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T-Mobile partners with Cradlepoint to deliver fixed wireless solution to business customers

T-Mobile has partnered with Cradlepoint to deliver “an enterprise-grade custom-designed all-in-one 5G router for T-Mobile Business Internet customers.” With this partnership, the two aim to deliver a compelling fixed wireless solution to organizations for their continuous business operations. Cradlepoint is part of Ericsson. Prior to today’s announcement, there are limited internet options offered to businesses. This is because internet providers mainly focus on consumer internet. But there is a demand from businesses for solutions that provide enhanced … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile’s Mother’s Day Deal leaks online

Mother’s Day is literally just a few days away and we’re already looking forward to the promotions that carriers and smartphone manufacturers have lined up their sleeves.  Today, The T-Mo Report shared a leaked internal document detailing the Un-carrier’s promotions for the upcoming holiday. And as reported, there will be another mystery deal that will apparently be revealed on the 5th.  This deal, however, will be revealed internally. So while we wait for further information updates, … [read full article]

Samsung releases Android 12 update for Galaxy A32 5G

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Samsung has just released the Android 12 update to one of its mid-range 5G devices.  As revealed by PhoneArena, the latest OS update is now available to Galaxy A32 5G devices. This is the first major OS update delivered to the Galaxy A32 5G.  The update has already been picked up by several carriers in the country. But as of this writing, Sprint and T-Mobile have already rolled out the update to their users.  The report … [read full article]

T-Mobile ends Un-contract guarantee, new Price Lock program leaked

Back in 2015, T-Mobile released an “Un-contract” guarantee that aimed to protect its existing customers from unexpected bill increases. And as noted by The T-Mo Report, this agreement has come to an end. But the Un-carrier has released a new “Price Lock” program to replace this.  The report shared a couple of documents that discussed both guarantees. As stated in the new Price Lock guarantee, accounts that have been activated after April 28, 2022 are included. … [read full article]

T-Mobile: To unveil next Un-carrier move on May 4

T-Mobile will be discussing their next Un-carrier move in a webcast pretty soon and they are inviting everyone to be part of the reveal.  On Wednesday, May 4th, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert, along with other executives, will be discussing what’s next for the company.  If you are interested in joining the event, you can tune into the webcast on Wednesday, May 4th at 10:00 am PT.  During the virtual event, there will be a live webcast of … [read full article]

T-Mobile shares Q1 2022 earnings report

T-Mobile has revealed its Q1 2022 earnings. And once again, the Un-carrier has been able to beat expectations. Of course, this is all thanks to its merger with Sprint a couple of years ago.  Today, the Un-carrier shared some of the important numbers from Q1 2022:  348K Postpaid Net Account Adds – best in the industry and a record for Q1! 1.3M Postpaid Net Customer Adds – best in the industry, and the highest Q1 for TMUS … [read full article]

Here’s how you can sign up for T-Mobile’s unlimited Google Photos offer

Earlier this month, T-Mobile announced a new Google One membership option that costs $15 per month. With this, you get 2TB Google One and unlimited Google Photos storage.  This membership option is now available and as shared by PhoneArena, some users have encountered different errors trying to complete the signup process. A number of Reddit users have voiced out their frustrations over the signup process.  here are the instructions on how you can sign … [read full article]

Group of teenage hackers arrested after hacking into T-Mobile’s systems


Over the weekend, T-Mobile was on the headlines after reports of a security breach orchestrated by a group of teenagers. T-Mobile has since confirmed the attack and said that the “systems accessed contained no customer or government information or other similarly sensitive information.” The incident was first reported by Krebs on Security, who revealed that the Lapsus$ hacking group managed to steal T-Mo’s source code in March. The report was able to share private messages between … [read full article]

Commercial cleaning company partners with T-Mobile for Business

Earlier today, T-Mobile revealed a new partnership inked with a commercial cleaning company that utilizes drones for its service.  In its announcement, T-Mo revealed that Lucid Drone Technologies has selected T-Mobile for Business as its exclusive provider of IoT connectivity and management. With the partnership, the Un-carrier will be in charge of the company’s fleet of industrial spraying drones.  Apart from powering their systems, T-Mobile will take over real-time sharing of flight data, hardware diagnostics, battery … [read full article]

New website keeps track of all lawsuits T-Mobile is facing

Although T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint seems to be a wise decision for the Un-carrier, other parties don’t seem to believe this is the case.  In particular, the group that has been negatively affected by the merger are the independent dealers and distributors. Ever since then, they have filed lawsuits against the Un-carrier for forcing them out of business.  Today, a new website has emerged to keep an eye out on all the complaints and lawsuits … [read full article]