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Here’s How to Connect to T-Mobile’s 5G SA Network on Your iPhone Device

Back in November 2022, T-Mobile rolled out its Ultra Capacity 5G SA network. During the time of its launch, only flagship devices from Samsung could support the feature. The Un-carrier also promised they would expand 5G SA service to iPhone devices in March 2023 with its iOS 16.4 release.  But in order to make T-Mo’s 5G SA network work on your iPhone device, you’ll need to configure your iPhone to support the service. You can do this … [read full article]

T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G Now Covers 330 Million People

T-Mobile has a new achievement with its Ultra Capacity 5G. The Un-carrier recently announced that it had achieved its goal to cover 300 million people with 5G UC. The best part is that this was achieved months ahead of schedule since the goal was to achieve this by the end of the year.  Thanks to the additional network enhancements it made, T-Mobile has expanded its overall 5G footprint. Today, they cover over 330 million individuals, or 98% … [read full article]

T-Mobile giving away $225 cash to everyone, reveals new Ultra Capacity 5G achievement

T-Mobile released a couple of good news today.  The first announcement they made was to let their customers know that they now have more customers. In a press release, the Un-carrier revealed that its Ultra Capacity 5G network now covers 260 million people. This is an achievement they have made weeks ahead of their year-end schedule.  The announcement also reveals that they have … [read full article]

T-Mobile launches Standalone Ultra Capacity 5G

T-Mobile has launched its Ultra Capacity 5G on its 5G standalone (5G SA) network in the country. Prior to this, the Un-carrier’s 5G SA network is the only one in the country. And now that it has added Ultra Capacity 5G on that network, it has leveled up some more.  The new move further advances T-Mo’s network and gives its customers faster speeds. Lags are also further reduced with lower latency.  T-Mobile’s President of Technology, Neville Ray, … [read full article]

T-Mobile amps up Austin FC Q2 Stadium with Ultra Capacity 5G

T-Mobile has good news for football fans, particularly Austin FC fans.  The Un-carrier announced today that it is adding Ultra Capacity 5G enhancements to the Q2 Stadium of Austin FC. With this, T-Mo customers will be able to make the most of their experience while watching a football game on-site.  Aside from optimizing the download speeds, T-Mobile will be installing on-site tablets that its customers can use to order food and beverages. Meanwhile, those who aren’t T-Mo … [read full article]

T-Mobile wins new spectrum that allows expansion in select rural areas

Earlier today, T-Mobile unveiled the good news– it won the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)’s recent 2.5GHz spectrum auction that awards them over 7,000 county-based licenses. With this, they are now able to reach 81 million people who live in rural areas. T-Mobile spent $304 million in the auction.  The new spectrum allows T-Mobile to expand its Ultra Capacity 5G coverage to these communities. And in addition to these communities, the places that T-Mo’s Ultra Capacity 5G already … [read full article]

T-Mobile unveils first-ever 5G hotspot device

Earlier today, T-Mobile unveiled its first-ever 5G hotspot device. And the best part about this is that it costs less than $200.  With the help of this device, you can stay connected to T-Mobile’s Extended Range 5G and Ultra Capacity 5G networks. The former gives you broad nationwide coverage while the latter delivers Wi-Fi-like speeds.  Compared to other mobile hotspot devices, this one lets you connect up to 32 devices simultaneously. In addition to that, the T-Mobile … [read full article]

T-Mobile improves 5G network in LA

Earlier today, T-Mobile revealed that it has been working on permanent network improvements across Los Angeles. And along with this announcement, the Un-carrier revealed that these improvements are now live in the City of Dreams.  With the improvements, T-Mo customers situated throughout LA can enjoy more 5G coverage and capacity. And this comes in perfect time with this year’s Big Game taking place soon. According to T-Mobile, the investments cost them over $100 million. They worked hard … [read full article]

Halo represents T-Mobile at the (driverless) races

T-Mobile has just made history at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway! Earlier today, T-Mobile revealed that they were able to represent the company at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The Un-Carrier was represented by Halo, which used a driverless vehicle in the competition.  According to the reveal, Halo was able to reach up to 95 mph in its warm up laps before starting each round. This was, of course, accomplished using T-Mo’s Ultra Capacity 5G network.  The … [read full article]

T-Mobile encourages Magenta MAX users to be hotspot host

Nowadays, WiFi connection is available everywhere. But this also puts us vulnerable to attacks. This is why many are turning to using their own data connection. Thankfully, T-Mobile’s 5G connection is now capable of providing blazing fast speeds. So much so that T-Mobile is encouraging us to use our 5G connection as a mobile hotspot to give others around us internet connection too.  In today’s announcement, T-Mobile shared that its mid-band spectrum provides the speed, capacity, and … [read full article]