Save on the N900


Are you one of those people that just can’t wait for the launch of the N900?  Well, then this is just for you.  While there is still no confirmation (I know, it’s sad) that the Nokia beast will come to T-Mobile USA, you can still pick one up, unlocked, and it will work just fine on our 3G network.  Maybe you are dying to have this phone but couldn’t stomach the $649 price tag.  Well, now you can grab one for a penny short of $560, and while that isn’t a huge savings, it makes it that much more attainable.  [To think, a friend of mine just ordered one over the weekend.  I told him to wait for savings, but who is laughing now (hint: he is because he still gets the monster of a phone)].  So if this deal is for you, head on over to Newegg and start counting the days until November 14th.