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T-Mobile Tops Opensignal’s Latest Study as Fastest Operator in North America

Over the weekend, T-Mobile earned a new recognition from a third-party report. According to the results of Opensignal’s latest Global Mobile Network Experience Report, the Un-carrier is the fastest provider in North America. The report also reveals that Un-carrier also has the best overall video experience in the country.  When it comes to the fastest provider, T-Mobile had an average overall download speeds of 109 … [read full article]

T-Mobile Makes “Clean Sweep” on OpenSignal’s January 2024 Mobile Network Experience Report

T-Mobile continues to dominate Opensignal’s charts as it tops almost all overall network experience categories in its January 2024 Mobile Network Experience Report. It also had a few wins in the 5G department. The independent research firm published the results of its January 2024 Mobile Network Experience Report where the Un-carrier continues to lead the industry.  First of all, there’s the overall network experience … [read full article]

Report Names T-Mobile as Top Carrier in 20 US Airports

As more people continue to travel, they rely on wireless carriers to keep them up-to-date. And for T-Mobile customers, this means staying connected wherever they go.  The latest report from Opensignal shows that T-Mobile keeps their customers connected even at the airport. The report shows that T-Mobile’s 5G network is the most frequent and available at 20 of the busiest airports in the country. The study also shows that it has the fastest average speeds for consistent … [read full article]

Study Finds T-Mobile Has Best 5G Availability in the World

T-Mobile has earned a new recognition for its 5G availability.  As discovered by research firm, Opensignal, the Un-carrier earns the title for having the best 5G Availability in the world. This is also the third consecutive year that T-Mobile holds this title as the only operator in the US to earn such an award.  T-Mobile’s President of Technology, Ulf Ewaldsson, said: “For years our team has been hard at work building a robust 5G network at a … [read full article]

T-Mobile Bags Awards from Opensignal’s Newest Reports

T-Mobile has just been awarded the winner in two of Opensignal’s new reports.  The Un-carrier topped Opensignal’s reports for overall network performance and 5G performance. In the latter, T-Mobile earned the title for fastest download speeds, including 5G download speeds that are more than twice as fast as its rivals. The other recognition that T-Mo received from the report is best overall live video experience, best overall consistent quality, and best 5G availability.  In the press release … [read full article]

T-Mobile bags total of 16 awards from 3 independent reports

T-Mobile takes the title as the nationwide network leader, thanks to the findings of three expert third-party reports.  Earlier today, these three independent bodies gave T-Mo recognition for its network performance. T-Mobile earns 16 awards collectively, which include the following: umlaut 5G Network Performance Audit Report: Overall Nationwide 5G Score: T-Mobile 5G Coverage: T-Mobile 5G Stability: T-Mobile 5G Download Speed: T-Mobile 5G Upload Speed: T-Mobile 5G … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile has best 5G Availability and 5G Reach in the world

T-Mobile customers are able to enjoy 5G signals more often and in more places compared to anyone else in the world. And this is something that not only T-Mo has discovered.  Earlier today, Opensignal published its latest 5G Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2022. The research firm found that T-Mobile has the best 5G Availability and 5G Reach in the world. This is the … [read full article]

T-Mobile earns top spot in latest 5G Experience Report

T-Mobile has once again proven that they are the industry leader when it comes to the 5G network. As evidenced in Opensignal’s recently published July 2022 5G Experience Report, the Un-carrier gained recognition for a few titles.  Over the past two years, T-Mobile has earned over 20 awards for its 5G network. And in today’s study, Opensignal has named T-Mobile as the carrier with top marks for … [read full article]

Report reveals T-Mobile takes the lead in Puerto Rico

T-Mobile has once again earned the top spot for the 5G mobile network experience of its customers in Puerto Rico.  The results of Opensignal’s latest Puerto Rico Mobile Network Experience reveal that T-Mobile is the leader for both performance and consumer experience. As a whole, the Un-carrier took the top spot in 14 out of 15 categories in the study. It also won the Overall and 5G … [read full article]