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When everything is said and done, we should all be able to admit when a mistake was made. Taking the high road was a poor move on my part and I should not have done it. Its not my job to protect info, its my job to leak it. Its my job to be a fan site, build buzz and critique when necessary. I will listen to the readers when they speak out. I have heard you loud and clear and rest assured, mistakes only happen once. With that said and (hopefully out of the way) if you scroll up, you’ll find more exciting info on Project Dark and again more leaks that continue to build excitement for this weekends news.

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  • ultravision

    i agree 100 percent. i was thinking to myself last night that all these leaks dont help us tmobilers or tmobile at all because it spoils the suprise. i think we should refrain from anymore information until the 25th. it will be much sweeter to get all official news at once and actually be able to take action and take advantage of the offering :)

  • Jay

    good man.

  • Brian

    Agree 100%….good call for taking it down

  • queensnewbie

    unless the unlimited plans are some kind of amazing, industry changing price, this is disappointing as hell.

  • Duck Dodgers

    Thanks David, I like to find out what is going with PB as the next guy, but at what expence??? You have to draw a line somewhere.

  • Now that’s integrity…Priceless!!!

  • Anthony

    The fact remains that if T-Mobile is betting its whole future on this one project alone, their screwed. No one project can save a company-no new plans, or contracts. I will give it credit for the long-term that it plans to take. Any carrier can overnight add something, much like when unlimited minute plans came out. Carriers have never taken T-Mobile seriously and has always considered us the Southwest Airlines of our industry. You’ve already opened the door, it cannot be shut now, damage control is a failure for you to add then just withdraw. Verizon and ATT make to much to lower prices. Sprint is in the game for a price war!


    I think its cool you took it down, but I want to thank you for the peak. Once again I was getting excited about a t mobile event, and then I get bummed out because its not that big. I dont think this is that big so thanks for softening the blow.

  • NiiDiddy

    @David – Nuff respect, man. And I agree with Cece “Integrity…priceless”. While it was exciting to see an actual leak that confirms a lot I am glad you drew the line somewhere to preserve something for us, and for the T-Mobile company. Only one week left…we can all wait!

  • disappointed Tmobile customer

    David, I totally respect you for what you have done here. This was a classy move! You are in the business of “leaks” and staying ahead of the curve so I understand this was a good post to have on your site. Tmonews has continued to gain momentum since I first started coming here over a year ago, I can tell from how many random people I talk to who mention it to me first. I check your site daily and tell everyone I know about it and will continue to do so.

  • Anoncarebear

    I agree, however this is the internet. People will just go else where to find what they want to read. Once the information is out there, there is no going back. Taking it down at this point is a bit too late. Not only that, but to the people who come here looking for the information will now see that it is infact out there and just go to another site to find it. Maybe that is what you want? I don’t know. I’m just an anonymous lurker to this website, always have been always will.

    Now, I’m sure all this is already common sense, but I felt it had to be said. I do think what you did was right, but maybe, just maybe it’s already too late.

    Now, off to some other site to read the goodies. Pleasant day folks!

    • David

      I don’t disagree with you, but thats the case in every instance I post something. Someone may always have something else first, thats never been a problem before and won’t be now. One post doesn’t make or break a site.

  • twoboxen

    If some of the leaked pricing is correct, there isn’t anything to be excited about anyways.

  • Mega G

    Thanks for removing that stuff. However I fear the damage has already been done. Leaks like this HURT T-Mobile. Perfect example is myFaves. It was not only leaked, someone from T-Mobile left the company and took the idea to Alltel. Alltel got theirs out almost at the exact same time (albeit a rushed, half-baked version).

    I get why you do what you do.. but sometimes it might be best to wait until say.. one or two days BEFORE something from T-Mo is actually going to be released?

  • I disagree with twoboxen…

    I think its a huge change, 4 years ago the only nation wide unlimited plan was from Nextel, for 200 a month, a year ago VZW came out with their for 99.99 and everyone followed suit, and now perhaps for 59.99 a month, we will have all you can eat everything… its a huge change, and Team Magenta is leading the way. Also, being able to spread the cost for a 500+ dollar handset over 2 years of contract is pretty darn neat, and very much game changing, and again, Team Magenta is leading the way.

    As far as pulling down the materials.. you did the right thing.

  • Android Fan

    I salute you TmoNews!!

  • Scale

    Nicely said…let us leave some for TMobile…be it industry changing or not.

  • Bobomo

    So why should I bother coming here? You just jack all your real news from BGR or Engadget, so if you are going to get all philosophical about leaks, there really isn’t anything new or interesting here.

    Also, I should point out how silly your fanboyism is: If T-Mobile had a piece of information that would give them some minor competitive advantage AND put your little fanblog out of business, they wouldn’t even stop to consider it. You’d be toast. Anthropomorphizing large corporate entities is the definition of being a “tool”. Your crisis of conscience will have exactly NO bearing on whether T-Mobile will succeed or fail in the US Market, and thinking that it may makes you terribly deluded.

  • James

    Good stuff.

  • James

    Very admirable, David. I appreciate your thoughts and actions on the subject! Have a great weekend and thanks for working so hard on this site! :)

  • Bah

    man…while I agree with the idea here, like someone else said..it’s the internet, people will just go elsewhere.

    But on to the actual news. I’m 99% sure at this point this will be a disappointment. TMobile NEEDED a “project dark” to get us all excited and make sure we don’t leave (I’ve been out of contract for a full 2 years now) but this isn’t going to be anything special.

    Paying $25 bucks more every single month for 2 years just so I can breakdown my huge cellphone handset purchase is not exciting. It’s the same as buying as buying a phone for the full price now….how is this news? You’ve always been able to do this….only difference is now you can split up the payments. How ghetto is that. If you can’t afford the phone….you can’t afford it. People living out of their means is what’s got the whole country/economy in the terrible state it is now.

    And I can’t see the unlimited everything plan going for $50 (which is really the only price at which it will peak interest). With Sprint you can call anyone (ANYONE), plus text/web for $70. If TMobile drops this same type plan at $60 it’s not exactly earth shattering. Grrrr

  • MichaelSF

    There’s three points I want to make:

    1. Taking down the post (and most likely anyone who posts what they saved, like I did) smacks of censorship. One can act with his or her conscience, but remember that in these quasi-public forums where people come to exercise free speech, while it’s easy to censor people, there is a duty from restraining one’s self, even though the Site owner can shut down a forum with the flick of a switch. Once you go public certain civic responsibilities attach with that, including not censoring one’s self or others (this assuming that if someone posts the information you will delete his or her posts).

    2. I suspect T-Mo threatened a lawsuit or someone informed you that posting that material might get you sued (or as least served with a subpoena). This is a valid concern and a good reason to yank the posts, albeit you can’t unring a bell, as the saying goes.

    3. Lastly, this is all over the Net, including your competition. While you can take the high road, fact is that people will go where the information is. They don’t care about legal matters, threats or the site owner’s conscience. They want info. So be prepared that people will bookmark and favorite (and revisit) sites that give them what they want.

    That’s my 2 cents.

    • David

      Michael, truthfully I think you are being dramatic and reading WAY to much into this. Suffice to say, you may make logical points but they aren’t necessarily valid in the context of the blogging world. I didn’t censor anything, I’m merely deciding to aid a company whose mere presence allows me this site and for that matter, the ability to pay my bills the right to have some competitive advantage.

      For record no lawsuits exists, T-mobile has not contacted me and as I said in the post, they never do. I’ll continue to leak info pertaining to Project Dark but the exact specifics constitute a gray area. I think you are being single minded here and not looking at the greater aspect of what it might mean to engage in this short of shift in the wireless industry.

  • Titty!

    i agree, last night’s leak .
    i must say, was interesting. but, nonetheless a bit too revealing.
    reading it i didn think much about it, but yet yes, yes it was a bit of a spoiler.
    as im reading now, alot of peopl quite less excited? why?
    as far as i know, we still don’t know yet how big this is gonna be, and we won’t get that burst of excitement until thee day it is actually announced . :)
    really, i really do hope this is for the best.
    t-mobile needs to step out it shell, n reveal it is a true cellular industry monster.
    come on, just use the technique they use in the UK(:
    be the best, still surprise, cause we yet still all don’t know
    (we think we know. but it’s much more), &surprise thee competitors.
    come on, give them others a HUGE punch in the face, i can’t wait to see thee numbers in customers go up after this.
    then will VW and AT&T have to close for good:)
    AT&T should just stick to home service(: ahaha .

    all i have to say :)


  • BronxBebe

    David,I follow you on Twitter and love coming here on TMONEWS cos you do a good job at what you do..


  • Beanz0nToast

    Class! I’ve admit I’ve been checking the website daily to find out more and once I saw it I felt exactly the same way…it’s not a phone leak it’s an entire redesign that they’re trying to keep under wraps for that very reason (to keep the other companies from knowing exactly what T’s doing). As a smaller company compared to V and AT&T it’s hard not to root for the underdog as they have to work harder to stay afloat.

  • MobilePaddy

    While I can certainly agree with some aspects of your argument; ultimately, you will need to decide what this website is. Is it a T-mobile fan club or a T-mobile news site?

    • David

      I don’t see why it can’t be both.

  • alex

    “So why should I bother coming here? You just jack all your real news from BGR or Engadget, so if you are going to get all philosophical about leaks, there really isn’t anything new or interesting here.”

    If you don’t have leaks this site is completley useless, unless I really care about knowing every time 3G goes online in some city half way across the country.

    Not to mention there is nothing really that big in this whole project black thing. Basically T-mobile is going to add an unlimited plan and allow people to pay for a phone over 20 months. None of this is groundbreaking (although as far as I know this is the first time you can pay for a phone w/ monthly payments). I don’t know what other companies are going to do in response to this, probably nothing because unless the prices are significantly lower than the prices that have been proposed this whole project black isn’t going to make a difference.

    • David

      Its amazing how many of you want to armchair quarterback. Alex, thanks, but I don’t just get my news from those sites or any sites. If you were to pay attention and think before writing, you’d notice they compile information from other sites just as frequently as I do from them. Thanks for playing though.

  • MobilePaddy

    David the reason you cant be both is this very article.

    • David

      Again, I don’t understand that logic. I am not intending to censor the readers, if you think that than you are mistaken. Anyone who thinks that censorship is their very right as is freedom of speech needs to go back to high school. First freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to say every little thing that comes into your mind. Censorship in this case isn’t done with the intention of not allowing my readers their very right to information they want. I want to post it, why would I not. However, I also consider the competitive landscape and how I want it to change. With that in mind, I don’t want to give the competition a leg up. Let them make changes after the fact, not before.

  • Catherine

    I have never posted to a site….and I read this one every single day.
    I love cellphones and technology. And frankly I love TMO, I have been a customer for 7 years.
    What I don’t understand is if you hate T-Mobile (and that is certainly your right) why do you come here and post negative comments.
    T-Mobile is a good company and I think they care about customers, but lets face facts, they need to make money. They are not a non profit.
    David this is YOUR website, and I know it’s not a easy job all the time. You do a good job and I for one apperciate what you do…daily.
    I understand what you did, and I understand why others continue to post leaks.
    Whatever you choose I will continue to read this blog, I will continue to hope T-Mobile will fulfill customers needs and wants, while giving us the best bang for our buck. And I will continue to wonder why people who are haters continue to spread negative comments.


    I applaud the decision to take leaks off the site. @David you’re a stand up guy. You do much service to the success of T-Mobile with out them realizing or acknowledging it.

    My beef is with T-Mobile for being such a band of dumbasses for bringing any type of exciting news to the point where you have to use discretion in the value of posting. Had they continues some semblance of a competitive edge in the wireless industry we as customers and supporters wouldn’t have to do for them what that have failed to do for themselves. The Dark Project sounds exciting on paper…everything normally does. But you can always count on T-Mobile’s delivery to be ho hum. They’re working in desperation mode right now and while exciting it’s still kind of sad. If they don’t deliver on the Phone(s) we crave or the Services we want you can expect certain doom in the Halls of Magenta.

  • I’m pleased to read I’m not the only one to whom this post makes so little sense. I see the “Integrity!” and “Class!” comments, which don’t make sense; how does taking down a post aid T-Mobile? How does leaking the info hurt T-Mobile? I think the Internet helps to sustain a false illusion that such things truly have an impact on a company, when in fact what really helps or hurts any company is the service that company provides, and how well that company provides it. T-Mobile hasn’t really been one of the big boys, but they have sort of been the equivalent of the neighborhood hardware store as opposed to Home Depot; they might not have everything, and they might not sell it for the lowest price, but they know your name because you’ve been shopping there for years and they appreciate that and want to help you.

    Whatever this so-called “Project Dark” is, it’s not going to make or break T-Mobile; their quality of service and how well they deliver it to us subscribers will.

    Finally: if you’re interested in help considering editorial standards and practice–including grammar and mechanics–I’m available on a freelance basis. I’d be happy to help out.

  • Galen20K

    I think its a Very Admirable thing to do, Kudos David! I really hope they appreciate what you do for them.

  • alex

    “David says:
    October 18, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    Its amazing how many of you want to armchair quarterback. Alex, thanks, but I don’t just get my news from those sites or any sites. If you were to pay attention and think before writing, you’d notice they compile information from other sites just as frequently as I do from them. Thanks for playing though.”

    Thanks for treating your readers like shit.
    I just looked through the two most recent pages and the only thing that wasn’t via another source is 3G announcements and T-mobile press releases, and the HD2 leak.
    I’ll just start reading other tmobile news sites that aren’t complete fanboys and don’t want to do anything that could possible injure their favorite company.

    I’m heading over to tmotoday.com, I recommend those of you who want T-Mobile related news follow me. Those of you who are T-Mobile fanboys can stay here.

    So no David, Thank you for playing.

  • Brian

    What you have decided to do is very honorable in my opinion a good move being in your situation.

    I spent many years in upper management at a world wide multibillion $ company. If information is being leaked about a secret project it is being done with their knowledge. I have been to double triple top secret meetings when marketing ideas are being deployed. When I attended meetings that contained true top secret things we were not allowed to bring in paper, we could not have a pen, we were not allowed cell phones (let alone cell phones with cameras), we were all scanned for recording devices, or listening devices. Corporate espionage is a BIG business. If T-Mobile wanted all of this to be kept secret they wouldn’t have let their employee’s come in with camera phones and let them stand there while their cheap 3.2MP phones focus so they get the perfect shot. We would let our employee’s know little bits and pieces each day they could go out and spread a little more.

    Many companies want this information leaked. It is free publicity. It gets everyone excited. This is textbook. They feed the information in little bits building up the excitement of the day the new product or service is announced.

  • shadyman

    Alex your an idiot! When PD is launched you will still be an idiot. Thanks for playing. Idiot!

  • ThaIron91

    Dave did the right thing. If you don’t like it then leave. But don’t go bashing Dave, because chances are you probably will be back and will be continuing to read his blogs and updates.

  • Titty!

    wow, i just love/hate how you guys go after David for this.
    it’s like the sidekick outage, when everyone was getting angry at t-mobile when it clearly wasn’t their fault.
    this fustrates me, you all are a bunch of followers who have no sense in mind any idea about the technological world, nor the professionalism on competitiveness.
    you post a leak about this, i bet you wouldn’t dare.
    especially, if thereafter there were to be a lawsuit.
    this is confidential, this is buisness, this is the big world.
    if you none better to do, how bout get lost in traffic, or get a job!
    seriously, cause David is just doing thee job ya’ll would refuse to do.

    i thank you David, and may you be continue doing what you do best, with the idea of course of you doing what you think you should do.

    good job, on consulting your concience. seriously, everyone else.
    get lost.

    &no offense intentionally, but tmonews?
    is way better then tmotoday.
    tmotoday, almost never updates.
    they are a good site.
    but David and thee others tend to update as much as possible. :)

    i’m in for it T-Mobile.


  • luis

    well said. And I for one agree with taking it down

  • RexGrossman

    Lawsuits are very powerful

  • Anthony

    Honestly, I don’t think this “Project Dark” idea will make T-Mobile come out on top. I mean just look at it. T-mobile is looked as a joke compare to the big 3. People can care less if you can get everything for $50 bucks. It’s the reception ppl care about. How can you enjoy your everything plan if you have no service in certain places you go too.. What’s the point of that. Actually by doing this, they are making their current customers like me very happy but I don’t think it would bring outsiders in. They need to focus on having a strong network like Verizon from what I have been hearing, then you come out with stuff like this. Everybody else is going into 4G while T-mo now coming out with 3G. Look at the phones also. T-mo comes out with MYT3G and now Moto Cliq and Samsung Behold 2. Do they realize all 3 of those phones is not even comparable to Sprint’s new HTC Hero and now Verizon’s new Droid. Like come on!

  • I own my own blog am also a loyal T-Mobile customer after I wrote about the leak and reposted the leaked slides. When I read your post this morning, I decided to take my post down as well and wait till I get official press release or announcement from T-Mobile. I personally think that by posting it on my site anyway that I ruin’s the creditability of my site. And David is right about it not helping T-Mobile in their effort to get themselves out of 4th place in the US cellular industry.

  • Elias


    While this is your site and you may run it as you wish, I disagree with your decision. First of all, you’re not really clear on why PD deserves your censorship, while other Tmobile projects do not. You say “it’s the most important announcement in the history of T-Mobile USA,” but what makes it that? Is it just that T-Mobile is trying to keep this more secret than others? Second, even if it is the most important, why is that alone worthy of censure? Your reasoning, that competitors may get a leg-up on happenings and change accordingly, applies to many if not all of the posts on this blog. For example, you posted data rate changes way before they went live.

    The problem with Tmonews is that it tries to be both reporter to consumers and advocate for T-mobile. You really can’t be both because the desires of consumers and T-mobile are largely in conflict. Consumers are trying to get the lowest rates possible; T-mobile is trying to charge the highest rates possible. Are you trying to serve consumers (who presumably, would be better off if competitors did get advance knowledge of PD and lowered their own fees) or are you trying to advocate for T-Mobile and protecting them from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon?

    Simple solution: change your blogs title to MostTmonews.com…

  • shadyman

    No services company can promise service everywhere. Tmob. Is in the top 2 in all the top markets. They just don’t spend muti millions on advertising. I would much rather save money on my bill than watch a witty comercial that I would fast forward anyway with tivo.

  • grateful

    Thank you so much for letting your conscious get the better of you. T-Mobile is a great company and it will be sad if we let our competitors get a jump on whatever will be launching. Everyone just wait until the 25th and lets see what rolls out the door.

  • sampson

    As long as prices aren’t announced, I don’t see how any other leaks can hurt Tmobile. I was just about to go buy an iPhone and switch until I heard the Project Dark stuff and decided to wait just a little bit. A combination or unlimited plan is nothing new. And it’s not like competitors can really beat Tmob to the punch if they talk about new devices (eg if the farfetched stuff was true and Tmob was getting an iphone, what’s Verizon or Sprint going to do?). The ‘my circle’ vs ‘my faves’ thing sucks if Tmobile was first, but years later, does anyone really care who was first? Or will people take into account their contract situation, phone selection, coverage, and all the other factors to make a decision…

    Instead, this thing is going over the top with hype, meaning a big let down for a lot of people is very possible.

  • Josh

    Eh seems a bit silly to start preaching at this point, especially since you didn’t leak the info in the first place and instead copied the info from BGR. It would be different if you had solid info that for example the iPhone was launching on T-Mobile April 1 2010, but come on a week? The news is out there, so it’s too late to back peddle. And when the everyday employees learn about it, T-Mobile anticipates a leak. That’s why they typically don’t get news/training until a week or so before a launch.

  • TmoFoSHo

    awesome Dave totally approve. now BGR and tmotoday need to follow suit..

  • Alex

    Thats takes integrity to do such a thing. This is why I choose this website as my T-Mobile “news” spot 100% good and honest news. Thanks guys keep it up and dont sell out.

  • David, I agree with the move. We all are anxious to know what Project Dark/Black is, but don’t want it to hurt T-Mobile’s business strategy.

  • Joe

    , I both respect, and applaud your actions. However, at this point, with the cat out of the bag, I do not believe that any good purpose comes from removing the story. The excitement and buzz have already begun and I do think that at this point it would not be responsible to ignore the facts of what is going on at T-Mobile; their apparent quest to leapfrog out of 4th place in the US wireless industry in fact depends on such buzz.
    As always, David, a well written and well thought post.

  • rushmore

    If this were the non Google cache and multiple web site days, I would say “good move”, but because it is those days, seems good intentions for nothing. The information is out and people will hit their sites rather than yours.

    Based on what I have seen so far, this could be a big set-up for failure for Tmo, because they DO NOT have the infrastructure to support a lot more customers. Analysts have already pointed that out.

    Short sighted desperation by Tmo? I thought that was Sprint’s area, especially with the mega millions loss with Palm Pre. I looks to be just a little more successful than the PSP Go ;)

  • CO_Yeti

    My two cents: AT&T/Verizon/Cricket/Sprint knew what “Project Dark” was about a long time ago, it is not a surprise to them and they are already working on a response IF it is successful. Lets not kid ourselves into thinking the CEOs of these companies are trolling the forums to figure out information.

  • JBLmobileG1

    CO… I doubt they had a clue about ProjectDark. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you were the CEO of SPRINT. LOL. If they did know about this I am sure they would have their plans already and would be ready to counter attack… but I honestly doubt it. My AT&T rep or Verizon rep who’ve been in the biz for years never even heard about it. Who knows… they might not even counter attack at all or even be able to…. or maybe not even want to in fear they might lose and risk to much to what they already have. Verizon probably needs all the money they can get just to keep their network up. As for AT&T… if it wasn’t for their rolll over and iphone they wouldn’t have much and after project black is fully revealed they might have less than they have now. We shall see soon… real soon.

  • Dennis

    why did t-mobile even announce project black was coming? They should of just kept it secret and dropped it whenever it was ready to hit the streets. Project was announced what almost a month ago so of course the enemies found out and got skeptical themselves.

  • MobilePaddy

    Can someone explain exactly what the secret is since these types of plan are already available in europe? The only thing that is important is the pricing and no-one has posted that yet.

  • timmyjoe42

    I don’t know about everyone else, but prices falls a distant third to service and devices.

  • bruce

    While I agree with your standpoint, this quote bothers me:

    “I have vested interests in T-Mobile’s success and if that means holding back on intel for a few days, then so be it.”

    As a blogger who provides news on T-Mobile, what will you do if you have news that is bad to T-Mobile’s image? Will you not post that either, or spin it in a way that makes it less hurtful? I’m hopeful that this isn’t the case, but that statement would make readers who don’t read you on a regular basis think about this.

  • cockpitinferno

    Good on David’s part for taking it down (a threat of a lawsuit/subpoena would trigger a crisis of conscience for a guy), but the damage has already been done. @MobilePaddy: I thought the same thing, but this is something new as opposed to heavily subsidizing phones the way companies do here in North America.

  • FILA

    If you dont post, other sites will anyways, althou i can see your point, but thats what a Tmo blog is all about. You’ll get the rep for the most leaks and up to date info, you’ll become a reliable source, but yet get your thunder stolen from another t-mobile blog? choice is yours, althou im a hard core t-mobile fan, i can see the business side of why releasing leaks would hurt.

  • Betito

    David, you are showing true journalistic integrity. Kudos to you!!!

  • Observer

    @Betito: If the guy had any “journalistic integrity,” he’d have never posted the story in the first place.

  • TheViper


    The story that was removed was not written by David. It was written by someone else who posts stuff on here – I clearly remember seeing some other name on there that was longer than “David” So no, he didn’t post it in the first place.

  • TheViper


    since when did t-mobile “announce” anything? all this stuff has been done via leaks and word of mouth.

  • tmo-ney

    IF the other 3 knew what we were doing they would freak, oh wait, is that the others jocking our lead on android, and trying to take the value leader place. 9 time straight J.D. Powers, we own the experience, this is just proof we listen to our customers AND RESPOND with what they ask for. Magenta already has 4g hardware in place, just waiting for FCC Ok to turn it on.

  • hockeyguy99

    All these posters playing the morality card: get over yourselves! There’s no integrity in leaking company info, then removing it from a site a few hours later because an editor had a crisis of conscience (or a threat of a lawsuit). We all want stuff to leak and get posted here and on other tech blogs. All of them are in business to be “first” and leak sensitive info. It’s all about readership, page views, and site traffic. Now pretty much everything has been made public, was that really worth somebody damn near losing their job over?

  • MagentaMagic

    Guys, guys, guys (and girls)… it’s all tit for tat. One carrier does this magic trick, another pulls that one. Remember myFaves? Verizon has Friends & Family, Alltel got the circle. Big deal.

    From what I can gather, Dark is going to be a launch of new rate plans, very simplified and very straightforward. For better or worse, the Magenta T needs that — simplicity. Will this rock the world of wireless, sure. But it won’t be long until someone else throws the glitter and dazzle and then all focus will be off T-Mobile.

    So don’t sweat it. Millions of people are not going to come flooding the TMo stores next week. But they will come… and then be drawn away again.

    Circle of life… or myFaves of life… or something.

  • JBLmobileG1

    MagentaMagic… don’t forget AT&Ts a-list. Its like a copy of MyFavs and Verizons Friends and Family. Funny though… my guess about Project Black was right. Sorta like how they have it in Europe…. let’s just hope the prices are similar.

  • lol

    i like how tmotoday has a flame post on their front page. seriously, pathetic. people will do what they want. thats why a site like this gets advertised through some of the biggest technology blogs out there, and tmotoday well. didnt know it existed until about a week ago.

    *note i vaguely remember hearing someone talk about tmotoday a long time ago because it’s a couple of disgruntled former tmonews users.

  • Tvrkish

    cheers mate!

  • weave

    Ah, the deleted article is still in your RSS feed….

  • MikeKStar

    This is a BIG deal inside Tmo right now. People are getting fired for leaking inside information.

    The public will have all the details soon so it’s best to keep whatever you know – or what you think you know – to yourself for now.

  • Grr

    As a T-Mobile employee, I don’t really blame tmonews for printing what they had. The employee that leaked it deserves anything they get for it. I don’t really consider device leaks or a date of a future 3G launch a big deal. However, this leak is a bit bigger than that. I don’t believe the full scope of whats going on has been leaked, but this type of leak only hurts the company. T-Mobile is in a tough position right now, and employees should stay a bit more tight-lipped to keep things going in the right direction. A lot of people’s jobs are depending on T-Mobile succeeding in the near future. I know I don’t want to be looking for a new job right now.

  • Troy

    A T-Mobile gossip/news site that is all of a sudden taking a moral highground on one of the largest news/rumors yet. I’m just a little confused is all, considering thats all your page seems to be about anyway and the fact that other sites are covering leaks and screens because thats their actual job- moral ambiguity or not. Is now really the time to get on your high-horse?

  • alex

    So now that David has reposted the leak, I guess all of the people who praised him earlier for taking it down will now come back and tell him how he made the wrong decision to post it back up, right?

  • MichaelSF

    Alex… LOL. Personally I wish some people would get the hint when some of us posted the correct grammatical term “conscience.” It’s not, for example, “I had a crisis of conscious.” Unless, I guess they mean they were awake and alert when thinking about something, because that is what “conscious” means.

    People retorted to my post saying I was single minded and incorrect in my opinion.

    Whatever, I still maintain that the biggest threat to a blog or forum is when they self-censor or censor others.

    While free speech is a concept that technically ONLY applies to govt. action curtailing private citizens from speaking their minds, the term has morphed to apply to anyone posting on “public” forums and blogs. (Albeit forums and blogs are still private clubs where members can be tossed on to the street on the whims of clubhouse regulars, so so speak.)

    There were some excellent comments in here that members took the time to post and that the site owner better take to heart.

    I liked the one that mentioned the conflict between a supposed allegiance to T-Mobile while at the same time implying that this is a news site. Well it’s not a news site if the news is filtered out of support for the T-Mobile. That certainly seems to be an inconsistency. Calling one a news site is improper if it’s really a T-Mo fan site. If T-MoNews is the place to come for filtered information, then it should be renamed to something with the word “propaganda” in it.

    And of course, I like the post that agreed with me that people want information. They will go where it resides. An example of how this works is TMZ (a site started by a fellow lawyer). That site knows the value of inside information, leaks and being the first to post information. Of recent I recall they were the absolute first media/site who posted in bold headlines that Michael Jackson was dead. They were the first who said that Howard Stern was going to be charged with giving drugs to Anna Nicole Smith.

  • MichaelSF

    This is the second half of my long-winded post. I broke it up in parts because it was not posting, so thought maybe it was too long:

    TMZ illustrates how a site becomes successful because of scoops and leaks. (Another example, Deep Throat/Watergate/Woodward/Bernstein. Or how about the Pentagon Papers.)

    So to me, and apparently others too, saying “I am censoring myself, taking down the posts, because it hurts T-Mobile” took TmoNews out of the journalistic world and makes it similar to those fan sites for has-been rock stars.

    Worse, however, is that the Site owner would post that he was taking down the info, make a “political” statement about why he is taking it down, then later put it back up.

    That does not speak well of one’s conscience, convictions and principles. Matter of fact, journalistic integrity mandates that one post and publish all information regardless of which way the chips might fall. As one member in here alluded, TMoNews should publish stories (leaks) without regard to the affect such has on T-Mobile. Yes, you can take down stories or choose not to post material if it will, in YOUR opinion, hurt T-Mobile. But if you choose to do that, you are not a news site.

    In law we would never do that. Take a position one day, argue it to the court, then do a 180 the next day. In the journalistic realm (assuming we want to elevate T-MoNews to a… well… news site) you would never see media do this.

    Sidenote: The definition of “news” is “a report of previously unknown information.” To me that necessarily includes leaks, scoops, and fresh info.

    To be sure, the focus of media and journalists is getting the scoop any which way one can. BGR and Engadget know this. That’s why they publish leaked information.

    Filtering or censoring information because one feels a crisis of conscious (sic) has no place on a real news site. Since the Site owner said he was not contacted by lawyers or served with a subpoena from T-Mo, the somewhat comical thing is that it appears T-Mo does not care about what has been posted on T-MoNews. This tells me that one’s crisis of conscience was misplaced, giving significance to the leaked information when there was none.

    And I agree with the one comment, T-Mo wants the discussion, speculations, rumors and gossip. In fact, it’s well known that companies feed these leaks to the public, just as is done in Washington, D.C.

    Perhaps the master at this is Apple, building excitement and reducing people to gyrating blobs of gel or chickens with their heads cut off, looking forward to whatever Apple might come out with. I am sure T-Mo wishes they knew how to build excitement like Apple does.

  • MichaelSF

    Sidenote: I really like this site compared to others, that is why I choose to post here instead of places that want me to post on their sites.

    This is a pleasant place to hang out and that’s what matters most. Yes, there are members who talk smack or whose style is to insult and ridicule, but they are the exception.

    If the Site owner wants T-MoNews to become the number one place to go for scoops, leaks and exclusives, the owner better get posting. LOL.

  • ED

    If so, why do you continue to mis-represent the FreeBSD mascot in this thread ( https://www.tmonews.com/2009/10/sidekick-users-start-seeing-data-return)?

    YOU are implying that FreeBSD had something to do with the Sidekick data fiasco, which is not the case.

    Where is the integrity in that?