Here’s How to Connect to T-Mobile’s 5G SA Network on Your iPhone Device

Back in November 2022, T-Mobile rolled out its Ultra Capacity 5G SA network. During the time of its launch, only flagship devices from Samsung could support the feature. The Un-carrier also promised they would expand 5G SA service to iPhone devices in March 2023 with its iOS 16.4 release. 

But in order to make T-Mo’s 5G SA network work on your iPhone device, you’ll need to configure your iPhone to support the service. You can do this by going to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data. On the bottom section, you’ll find a 5G Standalone toggle where you can switch it on. 

Beneath this toggle switch, Apple has written:

“5G Standalone uses 5G for all cellular activity, including cellular network connections. This may impact battery life and reliability of voice and data connection.”

This means that you’ll have to think about whether this is something you want to spend all your battery juice on. If you are low on battery, you can switch off the 5G Standalone to preserve battery life. 

You can also perform a speed test by calling 3001#12345# from your phone. This will allow you to see the speed of your 5G connection. 

Source: PhoneArena

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