Open Comment Weekend


Hey, it’s the weekend!  Aren’t you excited?  I know I am.  More importantly, it’s the weekend before the preorder date for the Motorola Cliq.  There sure is a bunch to discuss in the Android world (The Cliq, Eclair, Behold 2, etc.).  You can also discuss the mysterious Project Dark (because you all want to know what it is).  It is also possible that you have decided that the HTC HD2 is for you.  Last but not least, maybe you haven’t had enough time to talk about the Sidekick data outage, so that is on the table.  Either way, share your opinions and thoughts in the comments, they are now yours.

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  • NiiDiddy

    Boy I have never been this excited about a cell phone company in a VERY LONG TIME! In fact, I dont think there ever had been a time I have. Besides, I have always been a very loyal T-Mobile cusomter since…I cannot remember!

    About the phones, the HD2 is probably not for me since I am all about Android…Yay Android now, Yay to the future of Android! Not only that, I like smartphones that can fit in my pocket without showing a big, fat bulge. I think the HD2 is too wide for me. A 4.3 inch screen reminds me of my TomTom! Then again I have to see it and play with it in person…still an Android fan though.

    As for Project Dark – another week, and it’ll be over with. If it’s a rate plan, I will be calling my T-Mobile contact to make appropriate plan changes. If it includes phones, I am heading to the T-Mobile store to check them out. My wife is due for a new phone and I just might find something pretty cool for myself and give her the myTouch3G…she loves that phone. I dont care about the Cliq or any of the other phones…but we’ll see!

    So Yes – I am excited. I hope every rumor – confirmed or unconfirmed – lives up to its expectations when the time comes.

    Long live Magenta!!!

  • DarqSecrets

    I just got off the phone with a friend who works for TMo. He didn’t know exactly what RPs were coming but did confirm that they were releasing not 1 but multiple RPs on 10.25.09 and they should be pretty nifty. The catch? A migration charge to move to them.

  • bree70

    I have a feeling Project Dark is going to be disappointing. My 2 cents.

  • mattymatt72

    if project dark is only rate plans, big deal. Yeah maybe you save 10-20 dollars a month, but I for one would like tmobile usa to step up and actually get some of the android phones out their that people actually want. what do I mean, well the htc hero, is a perfect example. Then we see the motorola sholes is coming with a better processor, tmobile usa, any time you want to actually do something for us android fans, dont let me stop you. The cliq is a nice phone and all, but the motorola blurr interface IS too much for the same old dated processor to handle. Please tmobile usa, get us what we want. A better android. A faster android, and not the watered down versions you have sold to us( why do we get the htc magic with only 192 ram instead of the 288 version? and why must you keep giving us the htc headset jack crap) I for one am tired of looking at other providers phones and feeling jealous. And no apple fan boys, I have no interest in a Iphone, its not for me.

  • maverick

    If I had to guess “Project Dark” or whatever it is called is going to be the Loyalty plan for everyone.. 49.99 unlimited talk..54.99 unlimited talk and text adn 84.99 unlimited talk text and data. They released the loyalty plan as a way to save customers who have been with TMobile for 22 months or longer now they are going to use a combination of that and a rebranding to gain new customers.

  • fort

    I glad t-mobile is moving forward with new phone and 3G. I hope they expand there voice coverage service. I’m in MD and still having problems making calls.

  • mattymatt72

    if maverick is correct on the price points, another bs, changing the game statement by tmobile usa.

  • mattymatt72

    and for the record I like tmobile, they need to stop making statements like “game changing” if its not going to be, and get us a damn better android.

  • IwantToKnow


  • mike

    We will all know Sunday have patients

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    A) I’m excited that Walmart is offering the G1 for under $50 and the MyTouch for under $100 (with a 2 yr contract).
    2) I can’t wait to hear what Project Dark really is, next weekend. I think it would be great if a deal with Clearwire were part of it.
    D) (Remember that ordering from Home Alone???) :-) I can’t wait for TMO to announce that Boise has lit up with 3G. Please please please let it be soooooon! :-)

  • Rick

    “another bs, changing the game statement by tmobile usa”
    “they need to stop making statements like “game changing”

    Isn’t all of this still rumor? T-Mobile hasn’t made any official announcements or statements correct? If people end up disappointed by the announcement then I think they only have themselves to blame.

  • mattymatt72


    If you are going to quote, please use in correct context. You have a job in reporting if you keep it up though.

  • RichnerD

    the 9700/onyx/bold2 is on sale at craigslist in ny for $650 …
    says its the pre release model… figured id share that…

  • mistermix

    I remain skeptical that T-Mobile will be able to cut prices far enough, and get rid of enough “gotchas”, to really “change the game”.

    “Game changing” = “makes the evening news” as far as I’m concerned. $50/unlimited everything, no contract, no more subsidies, no more b.s., might possibly do that.

  • Mahmoud

    this was a chat with a nokia representative!!!!!!!!!important

    Thank you for choosing NokiaUSA. A sales representative will be with you shortly.

    You are now chatting with Davis.

    You: is the n900 sold with a carrier

    Davis: Hello, welcome to Nokia. I am a Nokia Sales Representative, may I assist you finding a device today?

    Davis: No, only unlocked online.

    You: will it be soon

    Davis: No, not for a few months.

    You: so which carrier

    Davis: T-mobile.

    Davis: Would you like to pre-order?

    You: will it be cheaper

    Davis: ?

    Davis: What do you mean

    You: on tmobile

    You: will it be sold cheaper then the unlocked

    You: because this is too expensive

    You: ?

    Davis: I’ll be right with you.

    You: ok

    Davis: Yes, but not for a while.

    You: will it run 3g

    You: because i hate a slow internet connection

    Davis: Yes it will

    Davis: But only T-mobiles 3G

    You: do you know when it will come out at least tell me what month.

    You: please because i dont want to buy any phone now

    Davis: Maybe even 2010

    Davis: Or December if you’re lucky.

    You: thats a long time

    You: but thanks anyways

    You: i cant afford the unlocked version

    Davis: Oh, you don’t have a credit card?

    Davis: Here’s something that might work – I really want you to have this phone. What if you paid by credit card? That way, I can ship it to you today, and you could pay for it later. Would that work?

    You: no my credit cards are full

    You: and i dont want to ruin it

    You: i’ll guess i have to wait then

    You: thanks for your help

    Davis: No problem, have a nice day.

    Davis: Thank you for visiting NokiaUSA and chatting with us today. We value your feedback. Please click the “Close” button at the top right to answer a few questions about your experience with us.

    You: bye

    Thank you for visiting NokiaUSA and chatting with us. Please click the “Close” button on the top right of the chat window to tell us how we did today.

  • Yogurt

    Dude, that cat is using Google Chrome. Win.

  • 30014

    @David….thanks for putting a muzzle on Elrich. The site is a better place without him.

  • wily

    @ the craigslist post. dam iwish i worked for rim so i could bank off the 9700 then buy it cheaper on tmo when it comes out. i saw one for like 1100 on ebay the other day

  • fort

    I live in Washington DC area. The metro hear has been a one pony show for years. When going underground (Verizon) was the only carrier that worked. Just this year we leaned that all 4 major carrier will work underground for Metro starting this year Oct 10th. Good news. Sprint/Nextel is up and running. Were is T-mobile.

  • mattymatt72

    the people running tmobile usa need to be fired.

  • kevin

    I think i may look into the Touch HD2!
    I have always been a windows fan until I started using the Iphone.
    The 1ghz and the 4.3 screen may have me going back to WM.
    Microsoft with its 6.5 is a joke. I picked up a mytouch yesterday and so far seems like a great phone. My guess is it will take another year for google to perfect it and then its good bye to windows mobile forever. 6.5 should have been so much more and once again a total let down. Hey microsoft just copy android or iphone. HTC makes great hardware. look at the Touch pro 2 if it wasnt for touchflo 3d it would truly suck balls.

  • Pedro

    Gah, my sidekick keeps failing on me after the outage and I have to wait until next month to get a Cliq(but I think I’m going to see more reviews first.)

  • Michael Houghton

    Whatever it is, I know it’s not going to bring 3G to Saginaw, Michigan. I love this company, I love this phone, but I’m already getting cold feet.

  • Jason

    *waiting patiently for specs on the Behold II*

  • johnkzin

    1) There’s a rumor of a GSM version (for Europe) of the Motorola Sholes/Tao. T-Mo USA should get one of those, too.

    2) T-Mobile USA needs a version of the Mifi. And/or allow tethering on Android (esp. wifi based tethering).

    3) Where’s the new pre-paid data plans? They’ve been talking about it on the T-Mobile forums (initiated by a T-Mobile employee) for what seems like months. Just do it already!

    4) Is it Oct 25th yet!? I want to see the new unlimited plans, ASAP!

  • Barwin

    Acer liquid A1 is on my mind. As well as SE X3 and éclair… Can’t wait for those to be released! Please hurry up with it! And HTC has to launch the Dragon as soon as possible… :-)

  • lgtech

    Arrrgh! The anticipation is killing me! I’ve been on tmo since 2004, and my current phone is a disaster – the BB 8120 pearl, the most craptastic phone ever. It’s so bad I’ve thought of going back to my Razr – that thing was bulletproof. My latest 2 year contract is up next May, and I had been contemplating the switch to the iPhone (yes AT&T sigh) thinking that a new iPhone would be out that summer. I know I could get an unlocked iPhone 3GS for $650 and run it on tmo, but that is some serious cash for a phone. I could buy a really nice set of golf clubs instead.

    As for Project Dark, I really hope this is a true ‘game-changer.’ I’d love some awesome new phones and plans that ROCK! I really don’t want to switch carriers. However, I’m more of a realist. I’ve chanting over and over, “No marketing BS. No marketing BS. No marketing BS.” I hope the tmo gods are listening.

    It’s tmo’s turn at the table… the dice are tumbling down the felt on the come out roll… we are all waiting for the dice to stop… will it be 7, 11 or craps?!

    (Maybe I should change my chant to “No craps! No craps! No craps!”)


  • sidekickuser

    Monday is presale, cliq here I come. If there are flaws, I bet they are no match for sidekick flaws.

  • J

    Here are my thoughts for the week:
    I think Dotson is not the head man in charge anymore. Welcome Mr Alling.

    From what I have heard of project dark and future plans, the next 2 years will determine what T-Mobile is in the US for the next decade

  • V from the East

    I like my sidekick….but they are not offering anything new same apps for yrs now,looking for something new the HDC HD2 looks good also the N900…i do want a android phone something powerful so there will be no freeze time…..want to see what this project dark/black is all about…I PHONE ??…TV option???…time will tell

  • ghstmars

    oh man BGR just reported on what is project dark is …. i believe this is going to be huge!!!!

  • yor PAPPI

    The wkend is finaly here , but in a blink its MONDAY so b4 i blink i would like 2 comment on the android system its a well thought out, but so is WM . What 2 choose so much is out there iam confused LMFAO thats how all yall dumbys sound cmon TMO give the consumer what we realy want great phones awesome service with great prices and the world would be alot happier . Until then expect no respect from us the consumers.

  • Cameron

    May or may not be posted yet, but here’s the latest on Project Dark

  • safil

    no, its not posted yet, as usual. as usual, have to go to other sites first to get one of the most important stories about t-mobile (project dark) instead of seeing it in a website w/ tmobile in their name. didnt we do this a few months back. i thought u guys got ur act together, obviously not. just cause its the weekend doesn’t mean there isnt news! “ok, lets just leave an open comment weekend and we can be done w/ work”. until u read this and finally put it up and then respond w/ a comment like, ” we just missed this story by a couple of minutes, and its only once, we never did or will do anything like this again”, and then make me, like last time, look for proof that other sites are posting stories about tmobile and their phones b4 u guys. but i do respect ur open comment policy, for if not this comment wou………………….

  • safil

    oh, and gizmodo too

  • safil

    david slacking again? give me a job. i live for this stuff. obviously u had good intentions but, this is just a copy and paste site for ad revenue. u guys were going in the right direction but, as others, gotten a little big headed and made some money and think that their website is now a machine that constantly produces w/ needing and input. so sad. love the open comment system though

  • Alex

    Me wants a hardy Android phone by now…

    Aka HTC Dragon, HOWEVER, one that has a KEYBOARD too.

    Only until then, will I be satisfied…

  • Y314K

    For those of you like me waiting for the HTC Dragon/HD2 Android…

    Seems pics of the beta hardware has leaked out…

    TheUnlockr is a great site for how-to vid’s & tutorials… Enjoy…

  • Y314K

    Really hope the HDT Dragon/HD2 Android comes out on TMobile… Would be awesome with Project Dark… Although I hope they either get rid of the trackball panel or comes with it if it concludes a physical trackball…

  • trinifellah

    My wife knows I want the Xperia X3 so while out she happen to stop in to get her sis a new BB 8520, something just told her to ask about the X3 and the Tmobile Sales Rep. confirmed the XPERIA X3 IS COMING TO TMOBILE IN NOVEMBER! How wicked is that! I can’t wait!!! *drOOl*

  • JB6464

    I still don’t see the Game Changer savings. I have the $49.99/month loyalty plan with adding the $24.99/month for smartphone web for a total of $74.98/month. From what Maverick states, it’s going to be $84.99/month for talk/text/web service. Thats $10.00 more than what i’m paying now for the same thing,WTF.

  • safil

    those were just examples i think. heard $50 plus something for unlimited web and text. Somewhere in the $60 -$69 range for everything. more or plus, lol…

  • manus

    Man i hate verizon but have you seen the new commercial for their android device, how awesome is that. i bet they are gonna sell a crap load and they look so much more badass and grown up. compared to our android commercials what a shame.

  • Pedro
  • Y314K

    Pedro: Same phone I posted about 6 post prior from the horses

    I just hope what ever the HTC Dragon ends up being it comes out on TMobile..

  • Pedro

    @ Y314K

    Same here. I can’t wait that much longer though to see if they announce it. My sidekick is about to be gone forever.

  • Y314K

    @Pedro: Wow.. Sidekick user… How did the server mishap go for u…

    Seems this particular phone might be the HTC Desire going to Verizon…

    So the HTC Dragon still in the cave somewhere…

  • Pedro

    @ Y314K

    I didn’t have anything gone from my phone at first, and then the battery died…I lost my contacts and everything else that people experienced. I had happened a few weeks ago as well and as soon as my contacts came back I wrote all of them down on paper so now I just use that to text/call people, and that’s fine for me. But the real problem started a few days a go, my Sidekick has been dying 2 hours after I unplugged it from the charger(I charge it all night long) and it just restarts and turns off during the intro video, and even while its loading up. I can barely use it. Only Myfaves is back on my phone, everything else is missing still. I’m just waiting to see what Project Dark is now and waiting to see if they announce a new Android phone as well. I really want an Android phone and the Cliq seems to be the best one out for T-Mobile so I’m waiting to see what happens. Whew, it feels good to let that all out. Lol.

    I hope we get a new powerful Android phone like the HD2 and soon, otherwise the Cliq it is.

  • onwaitinglist

    TMO USA, why not release an Android phone with UMA?