MetroPCS is becoming Metro by T-Mobile, launching new plans with Amazon Prime and Google One


Five years after MetroPCS officially merged with T-Mobile, the prepaid brand is getting a major makeover.

MetroPCS is becoming Metro by T-Mobile. The service is coming next month and will offer four rate plans, including two new options that’ll include unlimited talk, text, and LTE data along with services from Google and Amazon.

Metro by T-Mobile’s base plan will start at $30 per month with taxes and fees included and offers 2GB of LTE data and mobile hotspot usage from your LTE data. The $40 per month plan with taxes and fees included will bump you up to 10GB of LTE data per month, but there’s no mobile hotspot usage included.


The first new plan starts at $50 per month with taxes and fees included. This plan includes 5GB of LTE mobile hotspot and 100GB of Google One cloud storage. The top-end plan is priced at $60 per month with taxes and fees included for a single line. With this plan, you’ll get 15GB of LTE mobile hotspot per month and a subscription to Amazon Prime along with your Google One cloud storage.

Along with its new brand and rate plans, Metro by T-Mobile is aiming to shake the perceptions that prepaid only offers flip phones or is for people with bad credit. T-Mobile touts that Metro will offer “a wide variety of Android and iOS smartphones” across price points, including new releases.

Metro by T-Mobile will also use the same network as T-Mobile, which has LTE coverage that reaches more than 323 million people. T-Mo does note that customers who use more than 35GB of data per month may have their speeds slowed when they’re in an area with network congestion. Also, video streams on Metro by T-Mobile will be limited to 480p resolution.

With this rebrand, T-Mobile really wants customers associate the MetroPCS brand with T-Mo. This includes plastering the “T-Mobile” name in the logo of the new Metro by T-Mobile as well as touting that Metro uses the same network as T-Mobile and launching two new unlimited plans with taxes and fees included. There are still some differences between Metro and T-Mobile — like a higher deprioritization threshold and the T-Mobile One Plus add-on with HD streaming — but these new Metro plans do look like an upgrade over the existing MetroPCS plans.

What do you think of the new Metro by T-Mobile?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Acdc1a

    The price creep is real. Good marketing though.

    • AA-Ron

      How much was the plan before?

      • Acdc1a

        4 for $100…

        • PC_Tool

          Wasn’t that a promo plan? The info-graphic above even states the cheapest old plan was $120/month.

        • Acdc1a

          Sure, a promo that was ongoing for 2 years. First Boost dropped the offering, now the others are following.

  • Richard Finzel

    Be nice to see prime come to tmobile side

  • riverhorse

    Good for Tmo name…and for abysmal Metro phone selection, which will improve thusly. Here are pros/cons from unlimited plan viewpoint:
    Currently $60(and a grandfathered $50 that is restricted to ONLY phones sold by Metro[Tmo phones not eligible]. I will find out in due time IF this plan will receive all the benefits of the upcoming $60):
    Hotspot improving from 10-15 gb…meh / unlimited for techies anyhow.
    Google One- meh…15 gb free for all, starts at $1.99 for 100gb…free unlimited with any Google phone.
    Amazon Prime- meh…$10 monthly, half that for anyone with any Medicaid or public benefits card

    HUGE RED FLAG: ¿¡ ONLY 480P ?! Teltik dot com becomes only viable alternative if this is true.

    And yes, Metro only for poor credit is BS:
    It’s for thrifty smarties, as it’s cheaper than Tmo, both plans and phones.

    • JG

      Google One- meh…15 gb free for all, starts at $1.99 for 100gb…free unlimited with any Google phone

      Wait… We get free Google One with any Google Phone? Since when? How?

      I know we get free unlimited photo storage. But that’s not Google One, it’s only a small part.

      • riverhorse

        In that case you are correct, and I’m failing to see what extra there is to Google One. Maybe I’m not getting it…

        • JG

          Pixel users get free unlimited storage on Google Photos for content uploaded from the Pixel.

          Google One provides the entire account additional storage. This does include Google Photos space, but is not limited to it, like the Pixel promo. Additional storage acquired though Google One also applies to GMail and Drive storage. One’s storage applies to the account as a whole rather than being assigned to a specific platform/service. So if needed you could use all 100Gb in GMail.

          One is also accessable everywhere. To get unlimited photo storage, you have to upload through your Pixel. But you can use any phone, tablet, PC, etc with One.

          One also provides additional features beyond storage. For example, you get priority access to Google tech support. And access to various discounts. They specifically mentioned discounts on hotels booked through Google searches. And have us a code for 10% off an item from the Google Store

        • riverhorse

          Thanks so much for that!

      • SirStephenH

        Google One is free with Pixel phones, not any “Google phone”.

        Photo storage is only unlimited if you allow Google to recompress your photos. If you want to keep your photo quality then you have to use your limited storage.

        • riverhorse

          He’s quoting my misstametements, which I’ve since edited or deleted. I deserve the corrections.

  • NardVa

    Limiting video to 480p when highend phones have 2k screens and most midrange phones have 1080p screens is a deal breaker. Take off the video restriction and these plans are a go.

    • riverhorse

      To say nothing of hotspotting to computers and high end tv’s.
      If these are going to be the only plans, then new customers won’t be joining.

      • SirStephenH

        All but the second tier plan offer LTE hotspot…

        • riverhorse

          Yah, fer sure. But streaming @ 480p onto a large tv or even computer….yuk….

        • SirStephenH

          I’d assume that video resolution via hotspot would be unrestricted considering that the hotspot data allotment is capped. Required resolution caps have only been put in place on unlimited connections so far. Maybe try turning off the datasaver if that option is still available with the new plans.

        • riverhorse

          I’m not complaining. I’m addressing the statement that 480p(as the only option on present metro plans) is bad on the newest phones with it’s even worse to stream that onto large peripherals.

    • SirStephenH

      You’re probably thinking of 4k which isn’t available in phones yet, just QHD. 2k is slightly wider than 1080p (as little as a 78 pixel difference) but has the same height and 1080p is often unofficially included in the 2k category. Phones normally use Full HD+, a wider 1080p spec with an 18/9 aspect ratio, as opposed to the standard 16/9 AR 1080p spec.

      • Trevnerdio

        Nah, it’s more like 2K+. My Note 9 is 2860×1440 (1440p), whereas 4K is 3840×2160 in 16×9. 4096×2160 is used in the cinema industry but is also considered 4K.

        • SirStephenH

          1440p is QHD (quad HD: four times the resolution of 720p) and is where phones currently max out (or more specifically WQHD: wider aspect ratio than QHD). QHD would be considered closer to 3k than a 2k.

        • Trevnerdio

          All these naming conventions designed to simplify resolutions need to get lost. I just searched for the name for 4K and it’s WQHD. Why? That doesn’t even make sense lol

  • Rob H.

    My guess they’ll charge extra to remove the 480p video restriction? The old $60 unlimited plan was better minus Google one and Amazon prime. You got same data speeds as T-Mobile post paid customers and no video throttling. I never ran into data prioritization due to a congested tower either.

    • SirStephenH

      Metro plans don’t have a resolution option higher than 480p, for that you’d have to get a T-Mobile One Plus plan.

      • Rob H.

        The Byop Android plan I was on was $60 and I could stream 1080p once I turned off data maximizer at no cost. But that plan is about 4 years old.

        • SirStephenH

          Sorry, *currently available Metro plans

        • riverhorse

          are you serious? I just added family lines…I need to cancel then…

        • SirStephenH

          I don’t get what you’re trying to say. Older, grandfathered plans allowed 1080p, newer, currently available plans max out at 480p.

        • riverhorse

          Yah, but new lines added are of the new type only. In other words, I can’t add any more at the grandfathered terms. I still get the discounts, but not the terms.

        • Phone Guy

          Metro drops a lot more. Service won’t always be as stable as T=Mo. Consider that.

        • riverhorse

          I have plans with both…zero difference…

  • Jay Holm

    That sure would be cool if Amazon Prime was included with the regular rate plans with T-Mobile, I think I would rather have that included than Netflix…ju ju saying…

    • Dante Farrar

      I agree!

  • Crucifixion Cruxi

    So people actually using TMobile don’t get the perks for free?

  • SirStephenH

    “Along with its new brand and rate plans, Metro by T-Mobile is aiming to shake the perceptions that prepaid only offers flip phones or is for people with bad credit.”

    T-Mobile should have shaken the perception that its service is only available in cities by completely dropping the “Metro” name. Metro is short for metropolitan, which denotes a metropolis, which is essentially a large city.

    • riverhorse

      Yes, we don’t want our inbred country cousins to feel left out. Or religious conservatives…that it’s only for metrosexuals.

    • TaskForce141

      That’s the fault of T-Mo marketing. Here in California, Metro PCS stores are usually located in low-end strip malls. Next to a liquor store, hair salon, check-cashing place, and smoke/vape/cigar shop.
      Metro PCs is deliberately placed there to attract those customers.

      • Brandon

        That’s how a lot of the Metro stores are worldwide.

      • SirStephenH

        It’s like that in Washington state too.

      • riverhorse

        Tmo commercials are not that much better– have you seen the characters in them?

  • Interesting rebranding

  • randian

    They should have offered different plans based on your phone. Extra paid Apple storage if I’m using an iPhone and Google One only if I have an Android phone.

    • riverhorse

      Fair enough.
      Although who knows how much Apple tried to exto– err charge.
      Personally, as a lifelong Android user, if I succumb and try iPhone, I would want both Apple & Google storage/account simultaneously on…to compare & as backup… Temporary outages of both come to mind.

    • SirStephenH

      Giveaways like this are negotiated with the providers of the service and they normally want exclusivity in return for any kind of discount.
      Android phones are more popular anyways, especially on MVNOs, so this choice will reach far more consumers.

  • Sharti24

    Bring back 4 for $100

  • Amnesia101

    So, hold on, I’m paying $110 for 2 lines Tmo One promo plan for unlimited and 3g tethering and these guys are coming out and saying It’ll be $80 with similar unlimited, 5gb of LTE tethering and Google One? Am I missing anything or there’s little to no incentive to staying with T-Mobile?

    • riverhorse

      I think the Tmo benefits outweigh all–postpay, late payment won’t cut off service, almost double unprioritized threshold, Tmo Tuesdays, international, gogo, Netflix, HD streaming, jod, better phone inventory, whatever else i’m forgetting…..

      • Amnesia101

        These are all good points and some people definitely value some of these features. I’ve been on JoD since the iphone 6 and back then it was amazing, because I could basically jump to a new phone every year with no down payment. Now with high end phones starting at $1k the down payment required basically deflated the attractiveness of that program. I don’t have Netflix included in my plan and, again a lot of the small stuff is great but not attractive enough for a $30 difference. I guess what I’m really annoyed at is TMO should have just included a cheaper bare bones unlimited data plan or maybe even eliminate down payments for higher paying plans, I mean they get that money back quick enough anyways…

      • Francisco Peña

        Metro PCS gets the same T-Mobile Tuesdays.

        • riverhorse

          How do you get that?

        • riverhorse

          Í don’t get access on any of the Metro or Tmo prepaid lines.

        • Francisco Peña

          I stand corrected. Although I DO remember a few yrs back that they did or there was advertising about it. I told my neighbor who had Metro, or else I wouldn’t have said anything.

        • riverhorse

          You have no idea what you triggered. I looked all over, installed the tmo tuesdays app, called CS and screamed at them…rotflmao

    • Andrew

      Honestly, if you don’t travel a lot to more rural areas where you need data roaming, probably not. I’m going to be switching. I live in Chicagoland and I’m alright with the 35GB data soft cap compared to T-Mobile’s 50GB as well as having no data roaming because I don’t really travel, and even if I did it wouldn’t be to areas that don’t have coverage. Apparently they used to charge per minute for roaming but they don’t anymore, anyway.

  • Philip

    What is the point of Metro? Its has almost the same plan as Tmo.

    • none

      No contracts or AFAIK even options for a contract. The same plans at better prices. I love T-Mobile and Metro, but I do not see myself ever switching to T-Mobile proper…

      All I wish of Metro is that they get more phones… They are the perfect carrier of upper-mid range phones…

      Right now, LG has the Stylo 4 on Metro, Aristo 2 on Metro, Q7+ on Metro and the K20 Plus on Metro…
      Metro needs to carry the K30 Plus, Stylo 4 Plus(the 3GB RAM one), and/or the Q Stylo Plus(A version of the Stylo that has 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM). Metro also needs to carry the Moto G6, and the Moto Z3 Play.
      While we’re at it, lets bring in the ZenFone 5Z, Honor phones, and the Sony Xperia series….

      • Shanghaista

        Tmobile has no contracts either, that’s one of the big uncarrier moves.

        I seriously have no idea what the difference is; most of the time it’s network priority. Prepaid is usually behind prioritization vs postpaid.

        This is still the case, but probably not worth the difference in monthly cost.

  • Bklynman

    Let see,different phones,or better ones just like Tmo? Mmmm,Samsung,check,Lg,check,Apple check. Couple of no names phones mmmm,just like Tmo. Couple of low to midlevel phones,just lke Tmo. I wonder if the prices will be going up on their phones now too,since most of the time Metro prices was less then Tmo.

  • Danny Rodriguez

    Can I switch my plan to the 2 lines for 90 and get Prime? Im already on Metro with 2 lines unlimited data

    • SirStephenH

      Yes, the top plan (what you call 2/$90) is the only plan with Amazon Prime included.

  • Matt

    When will these plans become available?

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