T-Mobile confirms deprioritization threshold will increase to 50GB on September 20


One day after we heard that T-Mobile may be planning to increase its deprioritization threshold, T-Mo has officially confirmed the change.

Starting tomorrow, September 20th, T-Mobile’s deprioritization threshold will increase to 50GB. That threshold is currently sitting at 32GB, where it’s been since May.

If you use 50GB of data in a single month, your data usage will be deprioritized behind other users. This means that your usage is placed behind other users and you may experience slower data speeds if you’re in an area with network congestion. Once you enter a new billing cycle, your usage resets and your data usage will stop being deprioritized until you hit 50GB in a single cycle again.

T-Mobile says that the top 1 percent of its data users consume 50GB of data per month.

To compare to other carriers, Sprint’s deprioritization threshold currently sits at 23GB per month. AT&T and Verizon’s thresholds are both at 22GB per month.

This is a big jump for T-Mobile’s deprioritization limit, and it means that some heavier data users on T-Mo will no longer have to worry about having their usage deprioritized. While having no deprioritization at all would be nice, T-Mo will likely want to keep it around since it uses this threshold “to manage network traffic and ensure a small number of the very most active users on our network don’t negatively impact everyone else so everyone can have a great experience.” With this increase, only the heaviest data users will be affected.

Source: T-Mobile

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