Honolulu Goes 3G


Well T-mobile DID promise 250 million pops by the end of the year and the ball keeps rolling with another launch, this in Honolulu, Hawaii. On the heels of their first HSPA+ upgrade in Philly today, T-mobile still isn’t resting in bringing 3G to their customers. Honolulu customers, enjoy the 3G love!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in this morning!

Salt Lake City residents, not too much longer now, details should be forthcoming!

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  • Zach

    your getting my hopes up for slc.

  • mArK

    FINALLY!!!!! It goes on/off tho!!! Still!!! love it! THANX, david!!

  • don

    still not jack in the whole state of Oklahoma. How is Hawaii getting 3g before a decent sized state like OK?

  • Do you have the dates for Salt Lake? I was in a T-mobile store last week and they told me that the date was set and it was before the end of September but they weren’t able to release the exact date. Also, they said that it’s for all of Salt Lake and Utah County.

  • Danny

    Our local Account Rep is saying that Monday morning will bring SLC a nice 3G surprise. It should reach from Ogden to Provo. He’s a good source.

  • Sonny

    I’m in the center of Honolulu and 3g is dropping in and out. Nonetheless, I am excited!

  • Jake

    How about expanded 3g coverage in major cities like mine (Chicago). I live about 35 miles south of Chi-town, and although tmobile’s data coverage map shows my address having 3g, I drop to edge less than a block from my house. :( At the same time, ATT has 3g coverage there. We need a few more towers in the large urban areas, too!

  • g-MaN

    This is AWESOME!! Finally we got the hook-up on this 3G technology, this really is a nice early Christmas present for Hawaii. I thought this was coming in December. I think it needs some work on it but at least we are on it, so people who come to Hawaii can use their 3G phone. Now they need to make a battery that will not burn you when you are constantly using the 3G. Thanks T-mobile! Aloha!

  • anthony

    inland empire CA needs it!!

  • um does anyone know when t-mobile will launch 3G over here in puerto rico??? i have da my touch 3G and it sucks on edge…. im guna give t-mobile until next February . if they dont put 3G OVer here ima switch company with one that has 3G like at&t or claro..

  • All of Salt Lake and Utah county??? Sounds like a dream come true!

    Since I’m dreaming, why don’t they hit us with some of the HSPA+ love?

  • John

    Strong 3G in Aiea, but dropped back to EDGE when I got to Moanalua.

  • Slick

    I really hope the SLC news is true!

  • JJ

    OMG! SLC Finally getting 3G I am so excited! To think I was going to switch to AT&T!

  • Anthony

    I’m excited for 3G in Salt Lake City…

  • travis

    No 3G in Kailua which is around 20 miles away… but I’m going to Honolulu to see how I get 3G and some Womens College Volleyball… well I hope I get 3G

  • Phastone

    Spotty in Kalihi/Gulick area, Iwilei Costco was 3G with four bars on my Touch Pro 2. Smiling and stareing at my TP2 with the 3G icon coming on and off.

  • Matt

    Spotty 3G connection around the Manoa area, specifically around UH.

    Does anyone know if the 3G is specifically in town or if it reaches to the leeward side, too?

  • bailey

    when are they going to get 3g in springfield,mo have been waiting to long

  • al3xander

    caught 3g signals earlier this morning while outdoors up makaha valley….lost it at around 1130am, no 3g since then.

  • Mark

    i’m in orem, ut… can’t wait!!!

  • ka

    Last I’d heard Honolulu was scheduled for 3G in December, but it popped right up (at least in the downtown area) when I turned on my 3G reception after reading this. Nice to see TMO working ahead of schedule.

  • IDontKnow

    Finally some 3G goodness from T-Mobile here! Too bad it’s not too strong right now

  • Big K

    Still no 3G here in lanikai beach…aww this sucks

    Good thing there brining the 3g over, i was going to sprint with that all u can call/internet/text plan for $60.

    Cmon T-mobile get Kailua up and running.

  • Mishka

    They can’t get 3G right here in Milwaukee… what makes you think that they can pull this off? Before you fly, learn to crawl… Work on coverage guys…

  • uncola

    This is awesome.. I got 3g in the honolulu side of kapolei.. and also when I was in honolulu this morning.. but I don’t get it in upper makakilo. it’s so much faster than edge for loading web pages.. and now youtube stuff starts playing instantly instead of having to download the whole thing before playing. so happy now.. iphones can suck it.. g1 4 LYFE

  • phoneking13

    How does Hawaii get it but we don’t? I guess T-Mo hates Cincinnati… :mad:

  • Telexen

    Doesn’t anyone else find it pathetic that T-Mobile is still trying to set up in major cities, not just focusing on filling holes in their 3G network across the country? I’m about 150 miles NW of SLC, so this might mean they would expand to me sometime in the near future. I’ve given up on T-Mobile and 3G though. It’s just not worth the wait anymore – especially for the Cliq. A phone with the same hardware as another you released a year ago that proved to be unimpressive!? The Motorola Sholes is shaping up to be a MUCH more powerful phone as long as Verizon doesn’t cripple it (especially GPS functions)…and it comes along with a newer Android with this MOTOBLUR crap that some people want. I’ll put my money on that. Provided Verizon doesn’t screw it up, I’ll be waiting for that phone then switching to Verizon.

  • brian green

    tmobiles 3g will be up and running the night of sept 20 so be ready for it cause there 3g coverage should be excellent in salt lake, a big reason for the delay, was to make sure when it did launch the converage will be outstanding. out your mytouch up to the iphones speed, and you wont be disappointed anymore :)

  • Land Of The Trill

    Telexen, You don’t get it so I won’t say much but its not as simple as we have the technology so lets get it done.

  • Bonk

    My rep told me that 3G in Boise was dependent on SLC. Can anyone confirm or deny? I’ve been considering the Mytouch but want to see it at full throttle.

  • 30014

    Hey Telexen….If u want to switch carriers don’t talk about it just do it already. My area of the Atl suburbs just went 3g last month, even though Atlanta was 1 of the original 3g launch cities. I was frustrated about the wait but never thought about switching carriers. U may not be satisfied with Tmo right now but once u switch to verizon u will find something about them that u don’t like. Patience is a virtue, try showing some.

  • hippelschmidt

    I’m picking up 3G in Ewa Beach. It has been super in and out though. I’ll be sitting in the same place and I’ll have 3G one minute and Edge the next.