Google Bringing Scrumptious Eclair To Android


Android 1.6 was released a little over two weeks ago and now we have screen-shots of the new Android 2.0 (a.k.a Eclair). BoyGenius managed to get screen-shots of the new Android 2.0, which includes built-in Microsoft Exchange compatibility, Maps which has been updated to include Layers, a new and improved UI with a redone URL entry bar which includes a Favicon, a YouTube widget, Haptic feedback, text-to-speech, and much more! BoyGenius has a nice walkthrough on the sweet goodies this OS offers. More screen-shots after the break! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!








Check out the full walk-through here



    Whoooooa D=

  • Steven

    Looks kind of “Sense UI”-esque to me.

  • Tree


    • David

      Ummmm you know about the Sprint Hero right?

  • Kickstar13

    @Tree these screen-shots were taken on the Motorola Sholes/Droid headed for Verizon Wireless.

  • It looks pretty good. I think Android has been pretty on point so far, the main problem has been that there hasn’t been a device with enough horsepower in the hardware to make everything run smooth and effortlessly (that’s the only way an Android phone, in my opinion, can be an iPhone killer).

  • Mytouch3

    @ Alt-mobile

    you hit the nail on the head! Android can go up agaisnt almost anything… with 2 things missing..

    1.) Hardware-meaning we need a device with BUILT IN MEMORY! All these handset have expandable memory, enough already!

    2.) Apps , apps, more apps!

    3.) Result= higher sales, more customers more apps, more TAKEOVER!!!!

  • Tim

    Woohoo! :) I already love Android, it’s great seeing its progress as it just gets better and better.

  • ZeroMovement

    Really loving that it will have MS Exchange built in. Aside from the Cliq already being a pretty nice looking phone, the integration of MS Exchange into the Motoblur UI was a huge deciding factor on me wanting the Cliq, but soon it’ll be available on all droids…..HUGE! I don’t think many non Windows Mobile users know how important MS Exchange is to many business users. Sure you could get a Blackberry to get your email pushed to you, but many companies have restricted usage of the BB servers for most if not all of their employees because of the high cost of BB server space. That’s also a reason why the widely popular Iphone isn’t selling as much as it could with business professionals, because you have to pull your mail instead of the direct push afforded by MS Exchange (***note, I said “a” reason, not “the” reason). Eclair could be the beginning of the end for many things Microsoft in the mobile world if Microsoft doesn’t wake up and introduce WinMo 7 and help ensure that the Touch HD2 shows up in the US without all the changes we saw with the touch pro 2 for T-mobile (dooky brown & resistive screen….really?).

    I’m so excited…..Android….take me to your leader! What’s that you say?…..soon to be you?

  • Am I the only one who thinks an “emtpy” Picasa icon for the camera is one of the most clever icon designs ever?

  • g_willi

    @Tree, Sprint has an Android phone — the HTC Hero. It went on sale last week. I know it’s fast moving, but keep up. ;-)

  • @MyTouch3

    thanks…I think that hardware is definitely setback, but I don’t think you can fault Google for this because the hardware specs are decided by the phone manufacturer (i.e. Motorola, HTC, Samsung, etc…). I don’t think the apps really have a lot to do with Android being behind the iPhone (95% of the apps for the iPhone are just to make money and are so useless, unless you are that infatuated with T-Pain “ooo shortay!”)

    I think we all need to be patient and watch Android slowly creep up on the iPhone and maybe not take over but pull up neck and neck. Remember, Apple did take their sweet time to allow for MMS and to select text as well. Let’s all be a little patient and see what goodness Android can bring to us…

  • anthony

    i hope i can fit this on my G1, if not im gonna get the cliq. im not installing any apps so i can save space for this.

  • Angry

    The title of this article is a terrible lie. Eclair is shipping with a verizon only phone for right now. There was no mention of a release of eclair on t-mobile at all. I even talked to a t-mobile android customer service rep TODAY and he said he hadn’t heard any release dates yet.

  • Pedro

    Can the Cliq even get this update since it’s running Blur and not stock Android?

  • Don

    T-Mobile Android support have no connection to Google they just are tech support for G1/MyTouch3G

  • FILA

    Android 2.0 aka Eclair isnt even gettin released till Q2 of 2010, we have a ways to go. Which would mean if the Sholes or Hero for Verizon has 2.0 preloaded when the phone comes out, that means Verizon isnt gettin a Android device till atleast spring 10

  • jeck

    Hmmm, don’t know why but I’m not impressed much by it. A few graphical updates to the icons, some small functionality added, a new lock screen, nothing major, not sure if it warrants a whole new version number…this is like going from windows 6.1 to 6.5…this should have been android 1.6.

  • James


    The droid will be the first phone with Google 2.0 (Elcair)..the rest of the phone manufactuers will have access to 2.0 in 2010. From my understanding Verizon cut a deal with Google to be able to pull this off. Shame really since Tmo was the first to carry Android..I cant wait for this project dark business to hit cause hopefully it changes the way Tmo does business. We get the Moto Cliq, Verizon gets the Droid..instead of the Hero (european version) we get a rebadged Magic. Tmo hopefully will get out of this catering mostly to the “tweens” and offer better phones to all.

  • NiiDiddy

    I REALLY dont have any issues with T-Mobile, or what they offer in smartphones. As an i.t guy, I can make anything work with any smartphone so that is the least of my issues, so long as the phone looks decent. I guess it comes down to priorities. For me, mine is Customer Service – and that is why I am with T-Mobile first and foremost. I am sure most of you will agree that if in fact the smartphones themselves is all we wanted to see and have with T-Mobile, half of you who write on this post would have long left T-Mobile for another carrier…either that or you’d be buying other unlocked phone to use with T-Mobile network. So it’s a bit more than just phones. We ALL love our Magenta company a little more than just that!!! In 2003, I made the mistake of leaving T-Mobile to AT&T, but I was gone for ONE WEEK and came running back with regret…and tail between my legs! So I dont even want to hear about AT&T and ANYTHING they have to offer, including the iPhone or other phones!!!

    Secondly, I am glad that my people (friends) from T-Mobile talked me into sticking with Android powered phones after a tough struggle to ween myself from the ultimate ‘”Crack”…berry’! My first Android phone is myTough3G and I like it ALOT. I am sure better phones will show up in the near future so I like my chances and love the phone that first introduced me to Android.

    Third, I am looking forward to bigger and better things with Android OS and with T-Mobile. If you think about it really – T-Mobile is like Toyota in the Android World. Toyota leases out their Hybrid technology to a bunch of car manufacturers who might not have the time/money to develop their own R&D for the technology. T-Mobile along with Google, HTC, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Samsung, LG, Nvidia, and Wind River Systems came up with this Open Handset Alliance…while the technology is not really ours, other companies will have to go through the OHA to use the technology on their handsets – I am sure that brings T-Mobile some big bucks in their coffers too. thats good business, if you ask me.

    The bottom line is that we all need to be patient with T-Mobile. Things…good things happen in due time. I’d rather them not rush to make a quick buck but take their time and systematically compete with the other larger companies.

    Good things happen for those who wait! That’s my 2 Cents…probably for a different forum, but it still works here :)

  • siccmade

    looking good…wonder how long until the devs get there hands on this?? New roms here we come!!

  • Alex

    Are they ever going to put a LANDSCAPE virtual keyboard in one of these updates soon enough.
    One that is useable on anything.

    Sometimes I am even too lazy to open up the keyboard.
    Not to mention the lagginess of orientation switching, and the fact that portrait is annoying…

  • JoeMomma

    @alex….What are you talking about there has been a landscape VK since the VK came out. Which was last april. keep up

  • Vap1d

    Yea, I’m like wtf is Alex talking about.. I have a Samsung Galaxy / i7500 which has no physical keyboard. EVERYTHING that I use the virtual keyboard for works in landscape..

  • Bob

    I only hope that they fix the horribly broken email client.

  • Russell

    Is the MyTouch android 2.0 compatible?

  • icecreampaintjob

    @ Alex

    Dude… some serious facepalmage is in order… there’s been a virtual keyboard out for a looong time… how do you think htc hero and magic users were able to type?