Project Dark Sees The Light


At this point, there is significant speculation regarding Project Dark. There is simply too much buzz surrounding it for someone “in the know” to not want to feel a little powerful, drop some hints and create a larger buzz. Rumors are running wild on the forums and for the moment we’re going to let them remain rumors. The above image is meant merely to confirm an unlimited plan exists. We don’t know what “Even More” and “Even More Plus” means yet and we don’t want to throw out any more misinformation. We simply cannot confirm or deny anything with 100% certainty at this point. We know whats likely (see forum link) and whats not (iPhone).  We know some of you will look at the above picture and say “Ok…what does that mean?” Well, we can’t say for sure, but at this point we know T-Mobile has something big brewing. That something is seemingly related to that picture.

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