Archive | September, 2018

T-Mobile expands low-band LTE to more cell sites

In addition to expanding its low-band LTE coverage in Puerto Rico, T-Mobile has recently added more low-band LTE in cities across the continental U.S. T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray says that T-Mo has added low-band LTE to dozens of cell sitesĀ in U.S. over the past two weeks. These low-band LTE expansions typically include both 600MHz and 700MHz coverage. Our network team added lowband LTE to dozens of sites in … [read full article]

MetroPCS is becoming Metro by T-Mobile, launching new plans with Amazon Prime and Google One

Five years after MetroPCS officially merged with T-Mobile, the prepaid brand is getting a major makeover. MetroPCS is becoming Metro by T-Mobile. The service is coming next month and will offer four rate plans, including two new options that’ll include unlimited talk, text, and LTE data along with services from Google and Amazon. Metro by T-Mobile’s base plan will start at $30 per month with taxes and fees included and offers 2GB of LTE data and mobile … [read full article]