T-Mobile Wins Big in Opensignal’s Latest USA Mobile Network Experience Report

Following its recent win in Ookla’s 5G Speed Test, T-Mobile added a new win for its 5G network. Today, the Un-carrier announced the results of Opensignal’s latest USA Mobile Network Experience report where it ranked first for all overall network experience. Additionally, T-Mobile also won the report’s fastest 5G download speeds, best 5G availability, and best 5G coverage experience. 

In a nutshell, these are the wins that T-Mobile had in the report: 

Overall Experience Wins:

  • Download Speed Experience: The Un-carrier is freaky fast, like 100m dash fast, over 3x faster than Verizon and more than 2.7x faster than AT&T.
  • Upload Speed Experience: When your favorite gymnast sticks the perfect landing and you need to post the hype in real time, T-Mobile has got your back with upload speeds more than 1.5x faster than Verizon and over 2x faster than AT&T.
  • Consistent Quality: T-Mobile customers enjoy the most consistent quality network experience.
  • Video Experience: T-Mobile customers streaming content on the go have the best experience.
  • Live Video Experience: T-Mobile customers streaming live content (like the upcoming summer games) have the best experience.
  • Games Experience: T-Mobile customers practicing their esports skills on the go have the best experience, with more reactive feedback and faster response times.

5G Experience Wins:

  • 5G Download Speed: T-Mobile 5G performs at champion level speeds more than 1.5x faster than Verizon and AT&T.
  • 5G Availability: Fast speeds mean nothing if you can’t access the network responsible for making it happen. T-Mobile 5G users spend more than 8x the time connected to 5G than Verizon users and over 5x more than those on AT&T.
  • 5G Coverage Experience: Work, home, school and the fun places in-between, T-Mobile customers have the best 5G coverage experience in the places that matter most to them.

For more details on this win, you can read T-Mobile’s announcement here.

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