Report: T-Mobile has best 5G Availability and 5G Reach in the world

T-Mobile customers are able to enjoy 5G signals more often and in more places compared to anyone else in the world. And this is something that not only T-Mo has discovered. 

Earlier today, Opensignal published its latest 5G Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2022. The research firm found that T-Mobile has the best 5G Availability and 5G Reach in the world. This is the second consecutive year that T-Mobile won a 5G Global award. 

“The latest awards from Opensignal further prove that our early bets in 5G are paying off for our customers with the biggest, fastest and most reliable 5G in America… and also the best 5G reach and availability anywhere on the planet. We’re out in front of the competition, and we’re not looking back.”

– Neville Ray, T-Mobile’s President of Technology

The findings on the study seem to echo the same results from other third-party research firms like umlaut and Ookla. This proves that T-Mobile’s 5G network is more than just talk. 

You can read more about the study here.

Source: T-Mobile

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