N900 Seen Running on T-Mobile 3G

n900resizedtmob Screenshot: Nokia N900 running on T Mobiles 3G network = 2.26 Mb/s down, 0.34 Mb/s up

Remember that N900?  What am I kidding, of course you do.  While there is no official word regarding its arrival to T-Mobile, we do have further confirmation that the N900 runs on T-Mobile’s 3G network.  Yes, oh yes, the Nokia has that mythical 1700 MHz band that we like to see.  Anyways, this thing has a 2.26 Mb/s download, 0.34 Mb/s upload and a  ping time of 174 ms.  In case you were wondering, that is fast.  Leave your thoughts in the comments (and maybe, just maybe, if we wish loud enough it will grace us with its presence)!


Update: Video after the break! (Thanks Mark, The Nokia Blog)

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  • TP

    YES SIR!!!

  • Galen20K

    N900 is really Impressive as is T-Mobile! It was Amazing to see that Earlier and I think its so Sweet that Nokia chose AWS and with WIND Mobile in Canada using that VERY SAME Band, I think we’re going to be seeing a LOT MORE of the NEW NORTH AMERICAN 3G band Standard!!!

    ; D

  • Sanjay

    Who cares. They are so slow in getting phones that by the time they do one can already see other better ones coming out. Now I am looking at the HTC HD2. Why do the manufacturers and cariers make getting a new handset such slow process? Frustrating. I’m sure someone will pop on and explain how involved the process is and how much is involved, etc. But those are all excuses not reasons.

  • Luis

    i love android but seriously i would rock the n900 and an android phone… ill be pissed as hell if the HTC HD2 does come out for t-mobile and the n900 doesnt that would be down right weird…… but iam praying come onnnnnnnn Maemo…… maemo and android in hand o man………… lol

  • niididy

    Dude, I am ready for this to drop! Where you at, project black….

  • NiiDiddy

    This is a cool phone. I love my myTouch 3G, but I wouldnt mind giving this phone a test run as soon as it hits Tmo stores…Then I might keep it depending on how I like it. Granted it has everything I would like as a Techie…but I am picky when it comes to size so we’ll see…

  • watbetch

    T-Mobile needs to subsidize this phone badly.

  • sunstain

    I’ve been holding off on my upgrade for 3 months now….Damn I hope we get this sweet device subsidized

  • Ugh! This is driving me mad! Do you think there will be an app for Office like Android has? I do a lot of writing and love that this has a keyboard. But the HD2 (though no keyboard) will have word which will make for easy transfer from the cell phone to the computer. I do love having a slide out keyboard…

  • Bigg

    Man stop showing me N900, already preorder and I cant wait anymore

  • Sector43

    Documents to go is preinstalled in this device its free for view and to edit you need to pay almost same price you pay in android platform.

  • Here’s the video for that screenshot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z0Cu9A6UzE

  • You can see from the video that the N900 browser can display the flash content. You can also interact with the flash. For example, hover mouse on top of a star to display a popup.

  • edd

    hook me up! =D
    show the htc hd2 on tmobile 3g would be spicy too =D

  • foo

    this thing will be faster on hsdpa+ it’s crazy fast when it was tested

  • ali

    It doesn’t seem likely that T-mobile is going to pick this up anytime soon. Everyone knows that Nokia made this phone for T-mobile only because they intentionally left out the other north american 3G frequencies from it. And if T-mobile was going to carry this device, then they need to fire their entire marketing group for a failure of epic proportions. So while the n900 will make minor headlines at techie websites over the next 2-3 weeks, it will never take off on this side of the Atlantic. Consumers in the US will not pay more than 199-299 for any mobile device. Currently, this phone is more than twice that price [ $650 + $50 taxes]. And naturally that will lead nokia to return its routine of ignoring ( justifiably ) t-mobile and their weird 3g frequency for yet a while longer. I’m saying this even though i think the n900 might be technologically superior in many ways over whats currently available. But thats not whats important. Marketing is everything and Americans currently know and want 3 things: a) iphone b) crackberry c) and to a much lower extent android. By the end of 2009 and early 2010, the market will be flooded with android devices for every carrier. I would not be too surprised if Android ties with Apple, if not overtaking them in the smartphone market share in the USA by the end of 2010.

  • Steven

    I really hope T-Mobile will pick this up. But I am really tempted to get this anyway. It’ll be tough to talk my wife into letting spend the full retail price on it though!

    The Cliq intially looked really neat, but I’m seeing a lot of things that I don’t like. I was really surprised when I found out it didn’t have a flash on the camera, among other things.

    The N900 has a dual flash on it, which looks nice.

  • @ Sector43

    Thanks! That definitely puts the n900 over the HD2 right now!

  • yor PAPPI

    This is great news if you just climbed out from under a rock ,but this is old news tell me something i don’t know . The 2 devises everyone is craving are the Nokia N900 , HTC HD2 two very impressive phones with allot of bells an whistles .But there is allot of pros an cons on both of them.An i think both comp better an need do some upgrades or fix the problem b4 us the consumer gets it .I just really hope but don’t pray for a phone ppl .That TMO really is able to get both of them which is in my opinion very sketching.Just think about ppl 2 amazing phones for TMO that’s really hilarious don’t you think .TMO cant even fix their 3g OR lose data from sidekicks LMFAO!!!!!

  • Rob

    Would it be ok to get a bit of an orgasm seeing this?
    This phone and the retooling of the OS is amazing.
    It would be the only phone I might drop android for.

  • Rigo89

    is it true that a N900 sequel is coming ..N920? i’ve seen a pic of it but im not convince ..anyone knows about this ????

  • foo

    how is everyone here so sure it’s not going to get picked up by T-Mo? Have a little faith

  • Anthony

    I hope they subsidize this phone, I had to pay full pop (slight discount) for the G1. This my next phone and I don’t see another phone coming down that’s more robust than this thing. Its fast, its slick and it does what my G1 won’t – FLASH! even the Camera has a FLASH and N-Gage Gaming! Plus FM modulator, great use in Rental Cars, imagine Pandora in your Rental car… And TV out, while some my find that not very useful. I can watch something from my phone into my friends TV as he only has local HDTV channels or when your traveling you can watch what you want via your phone, leave your Laptop closed or use it on the internet while you watch files from your phone on the TV.

    N900 is the shhhh, maybe not the Iphone but does WAY more and TMO is CHEAPER!

  • Anthony

    I have 3G Coverage in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and now Ventura County (at least Simi Valley) where I work currently (not much longer), what 3G problems are you having????