Report: T-Mobile’s Change to Bill Credits Policy Has Taken Effect Earlier Than Planned

Update June 26, 2024 (8:25 PM ET):

T-Mobile has responded to our request for comment and shared that the change in its bill credits policy is not happening until Monday, July 1st. It will be applied to new device promotion enrollments that take place from that date.

The original article is below.

There were reports of an upcoming change to how T-Mobile would handle bill credits for device promotions last week. In the report, it was revealed that the new change would take effect on Monday, July 1. Unfortunately, T-Mobile has rolled out this change earlier than expected. 

As reported by Android Authority, a Reddit user shared that the new bill credit policy took effect last Friday, June 21st; which is a week earlier than what people expected. 

The new policy would prohibit customers from continuing to receive bill credits once their purchased device (on an Equipment Installment Plan) has been paid for. 

With the new date of effectivity, this means that devices purchased after June 21st will now be affected by this. 

We’ve asked for a comment from T-Mobile so we’ll have to update this article once we receive a response. 

Source: Android Authority