T-Mobile Cyber Monday deal offering free storage upgrades on iPhone 7 purchases


Cyber Monday is here, and with it comes a new deal from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile is now offering a free storage upgrade on the iPhone 7. That means that you can get $100 off the 128GB and 256GB models, making them the same prices as the 32GB and 128GB versions, respectively.

With this deal, both the 32GB and 128GB iPhone 7 models are $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $27.09, or $649.99 full price. The 256GB iPhone 7 is $99.99 down and 24 payments of $27.09 each, or $749.99 full price.

This offer is only good today, November 28. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the deal applies to the iPhone 7 Plus.

This is the second iPhone 7 deal that T-Mobile has offered in the past week, following the Black Friday offer that’d get you a free iPhone 7 with trade-in. While today’s deal isn’t quite the same as getting a free iPhone 7 after trading in a smartphone, it is still a decent deal if you’re looking at upgrading to an iPhone 7 and didn’t take advantage of the Black Friday promo.

Source: T-Mobile iPhone 7

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  • Jim

    this article is wrong on the pricing •Customers are responsible for any applicable down payments and taxes at the time of purchase. Standard out of pocket cost and deposit rules apply.

    • jim

      So it is no zero down on the 128gb

      • Brian Maher

        It was zero down for me. depends on your credit, as stated above with another poster that had to pay $99. Taxes are taxes, they’re not the “down payment”


    If it would be for the plus I would be in

  • rex2745

    Wow really wanted the 7 plus but dnt wanna pay the down payment (I got jump) why tmo being on bs lol

  • Ianpaps

    Jump on demand customers aren’t eligible for this. What a crock

  • Fabs

    I just ordered the iPhone 7 128GB through online, I have the regular Jump and it still asked me for the $99 dlls down… anybody got the same thing? Not sure if I get the $99 dlls back as bill credits or what… trying to get ahold of CS to see if they can explain

    • Marco

      It’s in the pricing it’s knocked down to 649 insteaf of 749

      • Fabs

        I know and it is, however, when you check out I still have to pay the $99 down payment. According to TMO CS, I did not qualify for the $0 down payment but I did get the discount…so for iPhone 7 128GB, i got the price of $649 minus my $99 down payment, brings the cost to $550 or $22/monthly payments… so in a nutshell, you have to qualify for the $0 down payment, i guess i don’t have good enough credit ;p … but still got the discounted price :D

        • pjdisharoon82

          I just did 2 lines with $0 down at the $649.99 price for the iPhone 7 128GB

        • Fabs

          Are those new lines? Because if I try to add a new line I do get the $0 down payment, but if it’s through Jump then I still had to do the $99 down payment… oh well, at least I got the discount

          CS also mentioned that there’s a glitch online, but supposedly when you sign and accept the new EIP agreement it reverts to $0 down payment… didn’t revert with me though

        • pjdisharoon82

          2 upgrades, I just signed the EIP agreement via email. I had contact Tmo though the help Twitter account it took a few hours but it worked.

        • pjdisharoon82
        • Fabs

          Actually, on one of my other lines I am waiting for the EIP agreement via email, hopefully that one does have the $0 down… thanks!

        • Marco

          yea i think the 0 down is for new lines only and for current lines its $99 down, just add a new line and then when u get the phone cancle the line :) the eip stays on the account and isn’t attached to the line itself. it told me 0 down on one of my lines and when i checked the eip agreement it went up back to normal pricing:)

  • Startswithaj

    Sucks they aren’t including the 7 Plus with this sale. Didn’t they include the Plus model for last years cyber Monday sale? Pretty sure they did.

  • SirStephenH

    More iPhone only deals… *yawn*


    I was really hoping that the LG G5 or V10 would be on sale like the the G4 was a year earlier. Instead, focusing only on the latest and greatest, with push towards the One plan.

    • Paul Garrison

      Tmobile is about iPhone and Sammy with a little splash of LG followed by a bunch of junk.

  • Eddie Harrington

    Why the hell does T-Mobile insist we switch to a damn One plan to take advantage of this offer? Ridiculous!

  • Mike

    I was able to order and keep my simple choice plan!

  • bessie.whiddon

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