International Customers of Country’s 3 Major Carriers Facing an Outage

Customers of the three major carriers in the country have been dealing with an outage when using international roaming. The problem, as reported by PhoneArena, has already lasted over 24 hours and continues to affect international customers. 

The users shared their grievances on Reddit, where they revealed their locations. As it turns out, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon customers situated in Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, France, Italy, Mexico, Poland, and Thailand are unable to send text messages, make/receive phone calls, or browse the web via data connection. 

When the issue first emerged, the wireless carriers did not seem to be aware of the problem. But as The Verge shared, some have already released a statement related to the issue. 

“…we’re one of several providers impacted by a third-party vendor’s issue that is intermittently affecting some international roaming service. We’re working with them to resolve it.”

– T-Mobile

“The AT&T network is operating normally. Some customers traveling internationally may be experiencing service disruptions due to an issue outside the AT&T network. We’re working with one of our roaming connectivity providers to resolve the issue.”

– AT&T

“Our teams are actively working with local providers to resolve the issue”


Here’s hoping they will be able to fix the problem soon. 

Source: PhoneArena, The Verge

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