T-Mobile Offers Exclusive Motorola Razr+ in Hot Pink Color

One of the things people like about the Motorola Razr is that it came with a trademark hot pink color. And now, T-Mobile has announced an exclusive Hot Pink motorola razr+ that will be coming to their network in July. 

The motorola razr+ is getting released alongside the motorola razr. Aside from the signature Hot Pink color, the motorola razr+ comes in Midnight Blue color. The motorola razr, on the other hand, is available in Koala Gray. 

Pre-orders will be accepted starting Wednesday, July 10. Its availability in stores and online will be on Wednesday, July 24.

T-Mobile also unveiled the deals for this device:

  • FREE motorola razr+ or motorola razr when adding a line or switching to Go5G Plus/Next
  • Half off (up to $500 off) motorola razr+ or motorola razr when trading in an eligible device and switching to Go5G

For more information on these two devices, you can visit this page.

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