doesn’t make sense for TMO to counteract that with plans that are sort of better for some people and worse for others. There’s got to be something missing…

  • Annonymous

    You would be lookin at 140/month if you went with the family 750 with unl web/txt or if u didnt want txt then it would be 120 for talk/web…

    Yes to those who have asked the amount of add on line… It IS $10 a line after the first 2… I looked and relooked and quadruple checked cuz thats a savings of $40 per extra line for unl fam on the new plans…

    179 fam unl plus say 3 add on line is 209 and that includes web n txt pretty good deal if you ask me, no other company can compete with that…

  • Wagonis

    QUick question, and I don’t know if anyone has asked this already, but what if I bring my own phones? Lets say I already have 2 T-Mobile branded phones, can I just bring them and sign up for the no contract plan?

  • alex

    Juanes, how do you know it is $5 to add a line to the 750/1500 min fam plans? Is it also $5 for adding a line to say a 1500 minute w/ unlimited text and data?

  • alex

    @Wagonis – yes

  • googly

    What kind of phones are eligible for “Unlimited Web for Other Phones”? Would a jailbroken iPhone 1G or 3G be able to use the $10 plan? There used to be a $4.99 T-Zones plan that some folks were using for data.

  • Annonymous

    I work for Tmo, and I have worked for sprint as well… Their 3G is better yes and yes they are working on 4G, I cannot argue that. Tmo is lacking the great 3G coverage but by christmas will have a whole lineup of 3G phones which means they should be putting up more towers to help the 3G… The plans look to benefit family much more than the individual plans… If im correct the Simply Plan is 99 for first line then minues 5 for every additional line, atleast when I left the company it was… here 179 plus 10 for additional lines without doing the math is alot cheaper when you have more than 2 lines. 2 line on family could be better but it will still be better than what we had in all respect.

  • Annonymous

    It is only $5 to add a line to the no contract plan or what we are calling th even more plus plans…

  • alex

    @anonymous, Thanks. Can you tell from the brochures if that includes data/text for the addon lines? If it does then that is a good deal.

  • Bob

    Maybe you didn’t read my post but my price would go up $10 on the plan I have NOW! So Tmo is giving me a price hike. And it enforces the hike by forcing you to a plan if you need a phone. Since they are only now really getting a 3g network going, more people will go to buy new phones to get 3g usage (even though they have been paying for edge so far). The new phones force the new plans…well thought out plan to get rid of grandfathered plans…

    AND yes Sprint has a far more complete network and is very close to a 4g network for the entire usa…and I’ll pay more ’cause I don’t think they have screwed me.

  • Wagonis


    So how much is it to add a line to the unlimited everything family plan on the Even More + plans?

  • RWWackoStu

    Anon, thanks for running the numbers for me. Im better off keeping what I have now since I cant afford the data @ 120 per month, and really cant @ 140.

  • Will

    quick question: On the family plan how do you have to pay 179.99 per person?

  • Wagonis

    @Will –
    No, it is $179.99 for the first 2 lines…meaning 2 lines included.


    whoever leak this information about project dark is a real a#* hole. And if you work for tmobile and you leaked these photos i really hope you get fired, due to the fact tmobile is trying to be number one and your missing it up.

  • BobBruff

    Shhh…it’s part of TMO’s plan. They know they have ‘leakers’ in the company which is why we’re all going to wake up Sunday morning very surprised.

  • Wagonis

    @Bob – You really believe that? I wish it was true, but thats just not something I can believe.

  • Carl

    Well, T-Mobile really can’t do much, it’s not like its only their employees that would leak something like this. Whatever more it is too besides to an addition to new plans, hope they do great. Just three more days to find out :D

  • BobBruff

    I guess it’s just wishful thinking. I’ve enjoyed being a T-Mo customer, but if the leaked prices are true it’s back to Sprint for me.

  • Matthew

    If that is true about the unlimited family plan then at least that’s a winner if nothing else is!

  • Bob

    What do you mean do I believe it? It’s normal. If I want a new phone: I have to pick one of the new plans…THUS I give up my grandfathered plan which is a lower cost than ANY of these plans and includes everything.

    So I’m stuck choosing one of the two plans which pretty much cost what Sprint costs…

    Why is this hard to understand or for me to believe?

    They are supposed to beat everyone…

    GEEZ…if they lowered everything by just $10!!! THAT would have been cool with everyone! Most people plans (who have been with Tmo for at least 3 years will go UP!) AND they will now have to buy their own phones?

    I don’t see how T-mobile thought people wanted to buy their own phone at $400-500 a pop?

    Geez, with my corporate discount I can go to AT&T $117 EVERYTING (tax too) a month and 15% off an IPHONE (corporate discount)! Trust me it tempted me but I was only paying $90 with tax for everything with Tmo so I kept my blackberry with Tmo. BUT NOW??? They are evening up prices with Sprint and AT&T…$25 more a month ain’t so bad to get the Iphone….

    As I said..Tmo could have made this a WIN by just introducing the new phones, increasing the 3g cities quickly and dropping the price of average person 10 bucks…this missed the boat!

  • alex

    @Bob – why do you need to pick a new plan if you want a new phone? You will be grandfathered into you old plan and I am assuming in your old plan you get upgrades.

  • Matthew

    Yeah dude, plans and phone are two different things. When you upgrade now, you dont have to change your plan. The same thing should apply later!

  • Bob

    hmmm…..’cause one plan is with new phone and one plan is without. Contract give you the option to buy subsidized phones. The other contract, you pay IN FULL for phone. To do this: I ASSUME YOU HAVE TO DECIDE IF YOU ARE ON CONTRACT OR NOT on Contract when you buy a new phone.

  • Matthew

    Even though this seems to be pretty accuate as far as what the new plans will be, I suggest we wait a few more days before we make any premature decisions…

  • Annonymous

    Im not the leak, i have tried to stay away from these sites until I knew what was going on for sure and now I do…

    Someone asked if the txt/data are covered with the add on line and the answer as of right now is yes, data/txt is for every line on the account…

  • Matthew

    Yeah, If your contract is up, then you have the option of going with the Even More (contract) or the Even More plus (no contract). If you do this, of course you will have to change your plan. But you also have the option of just upgrading the phone and leaving your plan as is.

  • Matthew

    I hope this is true annonymous! I really do!
    Not too sold on the other plans, but that sonds like a winner to me.
    One question though, is that price on the Even More or the Even More Plus, becasue I am currently under contract and would have to go with the Even More for now…

  • alex

    @Anon Awesome. That really makes it a pretty decent deal. But what do you mean by “as of right now?”

  • Annonymous

    If your contract is up, the only way to get the discount on a new phone is to extend contract, now you should be able to keep what you already have but there has been speculation you could keep what you got if for some reason your plan works out better than the new ones… Every company is like that to get a discounted price you need to extend your contract so it’s not like tmo is tryin to screw ppl…

  • alex

    @Matthew – if you are under contract right now, you just pay $35 to switch to the even more plus.

  • Matthew

    Means as good or bad as these plans may seem, until they are officialy announced, anything can change, theoretically…

  • agreed

    @ bob

    if your contract is up, then you have options including going somewhere else that may best meet your needs…. I understand where you are coming from, but there are other options..

  • Matthew

    Is that so? I head I would have to pay the early termination fee.

  • Annonymous

    Its only thursday they dnt come out until sunday, so they could do whatever they choose from here until then… I dnt foresee a change in plan so I would look forward to seeing it they was I said it would. However since the brochure’s do not say data/txt is covered for the add on line they could change policy whenever, but I have been told by the boss’s that as of right now the add on line will get everything the 1st 2 lines get for 10 a month which is the add on fee…

  • agreed

    if tmo doesn’t give you much of a choice, then you have a choice…. the 25th is around the corner, i say wait….

  • Annonymous

    Tmo is still working out the kinks in what your would have to pay to convert to the new plans, last week they were saying you would have to pay the etf, then this week they have been saying $35, so until I have a meeting with everyone this weekend I will not know for sure

  • Matthew

    Sounds good.. Thanks Annonymous for all the info.
    Can’t wait until sunday, guess I will be back then!

  • Mark

    How can they now mandate the data plans when I am not receiving any discount on the phone. My second question is now with no discounts the supposed retail price will be more closely reviewed. When you look at the current 3g phones and review retail vs features it makes no sense. But in the past it really didn’t matter much because the net price ended up being very close. They are opening themselves up to 3rd party phone sales. They get full margin on the phone, require a maditory data plan with great margin and also charge 35 dollars to make any changes????? Talk about getting screwed!!!!

  • Kurt

    You hit the nail right on the head. That is exactly what has happened.

  • Wagonis

    @Bob – Sorry about that, when I said “do you really believe that” I was actually talking to BobBruff but was too lazy to write the whole user name. LOL My bad bro.

  • J

    It is a good thing they are dumping myfaves. It is an okay service but slows down new phone and software releases.

  • edwin

    so let me ask…before there use to be kind of like separate contracts for each line. it happened to me…my parents upgraded their two lines in may and i upgraded in august so im elegible until august and they can upgrade in may…is this still going to happen? or are you going to have to upgrade all of them at the same time??

  • watbetch

    Where does it state a mandate for Smartphone data if you bring your own device (Thus no contract). I don’t follow.

  • geminiosiris

    I’m not sure if this has been mentioned, but I think the Individual Everything Plus Plan has been misinterpreted.

    The faint gray (small print) says that the Web allows unlimited nationwide web and email for smartphones only. Wouldn’t that make Unlimited Talk-Text-Web for a smartphone 79.99 as well? It seems to me the intent is to say that a Razor isn’t going to be utilizing the feature much and that email and web surfing is only for the smartphones. That tells me that Blackberries are included in this as well since email is mentioned.

    79.99 is a deal. Not earth shattering, but it bumps me from 1000 minutes a month to unlimited for $5 additional.

    A smartphone with unlimited everything for 79.99 is the best deal out there at the moment. It is $20 less than Sprint’s 99.99. If the $25 addon was in addition, then it would be way overpriced. I have a SERO plan as well with Sprint, and it sure rocks. The average person though doesn’t get discounts and special plans. This is the out-the-door price. I can’t find any of the big 4 carriers offering the same out-the-door deal except T-Mobile.

    I think this is a good start. I lived in Europe for quite a while, and I miss the pennies on the dollar plans. It was so cheap for service. I didn’t however change phones that often. Actually, I never did!

  • OMG

    OMG!! I will respect my confidentiatlity agreement (Unlike some Tmo employees) but all I will say is just wait til Sunday. None of you (and I have read every single post) NONE of you have it right. It is better than any carrier has to offer, and if your a Loyalty customer then it’s probably NOT better for you, but that’s the point right? you’ve been with us for awhile and you get a better deal… do you really want the switchers who jump from company to company to get a better deal than you as a loyal customer get??? That being said… OMG.. just wait until Sunday and go to your local T-Mobile and get someone who was actually trained with the materials and brochures to explain line by line what your options are. It’s better than sprint, WAAAYYY better than AT&T and Verizon. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!

  • Brian

    Tmo needs to hire the head of marketing. I will pay anyone $100 that this new plan will not bring any substantial amount of people from the other phone companies. If you leave sprint or Verizon you have to immediately buy a $500 tmobile phone under the cheapest “plan” ’cause the technology is so different. The head of tmo marketing should be fired. This is a confusing and dumb plan. People are sooo used to phone subsidies.

    Who did the market research on this project? Bert or Ernie? or was it big bird?

  • Shane

    Wow, how is this a game changer? These plans are not much cheaper than you already get….. They had a chance to make a splash and instead wasted our time.

  • watbetch

    ^ You can still finance the phone which is exactly the same thing. And a LOT of people bring their own devices to Flexpay. Only a moron would buy a retail device from T-Mobile and the world is littered with those. T-Mobile was adding subscribers even before this change and having $50 unlimited talk from a nationwide major carrier will only bring MORE people in.

  • Wagonis

    I got 2 BlackBerrys and a Sidekick that I picked up from craigslist for about $250 for all 3…now I can bring my own phones and have the no contract prices without having to worry about paying out the ass for new phones.

  • alex

    @OMG no one beleives you. Other Tmobile employees have seen everything you have and there is nothing that great. We have seen the ads and brochures we know what the plan is and we don’t expect any surprises on Sunday.

  • Carl

    Well put, speculation does this a lot. Hopefully, we can save on family plans! I’m currently on, $69.99(1,00 Mins, Unlimited Nights/Weekends)+24.99 Messaging :@ We will soon find out if we will be saving(The Non-Loyalty Plan Customers).

  • I am not thrilled with TMO’s Pricing. They are basically giving you the same deal as Sprint and the price isn’t cheaper.

    Sprint Any Mobile Plan is just as good as unlimited, check your address book on your phone and see home many lad lines you actually call.

    Project Dark/Black may leave TMO in the RED

  • Rob


    79.99 unlimited everything is NOT as good of a deal as it sounds. Don’t forget you have to pay full retail for your phone. So take a typical mytouch. Retails for 500. Subsidized you pay 150. So on the cheaper EM+ plan, you have 80/month plus another 350 spread over 24 months (to put it into apples-to-apples comparison to every other carrier) which brings your 79.99/month to about 94.59/month. Wow…big deal. It’s 5 bucks cheaper than sprint.

    I think these plans kinda suck. Doesn’t anyone care that MyFaves are gone? Sure we get a few more minutes with the new plans for a touch cheaper price. But no MyFaves?? I loved MyFaves. My wife had the 300 minute MyFaves plan and did just fine. She’d use up most of her 300 minutes, but she regularly uses over 1000 minutes every month on MyFaves. So she has a 39.99 plan now and uses essentially 1300 minutes. She will have to goto the unlimited plan to cover her 1000+ minutes. So her plan now goes to 59.99 a month subsidized??? WTF. If she goes unsubsidized it a bit cheaper at 49.99…but then she has to 200-350 more for a phone. So if you get a decent phone, it adds another 10-15/month over a 24 month period. So even the ‘cheap’ 49.99 plan actually ends up being 50-60/month.

    Other than NOT have a contract (which is nice…) the unsubsidized plans are NOT NEARLY as good as they appear money-wise. Everyone keeps forgetting about the 15/month extra they’ll have to shell out for a retail phone.

    Not sure why no one else seems to care about MyFaves missing on the new plans?? For a ‘social’ user (not business), using MyFaves would cover the bulk of the people you call the most. Worked out great for most of the people I know. Unless there is something piece we are missing (which I doubt), I am VERY dissapointed in these plans. I would much rather have the ‘MyFaves’ plans…at least for a non-business use phone.

    Unhappy here :(

  • kyle

    how can you knock the 500 min + text + web for $60. im on an old $60 1000 min blackberry plan so I was just looking for a good plan to switch to android. once they get an android device with a bigger screen tmobile will have me for another 5 years.

  • 30014

    these prices coupled with the ho hum holiday selection of phones will do nothing to bring in new subscribers. Hell with the vibe that I’m getting from the comments, this may cause tmo to lose current customers.

  • jb45

    Add a line for unlimited family is not $10. It is less than a loyalty add on though.

  • Wagonis

    People are just upset because T-Mobile are not lowering their prices to match those of Boost or Metro. People are quicker to complain they to compliment. This is the beauty of having the freedom of choice…you’re not pleased with T-Mobiles new prices? Stick to your old plan, they said they’ll grandfather them. You’re hating on T-Mobile altogether for not meeting your exepectations? There are 3 other big carriers out there to choose from and a bunch of the little guys if those will work for you.

    And now, let the hate messages begin…

  • John

    If this is the plans that are going to be for the project dark, then t-mobile will lose out on getting any new business. I been with t-mobile for 6 years now, with 2 lines I am paying about 148 for unlimited everything on both phones before taxes. T-Mobiles coverage is lacking. Even the new Walmart-Tracfone deal has way better coverage then t-mobile, everything plan for tracfone is $45.00 a month and its a pre-paid. I may have to switch if t-mobile don’t get better coverage.

  • Onwaitinglist

    It looks like all regular blog visitors had left some comments now, I feel obligate to leave my opinion too.

    1. This promotion won’t push TMO into 3rd position.
    2. All smart shopper has got better deal from TMO than those published price.
    3. All other carriers will soon have similar plans.
    4. Marketing @TmoUSA did a good job getting attention for this promotion.

    Overall, I am not disappointed or excited neither. and it is better financial decision for me to stay with my current plan

  • Viper


    I know what you mean. I have myfaves on my $39.99 plan and use between 1000-3000 minutes per month out of the faves alone (I also have $15 unlim txt). I’m not switching to their “get the opportunity to pay full price on phone” plans, so that leaves me at the next tier up for my usage – $69.99! Including the txts, I currently pay $54.98… so that comes to an increase of $15!

    I need to get some friends and family on the myfaves plans before it’s too late.

  • Tim

    I really don’t know how this is going to work. Right now I have 1000 min for 39.95 plus 1000 texts for 5.99 and T-mobile web for 5.99. So the total for my whole plan is 51.97. This was a special promo that I signed up for a little over two years ago. I’m going month to month right now but now I’m thinking that if I want to upgrade my phone I will have to sign up with one of the new price plans. When I upgraded my phone before my last contract, the T-mobile rep wouldn’t let me renew with my “grandfathered” plan. They told me that my “current plan” wasn’t available anymore and that I would have to sign up with only the plans they offer. So, either the T-mobile rep was feeding full of bull a few years back or T-mobile will let me keep my original plan if I want to renew my contract. I guess we’ll see…

  • Matt

    @John – I have the Straight Talk service and will personally vouch for it being awesome. Come on over, you won’t be disappointed. But, your best bet is to activate it by calling Straight Talk as activations over the web fail more often than they succeed. If you are going to port your number, prepare for a small headache. If you can avoid it at all, I recommend not porting the number. These are the only problems with the service. Once you surmount the difficult customer service and activation issues, you will be rewarded with service that is much better than T-Mobile.

  • NiiDiddy


    How does having the “Unlimited Talk At Home” Phone for $9.99 fit into all of this? I dont see this coming up anywhere on anything that has been discussed. Please shed some light – THANK YOU!!!

  • timmyjoe42

    Is this a record for responses?

  • onwaitinglist

    “Unlimited Talk At Home” is “hot spot calling”, it is an added-on feature, if you have an UMA phone, you should be able to add it to any plan you selected

  • NiiDiddy


    thanks for the response. i am not referring to the UMA one I get on my cell phone (I have that too).

    I am talking about the actual home phone…whatever that plan is called – sorry i got them mixed up. I have one of those home phones T-Mobile offers.

    Any ideas about that? thanks again for the prompt response.

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    Bring back the Cameo!

  • Steph

    I called t-mobile 2 weeks ago, when I went over my text messages, by about 500…didn’t know I had gone over so much, but my bill was $112 more than usual. Anyway, they would not do anything for that since the billing cycle had started over. I told the lady that since my contract was up, I was thinking of switching to sprint, since they have the amazing family plan for $129 (unlimited text, data and any mobile network calling, plus 1500 minutes for landlines). She then past me on to an ‘account specialist’, and of course she could not do anything with the text overages, but offered us a family plan….costing….$139 (talk, text, data for both lines). So, maybe these prices are true….I hope not though, they really are not at all what we where hoping for!!!

  • Y314K

    Been fighting to post in this thread for a few days…

    Record responses for a fake out…lol

    Remember, Dave told us he has a vested interest on TMobile’s well being… We kind of all do, for healthy competition among US carriers… So don’t be surprise if this was a fake out… If you can’t keep a secret a secret… Unofficially release it thru other means with enough info to make it look legit but hiding what’s important in plain site in order to control its release…

    Good work

  • sprinter

    my cousins friends brothers dog walkers mother is neighbors with a lady whose daughter once babysat for a family that used to be neighbors with the barber of the CEO of Tmobile…and they tell me that this is the plan.

    So far all the rumors have been wildly optimistic…I think I will believe a printed Tmobile sheet more then the rantings of someone “in the know” All the in the know people were taking 50 dollars unlimited plans and this thing being huge! They actually hurt Tmobile by getting expectations high. This plan says…hey we can bascially match Sprints price and we are working to improve our coverage. Nothing to draw new subscribers, but perhaps enough to keep existing ones from switching..

  • Imma point out the obvious that just because there are new plans coming does not mean all the existing plans are going away.

  • rossi

    Can somebody point out the plan for me if I want to choose a Tmobile plan that matches Sprint’s Any Mobile, Anytime family plan for five lines? (that’s 189.99 for 1500 landline minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data, and ovbviously unlimited mobile to mobile)

  • czar

    I would have rather seen a new handset, but we knew that wasn’t it. I’m so jealous that Verizon gets the fly android phone and we are left with a laggy CLIQ

  • Eraser

    What I was wondering is if the quoted prices for EM+ already include the phone financing.

    If this is the case then T-Mobile may be up to something here.

    It seems everyone is assuming we would have to pay $25 more per month for the phone on EM+,
    if this is not the case then the EM+ plan look a lot better,
    Especially if they let you “bring your own phone” and knock $25/month from each plan.

  • rkdiddy

    I currently have the following:
    1500 min w/ two lines
    My Fav
    400 Txt Msgs each line
    Blackberry web/email each line

    Bill is $119 w/ tax.

    With the above Project Dark plans I would gain unlimited text (which I don’t need) and my bill would be $159???

    Am I missing something or reading this wrong. How are these “smoking” good prices?

  • taaars

    I have 2 lines with 1800 min + my favs, unlimited text + web..120 a month with tax, Ill be grandfathered in, so i am not terribly concerned. Best thing to do is to wait till sunday and see what the real deal is..its only 2 more days.

  • jb45

    Home phone
    $10 even more plus
    $15 even more

  • lng

    If I’m someone who wants minimal minutes and minimal/no texts, but unlimited data on an Android smartphone, what are my options? Right now, I can get an Individual 300 plan for $30, plus unlimited smartphone web for $25, for a total of $55, with a subsidized MyTouch or Cliq. With the new plans, the cheapest unlimited data but nothing else plan is also $55. That’s with 500 minutes instead of 300, plus unlimited nights and weekends, yeah, but I rarely go over 200 minutes in a month, including nights and weekends. BUT, no subsidized phone. Same price, same features (for me at least, since minutes are not an issue), no phone subsidy. If I get the subsidized phone, it looks like I’ll be paying $70. For that price, I might as well get a subsidized Hero and stick with Sprint. At least then I’ll get texts, PLUS unlimited calling to other mobiles as well.

    It sounds to me like they’re trying to get everyone excited about the text and voice plans, but are sticking it to the data users. The high end plans seem to have come down, but the low end plans seem to have gone up.

    Am I better off walking into a TMo store before Sunday and getting myself a phone now? I wasn’t quite ready to get a new phone right this second, but if I want an Android phone for the cheapest I’m going to get it, I’m thinking I need to jump on the current deal.

  • Maria

    Ok so here is my question. I currently have the family plan 1000 minutes for $69.99 a month, unlimited text on all lines $20, and internet on one smart phone which is $20 a month. But I have 4 lines on my account. With the new family plan do I have to pay more money for the other two lines to share the unlimited minutes and text????? My current bill ranges from $160 to $180. So for me to get unlimited minutes would be a plus for me seeing as how we are currently eating up our minutes very quickly. My bill may go up some but its better than having to change my plan on certain months to the 2500 minutes for $100 on top of all the other extras on my bill. I did it last month and my bill went from $165 to $230! OUCH!!!

  • Kyle

    Wil it make sense if we get the following subsidy pricing for the Even More Plan.

    MyTouch 3G ($499.99)

    Plan 500 – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    Plan 1000 – $499.99 – 400 = $99.99
    Plan Unlimited – $499.99 – 499.99 = Free

    Family Plan – same goes but u get discount to 2 phones
    Plan 700 – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    Plan 1500 – $499.99 – 400 = $99.99
    Plan Unlimited – $499.99 – 499.99 = Free

    Add a line:
    For Plan 700/1500 – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    For Plan Unlimited with 200 minutes – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    For Plan Unlimited – $499.99 – 450 = $49.99

    We basically get more discounts on higher priced plans.

  • Pliablemoose

    Damn, I’m pissed enough at TMobile that the first cut rate carrier that offers an Android based phone will get my business.

    I’ve been a TMobile customer for 6 years.

  • Sebastiaan

    These plans are weird… Somebody needs to just SCAN those folders and put up some GOOD pictures..

  • Stefan

    Im not all that impressed at all….. if you have a loyalty plan you still doing better…… not sold at all on this deal…. Not sure why this is such a big deal….. unless i am just that dumb and not getting it!!

  • Patrick

    I only see 3 benefits

    1 – You’re not stuck in a 2 year contract(which I’d pay to not be stuck in one with Sprint)
    2 – You get literally unlimited for 79.99(69.99 if you have a phone-first phone) and not just “Any Mobile” unlimited
    3 – It’s cheaper than their current plans

  • Bob

    If they are scrapping MyFaves, then that might just be the final straw. I know they grandfather old plans, but still… my family is using more of our 1800 minutes every month.
    The “unlimited” prices for the family plan are WAY more than I’m paying now. Additional lines are an extra $15/mo for 200 minutes or $40 for unlimited. Well, the kid barely used 60 minutes, but texts a lot.

    These plans make NO sense at all.

    I just looked, and for our usage, the iPhone rate plans would be a better deal once my corp discount is factored in. :|

  • wilkes

    This could be a great idea or a terrible one
    1. T-mobile’s Project Dark so far is appealing to customers outside of T-mobile.
    2. T-mobile will lose a large amount of customers due to fact that Project says nothing about KILLER PHONES.

    Everybody knows that the only thing that makes loyal customers come back for is new phones its a fact thats why there’s always an new iPhone every two years. No matter how simple the changes are.

    But for me No iPhone or No HTC Dragon = AT&T+iPhone3GS for me.=)

  • BobBruff

    @ Wagonis
    Even though I’m on a grandfathered plan it still matters what T-Mo does with new plans. People’s needs change which is why it was huge when carriers started allowing people to change their plans without renewing their contracts. Right now the ‘grandfathered’ MyFaves plan I have works for me, but in 6 months if I need more minutes or something another carrier starts to look very appealing if T-Mo’s plans become more expensive.

  • J-Hop2o6

    hellllla comments.. i still wonder if myFav’s will be an add-on for non unlimited talk (500/750/1000/1500 min.) plans??

  • Amyrose

    $30 for Blackberry? Seriously? I pay $90 total a month, this says $100 for all the features I have.

    I have a year left in my contract and I want out, for all the dead zones I have to deal with, T Mobile is not impressing me like it used to. I was hoping for happier news than this >(

  • noneof

    Sprint has lost 4.4million customers, and right now sprint is at a point where they are stinking very quickly. I use to work for the company, i know what i’m talking about. Tmo still has a long way to go in the U.S, but verizon and at&t know not to sleep on them. Google and having the android handset is really giving tmobile a huge advantage. Tmo has the most affordable rate plans compare to any other company. Yea, you have to buy the phone at full retail price lets say mytouch 499.99. but! you can put it on your bill and divide it with 20 payments!or 4 easy non interest fee payments! Tmo has a couple of more things coming along the way. they are the third largest company in the world. Our parent company is larger than at&t and verizon put together!!!

  • Jim

    In reply to wht tim > said..hey tim i had verizon wireless and they told me the same thing and i ended up coming over to t mobile but it is true some older plans depending on how old they are do not work with the new phones,so no thats not a line,but sheesh tim for your plan that you have is an awesome should find a phone on amazon or something like that.then you dont have to switch your plan at have a awesome deal….

  • Jim

    i have called t mobile several times and this is what i been told,as long as you dont change your plan at all.EVER then everything remains the same..and thats what i plan on doing,in fact i just upgraded to a new phone from samsung katalyst to the samsung gravity 2 .paid retail price with nice discount and they did not touch my plan,thats great customer service..

  • lulu611

    Here is the info for all of you with T-Mobile or wanting T-Mobile. I work in the telesales department at 1-800-TMOBILE and have for 2 years. I had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement stating I would not release any info on the Dark Project, but since it’s Sunday the 25th, I’m free to tell you anything. I have been working with the Senior Telesales Manager on testing the new plans to make sure there are zero errors in the orddering system we use in telesales, so hopefully after this everyone will understand.

    Existing customers:

    *Any rate plan you currently have, stays. Even for you people with a MyFaves Plan. You’re automatically grandfathered, so no matter if you upgrade or get a new phone under warranty or really under any circumstances, as long as you don’t call Customer Care and have them change your rate plan, you keep the current one you’re on, no questions asked.

    *If you have the T-Mobile @Home service currently, it will stay at $10 a month on your contract.

    *The HotSpot feature for $9.99 a month (for your mobile phone) is going away, as well as the 300 and 1000 messaging bundles, but if you have them on your plan currently, you keep them.

    *If you are on a contract plan and you want to switch to an Even More Plus Post-Paid plan or an Even More Plus FlexPay plan, you will have to pay your ETF of $200 (prorated depending how close to the end of your contract you are – this is for Post-Paid and FlexPay) plus the activation fee of $35 (Even More Plus Post-Paid only) since you’d be technically breaking your current contract and starting a new line of service.

    *If you have one of our existing family plans, your add-a-line prices will still be the same and can be added as a MyFaves line (for existing MyFaves Family Plans) or a regular line of service ranging from $9.99 for a minute plan to $49.99 for an unlimited plan.

    *If you have a current individual line and want a second line of service, there are 2 options. You can switch to a family plan, but have to choose from one of our new plans, or you can add another individual line of service and keep your existing plan on the first line, and get either an Even More or an Even More Plus individual plan for the second line. Yes, I did just say that you can have a contract line and a no contract line on the same account, as long as they are both individual lines. You still cannot have a family plan and an individual line on the same account unless it’s T-Mobile @Home that you are adding.

    *FlexPay customers are still not eligible for T-Mobile @Home, but customers on any unlimited of our unlimited family plans are now eligible. :)

    New Customers:

    *You have the option of choosing between having a contract or no-contract plan. We have contract for both Post-Paid and FlexPay, same with no-contract.

    *If you don’t want a contract but don’t want to pay your first month up front, it would require a credit check and you’d still have to be eligible for a Post-Paid plan. Also, if you DO want a contract, even a FlexPay 2-year annual contract, you’d have to have a credit check.

    *Great news though, there are STILL 0 deposits required with T-Mobile. :)

    *If you opt with going on the Even More Plus Plan, you can have the full retail price of the phone put on your bill over 20 months, interest-free. If you cancel your account for whatever reason, no ETF’s but you’d be billed for the remainder price of the phone.

    *If you choose to go with the Even More Plan, you can bill the price of the phone to your account and pay over 4 months, interest-free.

    *As a new customer, if you want to have your phone billed to the account, you will have to visit your nearest T-Mobile Retail Store, as Telesales (1-800-TMOBILE) will not have the ability to do so until 1Q 2010.

    *FlexPay accounts are still the same, requiring that the first month’s payments are due in advance for the service.

    *Telesales will continue to ONLY accept Debit or Credit Cards as methods of payment; however, stores will continue to accept cash and other methods of payment.

    *You still have a 20-day grace period to test the service (unless you’re in California then you have 30 days as required by law) when you order from Telesales, versus 7-14 days in a T-Mobile Retail store. You also have 30 days to exchange you phone for another handset, once again this is Telesales only. Store policies I’m not sure of, and it can vary from store to store.

    Other news:

    *T-Mobile is hoping to expand its’ 3G coverage Nationwide by 1Q 2010, although that has not been set in stone.

    Any other questions?
    Feel free to ask!

  • Senorjan


    For once I can have some fun seeing you people suffer the problems we, people lving in small countries (such as Belgium) suffer through. We have a law FORBIDDING the ubsidised sale of a phone with a subscription so a iPhone 3GS is ALWAYS €700 or ab BB Bold9000 at €500 and there are NO unlimited plans and roaming costs and armND a leg (I’m currently spending over 2000EURO month on phone and Data for 1 user with 1 phone. so guys quit wining!

  • @lulu611:

    I am on HotSpot@Home (UMA) and my contract has been on month-to-month since Sept. because I’m waiting to upgrade to the BB 9700. Am I going to lose it if I upgrade?

    I like the UMA feature because of the savings but also because it gives me a strong signal all of the time. Can you say why they discontinued it?


  • Bill48105

    Over on the “Project Dark Is A Go!” post I put in details in comments why for me the new pricing is awful ($100 more per month essentially because of my circumstances) but since you work at T-Mobile maybe you can clear something up. When I talked to support today they said I absolutely could not add more lines without switching plans but above I read it as you we can.. Can I or can I not move over my last 2 ATT lines & keep our MyFaves plan? In addition, we would really need to increase our minutes to at least 700 (I did lowest to start with to save a few bucks while we waited for the contract to end on the other 2 lines) but the rep said there was no way because the old plans are gone. (I argued how could they be gone if people are grandfathered in..) T-Mobile should give notice to existing customers & give them so many days to make needed changes before the enforcement goes into effect or at least for recent new customers (we are 22 days in & just missed our grace period to cancel without fees) or give those of us new to tmobile a chance to cancel.
    Also, any chance T-Mobile might have MyFaves and unlimited WiFi calling as add-ons in the near future, especially if enough people cry about losing them? To me those were the 2 best features of T-Mobile so it seems really stupid to take them away UNLESS the unlimited plans ended up the same price anyway, which they don’t. (See my other post, it’s at least $100/month more)

  • Robert

    Wise Up people T-Mobile is offering everyone to get out of their contracts for $35 for each line that you have if you switch to the even more plus. This is you opportunity to upgrade if your on an old plan put it on eip switch your plan and pay the $35 and then stiff them on the bill sell your phone on craigslist cancel your account and use the money to go with a real company like verizon and avoid the headache of a merger when tmobile finally gets sold. But you dont have to take my advise. I just work for them. Anyone know of any good job opportunities!

  • Bill48105

    You sure on that? Had 2 reps tell me they changed it so switching to Plus does not get you out of your contract, that still applies but you no longer have to pay the $200/line early termination fee either. Granted the other thing might still be honored, I don’t know, I don’t work there. :D And it might be different depending on if are <1yr left too

  • Randy



  • Dan1414

    Seems to me that if you have the myfaves plan you will either pay more for what you have had or do with less when your contract expires. I have really liked T-mobile, but this could be a jumping off point for me.

  • noreally

    My question is will Tmobile ever have better coverage because I can’t even use the phone in my house becuase the signal is so bad but everyones elses phones work that have different carriers. I have been with Tmo for 7 years because of the cs and the pricing but the phones are always behind the times for companies like Verizon and the service sucks. Any Tmo employee tell me they are working on coverage please or I might have to change companies.

  • Debra

    i am really excited about this deal! My dh and I have BB on Sprint and pay $189.99 plus taxes which equals out to $235 a month! The $139.99 plan with Tmobile plus we can buy brand new phones on ebay… We will save at least $50 a month. After 6 months, we will have savings start (if you add in $100 per phone on ebay).


  • Ria

    This is suck BS. For an individual user like me, who doesn’t talk much, this is a total rip off. Looks like Sprint will be keeping a customer, begrudgingly.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I called T-Mobile to confirm that the current offerings are less expensive than my Loyalty Plan combo of talk and data. Turns out that the new all in one plans are $10 less monthly than what I am paying.

    So I asked the rep it T-Mo will be coming out with new pricing for Loyalty customers since now that discount for long term, loyal customers has been lost.

    He said they will be coming up with new loyalty pricing, but he could not give me specifics.

    It makes sense that they would do this, but we shall see. CSRs have not been all that reliable in providing accurate information.

    • tmocsr

      CSRs have not been that reliable, because we don’t know the answer. We are bound to policy and training provided, and making up answers to keep customers happy is a big no-no!! If I were to promise this, and notate it in the memos, we are legally bound to give this to you. I can promise you right now – I have heard no mention of “new loyalty pricing”. If I ever do hear any mention of new pricing for anything you have my word that I will pop it on here. Even though I am employed by TMO, I am first and foremost a consumer!!!

    • KEVYCHEVY795

      I like this post……very interesting…When the 3g prices drop im gonna change my iphone to a tmobile network phone so i can get 3g instead of edge…..MESSAGE TO TMOBILE:DROP YOUR MOBILE INTERNET PRICES!!!

  • Karen

    A CSR convinced me to move over to the loyalty plan stating to me she will note in the memo I can switch back to the $39.99 Unlimited night and weekend plan 1000anytime whenever I want. I called them to switch back and they said sorry that plan doesn’t exist anymore and you can’t switch back. tmocsr you work there, you just mentioned they must honor it if they tell me that’s what I can do, any suggestions or insight on this? And yeah loyalty plans are more expensive dumb!

    • Pixiwish

      Still available, however switch from even more plus to contracted plan may not be possible. If you are not on even more plus ask for customer loyalty and you can get it on a two year. Also you MIGHT be able to go back from even more plus but I would ask for customer loyalty

      • Pixiwish

        Oh further more I love math and I will tell you why you want even more plus. If you like new gadgets that are high end let’s do the math together. I will use the moto cliq and a 1K min plan as an example.
        Cliq two year contract 200 (not counting upfees) 39.99 for plan 34.99 text and web you are running at 75 a month on even more plus this is 70 plus also included free mobile to mobile. 5 a month on a two year contract is a saving of 120 over a two year contract additionally add in the 200 for the cliq we are at 320. That is an 80 diffrence to just buying the phone at the 400. So if you accept it and pay 15 more a month (75 vs 69.99 plus 20 month installments on cliq for 20 a month = 90) 10 months down the line you have paid off 200 to the cliq. Pay the full discount price of 200 at that time and guess what you’re back down and can get another phone at full discount every 10 months. I love these new plans for that reason and hope that helps.

      • Jigga

        @Pixiwish, personally i work in Customer Loyalty and we do everything we can. With the new benefits of the RP’s it does not make sense to fill a customer with false hopes. Then when we cant do it we take the brunt of the anger, and frustration. Please stop thinking Customer Loyalty is a one stop shop. We also have limited amoutn of tools and services available. We do our best to right fit a customer with what we have. Dont assume we can do something blindly.

  • ???

    why do ppl think they deserve special treatment and demand lower pricing then what companies offer? what makes them so spoiled to think that they can say just because they have been a customer for so long they deserve everything special? Try doing that with your cable company or gas provider…

    • Cable companies and gas providers are often monopolies – bad example.

      How about you try doing it with your car insurance provider… oh wait, they do offer loyalty discounts. T-Mobile offers loyalty plans for the purpose of maintaining market share. You can certainly see an issue with a loyalty plan being more expensive than a standard plan.

      • Pixiwish

        Well I resfuse to shop at walmart and always goto target and have been for over 10 years.If I went into target and asked for a free tv or else I will shop at walmart from now on I think they’d laugh at me

    • nikki

      ok i did and guess what they lowered the cable bill. see its not like people are just wanting tm to lower the bill for no reason. however if someone else comes out with a better plan we have always counted on tm to match it or DO BETTER. now it seems like the big dogs (not cs reps)are not worried about it and they really should be. i dont know one person that isnt moving or has already moved to boost or straight talk now.

  • Mrjoe2you

    I have been with T-mobile forever and yes they do have special offers for long term customers and they should …I have 2 accounts both with 5 lines on them and spends close to 400 a month should i get a better deal then the guy with a 29.00 plan who always pays late and has a free phone ? i mean really i have paid for every high end phone tmobile has made and yes i deserve to have special perks.

    • ajumbledmess

      Ok so I have been with my cable co for ever 10 yrs. I should expect what???? I find it nuts that everyone wants free this that and the other. there are no other companies that off anything like this. I would love to hear if some one called their electric company and got something free from them or pay something different cuz you have been with them forever.

      • Diana

        I called my cable company recently and told them I was going to cancel my HBO ect service and they gave me 2 months free and reduced my bill by $35.00 a month after the 2 month free.

    • tmorep

      As a rep. I can honestly say that I am flabbergasted by such a comment anyone using common sense would disagree…I have purchased Pepsi-Cola for years my parents purchased Pepsi-Cola for years I don’t march into Pepsi-Cola and demand free soda its down right stupid we stay with them because we like the product let me guess wal-mart doesn’t make the pricing on Pepsi-Cola

      Also I buy LG products year in year out do I deserve a discount on that too?

      I also purchase American Living clothes do i deserve a discount on that too?

      Or what about my Nikes?

      if you want to discuss service related industries

      Do i deserve a discount on internet or my phone (not monopolies in my area)?

      I have xbox live should i get that discounted?

      bottom line get over yourself we pay for products based on reliability and quality if everyone got a discount then reliability and quality would go down its basic econ there is supply and demand the better quality and reliability equals higher cost just be glade T-Mobile had decided to be priced cheaper to gain more market share instead of pulling an Apple Inc. and have high cost to target a select customer base

      • Anonymous

        You sir are an idiot. Mrjoe2you was talking about special perks since he has been with TMobile for a long time and spends a lot of money with them. If TMobile was like you and didn’t care about giving long-term customers discounts just for staying with TMobile, why would they come up with a Loyalty Plan? Obviously, they want to give their long-term customers discounts for sticking with them, right? Now that the regular rates are the same as the Loyalty Plan, it only makes sense to ask TMobile to lower the Loyalty Plan rates, other wise the existence of the plan makes no sense.

        It is in fact you who has failed to use common sense and are an equal failure as a rep if this is how you think.

      • nikki

        excuse me but as a long time tm customer i have always been happy with them bc they kept up with the compitition now there is someone new offering thier product for way cheaper yes for those that dont know even tm empl on 8/9/2010 tm made a deal with straight talk so i now can still have tm with a cheaper price how do you think that is going to make mor emoney for you company it doesnt no one is asking for free well atleast im not i do however ask that who i am with stays ontop of the game in everyway

  • GTRocket

    On the flip side, if you call up your credit card company after years of good history (i.e., paying on time, not overdrawing, etc.), they’ll often lower your rates, to keep you on their ledgers. You could go back and forth all day on examples for or against. T-mobile’s bottom line is based upon number of customers, retention and building market share. Walmart’s is more about moving boxes one at a time. It makes sense that T-mobile would offer discounts to keep up their market share.

  • Jon

    Actually, if you call your cable company and tell them you are looking to switch to directtv THEY WILL TRANSFER you to their loyalty department to “save” you as a customer. They also have loyalty plans… hence, the 20 mb download internet that I pay $30 per month for standalone instead of $80!!

  • WDR

    I’m considering an upgrade and I will tell you that the discounted prices for NEW customers vs. existing is pissing me off (Nexus One, for example). I understand it is marketing, but my contract is up and I could easily jump to Verizon. It certainly seems like TMO doesn’t care if it retains customers.

  • formertmocsr

    As a former t-mobile csr, retail rep, and current customer, I can see most points of view here. I can understand not getting what was promised as I had to email the ceo, Robert D, to get what was promised to me. I still have friends that work for the company so I know what is going on as it happens.

    First of all, the loyalty issue. We all know that if a cell phone company is going to “give” you anything, it is based on future commitment. The company knows that as you use the cell phone that they “gave” you for a 2 year contract, they will make up the cost in the monthly service charges. If you change your rate plan to a promotional plan, they will extend your contract 1 or 2 years if your contract was to end before the date of your existing contract. So did they really “give” you anything?
    Secondly, I can tell you why MrJoe has been with the company so long… He has 10 lines and they are all with different contract end dates. At any given point in time I would bet that more than 5 of those lines were under contract. So rather than pay $1000 in ETF’s he has kept the service… That isn’t “loyalty”, that is just economics. Who would want that on their credit report? (He had to have good credit to get those 10 lines) So for him to say “give me something for free, I have earned it” really means “I don’t want to pay an ETF, but I will get as much for free as I can since I stuck anyway”
    Finally, the reason TMobile changed their plans is because their biggest “churn” (the biggest reason they lose customers) is to a prepaid wireless carrier, Boost. TMobile gets reports and does exit surveys with a percentage of those that port out (those that keep the same number but move it to another carrier). A port out request is made from another company to TMobile, and you KNOW they track this.
    So to compete with the prepaid wireless industry, TMobile first cancelled some of their roaming contracts with AT&T. (Try to do a manual network selection and use AT&T towers… you can’t in many areas of the country now) They did this in areas that they had overlapping coverage… why pay another company money when you have towers there already?
    The next thing they did was test the cost of unlimited plans with their “loyal” customers. This made the most sense since they could see how the unlimited plans would affect the usage of the customers that they had the most data on.
    Then they rolled out the plans and marketed the plans WITHOUT contracts. (Those average $20 less a month than the regular plans… that is $480 for a 2 year contract… and go figure, that’s the price of a new high end phone!) 70% of cell phone subscribers that are on an unlimited plan do not need an unlimited plan. The dreaded fear of overage charges and feeling of no-worry endless calls brings people to pay a bit more for an unlimited plan when all they may need is 1500 minutes. So in reality, most people STILL pay too much for their cell phone services.
    The strategy was brilliant if you ask me.

    PS. If you look on the fine print of Boost Mobile, you will see that if they feel you are using their services too much, they reserve the right to cancel your phone.

  • SPRINT#!

    TMOBILE plans are ok. Project dark or what ever you call just sound plan corny. No one can compare to sprints any mobile any time plan. T Mobiles coverage sucks and plus they dont even have 3g nation wide. Terrible company. Sprint new plan includes unlimited everything except if you call a home phone for 69.99, thats unlimited talk, text, internet, tv, navigation, and if need blackberry plan. what a deal.

  • bluemanrule

    While I understand T-Mobile’s pricing strategy, they still lack consistently good nationwide coverage. That, and the phone price are the two things keeping me away from the company. Sprint has the most all-inclusive plan while VZ demonstates better subisdized phones and coverage all around. It seems like all providers have their own strengths but that no one provider can get them all right.

  • Rome


    When you shop at target you aren’t bound for 2 years not to shop at Walmart… get it? Signing in on a contract is a big deal, and cell companies know its a big commitment. Most people ditch their previous contract and provider after their two years are up to try something different / get a new device on a different provider.

    If you understand basic business principles, it is much cheaper to keep an existing customer than to land a new one. Therefore, it is a smart business proposition for Tmo to offer me a $10 discount on my monthly bill by staying with them for 5 years, than it is for Tmo to dump advertising money to try and land a new customer to sign a new contract.

    Basic stuff. If general stores made you sign a 2 year commitment to their brand, I guarantee you that they would offer promotions to stay with them when your contract is over.

  • Shawn

    I’m so confused. What is the difference between the blue posters and the pink posters????

    For example, why is the blue poster saying unlimited family plan is 179.99
    while the pink poster says the unlimited family plan is 139.99????????????

    also how much is it going to cost to add each additional family member past the 2 first included ones???


    • Taylor

      Shawn, the blue poster is for a 2 year contract or extension including price breaks on new devices. The pink plan is for non-contract and paying full price for the phone.

      • Daniel

        That touches on an issue. Why does the website not say CLEARLY AND EXPLICITLY

  • gg

    I have been a loyal customer since Tmobile hit the states. Had been familiar with them over the pond and was THRILLED to have them here. Recently I let a rep talk me into going full non-contract as I had been out of contract anyway for six months. I had the my faves and was quite happy with it but the prospect of saving money in this economy, even a little, was worth doing. AT the time. Now I feel like I have been divorced from Tmobile. I am no longer considered a loyal customer, I can not get a break on a new phone, and I can’t even add any one for the $5.00. I asked to be put back to contract and was told that I could NEVER go back under contract and that I had been advised beofre switching..and I had not. It was a dumb move on my part… I had never beofre considered leaving Tmobile… but this feeling of divorce has me exploring other options. I just can’t see paying so much for a phone when they are giving them away for FREEE this weekend…there are other international phone companies.

  • dolphinlover

    formrtmocsr.. Interesting so you mean csr fed me lines of BS.. I have had beautiful coverage for 6 years until that stunt with AT&T

    I ended up losing 5 shifts at work because while the CSR tech reps told me they were working on the tower they were just running me around. Here I sit a year later with no flipping tower yet!!! CSR also promised me a month free for my loss of work plus agravation. which I never got!!

    Then to make matters worse I have to use UMA service and now tmobile doesn’t offer any non BB phones. My daughter boke her nokia which I have insurance on and lol they don’t even have a replacement. WTH $7.50 a month for insurance!!!!

    My fiance and my daughter do not need web services. and I absolutely refuse to pay another $60 for them to get it just so they can make calls.

    Never mind HSPA or 3G… I just want a damn tower so I can make calls non UMA!!!

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