Project Black/Dark Docs Leaked


The leaked information follows the jump, if you don’t want to know what T-mobile is planning on offering, haven’t yet seen or want to be surprised everything after the read link is going to spoil something for you.


With the recent leaked pics of the Even More and Even More+ rate plans T-Mobile will be offering, confirmation pics of the much suspected rate plans are detailed. Project Dark/Black is rumored to include unlimited rate plans. The Even More and Even More Plus plans, as they are called, will have different approaches. Even More ¬†will require a 2-year contract commitment which includes handset subsides, while the Even More Plus plan, on the other hand, will not require a contract and will not include subsidies. The Even More+ plans are very similar to T-Mobile’s current FlexPay plans. But Even More+ would let customers choose any handset and pay for it in monthly installments. Awesome right? More pics after the break! Sound off in the comments or discuss in our awesome forums!








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