T-Mobile hires Sunit Patel to help lead Sprint merger


T-Mobile is currently working through regulatory review and all of the other steps necessary to try and get its merger with Sprint completed, and today T-Mo revealed that it’s brought someone on to help with the effort.

Sunit Patel is joining T-Mobile. Starting October 1st, he’ll be T-Mo’s Executive Vice President, Merger and Integration Lead. His job will include leading T-Mobile’s strategic planning efforts as it works to integrate its business with Sprint’s and the two companies work to get their merger approved. Patel will report to T-Mobile President and COO Mike Sievert.

Here’s what T-Mobile CEO John Legere had to say about Patel:

“I’ve known Sunit for many years and he’s going to be a fantastic addition to this talented management team. He is smart, savvy, full of big ideas and ready to hit the ground running. I am confident he’ll fit right in here at the Un-carrier. I look forward to seeing you in magenta, Sunit!”

And here’s Sievert’s statement regarding Patel’s hiring:

“We are increasingly optimistic about the path we’re on to create the New T-Mobile and are now looking forward to bringing someone with Sunit’s experience to our team to lead us through the strategic planning for integration of our businesses — one of the most exciting and integral aspects of this merger. Sunit has the depth of knowledge needed to create and drive forward a highly complex, strategic initiative of this magnitude. He will have a tremendous impact on shaping the New T-Mobile, and will add even more value to the company for many years to come.”

Patel has some experience with mergers, as he worked at Level 3 Communications for more than 14 years before it merged with CenturyLink in 2017. He then spent some time as CenturyLink’s Executive Vice President and CFO before joining up with T-Mobile. T-Mo believes that the addition of Patel to its team will “substantially increase” the likelihood that its merger with Sprint is completed.

T-Mobile and Sprint announced their plans to merge earlier this year, and the deal is currently being reviewed by the FCC and DoJ. T-Mo and Sprint expect their merger to close in the first half of 2019.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • SirStephenH

    Sounds like T-Mobile believes the fix is in for the merger.

  • warpwiz

    And if you need an M&A VP, what other plays might we see coming up?

  • Matt

    I am anti-merger. I fail to see how this will be good for the customers and line employees. The little guy always gets screwed over.

    • Sharti24

      So if sprint files for bankruptcy then what happens to their spectrum? Att and Verizon would surely bid on it. Why not let sprint merge with tmobile and have 3 power houses?

      • Steven J. Rash

        Sprint won’t go bankrupt. These are the same arguments they made for the AT&T/TMO merger. 1) T-Mobile wasn’t supposed to be able to go forward and be viable. 2) TMO was never supposed to be able to have the resources to launch an LTE network. The same arguments were made then that they’re making today. 3) DT didn’t have the resources to invest in their US business. Among other things…

        • Trevnerdio

          Yeah but where would T-Mo be without that nice $3B infusion and roaming agreements from the AT&T breakup as their fee?

  • TaskForce141

    Centurylink is a widely despised internet service provider, best known for their 1.5- 3 Mb/s DSL lines in the heart of Seattle and surrounding communities. If they know they had no competition in the area, they refused to upgrade the lines to anything better.
    They were basically the Northwest’s equivalent of Frontier, another company legendary for bad support/service.

    Yes, Centurylink has tried to increase speeds in some of the metro Seattle ‘hoods, but they have long way to go to wipe off that 1-star Yelp rating.
    So, Sunit Patel comes from an environment where he pushes angry customers to the limit, maximizes near-monopoly to provide the worst possible product that people have no choice but to tolerate. He’ll need to change himself more than by just wearing magenta.

    • Trevnerdio

      Have ya heard about their awesome fiber?