Project Dark Rate Plan Analysis


With all the hype T-Mobile’s Project Dark is creating, just how much will the rate plan save us? T-Mobile has long been known for the lowest prices, but do the new Even More + plans live up to the hype of truly cost-saving? Is it worth it to buy the handset of your dreams at full price and divide the cost among a 20 month period? In this economy, we all want the lowest price possible so let us see if the new Even More + plans are worth it. Comparing the total cost of a MyTouch 3G with a subsidized price vs a 20 month EIP.

Thankfully, one of the guys over at AndroidGuys actually likes to do math and crunched some numbers for the benefit of all.

Here’s how he breaks it down: The MyTouch 3G is currently listed for $149.99 with a 2 year contract. Assuming that the average person selects the 1,500 Anytime Minutes plan for $59.99 per month and bundles that up with the unlimited text and data for $34.99 per month, total reoccurring monthly charges add up to $94.98. So $94.98/month over a 22 month period plus the cost of the MyTouch3G ($149.99), totaling a whooping $2,240 (22 months) or $102 per month. Now with the rumored Even More Plus unlimited plan you would have to pay $499.99 (Retail price) for the MyTouch3G but would have the advantage of an all-you-can-eat plan. The plan is RUMORED to run $59 per month for Unlimited everything, and it is believed that the phone can be financed over 20 months.  The MyTouch 3G price of $499.99 spread out over 20 months would be equal a total of $25 per month.  Add that to the Even More Plus plan, totaling $84 per month and over the 20 month EIP  it comes to around $1,680. That’s a difference of $560! The Even More Plus plan would definitely be a bargain!

Thankfully, the AndroidGuys are better at math than we are so hopefully this will indicate at least in some regard what you could potentially be saving. Obviously the scenario isn’t the same if you pay less than the assumed amount and yet, you could be saving a lot more if you have a higher monthly rate plan. I guess we’ll truly know the answer in a few days.

NOTE: The prices listed are based on the rumored prices NOT actual prices.

Feel free to express your thoughts and/or opinions in the comments!



  • FILA

    cant wait till we actually hear so we can get all this shit straighten out. this help me out alot thou to better understand how it might be. Do we know when the T-Mobile announcement is?

  • Matt

    59.99 is the rumor. Let’s add on taxes, the E-911 Cost Recovery, and the Universal Service fee too. The big 4 like to charge those extra fees. So, what looks golden at around 60.00 might actually creep up to 75.00 to 80.00. And, since T-Mo likes to charge a “convenience” fee of 4.99 if you choose not to have automatic deductions on a flexible style account, the bill continues to climb. Another rumor has Page Plus coming out with a 50.00 all you can eat plan with the power of the Verizon Wirless network. Furthermore, you may be able to use a Blackberry Storm with it. Hmmm – still a bargain??

  • Matt

    The expected announcement date is Sunday, Oct. 25th.

  • Bryan

    You dont get any more phone discounts with these new plans? That doesnt make any sense. Why are you saying that with the even more plus you would have to pay full price for the phone?

  • Anthony

    These plans confuse me…. so if you were to just switch to the even more plan could you still get financing on a new phone as you would on the even more plus plans? Also, I currently have the Unlimited Loyalty plan… wouldn’t that be better to stay on instead of switching over to the new plans?

  • Tyler

    @Matt Taxes and fees aren’t that much. I have $40 voice and $25 G1 data and messaging, and my bill ends up being a little over $72. Only 7 bucks more.

  • artiepants

    @ Bryan & Anthony
    Even More: Lower rates then current, subsidized phones, 2 year contract.

    Even More Plus: EVEN LOWER rates, non-subsidized phones, no contract.

  • TrinNY

    Is the scenario you described realistic, I would think the $39.99 voice plan is the most popular and if you use that then it does not seem like much of a bargain unless you keep the same phone for 3 to 4 years. But thanks for the insight I think I will be using my G1 calculator a lot next week.

  • sampson

    I still don’t really get why TMobile would even offer a installment plan like that with no interest, why give up a free loan? Especially when there’s no contract and lower plan prices to boot (if artie is correct)?

    Also, with this Even More Plus, the eip works for bad credit people, but what about for the phone nuts who will gladly pay a noncontract price. Based on the stipulations talked about it sounds like the answer is no, but could you a-bring your own phone to the table or b-just pay the full phone price and enjoy low plan prices with no contract?

  • jorge

    I need quick advice, would you recomend I upgrade my account and phone to a mytouch for $149.99 and receive free tmobile to tmobile plus myfaves or hold out for project dark and not receive my free upgrades due to grandfatherization please help me!!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Matt

    yea those extra fees/taxes adds between $10-15 on my recurring $78 monthly to a total of $88-93/mo.
    so if i switched to the rumored $60 Unlmtd Everything, it’ll be ~$78-83 for me w/ taxes, Unlmtd Everything, insurance and callertunes..


    Current Plan= $88-93/mo. =
    Unlmtd Loyalty Min./Unlmtd MSGing/tzones ‘net/callertunes/insurance/with taxes&fees

    Rumored Plan= $78-83/mo. =
    Unlmtd Min.+MSGing+Net/callertunes/insurance/with taxes&fees

    so… i’ll save $10 off my current plan if i switch the the rumored price of the new plan.. but is it worth giving up my current grandfathered plan?

  • JDean86

    So flex pay with myfaves people should stick with their plans? I see no benefit. I only use my phone for calls mainly after 7. During the day I only call my 5. I like my bill being $73 with unlim text and shadow data.. there’s no incentive to switch…or am I blind?

  • The Observer

    great, now compare the same thing with even more and even more plus plans. thats what i want to know

  • watbetch

    Smartphone data seems to be an extra charge so figure that in. 1000 minutes with nothing else is all I’ve ever needed.

  • NiiDiddy

    My myfaves family 1800 plan with unlimited txt/data on both phones, plus a home phone is great – unless I am missing something, I dont think I will be saving anything at all…which means I am probably better off with my currently plan. Actually I am missing something…PRICE LIST OF NEW PLANS!!!

  • chalkie

    The origimal article this was taken from explains it a little better:

  • umaluver

    “With all the hype T-Mobile’s Project Dark is creating, are the rate plans even worth it?”

    Wait. with all the hype what is creating? you mean with all the hype this shack blog is creating? So you’ve been hyping this whole thing with the smallest scraps of info, and yet, with those same pittances you’re now trashing it?

    Get a grip. I was considering this place a sham the other day when you took down your own post and then posted some wannabe righteous statement. Now I’m sure this place is a sham.

    • David

      Wow, are you always this down on everything? My little “sham” blog is creating the exact kind of hype thats required for a rate plan like this to launch or are you as of yet unfamiliar with the term “viral marketing.”

  • Florence

    I have the loyal plan (unlimited voice and data+400sms) for $74.99/mo; my bill is $78.49 with all the fees and taxes. T-mobile is well known for their flexibilities and low plan rates, if you don’t like the $39.99 plan, you get the $49.99 one in the middle of your contract and nothing happens, at the end you still qualify for a subsidized phone and so on. Now, my question is: why do I HAVE to choose a plan and then, if it’s not working for me, be thrown out all together and start as a new coustomer, with a new phone # and a new contract? This, IF it’s true, sucks big time! I bought my own phones from e-bay in the past 4 years because T-mobile is not into all that smartphone/hotphone market anyway, but now looks like if I made the wrong decision I’m doomed!
    I definitley don’t like those rumors, hopefully will still have the freedom of choices we all love about T-mo!!!!!!!!1

  • NiiDiddy

    …As much as I love this company and probably would never leave them, I have to say though that PHONE SELECTION STILL SUCKS! I have the myTouch3G; while it’s just okay I think it’s the only decent Android T-Mo has. I need a step up – a next level Android phone with a bigger/faster processor. I want a phone that the other Big 3 will talk about and respect – like how almost every country you go to, they know or own or love the “iphone”. We need something like that…something HUGE in a smartphone. Regardless of Project Dark and PLAN PRICING, there is a larger chunk of T-Mo customers like myself who will stay with T-Mo IF the smartphone selection was greater than GREAT! Go to VW and see the Driod, and now soon Calgary…!!!

  • hi!

    “Lets say the average person selects the 1,500 Anytime Minutes plan for $59.99 per month”

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA!!! NO WAY.

    Ok, let’s crunch those same numbers and find out what WE THE PEOPLE will be paying and why Project Flop is exactly that.

    The AVERAGE person has the $39.99 voice plan and couples that with the $35 data/text plan. So, the average person is looking at $75 a month.

    Now, if we look at the rumored even more plus plan price of $59.99 a month and take into account you’re paying for the phone at retail price broken down into 20 months you’ll be paying $85 a month for 20 months.

    SO…24 months on current plan with phone is…………………..$1950

    The 24 month even more plus plan with phone will come out to…….$1940

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, wtf?!?!?! So….in a 2 year time period you’ll save 10 bucks……TEN DOLLARS!!!! HAHAHHAHHAHAHA. What an unbelievable flop. This should be called Project go to Sprint. Wait, I just remembered that they’re charging you $35 to move over to these new plans. SO, even better, you’re not DOWN $25 by taking advantage of the new plan! That’s right…you LOSE MONEY. omg, awesome, I’m sorry but this is literally funny at this point.

    The ONLY way it looks somewhat decent is if you have a ridiculous plan to begin with like in the example in this story. (if you DO have the plan in the story example you can save a lot of money on a different carrier just so you know)

    Well, I was sooooo excited for this but now I’m more than prepared for the ultimate letdown. I’ve been out of contract for 2 years just waiting for tmobile to do something right……the wait continues

  • Wicked1

    If the $59.99 for unlimited everything is true, that’s a good deal, I would be paying more than that if plans stayed how they are now, with me moving from the Sidekick ($20 data plan) to some other phone that requires a $35 data plan, plus my current $40, 1000 anytime, unlimited nights and weekend + insurance +tax, etc. With this new plan, $60 for voice, text, and data is a good deal, with tax insurance & fees, monthly fee would be about $70-$73, with my corp discount in place which takes away about $8 or $9, that would be cool with me. But if they rumors are true and Verizon are about to lower their plans, I’ll be willing to jump ship for the Droid. My contract isn’t up until March 2010, but I might be able to use the sk disaster to get out of my contract like some others did. They are not suppose to be able to charge u $200 anyway, a law was passed, it’s suppose to be some math where they subtract how many months you have left of something. We’ll see. I won’t be using my upgrade now, which would renew my contract for another 2 years until I know what’s what. I’m waiting til Dec to see what other phones come out on T Mobile

  • NiiDiddy

    @David – LMAO

  • TrinNY is right — lots of people are at 1000 minutes or so at 39.95 so going to a all-you-can-eat plan may give them more but more of what they don’t use and paying for it. I think it’s not an easy choice for a lot of people who aren’t maximizing their phones.

  • Ashley

    Um, $59 for unl everything. Can u say that suxs. 59 is really 70-75 bucks with taxes. I would like to save at least 50 bucks out of the 100. Maybe im being too cheap! LOL… Let me see.. current plan, 39.99 myfavs plan and 34.99 data/text plan. 39.99+34.99+ taxes (10.00) = 85 bucks.. So im only saving 10 bucks. I dont call that a saving at all.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I am starting to think that Straight Talk @ WalMart is a better deal. Unlimited everything… Talk, Text, Data for $45 a month. Plus it uses Verizon’s network. They also offer a pretty nice slider for $79. Hhhmm for a launch phone that’s not too shabby. Maybe give it a while and they will have even nicer phones.

  • The Observer


    be happy you saving something and you would have unlimited minutes. should be a no brainer for you

  • Wicked1

    I don’t really need unlimited minutes. But I’m still confused about what these plans actually entail. What about if you are renewing a contract and paying with upgrade discount, and not trying to finance for the phone, just paying it off? The rate is still $59.99? I’ll probably get a cheaper plan with less voice minutes, I rarely use the phone, I use mostly data: text, emails, browser, IM

  • uwish

    ….you only pay the 5$ fee if you have shit credit so how about your zip your lip and pay a bill or two…quite your freaking complaining about a company trying to make better and keep some only in your obviously poor ass pockets

  • Bigg

    Well if its true 60 dollars for unlimited talk, text and smartphone data, that will be a game changer, otherwise…this whole thing is just stupid.

  • alex

    @Bigg I don’t think $60 is exactly a game changer, $50 would be. $60 is a decent price but far from the game changer that this was hyped up to be.

    If you look at the thread in the forum, based on one of the screenshots the price will be at either $69.99 or $79.99, which for some current customers might actually be more than they are paying

  • Deaconclgi

    If you are obviously NOT going to save money with the new plan then keep your current plan and you dont have to spew negativity about something that may save money for countless other customer. I am paying $30 total for unlimited internet for 5 lines and PD may not beat that but you dont see me being a crasher of the PD party. I hope we all save money somehow.

  • alex

    @Deaconcgli I agree I wish we could all save money. The fact is not many will save any money and the money saved will likely not be much.

    The problem I have (and I think many other people do too) is that this plan was hyped up as being something that would be a game changer.

    Look at David’s post on the Blog from Oct. 12th:
    “is a $50 dollar all-you-can-use plan enough to boost T-Mobile USA’s fortunes? The short answer is no, courtesy of the Blogosphere who simply don’t believe that a $50 dollar all-you-can-use plan is enough to give T-Mobile a chance at passing Sprint and taking 3rd place in the US wireless game.”

    Here he says a $50 plan isn’t even all that there is to project black, but now he is saying people are being downers and should be happy with a $60(probably not even) plan.

  • Deaconclgi

    If anyone is disappointed, blame yourself and your high hopes and expectations. Tmo has yet to promise us anything. For example I want the N900 to be a part of PD. If it isnt, why should I say TMo let me down or failed? They never promised the phone to me anyway. PD is whater TMo planned it to be, NOT what We The People hyped it to be.

  • Deaconclgi

    My previous post is not directed at anyone.

  • NiiDiddy

    Guys, there’s too much nonsense talk going on here on this blog.
    First no matter what the prices are, there will be fees/taxes – take it or leave it!!! Some people here talk as if the other major carriers dont have fees/taxes. Hate to break it to ya, but they all do – Sprint’s new %69.99 “game changer” [as their customers believe it is] also have fees/taxes that make it go a tad higher. Its a given!! If you are going to complain because of that find some MetroPCS or some other company to go to and quit messn’ on here wasting our time.

    I have had my own reservations about “project dark”, but in a more realistic manner. If anything at all, my concern are the smartphones being under par with T-Mo’s competitors.

    A few more days and we’ll all know the ACTUAL prices on these new T-Mo plans. If you dont save on it, at least you get to keep your cool grandfathered plan that you love and retained T-Mo with. If not, you change plans when these new ones come out, and save something. Simple!!

  • uhhhh

    uhhhh.. sooo what about the 9700?

  • tinalooks808

    If t-mobile does the unlimited everything for 50 bucks I am dropping Metro!!! They have a good plan over at Metro but you seriously get what you pay for and well…. half the time my phone calls NEVER come through.. Down in south FL we have great 3G coverage and I have no complaints. Everyone is getting soooo worked up on something that we don’t know for sure, and again though you may not feel it is for you… it may be just what the person next to you is looking for. I for one am excited, even if I am just saving $10.00 a month. All if the plans are still cheaper then most, and I cant wait to drop Metro and refuse to go to Boost.

  • BronxBebe

    I knew there was a reason why I hated math, LOL.. My head oy..

  • SpanD

    How is everyone’s taxes over ten bucks? mine are like 5 max…maybe six, maybe ten with insurance…

  • The Observer


    depends on the state you live in also. I live in NY so we get high taxes

  • steven

    i can’t wait to see if even more, even more+ has anything to offer for family plans. i currently pay slightly over $100 for 4 lines, 500 min, and 2 lines with 400 txts. my son wants data for $25. hopefully this new plan offers savings?

  • CO_Yeti

    Couple things:
    1. Why wouldn’t you want to save any money, even if its only $10 a month? Also in most cases you would be getting more minutes which even if you don’t use them would give you piece of mind about not having any overages (there are plans with fewer than unlimited minutes as well).
    2. Are we really at a point as consumers where we think NOT having a contract is a bad thing? Contracts are not in the best interest of you, that is the big part of Project Dark!
    3. The new plans won’t save everybody money, that is why you are allowed to keep your current plan. Not everyone has access to the unlimited loyalty plan, if you do your already getting a pretty good price.`

  • Chris

    Why does everyone keep thinking taxes are like 30 percent of the bill? 60 going to 75? WHAT? Try 60 goes to 65-67 depending on where you live.

    Also I’m not sure this plan was to save everyone that uses T-Mobile some money. It will be considerably better than what other carriers offer and that’s the point. To get new customers. The unlimited loyalty was for current customers. And in some cases neither of these options will save a customer money… because they have a plan that already works perfect for them and better than any other carrier.

  • steven


    taxes are high in some areas. the base price of my phone bill is 80. with tax, it’s slightly over 100.

    that’s (100-80)/100 = 0.25 // which is 25% in fees&taxes

    btw, i live in chicago

  • steven

    oops, math fail.

    it should be (100-80)/80 = 0.25

  • Sam

    Puerto Rico already has the $59.99 Unlimited plan. But so does AT&T and other local wireless companies.

  • daniel

    wow what a bunch of complainers! i cant believe people are getting outraged over a rumored 59.99 unlimited plan! how can u people say that isnt a game changer? lets do some comparing

    59.99(rumored) unlimited talk , web, text! with taxs and fees(20%) = $71.98 give are take a buck r two

    99.99 unlimited talk text web!(best deal right now if u need unlimited min) with taxs and fees (20%) =$120

    99.99 just for unlimited min plus 19.99 for unlimited text plus $30 for unlimited data! = 150 plus taxes and fees (20%)= 179.99 ouch!

    99.99 just for unlimited min plus 19.99 for unlimited text plus $30 for unlimited data! = 150 plus taxes and fees (20%)= 179.99 ouch!

    i bet the rumored project dark plan is startn to look like a big game changer now…… the closes carrier is $50 dollars more and thats sprint.

  • Grr

    It seems some of the comparissons I see are inaccurate. You cannot compare what you pay for a limited plan to an unlimited plan’s price. In the one example, yeah you just save $10 but you are also getting much more flexibility and freedom. I’m not even sure if these new plans are limited to unlimited plans. Perhaps there are plans cheaper than the unlimited plans. The best thing I’ve taken from the rumors going around, is you don’t get stuck with something you don’t plan to use. If you don’t want to text, you don’t pay for texts. If I only want voice, I can get only voice. If I am happy with my 5 year old phone, I don’t have to keep paying for a subsidized phone I do not want. Plus there are good, non-contract options on top of that. Its not all about the money you save, but also the freedom you have. That is the part of it I would call a “game changer”.

  • John

    Is there a prepayment penalty on financed phones? If so, it essentially has a 20 month contract.

  • Grr

    Yeah, the price is solid especially considering T-Mobile will be sporting the 21mb/s data for that price while many of these carriers won’t even have that bandwidth if they do manage to go LTE in that same time (which I highly doubt they will). If T-Mobile plays this right, MetroPCS becomes useless. T-Mobile can then buy them up on the cheap and add Metro’s spectrum to their own. Then T-Mobile will be in good shape for LTE as well.

  • One thing should be pointed out here; this comparison was done for Android users, who are for the most part people who are very heavy phone users and need / want an unlimited plan and who buy expensive phones. If you do not buy expensive phones or don’t need an unlimited plan, this probably won’t compare to your situation. Not that it will be a bad deal for you, but I would use different numbers if it were going to be a broad stroke comparison.

    also @hi! you should probably use a calculator next time; using your criteria there would be a savings of $130 at the end of 24 months plus unlimited minutes versus the 300 minutes you say is “average”. I use about 200 minutes a week easy just for work, so the savings will be even greater in my case. I also don’t have a land line and I would suspect that with unlimited minutes more people would be able to go without one too, add that monthly bill into the savings it fits yous situation.

  • Matt

    People are not posting the comments about taxes and additional fees out of spite for T-Mobile as it has been suggested by some. I harbor no spite for them whatsoever. There is just a truth in advertising element missing and, on the surface, 60.00 sounds good but consumers owe it to themselves to “look at the fine print.” And, finally, to the blogger that criticized a person not wanting to pay a 5.00 fee for flexpay, you made an assumption about someone’s credit. My credit is fine, I simply want to retain freedom as so much of coporate America has taken it away.

  • Ken L.

    A missing point about the EIP is finance charges. Over 20 months, finance charges on a $500 principal could range from roughly $30 (@ 6%) to above $100 (@ a creditcard-like 18.99%). I’m certain financing will be a part on the EIP set-up; and could far out-weigh it’s benefits.

    With that said, I’d choose the + plan for the ability to exchange phones or even leave T-Mo, whenever I’d like. Just pay off/down the phone’s cost upfront.

  • Betito

    Why are we all getting so mad over rumors? Nothing is confirmed, so let’s all calm down and see what the annoucement is.

    If the 59.99 price point is true, that will save me a bunch of money for me, as I’m with AT&T. Right now I have the 450 minute plan with the iPhone and unlimited messages. That’s 89.99 a month plus tax that saves me 30 bucks a month plus tax. Just for comparison, Sprint and there Any Mobile with everything data plan is 69.99 a month, it maybe a savings of 10 bucks plus tax, but it’s still a savings and I have the freedom of using an unlocked phone with T-Mobile as I switch phones frequently.

    I only use about 100-200 minutes a month but I use text and data a lot. With this plan, I may not use so many minutes, but I have comfort knowing I won’t have to worry about my minutes, have the ability to use whatever phone I wish, and have a good network. It’s a win in my book.

  • Betito — But you can’t get the iPhone on T-Mobile, though. I think that’s an example of the frustration here — the Project Dark rates are competitive (if you’re an all-you-can-eat customer), but there is still no killer handset out there (N900, iPhone, etc.), and if you’re not an all-you-can-eat customer, and not everyone is, then you’re no better than at any of the other carriers.

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  • Pingback: Project Dark Pricing | TmoNews - Unofficial T-Mobile Blog - News, Videos, Articles and more()

  • so…

    so…..after reading all the comments and speculation can we at least all agree that without a doubt this is far far FAR from a “game changer” in any sense of the word?

    You may be able to say money. Key word being MAY….and that’s probably only if you’re using a billion minutes a month. Regardless…I think people are expressing frustration because we were told something was coming that would move us from 4th (last place) to third. This obviously will not do that. Sprint has the Hero, the Pre, etc and you can call anyone, do anything for $70. If they’re third place now they must be getting closer to second every day.

  • ADAM V

    this is the worst math ever LOL. a mytouch is 150, with a 200 ETF it’s still only 350 as opposed to 500 + with tax that you pay in these “installments”. it’s retarded when you break down the math. And please if you don’t have a lousy 150 bucks for a phone, I’m CERTAIN you can’t pay a 100 bucks a month for your bill ;)

  • money

    this is huge 3rd rate pricing with first rate service. The EIP has no tax or interest and its optional you don’t have to do it.

  • Taj

    Can anyone explain why the “no contract” pricing is cheaper than the plans requiring contracts? Seems like they are purposely pushing people into less commitment (and less annuitized revenue).

  • ADAM V

    of course EIP has tax, you pay it upfront ;)

  • Corey Anders

    What a joke. I have Straight Talk, a FAR better deal with $45 a month for unlimited talk and text and date.

    It’s also on Verizon FTW!

    The best thing about Straight Talk is its simplicity. I am so tired of wading through funky phone bills with mysterious charges and fees.

    I really appreciate the savings, of course, but not having those awful and undecipherable bills has been a great stress-reducer.