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T-Mobile Tops Ookla’s Speedtest® Results Third Time in a Row

Once again, T-Mobile has topped the results of a third-party network report for speed and performance. This marks the third consecutive time that T-Mobile topped Ookla’s Speedtest® Connectivity report.  Ookla released the results of its Speedtest® Connectivity United States 1H 2024 report where T-Mobile won the most number of categories. This is similar to the results that the network report published over the last couple of … [read full article]

T-Mobile Tops Retail Experience Study for 12th Consecutive Time


The results are in! And once again, T-Mobile proves to be the leader when it comes to providing retail experience to customers. Earlier today, the results of J.D. Power’s 2023 U.S. Wireless Retail Experience Study–Volume 2. Previously, this study was called the Wireless Purchase Experience Study. Despite the name change, the study checks out the different wireless firms that were able to provide enough information to customers prior to purchasing a wireless plan or device.  As [read full article]

T-Mobile Tops umlaut’s Latest 5G Audit Report

After topping Ookla’s latest Q2 2023 Speedtest report, T-Mobile has topped another 5G Audit report. This time, the report comes from umlaut (part of Accenture) industry experts.  The new report collected data from 15 billion samples from 1.1 million real 5G users. Through this, they were able to measure 5G network performance, which showed that T-Mobile was on the top spot.  The report revealed that T-Mobile topped the following … [read full article]

T-Mobile Tops Ookla’s Latest Speedtest Q2 2023 Report

T-Mobile has reason to celebrate once again as it earns the top spot in a new network and 5G performance report gathered by an independent third-party.  Earlier today, Ookla released the results of its Speedtest Global Index Market Analysis United States Q2 2023 report. And the results of the study reveal that T-Mobile is undefeated in overall network performance and 5G performance.  In response to the report, T-Mobile’s President of Technology, Ulf Ewaldsson, said: “The network we’ve … [read full article]

T-Mobile lands first on umlaut and Ookla’s latest study

And once again, T-Mobile proves itself as the 5G leader in the country.  Earlier this week, umlaut and Ookla both released the results of their individual studies where T-Mo landed the top spot.  In umlaut’s 5G Network Performance Audit Report, T-Mo was named as the most reliable 5G network with the best 5G coverage and fastest active 5G download and upload speeds. This is the Un-carrier’s third … [read full article]

T-Mobile unveils winners of its first Unconventional Awards

Earlier this evening, T-Mobile announced the recipients of its first-ever Unconventional Awards. The announcement was made at the Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, NV.  The award honored customers whom T-Mobile considered as disruptors in their industries; who broke through conventions and challenged the status quo.  There are three categories that T-Mo awarded: Innovation in Customer Experience, Innovation in Employee Enablement, and Innovation in Industry.  The winners in each category are: Innovation in Customer Experience: Tennessee State … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile has best 5G Availability and 5G Reach in the world

T-Mobile customers are able to enjoy 5G signals more often and in more places compared to anyone else in the world. And this is something that not only T-Mo has discovered.  Earlier today, Opensignal published its latest 5G Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2022. The research firm found that T-Mobile has the best 5G Availability and 5G Reach in the world. This is the … [read full article]

T-Mobile lands top spot of J.D. Power study– 10th consecutive time

T-Mobile has done it again! And by that, we mean landing on J.D. Power’s top spot among Mobile Network Operators. The report shared the results of its latest 2022 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Mobile Network Operator Performance Study – Volume 2, which led to T-Mobile’s win for the 10th consecutive time.  This study evaluates customers’ experience across six service platforms: store, phone, website, app, social media, and text. From this, T-Mobile gained a score of 816 points, … [read full article]

T-Mobile named among most innovative companies of 2014, alongside Tesla, Nike and Google

In this year’s list of the 50 most innovative companies in business over at FastCompany.com, the usual brands take up spaces. In the top 20 alone you’ll find Google, Apple, Dropbox, Nike, Netflix, Twitter and Tesla. Companies like these are used to being praised for their innovative approaches to their respective market places. The list almost always ignores carriers because, … [read full article]