Giant Dessert Delivery: Eclair Edition

Google, in a move that will surely raise more questions than answers, has decided to add another sweet treat to their Android lawn.  This time around they have added a giant Eclair, which just so happens to be the name of Android 2.0.  Sure, there have been rumors of Eclair being delayed, plus Donut just came out a couple of weeks ago, but a large dessert on Google’s lawn must mean something for the rest of us (and not just the people following the Motorola Sholes/Droid/Tao).  Lets just hope Android 2.0 brings multitouch, Google Maps 4.0, Chrome Sync, 3D Enhancement, Flash 10 and additional creme filling to Android phones everywhere soon!  There are a couple more short clips after the break.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Leakdroid via Droiddog

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  • Greg

    What is the general consensus on multitouch? Is it just something we are all hoping for or do we have a concrete reason to think it will be included in Eclair? It is long overdue in my opinion but I will be ecstatic to get it.

  • notxel

    That’s great to see that Éclair could be on the horizon. I just hope we get this in time for the holidays along with all the great devices to be released by that time! Let’s make it happen Google!!!

  • John

    I really hope that this means they are close to pussing out Eclair. It would be a great Thanksgiving Day treat!

  • sleebus.jones

    Mmmm pussing out.


    • James


  • raysilverstone

    i wonder if they shot this with an android powered phone. :P

  • Jose

    Do you think that this might come for the G1 as well because I really don’t like the Motorola Cliq I am really happy with the G1. If this is coming for the G1 that’s “SUPER”….

  • JakeMG

    Lots of people think multitouch is superfluous, but if you think about it, one major thing it will help with is the virtual keyboard. Press a key while your finger’s still on another key and it will still register. This will allow you to type faster. Also, I’ll be able to play Tub Thumper with more authority. ;D

  • WEAK!!! My one-week-old iPhone kills Android. Plus, you can’t have multitouch because you are resistive-touch, and not capacitive-touch like my iPhone. I love my iPhone, best thing I ever did was switch a week ago and stop waiting for the price to drop on the Touch Pro2!

  • narunetto

    Uh, if you wanna enjoy your feature phone, go ahead. People who like Android like smartphones. Also, you’re wrong about multi-touch, the only Android phone with a resistive touch screen is the HTC Tattoo.

  • Only the low price unreleased click is a resistive touch all other android devices are capacitive touch screen so go make love to your iphone and why your at it why don’t you try to dowload some free music from the internet on your blowphone I’m sorry I forgot you can’t do that so go pay for it on itunes loser elrich/bitch

  • Josh

    is this Elrich clown still posting on here? some people amaze me…

  • WRONG!!! Your mighty Touch Pro2, TOP OF THE LINE HTC PRODUCT ON TMOUSA, the phone I was waiting for since the beginning of the year is resistive touch. You guys got it the other way around, most HTC phones are resistive touch, the HTC Hero is capacitive, but wait, it’s on Sprint and more bada$$ than the MyTouch3G! hahahaha

  • Vap1d

    @elrich What does TP2 have to do with android? G1 / MT3G / Behold2 are all capacitive.

  • jugstorecowboy

    @ elrich: Yes, the iPhone is the greatest phone ever and T-Mobile is awful. You’ve made this point several times. Yet you come and spam a T-Mobile blog every day and claim how great AT&T is. A few questions for you: does AT&T pay you to spam; did a T-Mobile employee take your favorite pen and not return it, so this is how you get back at people who’ve wronged you; or are you just some slow-witted person that uses this as some sort of hobby?

  • Rochester

    Looks like Eclair might be released sooner than later. Anytime before holiday season would do just fine.

    Folks ignore Elrich and his kind ( people who just likes to bash other carriers and phones to make themselves superior; quite sad and childish). They will have their 2 cents and usually disappear.

  • Yaniv

    Are you an idiot? Do you know how to read? Why would you say the android is restive screen. My G1 & my mT3G are both capacitive screens.
    And they both smoke your iPhone, multi threading multi process is just the beginning.
    Theres a reason you dont have it… Apple knows if they even attempted to add multi tasking to the phone the battery would die in about an hour.

    Go away…. you just made the forum a little bit dumber.

  • AW

    If you don’t feed the trolls, they might go away.

  • eli_the_great89

    The MyTouch 3G better be able to upgrade to Eclair.
    And Multi-Touch should be one of the first things in this.
    For a full touchscreen phone with capacitive touchscreen, multi-touch is highly needed
    Typing messages are uber annoying on a touchscreen phone without multi-touch

    If Eclair doesn’t include multi-touch then team Android are slacking
    And if it does and mytouch can upgrade to it…then t-mobile will make another mistake of getting
    This phone and promoting it so damn much just like their big mistake of calling it the mytouch
    I mean come on…what bussiness person wants such a kid phone with a kid name.

    Grown ups T-mobile…its not all about the teens

  • Tim

    Any educated guesses when Eclair will be available as an OTA update for regular non-rooted people?

    Also, I’ll speculate that Eclair will run on the MT3G because it has sufficient internal storage memory, and probably not on the G1 due to lack of said storage (but again, that’s just my best guess).

  • Kapow

    N900 kix all yo’ azzes beeeeuuch’s ;)


  • atx512

    nerds doing manual work :O lol

  • FILA

    Eclair isn’t coming out to springtime 2010. We got a ways to wait for it. By then the G1v2 will be out, hopefully before the release, you kno the Q1 of 2010. But in Eclair Android 2.0 Id like to see…

    -support for .gif images
    -BT file transfer
    -synced ringtone and vibrating call alerts
    -camera zoom

    oh my gosh what else…

  • Luis

    @ Elrich ur an idiot dude lol get ur phone facts straight and guess what android smashes on iphone any day every day…….ur icrap cant beat android in anyway so shut ur mouth and stop coming to a t-mobile news site if ur just going to run ur mouth about t-mobile or android…….

    and for people who asked…..every android phone is able to get the eclair update or any update at that….

  • Luis

    idk i may be wrong someone correct me but that Motorola android phone for Verizon has eclair android so i would guess before that phone does come out or on the day it comes out the eclair update will roll out to other androids. I mean thats what they did with the donut update before the moto cliq comes out …….. just my guessing correct me if i am wrong

  • Scott

    Whenever it does come please please………ZOOM FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Observer

    we all know cyanogen would have it out by thanksgiving

  • David

    You almost can guarantee it will have multi-touch…with the HTC HD2 having it built in, GOOGLE and HTC will have it pretty darn fast on the existing Androids (well maybe not the G1’s, cuz they cant take much more). All we really need to know is WHEN????

  • Bob

    I hope that Eclair fixes at least some of the broken crap in Cupcake & Donut.
    * IM app that disconnects with no warning, and frequently. (IM+ does this too)
    * Broke arse email app, poor IMAP handling, inability to deal with selfsigned/cacert SSL certs (k9mail is a step in the right direction)

    .. those are just a couple of the big BIG problems for me. :|

  • I hope we get the eclair update ASAP! Noticed someone mention the Nokia N9oo
    I’m like wet just thinking about that phone! LoL does anyone know if tmobile will be carrying that phone soon, if at all?????

  • Noel

    What a lot of Tmo haters like the iphone lover boy don’t get is that Tmo nd Htc single handedly carried GOOGLE Android on their backs when none of the other carriers would take a chance on it. Tmo led the way and now that android has become a force to reckon with..they’ve all come out of the woodwork

  • mnDave

    I hope for DUN for Bluetooth. I’d like to connect my TOMTOM to my Android phone.

  • Gerg

    There are a couple of productivity items that are missing from android and are killing me. I hope they will be in eclair but I doubt it. The first one is the cleanly integrated built in ability to forward contact information via SMS or email and maybe even include some kind of vcard format. The second item is the ability to copy and paste parts of emails I have received or even part of a web page. It is nice that the ability to copy and paste from a field you are editing exists but it is not that helpfull. The last item would be the ability to set different alerts for certaint people when I receive an email, text, or call from them. These are features I used all the time on my previous handset and I am missing them imensely with my mt3g. I do love android though. I hope someone comes uo with these features.