T-Mobile unveils winners of its first Unconventional Awards

Earlier this evening, T-Mobile announced the recipients of its first-ever Unconventional Awards. The announcement was made at the Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, NV. 

The award honored customers whom T-Mobile considered as disruptors in their industries; who broke through conventions and challenged the status quo. 

There are three categories that T-Mo awarded: Innovation in Customer Experience, Innovation in Employee Enablement, and Innovation in Industry. 

The winners in each category are:

  • Innovation in Customer Experience: Tennessee State University
  • Innovation in Employee Enablement: Goodwill of North Georgia
  • Innovation in Industry: Morehouse College

The first place winners in each category were awarded a $25,000 in-kind donation to their charity of choice. 

You can learn more about T-Mo’s Unconventional Awards here.

Source: T-Mobile

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