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Report: T-Mobile running a retention offer as revealed by internal document

T-Mobile is giving away a one-time retention credit to customers who plan to cancel their lines.  This was earlier revealed by The Mobile Report, who got their hands on an internal document detailing the retention promo. As mentioned by the site, customers can get a $10 bill credit per month for six months once they decide not to cancel their line and continue being a … [read full article]

T-Mobile makes contribution to upcoming exhibit at Smithsonian National Museum

Earlier today, T-Mobile announced that it will be making a $1 million contribution to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. This is for the museum’s upcoming Cellphone: Unseen Connections exhibition, which will explore the role of technology in connecting people to the rest of the world.  “I love that T-Mobile is helping bring the dynamic story of how wireless connectivity has changed the ways we work and live to life through this new Smithsonian exhibition. Our … [read full article]

AAA chooses T-Mobile as its exclusive wireless partner

T-Mobile has just been chosen as AAA’s exclusive wireless partner. With this partnership, the Un-carrier is now powering AAA’s nationwide roadside assistance fleet.  This partnership means that all of AAA’s roadside assistance vehicles will be running on T-Mobile’s 5G and IoT solutions. As a result, they can minimize the amount of time they spend on the side of the road. This lessens the likelihood of a secondary crash. According to the Federal Highway Administration, every time there … [read full article]

T-Mobile rolling out new perks for its T-Mobile Tuesdays program

T-Mobile is giving more value to its T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Aside from bringing back its offer for a limited time period, the Un-carrier also has a number of new rewards in store for its customers.  Beginning tomorrow, March 21st, these are the new perks that you can enjoy: T-Mobile Dining Rewards: Get 10% cash back every Tuesday and 5% every other day when you eat … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile running a promotion on its SyncUP Trackers


T-Mobile is currently running an offer on its own SyncUP Tracker. This device is comparable to Apple’s AirTag device, but is manufactured by TCL. One thing that differentiates the SyncUP Tracker with the AirTag is that the former makes use of cellular connection instead of relying on nearby devices to connect to the internet for tracking. Because of this, the tracker comes with a data line that costs $5 per month.  As reported by [read full article]

T-Mobile names 25 new Hometown Grants winners


T-Mobile is keeping its 5-year promise to small towns in the country. In an announcement today, the Un-carrier added 25 new towns to its Hometown Grant winners. With today’s announcement, there are now a total of 175 small towns that T-Mobile has pledged to.  T-Mobile’s Hometown Grant program was kickstarted in April 2021. It is a $25 million dollar initiative meant to support rural communities across the country. The Hometown Grants program is awarded to 25 towns … [read full article]

T-Mobile announces Mint Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Plum acquisition plans

Back in January, it was reported that T-Mobile was in talks to acquire Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile. Since then, here hasn’t been any follow-up announcement about it. This changes today, however, with T-Mobile’s official announcement: They are acquiring Mint Mobile, Ultra Mobile, and aggregator Plum! T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert made the announcement today in a video where he is joined by actor and Mint Mobile owner, … [read full article]

T-Mobile extends Mike Sievert’s contract, Neville Ray announces retirement from company


Back in February, T-Mobile’s President of Technology, Neville Ray, announced his plans to retire from the company by Fall 2023. Upon his resignation, Ulf Ewaldsson will be taking over his role. Ewaldsson is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Network Officer for T-Mobile, US.  Ray has been part of the company for 23 years. He has helped in architecting T-Mobile’s network strategy, from 2G … [read full article]

T-Mobile’s newest Line On Us offer has a glitch

Earlier this week, T-Mobile rolled out a new “Line On Us” promotion that limited the free offer to a select number of prequalified customers. When the new offer was reported, it was said to only be available to Magenta Max customers who had no other free lines of service on their account. But when the terms and conditions of the offer were officially unveiled, a glitch seems … [read full article]