T-Mobile LG G5 receiving its Android 7.0 Nougat update


One of the highlight features of the LG V20 is that it launched with Android 7.0 in tow, making it one of the first smartphones to launch with Nougat in tow. Now the V20’s sibling is getting a taste of Nougat, too.

The LG G5 is now receiving its Android 7.0 update on T-Mobile. While T-Mo hasn’t officially updated its G5 support page with info on the update, several owners are reporting that they’ve received the Nougat update.

Unsurprisingly, the update is a biggie, weighing in at 1272.9MB. In addition to bumping the LG G5 to Nougat and all of its goodies, the update also includes the November 1, 2016 Android security patch.


Because the G5 is one of LG’s flagships for 2016, it’s long been a question of when, not if, it’d be updated to Android 7.0. Now that update is rolling out on T-Mobile, and it’s being pushed to the LG G5 before most other Android phones, which makes this update even more exciting for G5 owners.

If you’ve got an LG G5 and you haven’t yet gotten your update, you can check for it manually by going into Settings > General > About phone > Update center > System update > Check for update.

Sources: Android Central, xda-developers

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  • Acdc1a

    But does it fix this phone’s ugly problem?

    • Bradley Karas

      Haha or the weak ass antenna?

    • Reasonable Thought

      The phone looks awesome. It doesn’t feel like the cheap plastic of a Samsung Galaxy S5, and it’s more comfortable than the S7.

      I was able to evaluate both phones in a T-Mobile store and the Samsung phone didn’t live up to the hype.

  • that_guy

    Come on LG G4. [Fingers crossed]

    • PiCASSiMO

      Yes, please.

    • Mr.Bean


  • Ascertion

    For a phone that didn’t sell very well, I’m impressed LG beat a lot of the competition to Nougat. I’m saddened that their phone was such a flop though. Maybe next year.

    • Acdc1a

      I couldn’t get past the appearance of the phone. That’s bad news right there.

    • Antoine Swans

      They did the same thing on the G4 with the marshmallow update. LG said that they will update as soon as possible after they’ve receive the software from Google and LG is staying true to its promise.

    • Trevnerdio

      At least the V10, G4, and V20 were sexy devices!

      • steadymobb

        sexy is hardly the term I’d use. Practical, maybe.

  • Zacamandapio

    I had this one and the G2, G3, and G4. G2 and G3 were the best in my opinion. G4 was a bigger version of the G3 and the G5 had so many GPS problems. Very dissapointing. It looks like the G series is declining instead of advancing.

    • Reasonable Thought

      The G5 GPS problems seem affect some of it’s units. I have two unit (one used by a sibling) and her’s works great, while mine seems to have trouble if doesn’t have clear access to the sky.

      While the G2 was the start of something awesome, I’d say the only mistake was moving the volume button from the back to the side. They broke the great design for unspecified reasons.

      Having the removable battery and bottom are great features that confound some people…. It’s a great feature.

      My favorite feature on the G2/G3/G4/G5 is the double tap to wake.

  • Antoine Swans

    I think that it makes perfect sense to me that this has happening knowing Google and LG’s relationship. That’s why the V20 didn’t release right after its debut because Google wasn’t done with the 7.0 nougat software and it wasn’t going to give LG a head start with the LG V20 when it had the Pixels to sale. That’s why the release dates were the same for both phone’s even though the V20 was ready to roll LG waited and did the responsible thing to wait for Google to tweak 7.0 nougat, so they must have some type of relationship after three phone’s together!

    • Trevnerdio

      Still waiting on that first Nougat update though… surprised it’s taken them this long!

      • Antoine Swans

        T Mobile just released theirs on Monday.

        • Trevnerdio

          Do you have a build number? Googling H918 update yields nothing

  • Mr.Bean

    I’ve yet to see the LG G4 be on the T-Mobile software update page

  • Bradley Karas

    They opened the Nougat beta program up this morning for the S7 again for those who read this and don’t have an LG

  • caucasionally

    This update is awesome! Split window, double tap recent apps button to access your previously viewed app, reply options for notifications is excellent, and the new emojis are great. This is a top notch new version Android all around.

  • Francisco Peña

    not all of us want to do live sex webcams.

  • Brian Correll

    the statement in the screenshot does not make since . this is the exact screen my phone shows however you can not download the update even though im on wifi and 100% battery . the screen says (you can download over wifi anytime) . how ? there is no download button . nothing !

    • Eceleres

      First, disable the automatic updates for LG provided apps. Go to Settings –> General–> About Phone–> Update Center–> App Updates. Tap the 3 dots on upper right side of screen, Settings will appear. Turn off Auto-update of apps.

      Second, updates will only pushed between 11 pm to 4 am, so change the time on your phone to past 11 pm.

      Doing the steps above will force your phone to download the updates. After downloading, the Install command will appear.

  • bessie.whiddon

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  • Guest appearance

    The Nougat update also enabled the ability to move and run apps from SD card! I missed this feature from my LG G3, and finally it is back!

  • Jrelehw

    This updated wacked my phone! It wouldn’t hold my changes, reverted back to that ugly green screen, wouldnt receive email or text. deteriorated to not even being able to open the phone, get out of apps, the home button wouldnt work, only the back button. had to reset the whole phone and now it wants to update again. I didnt even get a choice. How do I stop this?

  • Ken Field

    No issues for LG G5 as it is a great phone, android 7 works great so far, must have fixed trhe errors I read of,