T-Mobile finishes first in J.D. Power customer care report for 18th time


J.D. Power’s latest report on U.S. carrier customer care is out, and T-Mobile has come out on top once again.

In its 2019 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Performance Study – Volume 2 report, T-Mobile beat out the other major U.S. carriers with a score of 847 points out of 1000. That beats the 833 points that T-Mo got in J.D. Power’s first 2019 customer care report that came out in January, and it marks the 18th time that T-Mo has come out on top in J.D. Power’s customer care rankings for full-service carriers.

Verizon came in second in J.D. Power’s new customer care report, scoring 824, while AT&T and Sprint put up scores of 788 and 758, respectively.


“Any company can say they put customers first, but it takes a culture of complete customer experience obsession to drive record-breaking wins in Care, time and time again,” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere. “Our incredible Team of Experts delivers an absolutely unmatched customer experience, and the numbers don’t lie…record-low customer churn and our best Q2 customer numbers in years! We’re smashing records, and it’s all for our customers… and you better believe, we won’t stop.”

Looking at prepaid carriers, Metro by T-Mobile finished second with a score of 822 points out of 1000. Cricket finished first with 829 points, while Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile score 815 and 764 points, respectively.


J.D. Power’s customer care study is based on responses from 12,467 consumers who contacted their carrier’s customer support within the past three months. It evaluates customer care experiences across phone customer service reps, in-store contact, online chat, email, social media posts, carrier app questions, automated telephone systems, website search, social media search, user forums, videos from the carrier, and carrier app search.

When was the last time you contacted T-Mobile’s customer support? How did it go?

Source: J.D. Power

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  • Sharti24

    When are we gonna see “T-mobile finishes first in nationwide coverage”?

    • riverhorse

      1-2 years after merger becomes official?
      Although to be fair and realistic, the satellites balloons of Space X or/and Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. will eventually blanket just about the entire planet. And that will change the entire world like nothing else before.

  • Stephen J. Sundberg

    I would really like to know where TMobile falls on the ALL CUSTOMER SERVICE list because I can’t even do business in the store anymore! I have to contact them on Twitter to do a Jump On Demand because they have the most power! They refuse to fix this problem!

    • riverhorse

      That’s actually a microcosm of today’s society: just about any retail or food establishment, even upscale, is not staffed by professional adults anymore. It’s usually a mix of bratty or snowflakish schoolkids and unmotivated minorities supervised by some embittered, harried near-retiree.
      Customer needs to wait until all employee roughhousing, pda, and personal convos temporarily paused before being greeted / acknowledged(but will resume while service is being provided).
      Any question re specs, promotion, price – for which the answer is not readily apparent, is usually handled with the following as necessary : not offered at this store, you’re wrong- that’s by another company, or just make something up on the fly.
      Any complaint to the manager is pointless because one third the staff he’s bopping, second third he’s afraid will cap him, last third he’s afraid will initiate a bias / rights complaint.

      Twitter and FB can be ideal because everything is recorded and seen by most everyone at the company- and staffed by folks more competent than on phone: many companies today do the Indian CS during daytime business hours, not just during off hours. There can be no fudging of how long it took to reply, or what the exact response was. And since potential customers are watching, may be offered an even better deal or extra in exchange for one’s trouble.

      We had a golden Era of manners, respect, class, professionalism, and well – spoken English up to and through the Baby Boomer generation…then a steady decline to today’s mess.
      It’s now hip to have attitude, speak bad English, openly do drugs, have a criminal record, wear pants either around the knees or way up the Crack @ 4 sizes too small, dress like a farm animal – complete with tattoos, horse /cattle bridle rings @ nose / ears / brows, peacock colored hair, goat beards.

      Combine all that with the rebirth of Communism, and we’re in big trouble.