T-Mobile encourages Magenta MAX users to be hotspot host


Nowadays, WiFi connection is available everywhere. But this also puts us vulnerable to attacks. This is why many are turning to using their own data connection.

Thankfully, T-Mobile’s 5G connection is now capable of providing blazing fast speeds. So much so that T-Mobile is encouraging us to use our 5G connection as a mobile hotspot to give others around us internet connection too. 

In today’s announcement, T-Mobile shared that its mid-band spectrum provides the speed, capacity, and coverage you need for everyday usage. It is enough to allow you to stream videos, play games, download large files, and many more.

That’s all because T-Mobile’s nationwide Ultra Capacity 5G network is able to deliver download speeds of 400Mbps and up to 1Gbps. 

Of course, you will need a good plan in order to get these. And T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX plan is designed for this purpose. The plan comes with unlimited 5G data that you can use on your phone. As for mobile hotspot, the plan comes with 40GB per month. You can allow up to 10 devices to connect to your mobile hotspot. Not to mention, it provides a more stable and secure connection compared to public WiFi. 

You can learn more about the benefits of connecting to mobile hotspot here


Source: T-Mobile

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  • steveb944

    Not connecting to WiFi makes sense with 5G, but more hotspot use just means their wifi is pretty terrible to begin with.

  • JR

    Like the kids would say “that’s cute!”, but for the rest of us not blessed with 5G, even in major cities, we are still dependent on 4G. I wish they deployed in more areas to really benefit from it.

  • Willie D

    1. Hotspot isn’t unlimited for MOST users on MOST plans. Nice try TMo.
    2. Hotspot drains battery excessively when others are connected to your device. No thx.
    3. Shady of TMo to encourage customers to open up hotspots for customers using their plan and device rather than TMo just build out their network and installing hotspots again.

    • Chucky

      Why don’t they just distribute hotspot devices to customers who agree to keep them powered on in their home 24/7 for public use. T-Mobile could provide incentives such as dramatically increasing the high speed tethering on the customer’s lines as compensation, or a generous monthly credit on their phone bill.

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    lol. I’d never let anyone I dont know use my hotspot.

    • weidnerj

      Smart idea. Who do you think they will go after the first time some stranger downloads child porn from your hotspot?

    • James h Jackson jr

      Its the holidays tis the season of giving help thy neighbor

  • DuckDuckGoose

    Next time I venture out, I am going to light up the coffee shop with my hotspot because why the hell not. Maybe I’ll get someone to switch to T-Mo

  • Jim A

    Really T-Mobile!! Are you kidding me!
    40 GB of hotspot will just vanish so fast, then you downgrade the speed to a useless 3G speed! No thanks!

  • Chucky

    They would have to provide an incentive for you to do this. I could see if they say that if you allow your phone to be used as a hotspot, you’ll get unlimited 4G hotspot on that line, instead of it being limited to 40GB.

  • Mike

    Id only offer my hotspot to someone I know, not sure about just letting it open to anyone.

  • AA-Ron

    In would only do this if I had unlined

  • mingkee

    Yes to friends
    No to strangers

  • That’s all because T-Mobile’s nationwide Ultra Capacity 5G network