Save on the N900


Are you one of those people that just can’t wait for the launch of the N900?  Well, then this is just for you.  While there is still no confirmation (I know, it’s sad) that the Nokia beast will come to T-Mobile USA, you can still pick one up, unlocked, and it will work just fine on our 3G network.  Maybe you are dying to have this phone but couldn’t stomach the $649 price tag.  Well, now you can grab one for a penny short of $560, and while that isn’t a huge savings, it makes it that much more attainable.  [To think, a friend of mine just ordered one over the weekend.  I told him to wait for savings, but who is laughing now (hint: he is because he still gets the monster of a phone)].  So if this deal is for you, head on over to Newegg and start counting the days until November 14th.



  • Anthony

    I’ll wait till it comes to T-Mobile! I HOPE HOPE HOPE it does!!! In the meantime I’ll use the motorola cliq when it finally ships to me! But the N900 better come out next year 2010 baby!

  • TheViper

    a) Newegg rocks
    b) $560 is $10 more than the Touch Pro2 on full retail through T-Mobile… pretty good price!
    c) Tempting…

  • acsteffy87

    ill wait till the N901 sans keyboard and w/ meamo 6

  • onwaitinglist

    If it supports UMA, I will fork over $600 buck in a heartbeat.

    Why no one decent phone (except BB9700) supports UMA.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know BB9700 supports UMA, I will order one on its release date, but still need another phone (Android, PalmOS, meamo etc )

  • I heard that it’s NOT coming to TMO usa, but in fact the N97 mini is coming :(

  • hi!

    hmmm, I’ve decided this is my next phone. I wait and see if TMobile USA picks it up or just buy it on newegg???? Furthermore, if I just buy it on Newegg will I be able to get a cheap unlimited, even more plus plan now?

    Even if TMobile picks it up (they’ll mess it up) it would probably be this price or more so the only benefit would be paying for it in tiny little installments like I was buying a tv I couldn’t afford, lol

  • Blaine

    I don’t know if anybody is interested, but you can pre-order this phone right now at for $579.99 with free three day shipping. Their expected arrival date is November 5th so you could own this bad boy earlier if you were to go that route.

  • Tom McTall

    If you shop newegg by first visiting ( cashback store) you can get %2 savings after 60 days from bing/newegg. Just click cashback stores and choose/search newegg from the list. You need a microsoft LiveID (hotmail, for example) login, or it will let you create one.

    Seems like alot of work, but it isn’t and in about 60 days or less you will have a nice $11.20 waiting for you.

    This direct like *might* work:

  • rushmore

    Wow. I zapped my Amazon order and went Newegg. Saved $70- Thanks Tmonews!

    This device for $559 is insane!

  • rushmore

    Wow. I zapped my Amazon order and went Newegg. Saved $70- Thanks Tmonews!

    This device for $559 is insane in a good way!

  • rushmore

    I would rather have an unlocked N900 in early November rather than wait for a locked version in late January or February from Tmo.

  • matt

    AMAZING, I LOVE Newegg!!! I’m definitely going to order this phone through them, esp since I can pay it off in payments with my Preferred Account.

  • NiiDiddy

    Looks good, but not my cup ‘o tea!

  • johnkzin

    I was hoping to get it using the (rumored) new 20 month installment plan. It’ll be rather disappointing if T-Mo doesn’t actually pick it up, keeping me from doing that.

  • Rigo89

    @ Tom McTall…does that really work?? ?

  • @ rigo89 yes Cashback actually works

  • I ran across this article which is interesting:

    AT&T to Launch the HTC Hero in Early 2010

    Wireless carrier AT&T has been caught once again in the rumor mill, this time around with news on the possible availability of HTC Hero on its airwaves in early 2010. It seems that the mobile phone operator has finally decided to go for Google’s Android operating system, and that the Hero might be its first device running under the platform.

    For what its worth, this is not the first time we learn that AT&T is planning on offering the HTC Hero to its users, though the latest rumors on this proved false as soon as the chinless Hero went official on Sprint’s network. However, phone Arena says that this piece of info comes from a source close to AT&T’s plans, and things might finally prove real.

    The HTC Hero, as many of you might already know, is the first Android-based device from the Taiwanese phone maker HTC Corporation that came to the market with the company’s HTC Sense solution, aimed at enhancing the user experience for those who own an HTC device. The solution is available only on the Hero at the moment, yet the company already announced that it planned on delivering it to more of its phones, and the Windows Mobile 6.5-powered HD2 has been already said to come to the market with it.

    The specification list of HTC Hero includes a 3.2-inch touchscreen display that boasts a 320 X 480 pixel resolution, a 5-megapixel photo snapper, a 3.5mm audio jack, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. The handset also comes with flash support and has been rumored to come to Verizon Wireless too, though without the HTC Sense solution on it. Although nothing is solid at the moment, there are great chances that the HTC Hero will finally make its way to AT&T’s offering at the beginning of the next year, since the carrier will soon remain the only large wireless service provider in the US without an Android phone in its lineup.

  • FILA

    to bad it doesnt run android, id be buying that bitch right this second.

  • Gordo_Jose

    According to my sources… there is no more negotiation for the launch of any N series phone in Any network in the U.S. They thought about t-mobile because they carry N series in Europe…. but sadly it seems like tmobile wont carry the N-900 anytime soon….it was supposed to launch for 2010 en of Q1

  • rushmore


    You are probably correct, since Tmo would have leveraged the N900 and add costs with Nokia in order to build interest with the device. Especially since Sholes is coming out by Verizon and Moment by Sprint.

    N900 would be an equal (better) counter to these devices. Instead, Tmo is releasing devices that have older chipsets and will not take full advantage of Flash 10.1.

    Bad move for Tmo.

  • Mockerfab4

    Wow! This phone looks so cool. I love Nokia phones. To me there comparable in design and functionality of the iPhone. The Android doesn’t come close IMO. PLEASE TMO, get it.

  • HoOn

    I think I’ve found my new phone. Now if I can just find the funds to get this thing. :) Amazon might be a better price for me since I don’t have to pay Tax.

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